GHG: Chapter 18

Andre’s eyes looking at Bai Liu were very explicit. They were filled with a desire for food.

Andre laughed. “I haven’t eaten enough. If a fish here tries to overturn my boat in the middle of the night, I will pick it up and eat it.” Andre was clearly talking about killing and eating merfolk but his eyes kept falling on Bai Liu’s neck. It was as if he was talking about eating Bai Liu.

Bai Liu’s thoughts had become a bit slow. It should be the effect of the drop in mental value. He realized at this time that Andre had such a great fragrance coming from his body. For a moment, he even wanted to bite the other person. Then in the eyes of Andre, a merfolk with a significantly higher degree of alienation would be even more delicious food.

Bai Liu wanted to eat himself.

However, Bai Liu’s physical strength, intelligence and even reaction power had all dropped sharply. Now his panel attributes had started to glow and his mental value was already on the edge of 60 points. If Bai Liu was at sea while Andre was completely alienated then he would definitely die if they fought.

There must be some way to fight Andre but all the information in Bai Liu’s mind seemed to be covered by a translucent cloth. He could vaguely see those plans but he couldn’t recall them. He vaguely remembered that he had prepared a way for himself to deal with Andre but he couldn’t remember it.

Bai Liu blinked again, shook a bit and whispered to himself.

The group of people in front of the small TV saw Bai Liu sway and their hearts were in their throats.

Wang Shun had followed Bai Liu all this way and knew that this person was a very talented player. He had seen people playing Siren Town many times but he had never been so nervous before. Wang Shun held his breath without blinking. His hands clenched tightly and the volume of his voice in front of the small TV became much smaller. “Bai Liu has been alienated and his mental value is about to drop below 60. He will start seeing hallucinations.”

A large number of people were gathered around Wang Shun and their volume was also reduced. The player who had been here before with Wang Shun spoke in a complicated tone. “His mental value is 60. He is at the life or death pass.”

A mental value of 60 was the line between reality and illusions. Above the mental value of 60, they were only fighting against monsters. Once below 60 points, they had to fight against their own illusions.

It was harder than fighting against monsters.

This was because the monsters’ weaknesses could be explored and there were traces to follow. Meanwhile, an illusion was generated by yourself and you would never know the weakness of your own illusion or if it was real or an illusion.

This was why players with high mental values had huge advantages in the game and Bai Liu attracted such great attention previously.

Players who were easily frightened or easily contaminated by the spirit of monsters could easily fall below 60 points. After that, most players’ death rate would increase step by step. Many players were scared to death by their own illusions. Therefore, the mental value of 60 was called the ‘life or death pass’ among players.

The audience’s regretful words said it all.

“It was great. He took so long to get under 60.”

“Without an item to clear mental value, it will only get lower and lower. I think his life is hanging by a thread.”

“The survival rate of newcomers in the game Siren Town is only 1%. They haven’t watched the clearance strategy and haven’t purchased the corresponding mental value protection items. This game is basically unsolvable for them.” (TL: Remember, the 51% survival rate is for all players, while newcomers is 1%)

“It isn’t unsolvable right? Didn’t that last batch of newcomers also clear the instance?”

“Haha, the only person who cleared Siren Town out of the last batch of 100 newcomers came out of the game with a mental value of 25. They went crazy after coming out of the game. What is the use of that?”

“The newcomer will probably go crazy in a moment.”

“Let’s go. I don’t want to watch if he is stupid.”

“Um, I still like the feeling when he plays games very calmly. Once it falls below 60, emmmmm, forget it.”


[7 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 17 new people have saved Bai Liu’s small TV, 0 people have charged Bai Liu’s small TV and 0 people have stepped on player Bai Liu’s small TV.]

[There are 20 people watching player Bai Liu’s small TV. You have lost 300 viewers in just one minute. What type of disappointing antics did the player do~?]

[The popularity of player Bai Liu has fallen to the bottom and you have won the title of ‘Inferior Clown’. Perhaps now, only your death can entertain the public and make the audience laugh~]


The sailors on the ship were in a good state. They prepared two small boats for Andre and Bai Liu to put them out into the deep sea. Bai Liu seemed confused by the situation and stood blankly beside the railing. He even asked for an extra quilt from a sailor, saying he might be cold on the boat at night.

The sailor looked at Bai Liu mockingly and placed two or three thick quilts on his boat before saying meaningfully, “I wish you a good night. Good night, Mr Bai, if you can wake up.”

Bai Liu smiled. “I will.”

There were many small boats on either side of the two boats. These small boats contained fishermen who looked like deep-sea fish. The fishermen were strangely similar to Andre. In the dark night, there were only small lights on the boats. In the dim light, the eyes of the fishermen glowed with a faint green light. They stood on boats swaying on the waves but these fishermen were strangely motionless. They stared directly at Bai Liu on the boat holding the quilts and their gills slightly opened and trembled, as if they were seeing prey.

Andre stood in another small boat not far from Bai Liu. Saliva filled his mouth and his eyes glowed with the same green light as these fishermen. He stared at Bai Liu and whispered hoarsely, “Bai Liu, take your stupid quilts and go to the bottom of the sea to sleep.”

The big ship slowly left. A sailor told them that the next morning, the ship would come to pick them up.

Bai Liu looked around. Apart from Andre, there were many fishermen on the small boats who didn’t leave with the big ship. Instead, they gradually moved closer to Bai Liu and surrounded him.

Even if Bai Liu’s mind was currently dizzy, he knew very clearly that he was the weakest ‘larva’ here. The fishermen had given all the merfolk to the sailors and he would be spending the night with these starving fishermen. He was afraid that he would be torn to pieces of meat and swallowed in less than half an hour. There was also Andre staring beside him. On the sea in the middle of the night, Bai Liu was completely helpless.

He might be alienated but jumping into the sea to escape wasn’t a good choice. He was only in the initial alienation. Bai Liu could feel that his mouth and nose could breathe while the gills next to his ears had no breathing function. It was unknown if the gills could breathe in water. Even if it was possible, Bai Liu definitely wouldn’t be able to outswim these highly alienated fishermen and Andre. Jumping into the sea was nothing more than the difference between dying above water or dying below in the sea.

Bai Liu also had the true love ship task. In this situation where it seemed extremely difficult to survive, he had to stay on the boat all night and beat Andre. It was impossible. Wang Shun slowly put down the pen that was constantly recording and sighed sincerely. “Unfortunately, the best item to use to win this bet is the water bubble.”

“This item can drive away the fish. If you buy two and use them three times then you will be able to survive until dawn. It might be a bit expensive at 140 points but it is useful. If Bai Liu hadn’t spent his points indiscriminately, it would’ve been easy for him to get there.”

The player watching next to him also nodded in agreement. He folded his arms and shook his head helplessly. “After all, he is a newcomer. It is normal if you can’t play. This Bai Liu might occasionally show an excellent performance but he is always messing around. It is a common problem for newcomers.”

“It is obvious that the water bubble is a high popularity item but he didn’t buy it. Instead, he bought alcohol. What can alcohol do at this time? Disinfect himself and send himself to the fishermen as clean rations?”

The scattered audience remaining there started dispersing.

At this time, Andre’s boat shook violently on the screen. A man, no, a merman landed on it and opened his mouth, grinning at Andre with sharp teeth. The audience who were about to leave suddenly stopped.

Wang Shun pushed up his glasses and leaned forward violently. “What is this situation? Shouldn’t the fishermen and Andre start attacking the player here? Why did they attack Andre?!”

The merman above Andre was very ferocious. He was wet from being in the sea and got on the defenseless Andre’s boat. Then he fiercely bit Andre’s neck. Andre let out a scream and the gills on both sides trembled from the pain.

Stinky black blood was sprayed all over the ship and some splashed into the sea, blending with the dark water.

The smell of blood immediately floated from the sea. All the fishermen made strange sounds like they were gulping and their eyes slowly moved to Andre’s boat.

Andre exuded the smell of food that was so attractive to them. The boats that were originally approaching Bai Liu deviated from their path and gathered around Andre’s ship.

There was an eerie chewing sound. Andre’s boat was full of hungry merfolk. He panicked and wanted to jump into the sea, but he was pulled back by his ankles. The merfolk filled his boat. Andre raised his hand and made a vague whimper of pain, completely overwhelmed by the small hill of merfolk biting him.

Proofreader: Purichan

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