GHG: Chapter 167

Liu Jiayi didn’t speak but she thought the same way. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone to the edge to count the flowers with Bai Liu an hour ago.

“The game has also given us a hint.” Bai Liu’s tone was flat. “We don’t have to do honest work to successfully get promoted. In other words, honest work is the stupidest promotion channel.”

“In the real world, the direct way of promotion is to plunder the fruits of someone else’s labor.”

“So if we can’t work directly and get paid, there is only one way in front of us. It is to grab the petals picked by other flower pickers.”

“The problem is that these flower pickers seem to be NPCs and it isn’t a wise approach to offend most of the NPCS at the beginning of the game. Brazenly grabbing the fruits of other people’s labor in the workplace is something only idiots will do. It is because offending the colleagues who work with you is burying hidden dangers for your future work.”

Bai Liu sat up and patted off the dust on his body as he turned to Liu Jiayi. “From this point of view, we have to choose a more reasonable stealing channel.”

“The vagrants.” Liu Jiayi stared directly at Bai Liu and quickly answered Bai Liu’s words.

Bai Liu stood up and pulled Liu Jiayi up with him. He patted off the dust on her while saying, “Yes, there is no more suitable method than to plunder from the vagrants.”

“The vagrants in this game might be monsters or NPCs. According to the person who brought us here, these vagrants will steal rose petals. We don’t need to directly confront the other flower pickers. We just need to snatch the roses stolen by the vagrants.”

“The premise of all this is—” Bai Liu patted Liu Jiayi’s shoulder. He was smiling but it was the type of smile that was particularly business-like and hypocritical at first glance. “—Our Little Witch can perfectly kill these vagrants and snatch the roses.”

Liu Jiayi stared at Bai Liu and her lips twitched slightly. “…You planned this from the beginning, right?”

Then she frowned. “However, this plan isn’t safe. You will be in danger.”

In fact, Liu Jiayi had also thought of this method. It was just that she wasn’t sure about the level of the monsters in this level 3 game and whether she could successfully fight them. Therefore, she didn’t mention it. Of course, Liu Jiayi didn’t expect Bai Liu, a player whose rank was originally F and who barely rose to C, to fight against a monster in a level 3 game.

Rather, it had something to do with her personality. Liu Jiayi was too used to fighting everything alone.

She unknowingly imagined that she would stand in front of Bai Liu and protect her companion—attack and guard, poison and antidote. This was the duty of the witch and the reason why Liu Jiayi became a witch.

Liu Jiayi would hesitate whenever she wasn’t sure if she could perfectly protect her companions. If she was the main attacker, it would leave Bai Liu in a vacuum state with no one to protect him. This was a risk in a level three game with a mortality rate of up to 90%.

However, Bai Liu neutralized her hesitation.

Bai Liu smiled. “Of course, I am in danger and you will be in even more danger. Even so, this is the most cost-effective path. There is no reason to hesitate.”

He lowered his hand and casually wiped the mud stuck to Liu Jiayi’s right eye with his thumb, interrupting her action of wanting to speak only to stop. “You just need to do what you want to do. Don’t think about me. I will cooperate with your attack. If you aren’t successful then we will most likely die together. If you are successful, we will clear the level together. In this game, it isn’t cost-effective for only one of us to survive. It is because we have to win an even greater victory together.”

Bai Liu stared directly at Liu Jiayi with an eye full of a rose. “Do you understand what I mean? I’ll stand with you on the offensive line to cover you. We are a partnership.”

Liu Jiayi was only slightly startled. She removed Bai Liu’s hand that wiped the stain on her and looked away while taking a deep breath. “I understand. So what are we going to do now?”

“Wait.” Bai Liu stared into the distance. “Wait until the vagrants who steal roses are ‘ripe’. Then we won’t pick the roses but those vagrants.”

“When do you think these vagrants will be considered ‘ripe’?”

“I think the vagrants will be almost ripe when they come to attack us two flower pickers with low harvests.” Bai Liu glanced sideways at the sacks of roses he had placed on the group. “Usually, looting goes from high to low. By the time the vagrants attack us, they would’ve already attacked the other flower pickers with a higher harvest than us. Even if some attacks are unsuccessful, I think there will be at least 80 kg of roses.”

“So before that, we had better prepare for the attack of the vagrants.” Liu Jiayi said this but she didn’t go back to the field at all. Instead, she stood a bit further away from the rose field.

The place where they originally rested was some distance away from the flower field but the moment that Liu Jiayi stepped back, Bai Liu also retreated and stood further away from the flower field.

Liu Jiayi’s senses were more sensitive than his. She must’ve heard something to move back.

For Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi, sometimes things didn’t need to be said explicitly. They would take consistent actions such as going away from the field to count the roses after an hour, stopping work after finding that they picked too few roses and staying away from the flower field right now.

According to common sense, the vagrants should’ve started to attack the flower pickers in the fields. Yet looking around, the fields were peaceful and quiet. Apart from the floating fireflies and laboring workers, there were no strange people or monsters that appeared.

Only two reasons could explain this counterintuitive scene.

First, the vagrants hadn’t started attacking the flower pickers in the fields around them.

Secondly, the vagrants didn’t attack from above the flower fields but came from the ground.

Therefore, Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi didn’t go down to the ground of the field. There was another layer of consideration. They had observed that the situation of the ground was too peaceful so they had to consider what would come out of the ground.

The flower fields in front of them started to rise and fall slowly, swaying as red waves under the moonlight. The seemingly innocent sound of rattan moving started to spread.

Liu Jiayi put her hands behind her back vigilantly and the black poison in a glass bottle slowly appeared in her hands.

[System notification: Does player Liu Jiayi want to use her skill, Poison?]

[System notification: Yes… the poison is being produced in batches. The skill cooldown time is 1 hour. Player Liu Jiayi’s physical strength is dropping sharply…]

Liu Jiayi took out eight bottles of poison from behind her. The neck of each poison bottle was stuck in the gap between two fingers.

Each bottle of poison was full. Dark black smoke filled the bottles and enveloped her in an instant. The originally orange worker suit was swept away by the smoke and turned into a black robe that covered her body from head to toe.

“Bai Liu, my poison skill is on cooldown and it will be an hour before I can use it again.” Liu Jiayi approached Bai Liu. She and Bai Liu turned their backs to the flower field and she spoke in a serious tone. “I also have the potential S overdraft skill. It is called Poison Fountain.”

Liu Jiayi opened her system panel and turned it to Bai Liu to show him the skill explanation of the panel.

[System notification: Personal skill ‘Poison Fountain’ – deal indiscriminate slow-release damage to all players within range. After using this skill, player Liu Jiayi’s physical strength gauge will be exhausted. Due to player Liu Jiayi’s young age, the aftereffects of the physical strength exhaustion will be very serious. It will lead to serious body stiffness effects such as the inability to move. Is player Liu Jiayi sure to use it?]

“I can only use these two skills to attack.” Liu Jiayi looked at the roses slowly swaying and her face and tone became solemn. “The level of the monsters in a level 3 game are generally above A+. I can use my main attack to handle a small amount of monsters but I won’t be able to sweep away all the monsters at once if it is a large-scale group attack.”

“I will get stuck in a battle of attrition and can only rely on restoring my health, but my skills are on cooldown and mental bleach is ineffective. Once under siege, it is unrealistic to find the weaknesses of these monsters and restrain them.” Liu Jiayi looked up at Bai Liu. “The winning rate is too low. Do you still want to fight?”

As a backline healer, this was her primary judgment criterion when doing a task—if she could survive with her health value still present then there was still a ray of hope.

However, Bai Liu’s judgment standard wasn’t like this. He was very decisive. “Fight. There is a winning percentage so we can try it. You will be in charge of the main attack. I have a way.”

Liu Jiayi didn’t have time to ask Bai Liu what he wanted to do. The situation in the game was ever-changing, especially when it was a new game without any relevant information. They could only formulate countermeasures based on the real-time situation and reserves of the team members—this was called tactics in the league.

In a situation where the monsters were already in front of her, Liu Jiayi had no choice but to believe in Bai Liu’s on-the-spot command and tactical ability.

Hearts might’ve intended to cultivate Liu Jiayi into the next generation of tactical masters but so far, Liu Jiayi’s tactical training games had at least five S-level reserve players. Liu Jiayi had never played a level three game with her own A-level support and a C-level player like Bai Liu.

It was impossible for Liu Jiayi to try a head-on confrontation in this type of game. The winning percentage was too low and it was easy to overturn. This didn’t fit her tactical style.

It was just that the person now in charge of the field was Bai Liu, not her.

Bai Liu’s tactical style was one word: gambling.

No matter how low the winning rate, as long as it wasn’t 0% and was accompanied by high rewards, he would take the bet and try it.

Bai Liu pulled out a snow-white whip. The rose in his eye stretched out as he looked at the rose field that started to surge.

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“If there’s greed, there’s a way”

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