GHG: Chapter 168

From among the squirming rose bushes, shadows of the vagrants sprang up one after another. They had bare bones, hollow eyeballs and rotting lips full of flesh-colored tentacles wriggling line vine stems. They dragged themselves through the mud and connected with the swaying roots of the roses. This group of vagrants was like a group of ominous swamp squid, dragging their tentacles in the mud as they approached Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi on the edge of the field.

The lush tentacles were like fishing bowls filled with earthworm bait that overflowed from the banks of the field. A tentacle as thick as a ponytail burst out from the soil and twisted around Bai Liu’s ankle, trying to pull him into the soil.

Bai Liu quickly threw the fishbone whip and removed this strangely twisting tentacle.

Liu Jiayi also corroded a tentacle that was trying to wrap around her waist with poisonous smoke.

After being attacked by monsters, Liu Jiayi and Bai Liu both activated the monster book.

Bai Liu looked through the information about the vagrants in the monster book and calmly issued an order. “Liu Jiayi, use the poisonous mist to carry out a group attack. It must be a group attack with the largest range. If anyone escapes then I will sweep them up.”

“This monster is A+ and it is also an A+ monster that moves in groups.” Liu Jiayi’s expression became uglier as she quickly observed to the left and right. Her poisonous smoke formed a circle around her and Bai Liu to prevent the tentacles from approaching. “They don’t appear alone but fight together. They look like individuals but they are all connected to each other by the tentacles underground. They are a bunch of rose symbiotes.”

In the absence of a way to restore mental value and when fighting against a monster that couldn’t be completely killed, it would turn into a battle of attrition. They obviously couldn’t kill all these monsters that moved in groups so it was only a matter of time before they lost.

Even so, Liu Jiayi didn’t question Bai Liu’s decision. She simply and neatly implemented it.

Liu Jiayi took a deep breath. “Okay, what do I need to pay attention to when attacking?”

Bai Liu threw a monster that had climbed up back into the field with the whip. Then he looked sideways at Liu Jiayi. “Buy time. Your skill cooldown is an hour. Drag it to an hour and we will win. Within this hour, you have to control the amount of poison you use.”

“How much control?” Liu Jiayi asked.

Bai Liu looked at the overwhelming number of rose vagrants and his tone was soft. “Control enough to drag out these vagrants who desire the fragrance for an hour. Once your skill cooldown is over, I will try to control them in a small space. Then use your explosive skill so that your poison can exert its maximum attack effect.”

Liu Jiayi was stunned for a moment. She quickly understood what Bai Liu wanted to do and her expression changed several times. Finally, it settled on a type of restrained relief. “Of course, I can do that.”

“For A+ monsters, my poison is really incurable.”

The wriggling tentacles kept churning in the rose field. Bai Liu stood on the edge, the banks of the field the last line of defense. He pinned a sack of roses to his waist as bait and used the whip to hit the vagrants and tentacles climbing up. At the same time as he hit them, he tried to lure the vagrants to a fixed space.

Liu Jiayi protected Bai Liu tightly. Bai Liu used the whip that exhausted his physical strength very quickly so he kept drinking the physical strength recovery agent, making his face sweat. Later, he was almost never caught by vagrants and tentacles. It was just that when he was caught in the beginning, Bai Liu had some of his health and mental values consumed. This made the rose in his eye become more delicate and the black cracks on his face also became much deeper.

Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi resisted a large number of A+ monsters. Normally, it was absolutely impossible to resist for an hour. Their skills were on cooldown and no matter whether it was Liu Jiayi or Bai Liu, their attack lethality against this group of monsters was limited. In particular, Bai Liu’s whip could only drive these monsters down. He couldn’t do any damage to them.

However, Bai Liu wasn’t trying to fight against the A+ monsters. He just drove them down and didn’t let them climb up.

This was a very simple ‘driving the ducks away’ game. It was played to the limit using Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi’s abilities. In the case where Bai Liu didn’t make any mistakes and swept them all away perfectly, they could last for an hour.

However, what would follow was a pile of black and terrifying vagrants that had piled up below the banks of the field. It wasn’t just those driven by Bai Liu but those who were surging behind them.

Dense tentacles moved in the red mud like boiling water or the villus of the small intestine that was digesting food. Broken human faces and rotting limbs moved and howled in the surging red mud while the roses swayed unharmed in it. The vagrants seemed to be deliberately protecting the unpicked roses.

Some distance away from the flower fields, without the strong aroma of roses to cover it up, the stench of these vagrants and the tentacles growing on them covered the sky. Countless tentacles grabbed at the soil and tried to go up.

Facing this high density of tentacles, Bai Liu’s whip was almost a white afterimage.

He was holding a bottle of high-grade physical strength recovery agent from Mu Sicheng’s panel. He swallowed to replenish his physical strength while swinging his whip consumed his physical strength.

The pure, high precision and mechanical movements that Bai Liu showed had been going on for almost 40 minutes.

Sweat slid down Bai Liu’s hair and dripped onto his completely soaked work jacket. It felt as if he had been fished out of the water.

Liu Jiayi’s poison was almost used up. Her panel had a higher rating than Bai Liu but she had to use high precision and her skills to protect herself and Bai Liu. Now she was gritting her teeth and insisting on holding on.

Yet despite the hard work of Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi, the audience in front of the screen and the King’s Guild players surrounding Bai Liu’s screen didn’t buy anything.

Most of the people brought over by Hearts to surround Bai Liu’s small TV were new and middle level players of the group. This group of people tore at each other at the bottom layer and the thing they were most unaccustomed to was a newcomer with potential like Bai Liu, who didn’t take the usual road and was about to soar.

In addition, Hearts had taken a distinctively hostile stance and the entire area was filled with people from their King’s Guild. These people’s comments or satire of Bai Liu’s small TV naturally weren’t very pleasant.

Some of the King’s Guild members watched Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi do this ‘powerless’ or ‘meaningless’ thing that was just delaying resistance and they all laughed.

“Still want to stall for time in a level three game? Are they afraid of being reincarnated late? Last time, this man was on the king’s list purely due to the popularity given by Little Witch.”

“This game looks at analyzing the monster settings. It should be hunting monsters to get roses. The other four people have already started hunting monsters. Only Bai Liu’s group hasn’t made any progress.” A viewer pointed to the small TV next to Bai Liu’s. “I’ve never seen this hunter but I heard he is the reinforcement found by our queen. He looks quite strong and has already started the large-scale counterattack.”

The small TV next to Bai Liu’s was Tang Erda’s small TV. The right side of Tang Erda’s face was covered in blood and his blue eyes floating with roses glowed among the red mud and sea of flowers like a ghost. He was holding a silver revolver in his right hand. The engraved rose on the handle of the gun had been soaked with blood and turned into a crimson ‘dry leaf rose.’

Tang Erda’s body was full of tentacles that were still twisting and twitching. Meanwhile, the vagrants who had been killed and silver gun casings were scattered all around Tang Erda.

Under the lustrous full moon, the dark blue-eyed hunter gripped his gun and kept shooting around the flower field, brutally and accurately killing any monsters that tried to approach and steal the rose petals he was protecting. He was covered with blood from the slaughter and an out of control desire. There was a sense of madness like he would transform into a werewolf at any time.

After another round of shooting, Tang Erda lowered his head and gasped for breath. Blood dripped from his arms and clothes. He expressionlessly kicked away the tentacles hanging on his legs and bit open the bandage to deal with the bleeding wound on the web between his thumb and forefinger. He didn’t take care of any other place. It was just that this wound would make his palm slippery and affect the feel of the gun he was holding and shooting.

Tang Erda finished treating the wound and looked grim as he continued reloading his gun with bullets.

The scattered corpses of vagrants around Tang Erda had piled up enough to form a hill that almost drowned him. The roses stolen by these vagrants fell after their death into the top of the hill of corpses.

The viewers on Tang Erda’s side were stunned as they watched this completely unfamiliar face being blocked by the reward interface that kept popping up.

[System notification: Congratulations to player Tang Erda for killing a monster vagrant. The vagrant has already stolen 1.5 kg of dry leaf roses and it is now your loot.]

[System notification: Congratulations to player Tang Erda for killing a monster vagrant. The vagrant has already stolen 11 kg of…]

Tang Erda raised his blood-stained and emotionless eyes toward the small TV, pointed his gun and pulled the trigger. Even though they knew Tang Erda was attacking the monsters in the game, the audience in front of the small TV instinctively took a step back.

This type of very intuitive, strong strength suppression that Tang Erda carried as well as his creepy aggression made the audience standing in front of Tang Erda’s small TV gulp. They didn’t even dare discuss things loudly and had to whisper to each other.

“…Who is this person? From the first shot to the last shot, almost every shot he fired caused a reward interface to pop up. Every shot can kill an A+ monster. The skill attack value of a flat shot is definitely 6,000 and there is no significant cooldown. How come I have never heard of this player? No, it shouldn’t be the case!”

“A person who can rely on strong attacks to suppress a group attack of a level three game… this is the strength of a top player in the league. It is terrifying. Is the King’s Guild still hiding such a card this year?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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