GHG: Chapter 160

In the beginning, Tang Erda and Hearts had a connection. The essence was that Tang Erda thought the woman in this timeline might have a connection with Bai Liu (6) and wanted to use her to find clues about Bai Liu (6). At that time, Tang Erda had just gone to the welfare home and determined the death of the other Bai Liu (6). Even so, he was still full of doubts and made contact with Hearts. Unexpectedly, Hearts actually had no contact with Bai Liu (6) in this timeline.

After all, who would’ve thought that the Bai Liu (6) of this timeline would enter the game so late and do what he had to do in three games at eight times the speed, bringing along a new team so quickly to the point where they could compete with his old friends.

If he was allowed to keep going… Tang Erda gritted his teeth and replied to Hearts: [Yes, you let people block other games and I will personally go after him.]

Hearts: [Do you know what game he is in?]

Tang Erda: [A level 3 game.]

Liu Jiayi was injured. In order to avoid restricting her skills in a level 2 game with a health-based mortality rate, Bai Liu would definitely go to the level 3 game in order to save her. He had always been good to his team members.

Hearts replied quickly: [If you are sure that Bai Liu is entering a level 3 game, I have three high level guild members with good attack power. They have been practicing level 3 games and are the backup members of my team. They will join you in surrounding Bai Liu since Bai Liu isn’t very easy to deal with. See you at the entrance of the game.]

The level 3 game had a pass rate of only 10-20% and Hearts had just given him three guild members to ‘use’… this woman was still the same as the other timelines.

She didn’t care about the lives of her guild members at all. Or rather, after entering the game, everyone’s lives were no longer their own. These guild members themselves probably didn’t take their own lives for granted.

On the premise that they could be resurrected, their lives were just a string of data that carried the soul.

The game entrance.

Hearts had red burgundy waves of hair draped over her shoulder. She wore a rose-colored high rise hat and a structured suit with an open shoulder jacket and a skirt of the same color. She stepped on the ground with pointed stiletto heels that were anti-human and arrived without looking at anyone.

She was followed by hundreds of members of the King’s Guild dressed in playing card uniforms that were a mix of black, white and red and Hearts.

The members followed closely behind the queen and scattered to the large screen at the game entrance where games could be selected. They screened out the games they were sure to pass according to their rank, panel and skills and methodically entered and disappeared behind Hearts.

These people weren’t chaotic and didn’t make messy sounds from beginning to end. They acted extremely quickly and skillfully. They only needed to look at the game interface to judge if they could pass or not.

As these people entered the game, the system notifications were heard one after another at the entrance of the game.

[System notification: …The player whose small TV you have bookmarked, has logged into the game. Please go and be a viewer~]

By the time Hearts walked up to Tang Erda, almost all the members behind this woman had disappeared.

At the same time, the 100 games on the public screen, which were marked green in the lower right corner to signify ‘waiting’ all turned red, representing a ‘full’ game like a page was turned. It happened in the few steps it took Hearts to walk over.

Ordinary players who were choosing to enter the game looked at the full screen of red in a daze and automatically made way for this huge and confusing action.

Some ordinary players who recognized the members brought by Hearts had already opened their eyes wide with amazement.

Unable to suppress their desire for gossip, they whispered behind Hearts.

“What is this situation? They are all backup members for the King’s Guild team! Shouldn’t they be training in the game pool? How are they over on this side in the normal players area? Hearts is also leading the team!”

“…There is such a strong sense of oppression. It is worthy of the players who want to participate in the league. They are different from ordinary players.”

“No, there are still two months to go. Shouldn’t they be stepping up their training? What are they doing here? Did any ordinary person annoy them? This momentum of encirclement and suppression…”

“Am I the only one who noticed how scary the panels of these preliminary members are? All the attributes of the team members must be on the verge of S-!!”

“It has been a long time since the result of the King’s Guild devil training. Their game pool training has always been very scary and there is a crazy amount of high level players. It is said that Puppet Master was reluctantly selected by Hearts to join the team because his skills complemented Little Witch. It is just that the total attributes of Puppet Master were too low and he took intelligence as a gimmick. As a result, he was overturned by a newcomer.”

“God, so they have finally come out. Is it to solve Spades? Has Hearts finally developed hatred for Spades out of love?”

“Wake up. Spades is training in the game pool. It is impossible for him to be training on this side.”

The public screen was all red. Only the top right interface showed falling roses and the label in the lower right corner was the green ‘waiting’…

It was because Tang Erda was guarding this game and Hearts didn’t let people go in.

She walked over to Tang Erda with her hat in her hand, her dazzling eyes following his gaze to the interface with the withering rose.

Hearts seemed indifferent to the sensation she caused and she asked Tang Erda casually, “Mr Hunter, are you sure it is this game? Or are you just being sentimental?”

She was referring to Tang Erda’s skill identity name ‘Withered Rose Hunter’.

Tang Erda got goosebumps just looking at Hearts. This woman’s skill was quite uncomfortable. The moment Tang Erda’s gaze met Hearts’ blank yet attractive eyes, Hearts’ face grabbed Tang Erda’s attention and started to change.

It was like some type of strange remodeling took place on Hearts’ face. The corners of her jaw changed from feminine to contoured, taking on the square feel of a male frame. The color of her eyes transitioned from dark red to light brown. Her hair shrunk rapidly and shortened while her clothes changed from the skirt to the uniforms of the Heretics Bureau.

Tang Erda quickly looked away.

Hearts had started to change into Su Yang’s appearance.

“If this is the sincerity of your cooperation with me, our cooperation can end here,” Tang Erda said coldly.

Hearts chuckled softly before withdrawing her skill and restoring her original appearance. “Mr Hunter, are you afraid of your lover’s appearance being known? What is there to be shy about? He feels like a lovely man.”

Tang Erda glanced at her. “He has nothing to do with you. Stop using your skill to spy on me. We are here to discuss the matter of Bai Liu (6).”

Hearts curved her full red lips exposed under the brim of her hat. “That is true. I crossed the line. I was just too curious about Mr Hunter. I’m sorry.”

The woman’s words and actions always carried a vague ambiguity and her face was different every time. However, the moment he saw her, he could easily recognize her from her temperament. This was Hearts herself, not the other people who had been conjured up.

Still, he could see the shadow of the person closest to him on her face. It had to do with her skill.

Hearts could conjure up the image of the person closest to the other person according to their imagination, making it easier for her to control that person. It was a colorful hunting shell that was as dangerous as this woman in every timeline.

Tang Erda had originally dug out Xie Ta’s existence thanks to Hearts’ skill. In the timeline in which Hearts and the Heretics Bureau cooperated, Hearts stated that she became Xie Ta the moment Bai Liu (6) saw her.

Bai Liu (6) saw Xie Ta appear on Hearts’ face and started to chase her like the other men who were confused by Hearts.

Soon, Bai Liu (6) sent a rare invitation for Hearts to join his team. He let a person join the Wandering Circus without acquiring her soul. Bai Liu (6) would never make a decision that seemed to be based on emotion. After all, Bai Liu (6)’s position at that time was very dangerous. All the members of the circus resisted Bai Liu (6)’s decision.

Yet if it was something Bai Liu (6) wanted to do, there was no room for others to refuse.

Hearts agreed to Bai Liu (6)’s invitation at the behest of the Dangerous Heretics Bureau and she broke into the core organization of the Wandering Circus. Bai Liu (6)’s control over her was very loose but she was strictly monitored by the other members of this circus. This made it more and more difficult for Hearts and Tang Erda to get in touch. The occasional news that was painstakingly passed on made Tang Erda at a complete loss for ideas.

It seemed that Bai Liu (6) was charmed by Hearts and she became a mistress he never had before. It was as if he lost his mind for her and a rift formed with the other members of the circus.

However, the information passed on by Hearts was that every time Bai Liu (6) saw her in the game, she was in a dark room under the Wandering Circus guild building that didn’t have much light. In the dark underwater room, only the brightness of the waves of water illuminated her face. Then he gave her a very tattered, pieced together strange picture book called Killing Records of the Slenderman. Every page had been torn apart. It wasn’t known why Bai Liu (6) kept it when he didn’t lack anything.

Bai Liu (6) hid in the distance and watched the face of another person on Hearts’ face. At this time, Bai Liu (6) would gently tell Hearts to lower her head to read the book. Hearts read the book as he requested while for the next period of time, Bai Liu (6) would calmly examine her or admire the way she was posed by him.

Occasionally, Hearts would chat with Bai Liu (6), who wasn’t as scary as rumored in the outside world. He was easy-going most of the time and even a bit lazy. He seemed to be very tolerant of the face over hers and allowed her to talk and try to find information. 

“Is this face over my face a very important person to you, Mr Bai?” Hearts asked casually.

“I don’t know.” Bai Liu (6) closed his eyes and folded his hands over his lower abdomen. He leaned back against the chair and replied casually, “I don’t know this person who has appeared over your face nor do I remember him.”

“Then why did you let me join your team? You said you would never have a team member who has no longer-term value for you. I don’t think I have long-term value.”

Bai Liu (6) closed his eyes. “I might not know this face but the moment I see it, I want to completely possess it. You really don’t have much long-term value to me but you can let me see this face. This is already valuable enough for you to enter Wandering Circus.”

He slowly opened those dark eyes again. At this moment, Hearts was quietly standing in front of him with a Rubik’s Cube in an attempt to trap Bai Liu (6) with the item.

Bai Liu (6) spoke in a still unhurried manner, “It doesn’t matter what purpose you have. I don’t care. Just protect your skills and face.”

“That is all you need to survive with me.”

The next second, a black bone whip flew out from behind Bai Liu (6) and simply and neatly hit Hearts’ hand. Bai Liu (6) looked at Hearts who was pressed to the ground and grasped her jaw between his thumb and index finger, making her raise her head.

Xie Ta’s fragile and pale face full of pinpricks resurfaced.

Bai Liu (6) slowly moved his thumb to stroke the long, slightly wet curly hair covering Xie Ta’s forehead. He looked directly into the beautiful silver-blue eyes hidden under the hair.

The smell of blood and the coldness of the bottom of the water were both familiar and strange. Hearts looked up with Xie Ta’s face, staring at the pale and gloomy Bai Liu (6) through the gaps in the hair.

She pretended to be the god who drowned in water and tried to reach out to touch Bai Liu (6). She whispered the name of the man in front of her in a low, boy’s voice.

“Bai Liu (6)… don’t you remember me?”

Bai Liu (6)’s breathing became a bit lighter and he slowly withdrew the sharp whip surrounding Hearts’ fragile neck. He turned and sat back on the chair, half-closing his eyes and he looked at Hearts as she got up in an unhappy manner with his lazy, drooping eyes.

Hearts and Bai Liu (6) weren’t strangers to what just happened. This type of thing might happen seven or eight times every time Bai Liu (6) came to see her.

Hearts had never given up on sneak attacking Bai Liu (6). She knew very well that Bai Liu (6) wouldn’t kill her. Due to this face, Bai Liu (6) would tolerate her dangerous behavior of constantly trying to kill him and even let her stay by his side. It was all to simulate the face of a person that Bai Liu (6) didn’t know so that she could read a book to him.

“Keep reading,” Bai Liu (6) lightly ordered. “Also, don’t call my name with his face next time.”

Friend: It is really good dog blood and is worthy of you. Tell me, if there was no Xie Ta and 6’s favorite thing is money, will Hearts’ face become the face of the yuan when Bai Liu sees her?

Me: …Shut up!

Proofreader: Purichan

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