GHG: Chapter 170

[0 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 0 new people are following Bai Liu’s small TV and no one charged player Bai Liu.]

[0 new people are watching player Bai Liu’s small TV and there is a big difference with the last game video data. Bai Liu is about to drop from the ‘multiplayer game zone’ to the ‘burial mound dancing area’. Player Bai Liu, please play seriously!]

It was only a matter of time before Bai Liu’s game promotion fell. There was the King’s Guild guarding the small TV and strictly controlling it. It was only a matter of time before Bai Liu fell to the nameless area.

Hearts stood in front of Bai Liu’s TV. Her eyes were like fog as they focused on Bai Liu’s pale, sweat-drenched face on the small TV. It was as if she was admiring a painting depicting death in a gallery. There was also a bit of shallow regret as if she was regretting the death of the person in the painting. She also seemed to be regretting that the death of the person in the painting was bestowed at her own hands.

She raised the wide brim of her hat and turned to look at the members behind her, giving an even crueler order with those regretful eyes. “Go to the falling rising stars area (another name for burial mound dancing area) and continue to surround Bai Liu. Ensure that he can’t escape before he enters the nameless zone.”

At the same time, Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi in the small TV were also in trouble.

If this group of vagrants couldn’t be eliminated, there would be more vagrants and the poison keeping the two people from being unharmed would be consumed faster. There were eight bottles of poison. Even under Liu Jiayi’s precise control, they were about to run out.

The parasitic vagrants and the tentacles in the flower field stacked on top of each other and roared. It was like a huge wave in the deep sea that devoured everything. At the edge of the field, a high wall of tentacles was raised. At this time, all the monsters and tentacles were driven back by only Liu Jiayi’s poison and Bai Liu’s whip. This was already an incredible thing.

Yet both of them did it.

The poisonous smoke was restrained and pulled into invisible threads that moved around Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi. Liu Jiayi’s face was miserable. This high-consumption skill usage made her almost unsteady. She held the bottles of poison that were about to be emptied and gasped heavily.

Yet the moment the dense tentacles wriggled, Liu Jiayi, who was panting with her head lowered, held the bottle in her hand and pulled it forward. The large net made of thread-like poisonous smoke fell and the tentacles in the ‘net’ were ‘cut’ by the smoke. The blurred sections were corroded by poison.

Liu Jiayi shook for a moment and a bloody smell rose in her throat. However, she swallowed it down through gritted teeth as the poison in her hands became shallower.

A tentacle that the net missed passed through from behind and was about to pierce Liu Jiayi’s chest. A white whip that was as fast as lightning was pulled and snapped at the tentacle that was about to touch Liu Jiayi. It struck several times very quickly. Those who were waiting for the opportunity to attack, the large number of ‘fish that slipped through the net’, were all struck by Bai Liu’s whip and swept back.

Bai Liu’s operation might be incredibly precise but his current situation obviously wasn’t very good. Bai Liu’s face was whiter than Liu Jiayi’s face and was basically the same color as the bone whip in his hand. The hand holding the whip was faintly trembling.

“Your skill cooldown time is about to end, right?” Bai Liu squinted at Liu Jiayi, who was half crouched on the ground and resting behind him.

Liu Jiayi struggled to look up at Bai Liu. “…Less than a minute.”

“Then we just need to survive the last wave of these vagrants’ attacks.” Bai Liu looked up at the wall of vagrants that was stacked up more viciously by him. “After that, we can start harvesting.”

The broken tentacles regenerated in an instant and mixed with the dense tentacles in the flower fields that were rushing toward Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi!

Bai Liu didn’t even bother to lift his whip. He looked calmly at the twisted tentacles and broken corpses of the vagrants that had twisted and wound into a whole wall. It was like the huge wave of a tsunami that was about to fall down on a tourist and sweep them away.

A spinning Rubik’s cube appeared in Bai Liu’s hand.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu uses the item Magic Space. The space is limited to the opposite flower field (the item has reached the maximum area allowed and the usage time is only five minutes. Any vagrants who have entered are prohibited from going out.]

[System notification: The space construction is completed.]

The next second, this rolling ‘wave’ crashed into an invisible transparent wall, emitting a loud buzzing sound that resonated with the brain. The huge wave made of flesh-colored tentacles touched the insurmountable high wall and slowly fell back to the flower field. The resentful eyes of the vagrants mixed among them greedily looked at the roses on the ground.

The vagrants were trapped in the invisible, confined space and wriggled and struggled inside. They crawled all over the invisible walls like a room of human-faced snakes tangled together. It was as if they were going to bite through the walls at Bai Liu who was standing not far from them.

However, these vagrants could never wait for that moment.

Liu Jiayi, who was hiding behind Bai Liu, slowly stood up while taking the physical strength recovery agent. The vagrants that they worked so hard to accumulate had finally reached the moment of maturity and harvesting. She calmly looked at this flower field where the original appearance couldn’t be seen and then held out her hand.

She narrowed her eyes and glanced at Bai Liu. She waved her hand for him to move further away and Bai Liu immediately hid far away with interest.

[System warning: Does player Liu Jiayi want to use the explosive personal skill ‘Poison Fountain’ which causes indiscriminate damage to all players within range? After using this skill, the player Liu Jiayi’s physical strength gauge will be empty. Is player Liu Jiayi determined to use it?]

[I am sure.]

Thick black smoke spread from Liu Jiayi and into the flower field restricted by Magic Space. It instantly filled the entire space. There was the sound of meat being corroded and burned by chemicals and this was accompanied by the heart piercing screams of the vagrants. From time to time, the wriggling tentacles slipped weakly from the transparent wall.

A minute later, the last tentacle stuck to the transparent wall fell to the ground along with the pale LIu Jiayi.

Before Liu Jiayi could completely collapse on the ground, Bai Liu steadily picked her up. Liu Jiayi was caught in the aftermath of emptying her physical strength and couldn’t move. She didn’t want to lean on Bai Liu but she couldn’t move now. She could only lean against his shoulder and close her eyes, gasping for breath.

Of course, Bai Liu couldn’t stand steadily himself. It wasn’t long before he slumped on the ground like he had no bones.

Liu Jiayi ended up sitting on the ground again and wondered, “…So why did you just pick me up?”

Bai Liu touched the wet bangs on Liu Jiayi’s forehead and smiled. “I see other parents encouraging their children who did a good job in this way. I also learned it. You were really handsome just now, Little Witch.”

Liu Jiayi, who was lying on Bai Liu’s chest, was silent for two seconds. Then she turned her head away. “…I am the number one rising star.”

She muttered, “Isn’t this a matter of course?”

The black fog inside the Magic Space dissipated. Roses continued falling from the corroded corpses of the vagrants and at the same time, Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi’s system notifications kept ringing.

[System notification: Congratulations to player Liu Jiayi for killing a monster vagrant. The vagrant has already stolen 1.5 kg of dry leaf roses and it is now your loot.]

[System notification: Congratulations to player Bai Liu for killing a monster vagrant. The vagrant has already stolen 0.3 kg of…]

[System notification: …….]

The ground that was originally covered with vagrants was now full of scattered dry leaf roses. Liu Jiayis sat up slowly and the corners of her mouth twitched when she saw the loot on the ground.

“Not bad. It was a good harvest. Tonight there is no waste.”

In the game hall, the King’s Guild members in front of Bai Liu’s small TV were stunned to see the system reward interface that kept popping up over Bai Liu’s face.

They had just laughed that this person couldn’t use a powerful card like the Witch. Now they found out that it was them who didn’t know how to use it. They were stunned to see that the Witch’s healing card could be played to the maximum AOE effect!

Previously, everyone’s impression of Little Witch was ‘the only healer in the game.’ They never thought that Liu Jiayi’s poison attack was so powerful.

Yet Bai Liu used the Magic Space item in his hand. Liu Jiayi with an A rated panel and Bai Liu with a C rated panel could actually resist a large wave of A+ monsters in a level three game!

It was a miracle!

Yet Bai Liu just did it!

This was still a newcomer who was almost half killed by an A+ monster in the previous two games. This growth rate was too abnormal!

A man who had just been mocking Bai Liu for taking advantage of Witch’s popularity on the king’s ranking muttered with a stunned expression, “…Was the Witch of our guild so powerful? She could wipe out a wave of monsters in a level three game at once?”

Another person answered him with an equally dull expression, “…As far as I remember, there was no such thing…”

“It is tactics. Bai Liu’s tactics for Witch brought out her greatest offensive strength. It didn’t waste a single drop of poison or Witch’s skill.” There was an intermediate player who knew a bit of analysis but his expression didn’t look very good. “He used the whip to gather these monsters together and Witch’s poison to contain the monsters. He drove the monsters into the cage like they were ducks and finally trapped them in the cave. Then Witch wiped out every monster they gathered with an explosive skill…”

The player who analyzed this felt a sense of suffocation. “We have never tried to tap into Witch’s attack skill before. Meanwhile, Bai Liu used his strong field control weapon, the fishbone whip to maximize Witch’s attack skill. He dragged out the time to let the cooldown of Witch’s poison skill end. This way, not only are there enough vagrants for the rewards to burst out but after clearing the monsters, they can handle the small amount of monsters that slipped through the net to attack them since the cooldown of Witch’s poison skill is over…”

“Bai Liu formulated the perfect tactics for this game mission by making the most of Witch.”

There were also some disobedient newcomers who whispered among themselves.

“Tsk, what tactics… if I had his weapon and Witch’s cooperation, I could’ve done this as well!”

“Yes, isn’t it just gathering monsters, placing the item and then Witch clearing the monsters? Is this also a tactic? This is insulting tactics!”

“That isn’t it. You are thinking too simply.” Another high-to-mid level player sighed. “Bai Liu’s tactics are subtle and quiet. Do you remember Mu Sicheng? The rising star player who was hunted by our guild member, Puppet Zhang?”

The other players paused. They all remember this high level player of the King’s Guild who was brutally killed by Bai Liu. Their desire to talk nonsense about Bai Liu subtly diminished and their voices weakened. “…I remember. What about it?”

“Mu Sicheng had no chance of winning against Puppet Zhang. Several times, Mu Sicheng was almost controlled by Puppet Zhang. Then Bai Liu gained the card of Mu Sicheng and it was only his second time participating in the game. Despite that, do you remember Puppet Zhang’s ending?”

Speaking of this, the member of the King’s Guild who analyzed Bai Liu for everyone took a deep breath and fell silent. Then he continued after a moment. “Puppet Zhang was restrained by Mu Sicheng and Bai Liu successfully counter-killed him. Puppet Zhang was burned alive in the mirror.”

“Before Mu Sicheng met Bai Liu, did you think there would be a day when Mu Sicheng could kill Puppet Zhang?” The man glanced at the others. “No one could imagine that there would be such a day. You all felt that Mu Sicheng was a fish on Puppet Zhang’s chopping board and it was only a matter of time before he got caught.”

Everyone stopped talking and the players who just criticized Bai Liu fell into a strange silence.

They slowly raised their heads to look at Bai Liu’s TV and felt sincere fear and horror. Yes, Bai Liu used Mu Sicheng, who couldn’t resist Puppet Zhang at all, and used him to kill Puppet Zhang in an overwhelming manner.

If they remembered correctly, the progress of the game wasn’t even halfway and Puppet Zhang lost the power to resist Bai Liu…

He was obviously just a newcomer with a C rated panel. His intelligence value wasn’t the best. The dead Puppet Zhang and even Little Witch who was now working with him had a higher value than Bai Liu.

Why was this guy able to control the field so easily, using the weak to defeat the strong?

The person who analyzed Bai Liu also followed everyone’s gaze and looked at Bai Liu’s small TV. He had a strong fear in his heart. “This is the most terrible thing about Bai Liu’s tactics.”

“Bai Liu didn’t get the best cards and he doesn’t use very unusual tactics. It is just that his coordination rate with the cards in his hand is too high. For example, his cooperation with Mu Sicheng in Exploding Last Train had zero mistakes. In this game, Bai Liu swept away any monsters without missing a single one after Witch closed the net. Bai Liu took on all the tactical parts that might cause the plan to deviate and executed them perfectly.”

The man sighed with a complicated expression. “It is obviously their first time cooperating but this newcomer seems to have cooperated with the other person a thousand times and can exert the maximum strength of each person. It seems that the moment this brilliant man formulates his tactics, he has seen the end of all the players. What an amazing comprehensive game strength.”

“Bai Liu’s tactics have never been wrong and he has never made a mistake himself. Under his deployment, he is 100% confident that his cards will never go wrong. Based on this crazy confidence, this newcomer gambles the cards in his hands and creates a lethality that we can’t imagine.”

…If this newcomer entered the league, he would have five useful cards in his hands. Then he would formulate the corresponding tactics according to the situation of the enemy and himself.

The man analyzing it thought this and couldn’t help shuddering. His gaze toward Bai Liu’s small TV firmed up. “Let’s go. The queen said that Bai Liu must be blocked and fall into the nameless zone. Otherwise, our guild team will have endless troubles once this guy enters the league next year.”

The picture on Bai Liu’s small TV suddenly went out.

According to the instructions of the system, Bai Liu fell to the burial mound dancing area.

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Im guessing it’s due to the thousands of timelines before this one, where Wandering Circus was formed

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Reply to  Marlzhall

Except that Bai Liu doesn’t know about the other timelines, they were just destined to work well together heheheh. Which makes you wonder if the people who manipulated them to come together knows of other timelines? hmmmm

zhan zhan
zhan zhan
7 months ago

bai liu, u are also really handsome too

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What ‘next’ year are you talking about? It’s ‘this’ year, dear.