GHG: Chapter 171

Inside the game.

Liu Jiayi’s skills were finally reset.

There was a very special thing about her skills. Liu Jiayi’s skills didn’t stipulate the use of the next round according to the level of her physical strength gauge.

Yet for most players, the use of their personal skill was severely limited by the physical strength gauge. For example, Mu Sicheng’s Monkey Thief Claw. If his physical strength gauge was emptied and he couldn’t restore it with physical strength recovery agents, Mu Sicheng could only continue to use the skill once his physical strength naturally recovered.

Liu Jiayi’s skill wasn’t subject to this restriction except for her explosive skill, Poison Fountain. Her poison was a ‘mage’ type skill and it only needed the cooldown to be over before it could be used again.

So as she waited for the skill cooldown, Liu Jiayi created eight bottles of poison. She couldn’t move herself so she handed the poison to Bai Liu. Then she stayed on the ground to rest and recover her strength.

Bai Liu took the poison and circled around to check if there were still any vagrants in the Magic Space. If there were any, he would splash a bit of poison to kill them.

He thoroughly examined all the vagrants before taking off the Magic Space and collecting the roses. It was because not far away, there were surging vagrants and tentacles.

He simply calculated that the combined rewards obtained in their system panel had exceeded 80 kg and put Liu Jiayi on his back to run toward the tent.

Liu Jiayi lay reluctantly on Bai Liu’s back. Her arms lay against his back and her tone was hoarse and calm. “I just remembered something. Magic Space is an item you got from me. I thought you dropped it. It turned out you brought this item into the game and you’ve already had it—”

“Then why didn’t you use it on us at the beginning to cover ourselves for an hour and wait for my skill to finish the cooldown time. There was no need to fight so hard…”

Liu Jiayi moved up with difficulty and she held Bai Liu’s neck with her trembling hands. She asked in a low voice and with a blank expression, “Magic Space has a maximum area restriction that can only be used once a day.”

“Bai Liu, don’t tell me you had me hold on for an hour in order to use the maximum area of the Magic Space and clear the monsters at once to get the most roses…”

Bai Liu, “……”

Liu Jiayi was so resentful that she was about to cough up blood. “Bai Liu, you ****. You *** used me. You **, ** to me! You can *** a bit more!”

[Warm system reminder: If a child says dirty words, the small TV will be shielded.]

The vagrants behind them kept chasing Bai Liu. Just as the tentacles were about to wrap around Bai Liu’s ankle, Bai Liu rolled into the tent and neatly pulled up the zipper of the tent.

The wriggling tentacles slammed against the cloth of the tent and the zipper slowly moved upward. It felt like these vagrants would use the tentacles to enter at any time and drag out the two physically exhausted players.

Bai Liu calmly took out the rotating Rubik’s Cube.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has used the item ‘Magic Space.’ The space used: the small tent where the player is located. The space is small and the duration of the use is longer. Usage restrictions: any living being other than the player himself and Liu Jiayi are prohibited from entering.]

[System notification: The player has previously overdrawn the maximum area of the item Magic Space so the Magic Space usage duration is reduced. It can be used in this tent space for around three hours.]

The Rubik’s Cube rotated in Bai Liu’s hand. It spun a few times and became much smaller. Then it scattered in all directions and became a square, tent-like shape.

Liu Jiayi, who had been scolding Bai Liu just now, became subtly embarrassed.

Her gaze fell on the much smaller tetrahedral Rubik’s Cube in Bai Liu’s palm. She thought that Bai Liu had chosen to confront the monsters head-on in order to maximize the benefits of the one usage. She didn’t expect that it was to allow the two of them to safely stay in the Magic Space until dawn.

Bai Liu had obviously calculated the duration of the item… She shouldn’t have speculated that Bai Liu had such dirty intentions. It seemed that she had scolded him a bit too much.

Liu Jiayi wasn’t one to mince around. She looked at Bai Liu and directly apologized. “I’m sorry, I scolded you a bit too much just now. I didn’t know that you chose to save the item to ensure our safety.”

Bai Liu looked at Liu Jiayi in a strange manner. “No, I saved the item to make you kill the most monsters at once.”

Liu Jiayi, “…….”

Bai Liu explained it seriously. “I reserved the time limit of this item in order to collect enough roses at one time. I can use the item to remove the negative state of your physical strength gauge so you can continue to use your explosive skill and over-exhaust your body. This item can be used to trap more monsters and earn more roses. I might already have 80 kg but this type of item that fits the positioning of the game is definitely good…”

Liu Jiayi, “…….”

Bai Liu fell into his own thoughts. He seemed to look at the exhausted Liu Jiayi with great regret and sighed. “However, you don’t look good. Perhaps it is because you are a child but your state after being physically exhausted is too bad. It really isn’t very good…”

Liu Jiayi suddenly smiled very sweetly, even showing two small dimples.  She held up two bottles of potions toward Bai Liu and obediently and cutely tilted her head to look at him. “Brother Bai Liu, I will be really angry if you say this again.”

Bai Liu looked at the black fog of the poison that wrapped around his neck and sensibly changed the topic. “Liu Jiayi, my little friend, you have worked really hard tonight! Do you want to go to sleep now?”

Liu Jiayi, “…….”

She really wanted to swear.

There was a reason Bai Liu came to the tent to let Liu Jiayi rest.

After three hours, if it was still dark and dawn hadn’t arrived then they would have to go out and fight again. In these three hours, Liu Jiayi’s skill could create more poison and Liu Jiayi could recover part of her physical strength. Then they could barely rely on the poison to survive until dawn.

Inside the tent was only a dirty bed that was half the width of a person and around the length of a person, with a dirty wool blanket hanging over the edge.

Bai Liu put Liu Jiayi on this small bed. He casually cushioned himself against the ground with a wool blanket and curled up on the blanket to sleep.

The right side of his face was still covered with blood from the tentacles. Before he could wipe it, he closed his eyes tiredly and fell asleep.

In a situation where he couldn’t restore his mental value, Bai Liu took on the job of sweeping the monsters and protecting Liu Jiayi, the main attacker. This caused his mental value to drop a lot due to the tentacles and the contamination of the vagrants. At the same time, the continuously declining mental value aggravated Bai Liu’s physical exhaustion. It was like working overtime with high intensity. In the state of staying up all night without allowing any mistakes, Bai Liu’s fatigue was doubled.

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s mental value has dropped to 61! Please restore your mental value quickly!]

The black cracks on his face sank down and the skin on Bai Liu’s face felt like it was going to peel off.

In his sleep, a rustling sound awakened Bai Liu. He glanced at Liu Jiayi, who was curled up in a sound sleep on the bed, and lowered his head to confirm that the time limit for Magic Space hadn’t passed. There was still almost an hour left.

Then he had slept for almost two hours.

The vagrants outside the tent seemed to have disappeared as the sky grew brighter. The sound that woke Bai Liu up didn’t come from outside the tent but from inside the tent.

Bai Liu’s gaze slowly fell toward the bottom of the bed where Liu Jiayi was sleeping. This rustling sound was like something slowly crawling out from under the bed and it was getting louder and louder.

Liu Jiayi, who was still asleep, seemed to be affected by this sound. She frowned and turned over. Bai Liu took off his coat to cover her ears. Her brow relaxed again and she sank into sleep.

Bai Liu half crouched down in front of Liu Jiayi’s bed. He held the whip and cocked his head to look under the bed.

He clearly specified when using the Magic Space that any living being apart from himself and Liu Jiayi couldn’t enter this space. At this time, something other than himself or Liu Jiayi could enter this space without being repelled and could make a sound. Perhaps it wasn’t a living creature.

The other option was that this creature had the ability to break through the barrier set by Magic Space, an extraordinary level item.

Items of the extraordinary category were originally items that came from the monster book in level three games. So in turn, it wasn’t unusual that there was a high level monster in a level three game that could crack the extraordinary level item.

Bai Liu blocked his chest with the whip as a preventive measure and glanced directly underneath the bed. The bottom of the dirty bed was a mess. There was a broken half of a pencil, a few used balls of toilet paper, a broken sack and a beautiful model of a right hand.

There were no traces of any living creature under the bed. It was black and smelly and looked like the normal bottom of a bed that had been used by many workers and hadn’t been cleaned much.

It was as if the sound Bai Liu heard just now was a hallucination. After all, his mental value was indeed low enough to be near the limit of seeing hallucinations.

Even so, Bai Liu didn’t retract his gaze. He stared at the bottom of the bed or to be more precise, the hand model that looked like some type of toy. 

Bai Liu could recognize this perfect model of a right hand that seemed to be carved based on a golden model.

This was a right hand he once clenched tightly and then voluntarily released.

This was Xie Ta’s right hand.

Proofreader: Purichan

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SYNth.etic Tesseract
SYNth.etic Tesseract
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