GHG: Chapter 180

Beside the rose field.

Liu Jiayi, who had collected a large pile of dry leaf roses, was gasping with exhaustion as she sat on the ground and drank a physical strength recovery agent.

What garbage roses. There was no way to store them in the space item! They could only be carried by people!

It took her three hours to collect 720 kg of roses by herself. Except for the 480 kg of roses required for their two day test, she still had 240 kg left to redeem four bottles of intermediate perfume.

Liu Jiayi had just checked the salary slip. The intermediate rose perfume referred to a perfume with a concentration of 50-80% and could last for 12 hours. The duration of the fragrance had tripled!

If they could get so many intermediate fragrances then it would allow more vagrants to sober up and join them.

The premise was that they could successfully process so many dry leaf roses.

Liu Jiayi wiped her mouth after drinking the physical strength recovery agent and stood up. She turned around and found many vagrants standing behind her.

Bai Liu stood in front of these vagrants. The embarrassed vagrants shrank back behind Bai Liu, bowed in a slightly restrained manner and nodded at Liu Jiayi.

The vagrants had a natural sense of awe for an employee like Liu Jiayi who worked in the Rose Factory, even if she looked like a child.

“These are the vagrants I have found who know a lot about the work of a processor.” Bai Liu turned and gave way to the vagrants behind him. “Some of them worked in the Rose Factory and were squeezed out by the processing workers.”

At Bai Liu’s gaze, the vagrants behind him gathered up their courage. They moved forward, crouched down and started to deal with the roses on the ground.

These people were quick-witted and worked very fast. Once they entered the working state, they were fully focused. At first, they slightly avoided Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi but they gradually became more comfortable.

The roses piled up like hills were quickly sorted for drying.

These laid-off workers had undergone high intensity work training and tempering that wasn’t comparable to newcomers like Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi. They couldn’t rely on hunting vagrants to grab roses for promotion so they were promoted purely due to their work efficiency. This meant their working speed was very fast. The screening speed of some skilled workers was equal to that of the machinery.

Liu Jiayi was initially ready to join the team of vagrants to work together but she soon found that once she joined, she would make these vagrants afraid that their dirty hands would touch her and interrupt their own work rhythm. Therefore, Liu Jiayi had to stop.

After Bai Liu brought these vagrants here, he sat in a place far away from the roses and rested. He didn’t try to join them.

Liu Jiayi didn’t mock Bai Liu for being lazy when she saw him like this. Instead, she had complicated feelings and wanted to sigh a bit.

Bai Liu was giving most of the perfume to her and the vagrants to use. He really needed to stay away from the pollution of the dry roses in order to ensure that his mental value didn’t drop so fast. Yet correspondingly, Bai Liu bore the greatest risk in this instance that used perfume to restore mental value.

—Although he himself didn’t seem to feel anything about it.

Once the roses were sorted, the vagrants found Bai Liu. They found a place with good lighting and neatly spread out the roses to dry. Then they nodded to Bai Liu, stating that they would come back the next day if needed. Finally, they left.

After all, staying with roses for a long time will also make their perfume fail faster.

“It will take 12 hours to dry in the sun and 12 hours in the moon.” Liu Jiayi glanced at the time. “We have to wait until noon the next day after drying it here. The weighing time will be with other people.”

“My guess is that they will be waiting for you.”

She looked up at Bai Liu. “So what are you going to do when the time comes?”

“Let them catch me.” Bai Liu smiled. “However, they will be reluctant to kill me.”

At noon the next day, the entrance to the north gate of the rose field was the focus.

Qi Yifang’s group, who had already finished weighing, crossed their arms and guarded the side of the weighing point. Tang Erda carried a sack and casually leaned against the entrance. It seemed that he hadn’t slept all night. There was still a faint blackness under his eyes but he seemed to be in good spirits.

Tang Erda’s dry leaf roses were still being weighed but the face of the processing worker doing it was already a bit stiff.

In order to control the error, the roses were weighed 5 kg at a time. The person weighing it had a pile of weighed dry leaf roses at his feet.

“715 kg, 720 kg, 725 kg…” The processing worker took a deep breath and looked at Tang Erda. “Are you sure you need to weigh so much at a time? If you can’t finish the subsequent drying, you will be wasting too many moldy roses and you will be fined!”

Tang Erda handed the last sack to the weighing worker, his tone lukewarm. “It won’t be wasted. Just weigh it.”

Qi Yifang’s expression was complicated and there was a bit of bitterness. The three of them had used skills and they only had 100 kg more roses than Tang Erda…

What did this person do in real life? Did he professionally grow roses? Why was he so familiar with these things?

Once Tang Erda finished the weighing, the weighing worker also weighed the roses collected by several other processing workers. These processing workers entered the factory after weighing the sun-dried roses and quickly entered the next step of the drying process.

As for Qi Yifang’s group and Tang Erda, it was as Liu Jiayi said. They weighed the roses very early but they all stayed there and didn’t leave.

They stared at the rose fields. They were obviously waiting for Bai Liu, who hadn’t yet come to have his roses weighed.

The sun was moving westward. It was now 1 o’clock in the afternoon when the sun was at its brightest and hottest. Most of the processing workers had finished weighing and were going to work.

The processing worker in charge of weighing was also ready to pack up and leave. At this time, on the edge of their vision, two people, one large and one small, dragged the cart with sacks placed on it.

The heat wave from the direct sunlight made their figures on the ground a bit distorted but they still attracted everyone’s attention.

Qi Yifang lowered his arms that were crossed over his chest and took out the weather vane.

Tang Erda stood up straight, waking up from the situation where his eyes were closed and he seemed asleep. His gaze changed from slightly relaxed to cold and sharp. His hands moved to his pants and a gun appeared silently in his right hand.

The two people were walking in a manner that wasn’t fast or slow. The old cart carrying the heavy sacks made creaking sounds as it was dragged. Before they could reach the front, Tang Erda lifted his gun in advance and the weather vane in Qi YIfang’s hand also started to turn.

Yet soon, they all stopped moving in shock.

There were two people who came to this point. One was Liu Jiayi and the other wasn’t Bai Liu but an ordinary vagrant.

The vagrant seemed to have been hired by Liu Jiayi using the perfume in order to carry the roses. Once he moved it here, he nodded to Liu Jiayi and gratefully accepted Liu Jiayi spraying his face with perfume. Then he left quickly.

“What about Bai Liu?” Tang Erda aimed his gun at Liu Jiayi’s face, his voice cold. “Why didn’t he come here to weigh it?”

Liu Jiayi acted like she didn’t see Tang Erda raising the gun to her face. She gave the cart with dry leaf roses to the processing worker who was doing the weighing and turned to look up at Tang Erda. Her expression was innocent and her tone was confused. “What Bai Liu? I didn’t enter the game with him. I haven’t seen him until now. These are all the roses I have picked and dried by myself. What does it have to do with him?”

Tang Erda frowned but he didn’t lower the gun aimed at Liu Jiayi.

Things weren’t right. If Bai Liu wasn’t acting with Liu Jiayi and was acting alone then it meant Bai Liu wouldn’t come over to weigh the roses. There would be no sun-dried roses under his name and Bai Liu would have no way to enter the next work process.

As a processing worker, failing to register the raw materials was very fatal. If Bai Liu didn’t come to register today, he wouldn’t be able to hand over the processed dried roses and would soon be demoted to a flower picker.

Qi Yifang, who was originally ready to fight the enemy, couldn’t react for a moment when he saw Tang Erda draw the gun and aim it at Liu Jiayi without hesitation. Then he came to his senses and was almost frightened by this scene. The weather vane slipped.

Hunter, this is different from what was said at the beginning? Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t be rough with Little Witch?

This is my former goddess… now my daughter! The one who saved my life!

Qi Yifang felt numb as he held up the weather vane and his heart jumped as he moved between Tang Erda and Liu Jiayi.

He tried his best to maintain his composure and raised his arms in a posture that showed he wouldn’t attack. However, his eyes were staring directly at the gun in Tang Erda’s hand. “…Mr Hunter, our enemy is now Bai Liu. We agreed unanimously in the outside world. Little Witch is only 8 years old and it is very likely that she was also deceived by Bai Liu.”

Sweat dripped down Qi Yifang’s forehead as he carefully clamped the muzzle of Tang Erda’s gun with two fingers and moved it. It was just that Tang Erda only glanced at him with a very deep gaze before the gun was flipped in his hand in a dazzling manner. He passed through Qi Yifang, who was protecting Liu Jiayi, and once again aimed straight at Liu Jiayi.

Tang Erda’s right hand holding the gun passed under Qi Yifang’s arm at a speed unbelievable to the naked eye and aimed unshakably at the center between Liu Jiayi’s eyebrows.

“I never promised outside the game not to hurt Liu Jiayi.” Tang Erda raised his dark blue, almost black eyes and the gradually blossoming roses were like a pool of coagulated blood in his eyes. “I only promised to fight Bai Liu with you.”

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