GHG: Chapter 159

“F&ck!” Mu Sicheng was so frustrated that he wanted to punch the air. “There is no way I can guarantee that I will survive a level three game. How dare a low level player like Bai Liu go straight in?”

Mu Ke adjusted his breathing and turned to look at Mu Sicheng, a player who was more experienced than him. “So what can we do for Bai Liu now?”

“The only thing we can do is to not enter the game. We must be out here so that Bai Liu can freely call on our skills.” Mu Sicheng was silent for a moment before returning Mu Ke’s words. “This is the only value we have for him at present.”

“I told him that 100 points to buy my soul was too cheap and I suffered a big loss. I never expected that I would be useless to him in a game.” Mu Sicheng laughed in a self-deprecating manner and looked down at his hand. “It turns out that these 100 points were actually him spending a lot.”

The feeling of powerlessness when Liu Huai was manipulated and controlled by others and finally had to die in front of him once again rose in Mu Sicheng’s heart. He always seemed to be watching as someone he felt a bit of emotion to was bound by fate and walked toward inevitable danger and death in front of him.

The person at the beginning was like this, Liu Huai was like this and now Bai Liu was like this. He thought he could do a lot but he was often too late.

This sense of a loss of control was soon suppressed by Mu Sicheng’s clenched fists.

On the other hand, Mu Ke found another value faster than Mu Sicheng. He looked down at the boiling forum before glancing sharply at Mu Sicheng. “There is one more thing we can do.”

Mu Sicheng looked over. “What is it?”

Mu Ke’s eyes were amazingly bright. “Guild, Bai Liu’s guild! The Scavengers Guild that he got in the last round of the game!”

“He told me some management ideas.” Mu Ke found something he could do for Bai Liu. This made him quickly calm down and he became clear and rational.

“The Scavengers Guild currently has many powerful players who left and the remaining players are all those who want to attach themselves to Bai Liu. Still, they aren’t worthless. I need the information of all of them and then sort out the most useful places for Bai Liu…”

One by one, Mu Ke analyzed what they could do next for Bai Liu while Mu Sicheng listened carefully.

If Tang Erda were here, he would be surprised to find that the Wandering Circus, which he thought hadn’t grown, would quickly evolve into the prototype of the team he saw in other parallel timelines after Bai Liu took the injured Liu Jiayi into the level three game.

A thief who desperately wanted to be stronger, Mu Ke who started to act as the manager of the guild and Little Witch who blocked bullets for Bai Liu…

Everything seemed to be predestined, irresistibly heading toward the established trajectory.

The only possible change was the hunter himself, who had fallen into the abyss.


Tang Erda stepped into the game and quickly exchanged points for a bottle of mental bleach. He poured it into his mouth and broke free from the crazy feeling of dying while wanting to kill others or himself. He leaned against the entrance of the central hall and closed his eyes to rest. He wasn’t in a hurry to chase after Bai Liu (6).

He couldn’t kill Bai Liu (6) even if he caught up to Bai Liu (6) in the central hall. He could only wait for Bai Liu (6) to enter the game.

Bai Liu (6)’s situation might be more dangerous after entering the game but Tang Erda believed that Bai Liu (6) would definitely enter the game soon.

It was because Liu Jiayi was injured.

Not surprisingly, Tang Erda soon received a notification from the system.

[System notification: Bai Liu, the player whose small TV you have bookmarked, has logged into the game. Please go and be a viewer~]

Tang Erda didn’t hesitate to head toward the game entrance after hearing the notification.

As Tang Erda walked toward the entrance, he grimly sent notices to the high ranking guilds that wanted to hire him for this league.

The content of the notice he sent to these guilds was concise and clear. He wanted to kill Bai Liu (6). Tang Erda would join for free whoever lent him help to surround Bai Liu (6).

It could be called a rather tempting chip that was powerful and mysterious. It was said that his panel had long been upgraded to the S level. Now the Rose Hunter who had been hiding his panel was willing to join a team to participate in this year’s league. This was completely heavy news that could dominate the direction of the league.

The moment that Tang Erda’s notice was sent out, it provoked a fierce discussion within several guilds who weren’t low in the rankings.

In fact, Tang Erda’s strength meant he could naturally completely pursue and kill Bai Liu (6) single-handedly.

However, this had a very important premise: that Bai Liu (6) didn’t run away from him in the game.

If Bai Liu (6) quickly completed one low level game after another, using the game’s clearance mechanism to run away and move quickly between simple games to avoid his pursuit, catching Bai Liu (6) would become quite difficult.

If no one helped to fill up the other games to prevent Bai Liu (6) from entering then the person chasing Bai Liu would only be caught by him and made to run around while the audience marveled at his quick clearing skills. Don’t ask Tang Erda how he knew this. It was because he had already been played once by Bai Liu (6) in another timeline.

Bai Liu (6) was born for these horror games and no one could win in a game with him.

The absolute suppression of combat effectiveness was to not be able to kill Bai Liu (6). Tang Erda understood this better than anyone or else Bai Liu (6) would’ve been directly killed by him thousands of times. He wouldn’t have desperately used the Russian Roulette skill to barely kill Bai Liu (6).

Tang Erda relied on this skill to win against the Wandering Circus in the league arena—because he killed Bai Liu (6).

Of course, this guy wasn’t really dead. His popularity meant he always had a death-free gold medal in the league games. Bai Liu (6) didn’t really die but the moment Bai Liu (6) was killed by Tang Erda’s skill, all the members of the entire circus would choose to terminate the game to determine Bai Liu (6)’s safety. In other words, they surrendered to Tang Erda.

Tang Erda might be the only one on the field at the time but the circus team didn’t hesitate for a moment to give up the game.

For the well-trained mad dogs of the circus, the significance of Bai Liu (6)’s life or death was far greater than victory in the league. Perhaps only Bai Liu (6), this madman, would place the importance of victory and money before his own life.

Tang Erda walked to the entrance of the game and at the same time, he received answers to the notices he sent out.

The quickest to respond to him was the King’s Guild.

[System notification: Player Tang Erda, you have a guild notification from Queen of Hearts.]

Tang Erda clicked the envelope with a card Hearts on it that was on the system panel.

[Queen of Hearts replied: Dear hunter, I am also tracking down Bai Liu. He kidnapped the cute Little Witch of my guild. If you don’t mind, we would like to cooperate with you to kill Bai Liu and bring back Little Witch.]

[Of course, if you are willing to join our team afterwards, our King’s Guild will be very honored. If you aren’t willing to join, we won’t force it. Yet in the matter of Bai Liu, I believe we can reach a short and pleasant cooperation for both sides.]

Tang Erda’s eyes darkened when he saw this notice.

Hearts, a magical woman.

She was the only woman Tang Erda knew that had a direct connection with Bai Liu (6) in all the timelines, apart from Little Witch.

Tang Erda looked at the invitation of cooperation sent to him by Hearts about hunting down and killing Bai Liu (6). It gave him a very subtle and contradictory feeling. It was because in other timelines, the Queen of Hearts wasn’t so kind to him most of the time.

In different timelines, each person’s identity and circumstances were different. Each event was chosen differently and the same people would have different futures. This was the parallel space-time theory.

Just as there wouldn’t be two identical leaves in the world, the same people in each timeline wouldn’t have the same future. It was because each person in each timeline would make different choices at different nodes, leading to a completely different life.

The only exception was the bug-like existence of Bai Liu (6). He was a counterexample that violated this theory.

Bai Liu (6) wasn’t a normal human being. In the face of a major event that could determine the future direction of his life, Bai Liu (6) wouldn’t hesitate to make the same choice that would allow him to go down the path of winning the most money. Therefore, in each timeline, Bai Liu (6) would eventually become a heretics smuggler no matter how many twists or turns there were in the middle.

Regarding this, the Bai Liu (6) of another time and space once said something very interesting to Tang Erda. He smiled at Tang Erda and said that most of the fast channels for collecting wealth in the world were to stimulate people’s consumption impulses by arousing their desires.

Was there anything more exciting to a person’s inner desires than the sale of evil itself?

Indeed, there was nothing else. Bai Liu (6) had already proved this to Tang Erda with a smile in countless timelines.

Bai Liu (6)’s desire to chase money was like a stably placed coordinate in different timelines. There was no wavering at all. This made him move toward the exact same future in every timeline, which wasn’t normal in itself.

A person couldn’t be so stable.

For example Hearts in other timelines. This woman was Bai Liu (6)’s rumored mistress, Bai Liu (6)’s smuggling partner, she fought with Bai Liu (6) and helped the Heretic Handling Bureau kill him or she occasionally had no contact with Bai Liu (6) at all—this was a normal person’s ‘future fluctuation curve.’

In the absence of a substantial change in the environment in which a person grew up, many basic situations could be determined: there was no infinite possibility in a parallel space-time. The future derived by a person resolved around a ‘standard future value’ and fluctuated within a roughly determined upper and lower limit—such as the Hearts woman.

She would be in contact with Bai Liu (6) in most of her timelines but her attitude toward Bai Liu (6) was completely different in each timeline because her position was different.

Proofreader: Purichan

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Kia Mikkonen
Kia Mikkonen
2 years ago

Ooooooo the plot thickens

1 year ago

I’m kind of wondering when we’re done with Tang Erda. The frustrating “BAI LIU WILL NEVER CHANGE EVER, HE’S EVIL INCARNATE” is pretty annoying. I don’t really blame the original viewers for (almost) quitting. 😐

1 year ago

Stfu. The cockroach should just die

1 year ago
Reply to  Golex9000k

literally. I’m so sick and tired of being so SICK AND TIRED👊🏽‼️‼️

7 months ago

man even yjh isn’t this stubborn about people (i’m biased)

6 months ago
Reply to  zhanzhan

I totally agree (I’m also biased)

1 month ago

Mdaaa. Интересное произведение, жаль кнч что так с этим Tang случилось, но он ситуацию под другим углом видеть не может. Он будет считать, что Bai Liu никогда не изменится. Но думаю, он в ходе сюжета изменит мнение о Bai, потому что главный герой непробиваемый😀

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1 day ago

Other readers: This annoying Tang cockroach should just die soon (actually I’m not really feeling anything, can’t blame him the thought is rooted deep into his mind after experiencing many failures, but I am frustrated with his brain that prop got completely decimated after going through so many worlds cuz right now all I see is mush and crumbs in that smooth brain of his)

Me: hold up- rumoured lover?! What type of scandal did you get into BL!! What if hubby sees it?!! Also did Spade not exist there? Wasn’t Heart mentioned to be deeply in love with Spade? Wasn’t her whole theme and even name made for him? Then what happened to Spade in those timelines???