GHG: Chapter 175

In this second, a white bone whip came out of nowhere and smashed the bottle of perfume.

The perfume penetrated into the ground, leaving only a light pink aroma that spread in the night. The smell of the purified and brewed roses made the vagrants go crazy and they started to flock to this space.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has changed the entry and exit rules of the Magic Space. He has changed the rule ‘forbid any vagrants from entering’ to ‘forbid any players from leaving, vagrants can enter freely’.]

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has changed the shape of the Magic Space. It has changed from an irregular rectangle to a six square meter regular hexahedron to ensure that player Tang Erda can move freely in it.]

The vagrants opened their scarlet greedy eyes and aimed their tentacles toward Tang Erda, who was soaked with perfume. They entered the Magic Space one after another.

The long and narrow plank road that had restrained Tang Erda widened in a ‘squeaky manner.’ His action of drawing the gun continued smoothly. Tang Erda stared at the group of vagrants in front of him with his hand on the gun.

There was the ‘click’ of the gun as it was loaded and then six consecutive gunshots.

The muzzle of the gun fired six bullets in a row. The bullets accurately shot into the hearts of the vagrants. They were killed by the hunter’s gun one second before they touched the trapped hunter.

Roses fell from the withered vagrants and the mutilated faces of the dead vagrants had crazy and contented smiles. They finally smelled the coveted rose fragrance before they died.

A large number of dead vagrants fell in front of Tang Erda but no matter how many were killed, there were always more gushing out from the ground!

He gritted his teeth to clean up the constant stream of vagrants who came after smelling the fragrance while his dark blue eyes turned blood red.

Bai Liu (6), this guy tricked him again!

Bai Liu (6) deliberately made such a trap to lure all the players who were chasing the vagrants to complete the task. He trapped them here with the Magic Space while Bai Liu (6) hid in the shadows and calculated that the other players would kill the vagrants for him!

Bai Liu (6) just needed to wait for them to finish killing for one night and then come out to pick up the roses dropped by the dead vagrants to complete the task!

Moreover, the players who couldn’t complete their tasks and had their labor results plundered would be fired or they would have to continue working here. Meanwhile, Bai Liu (6) would be promoted based on their achievements and throw them away!

Tang Erda gritted his teeth while the blue veins on his forehead bulged. The revolver in his hand was firing faster and faster while the vagrants in front of him also fell faster and faster. His entire body was surrounded by the roses dropped by the vagrants.

Even so, there was no time for Tang Erda to use the Suicide Bullet skill.

Tang Erda wanted to use the suicide bullet to attack Bai Liu (6) and to at least force the guy hiding behind the scenes to show up.

However, the vagrants were continuously pouring in. No matter how powerful Tang Erda was in individual combat, he couldn’t find any gaps to use the explosive skill in front of these group attack monsters. In particular, the Suicide Bullet skill had 10 minutes of cooldown.

It was impossible by any means.

Bai Liu (6) calculated the time well and didn’t give Tang Erda any opportunity to fight back.

“Mr Hunter?” The three members of the King’s Guild who entered together with Tang Erda had also followed the tide of vagrants. There were no vagrants coming to the rose fields where they were working so they came out to find the vagrants.

They looked suspiciously at Tang Erda, who was attacking the vagrants almost without moving from the center of the flower field and stepped in his direction. “You are here…”

Tang Erda turned his head violently and scolded them. “Don’t come here!”

It was too late.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has extended the Magic Space to trap player Qi Yifang.]

Qi Yifang was trapped by the invisible glass and blinked at the vagrants who were pouring toward him. Then he glanced at Tang Erda who was holding his forehead and finally understood why Tang Erda told him not to come over.

The trapped Qi Yifang was forced to pull out his meteorological observatory instrument and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This Bai Liu dared to set up a one-on-four trap. His courage was too big!

No wonder why the queen found him tricky.

“It is too mean, tsk tsk tsk.” Liu Jiayi held up her binoculars and watched it with relish while her mouth was sighing hypocritically. “You are really too mean, Bai Liu. Now all four people are tapped by you and they are doing the work for you.”

Bai Liu also held up binoculars. After smashing the perfume with the whip, he had quickly retreated. Now he and Liu Jiayi were far away and hiding behind the factory.

In the binoculars, the four players who were hostile to them were cooperating with each other and working hard for Bai Liu. What a moving scene!

Unfortunately, the parties involved didn’t think so.

The roses seemed to pile up more and more but they were too tired from coping with the large number of vagrants attracted by the perfume. They didn’t have time to pick up the roses on the ground.

Even so, Tang Erda was at ease. His attacks were very powerful. It was one shot, one kill. Therefore, the number of roses around him was the most. This person was wisely piling the roses around him while his eyes coldly searched the flower field for Bai Liu’s figure.

It seemed that Bai Liu would be shot to death the moment he came to grab the roses.

“Hey!” Liu Jiayi held up the binoculars and stabbed Bai Liu next to her with an elbow. “What is this Captain Tang? I didn’t expect him to be so strong.”

“As expected of the opponent that you, this unlucky guy, provoked. He is a player on the same level as me.”

Bai Liu, “……”

Liu Jiayi stared at Tang Erda through the binoculars for a while before she restrained her sarcastic tone. Her expression became cold and solemn. “…This man’s gun based attack skill is more difficult to deal with than I had imagined. I have observed it just now. Apart from the gap when he changes his magazine, I don’t see any noticeable skill cooldown.”

“He also changes the magazine very quickly. The attack value is high and he can kill in one shot. In the case where he killed an A+ monster with one shot, his flat attack value must be at least 5,000.”

Liu Jiayi took her eyes off the binoculars and glanced at Bai Liu. “You are now controlling these people in a very small range and they can’t move to chase you. However, this Tang Erda has a long-range attack skill and his current shooting error rate is 0.”

“I feel that he will aim for you as soon as you pick up the roses. It seems he has also thought of this so he is waiting for you to show up and grab the roses.”

“That is why you figured out how to grab the roses?” Liu Jiayi raised an eyebrow and asked. “Are you sure you want to use the plan you set up this morning? I feel it is easy to be overturned.”

“It doesn’t matter if it is overturned. We won’t have an accident.” Bai Liu held up the binoculars and replied calmly. “After all, I’m not going to grab the roses myself.”

Liu Jiayi once again raised the binoculars and sighed from the bottom of her heart. “You are really talented in harming others and benefiting yourself.”

It was as Liu Jiayi said. Tang Erda was indeed waiting for Bai Liu to appear and pick up the roses.

At first, Tang Erda was annoyed about being trapped in place but he soon calmed down. Magic Space not only limited the range of their activities but also limited Bai Liu (6)’s movement methods and destination.

The roses that dropped after killing the vagrants were concentrated around them i.e. they were in the Magic Space. The Magic Space was also very restrictive. In this space, many teleportation items couldn’t be used. It meant that if Bai Liu (6) wanted to get this loot, he would have to come personally.

Therefore, Tang Erda just needed to wait patiently for his prey to appear. This was the basic quality of being a hunter.

He had dared to chase Bai Liu (6) through so many worlds. The only thing that Tang Erda wasn’t lacking when fighting Bai Liu (6) was patience.

Then an hour passed… two hours passed… three hours passed…

The first rays of dawn appeared in the sky and Bai Liu still didn’t appear.

The three members of the King’s Guild who were trapped in the Magic Space were exhausted after fighting for half a night. Apart from Tang Erda, who could maintain a high degree of attack accuracy and efficiency, the others started making errors.

The vacancies created by these mistakes were seamlessly filled by Tang Erda.

Qi Yifang gasped and looked at the hunter who came in with them in surprise. He wasn’t familiar with Tang Erda and only came this time because he was ordered.

He thought they had entered to protect this little-known Hunter. After all, their panels were already enough to look down on more than 95% of players in the game, not to mention they were with a player who wasn’t famous.

In this game, it was difficult for a strong player to be unknown.

But this guy…

Bang bang bang!

Qi Yifang looked at the bright silver bullet that flew past his eye. As if in slow motion, it hit a vicious vagrant behind him that had moved through the gap in his defenses.

At the same time, another bullet grazed past the shoulder of a player next to him and hit the head of one of the three vagrants he was struggling with. Blood and brain matter exploded and the vagrant yelled before falling to the ground. This quickly relieved the pressure on the tired player.

Qi Yifang withdrew his distracted gaze and it fell in disbelief on Tang Erda, who was quickly changing the magazine.

Tang Erda didn’t move his gaze from beginning to end. His eyes were coldly focused on the large group of vagrants in front of him and after switching the magazine, he raised his gun again.

Qi Yifang looked stunned.

This man’s fighting ability was too strong!

He was holding back most of the enemies while also paying attention to his teammates around him. Obviously, he was a strong main attacker but he could actually act as a silent support, filling in the gaps in other people’s defenses and tightly protecting his teammates.

One person had the effect of a ‘gun’ and a ‘shield.’

This was even though all of them had league-level abilities!

If this year’s King’s Guild team could get help from this mysterious hunter and Little Witch who was a healer…

Qi Yifang’s eyes swept over the constantly attacking Tang Erda and his mouth was inexplicably dry. He couldn’t help gulping while his eyes were somewhat blank.

This would definitely be the strongest configuration of the King’s Guild ever!

He had already thought about the slogan for the King’s Guild team this time. There was a hunter and a witch so it would be: Tonight isn’t Christmas Eve!

There was a fascinated smile on Qi Yifang’s face as he already dreamed about the King’s Guild winning the championship while he stood on the championship podium with Queen of Hearts in his arms.

TL: Regarding the slogan, it refers to the Werewolf game linked earlier where there are the identities of a Hunter and Witch. Christmas Eve refers to a night when no one is killed.

Proofreader: Purichan

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