GHG: Chapter 158

Tang Erda was hit by the bullet and hit the wall. He shook his head and tried to stand up with the support of the wall, but he failed to do so several times. It was as if this skill had consumed a lot from him.

[System notification: Russian Roulette has entered the cooldown period and can only be used again after 10 minutes. Player Tang Erda’s physical strength is severely depleted…]

The veins on Tang Erda’s arms bulged and in the end, he was about to stand unsteadily. He didn’t hesitate to take out a real world gun and aim it at Bai Liu, wanting to shoot.

Mu Ke had listened to Liu Jiayi’s previous words and was about to fire the gun at Tang Erda. However, Lu Yizhan blocked his gun. Lu Yizhan might look dazed but he still didn’t let go of Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng’s guns. Mu Ke knew the relationship between Bai Liu and Lu Yizhan so he couldn’t shoot Lu Yizhan casually.

Mu Sicheng hadn’t managed to react. Now in the current situation, he saw Liu Jiayi covered in blood in Bai Liu’s arms and instantly became angry. He kicked Lu Yizhan away. “Who the h*ll are you? Let go!”

The confused looking Lu Yizhan was kicked to the ground by Mu Sicheng. He also seized the gap caused by Tang Erda’s status decline to knock away the gun Tang Erda was aiming at Bai Liu.

Mu Sicheng was still angry but Mu Ke had already calmed down and aimed his gun at Tang Erda’s head.

Bai Liu held Liu Jiayi’s body that was gradually becoming cold and gave an order. “Take Lu Yizhan away. I want to quickly enter the game.”

Lu Yizhan was confused from where he was lying on the ground. “What are you going to enter?!”

The moment Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng received Bai Liu’s order, they quickly reached an agreement like they were conditioned and replied, “Yes.”

Mu Ke hit Lu Yizhan’s head with a gun and forcibly pulled away the confused and shocked Lu Yizhan. Meanwhile, Mu Sicheng faced Tang Erda with a gun.

Bai Liu hugged Liu Jiayi, whose chest was heaving weakly. The moment that Lu Yizhan disappeared, there were no more onlookers and he and Liu Jiayi both disappeared from in front of the room of Heretic 0001.

Immediately afterward, Mu Sicheng and Tang Erda glanced at each other and also disappeared.

Mu Ke dragged Lu Yizhan into the darkness.

Lu Yizhan was constantly looking back in order to see the situation on Bai Liu’s side. However, he also knew that he had just done something that dragged Bai Liu down. Mu Ke firmly held a gun against Lu Yizhan’s back, preventing him from turning around as he was forced toward the vicinity of the elevator. Mu Ke used the gun to force Lu Yizhan to enter. Then he pressed the elevator close button with no expression and withdrew from the elevator.

The moment the elevator doors closed, both Mu Ke and the rose gun that had been taken away by Lu Yizhan disappeared.

At the same time, the team member closely monitoring the situation in front of Heretic 0001’s room saw static flickering on the screen. By the time it recovered, everyone had disappeared. There was only a pool of blood in front of the room and Lu Yizhan who was walking unsteadily out of the elevator with a wound on his face.

Thinking of the instructions left by Tang Erda before he went down, the team member solemnly raised the communicator: “Please note! Heretics 0006, 0601, 0004, and an intruder humanoid heretic whose number has not yet been determined have suddenly disappeared at the bottom of the base as Tang said, please notify the members outside the base to prepare to surround the coordinates of the locations left by the Captain Tang, including the following coordinates—”

“The possible coordinates of the humanoid heretic 0006 is the rental apartment next to Yingbin Middle Road…”

“The coordinate points where Heretic 0601 might appear are the Love Welfare Institute in the city and Caojiagou in Bingzhou City…”

“The coordinate points where Heretic 0004 might appear is the dormitory building of Jing University…”

“The coordinate points of the humanoid heretic that hasn’t been numbered might be the villa area of Xiangfeng Mountain…”

“There is also the coordinate point where they all disappeared.” A team member announced in a deep voice. “In other words, the lowest floor of the base in front of Heretic 0001’s room. After the heretics are contained, you can go down to the restricted area. Team members will be on standby with guns and guard this place.”

“We will send team members to be on standby with guns at all these coordinate points. Once the humanoid heretics appear, kill them immediately. I believe that all existing team members have deeply recognized it after tonight’s events. Don’t you know the dangers of these humanoid heretics? Captain Tang is right. They are indeed extremely dangerous humanoid heretics.”

The team members in the base silently watched the base that was ruined by fleeing heretics. Those who were wounded by the heretics during the containment process lay unconscious on stretchers and were transported by medical personnel.

The team member in the surveillance room looked at the unidentified pool of blood on the screen and clenched his fists. His voice became increasingly heavier as he spoke into the communicator. “—If we need to be held responsible for anything in this pursuit, we will be fully responsible along with the captain of the third team.”

“We must not allow these extremely harmful humanoid heretics to manipulate the monsters and harm ordinary people!”

[System notification: Welcome player Bai Liu back to the game.]

It attracted the attention of many players the moment Bai Liu appeared in the game hall with Liu Jiayi who was bleeding from the abdomen. Both he and Liu Jiayi were a hot topic in the game and they appeared in such a shocking way.

In less than 10 seconds, the in-game forum was filled with Bai Liu’s fire appearance after boarding the king’s list as well as Little Witch’s injury.

Bai Liu had disappeared silently last time. Almost everyone from the large guilds and the Scavengers Guild was looking for him. Now he appeared in such an eye-catching manner. No one dared to go up and provoke Bai Liu, who had no expression on his face, but there were many onlookers following him and ready to watch the excitement.

Bai Liu didn’t care about these things at all. He hugged Liu Jiayi, who was getting weaker, and went straight to the game entrance area.

Liu Jiayi’s personal skill, Poison or Antidote, was aggressive in nature and couldn’t be used in the game hall. In other words, they needed to enter the game to treat Liu Jiayi’s injury.

Bai Liu talked quickly to Liu Jiayi while walking, “The level one and two games use the health card death rate, which limits your skills too much. If you enter these games, it will be like the last game. Your skill cooldown is extended to six hours, which is too unfavorable for your injury. You have entered a level three game. Does the level three game limit your skill?”

Liu Jiayi covered her bleeding abdomen and replied with difficulty, “No… limit.”

Bai Liu calmly decided, “Then let’s enter a level three game.”

“However, a level three game has a limit on the number of players who can clear the level.” Liu Jiayi added diligently, the flow of blood making her face paler. She grabbed Bai Liu’s sleeve and reminded him, “There is a specified number of players who can clear the game. Don’t enter casually or you will die…”

“I will talk about it later. Let’s take care of your situation first and leave the rest to me.” Bai Liu replied briefly before raising his head. He had already reached the game login area.

He saw the game interface with a glance and finally settled on a game in the corner where no one had logged in yet.

The interface of this game was a fading fluorescent rose in a long, semicircular glass vessel.

The introduction that Bai Liu clicked on said:

[Name of the game instance: Rose Factory]

[Level: Level 3 (games with a player mortality rate greater than 80% and less than 90% are level 3 games)]

[Mode: Multiplayer mode (0/6)]

[Comprehensive description: This is an upgrade-oriented multiplayer game where the scent of roses floats on the land in May. The workers who are immersed in the scent for only one day will wither. The short life is the mystery of the rare May rose. Only a real perfumer can discover the secrets hidden in the depths of the flower buds. Learn how to draw more fragrance from the bodies of the withered people.]

[The human heart has a weight of 250g. Do you know how much a rose weighs?]

Bai Liu’s eyes narrowed slightly. It was this type of thing again. The moment he encountered a relevant event, the corresponding game would appear.

It seems that this game screen wasn’t random at all. It conformed to some rules that Bai Liu hadn’t figured out yet.

This familiar feeling was like the game was quietly waiting for Bai Liu to come here. The Bai Liu outside the game happened to be guided by it…

It was as if Bai Liu was destined to enter this game related to him in other timelines, just like the previous Love Welfare Institute.

This uncomfortable feeling of being controlled had been haunting Bai Liu since he entered the game or perhaps even before the game. It was so that Bai Liu could vaguely feel it but he couldn’t capture where it came from.

Judging from the oracle that Tawil gave him in advance, Tawil should know about the existence manipulating Bai Liu’s life and destiny. Perhaps Tawil was also one of those being manipulated.

However, escaping wasn’t Bai Liu’s style. Instead, he liked to deal with things that he didn’t understand. Therefore, Bai Liu didn’t hesitate for a moment and logged into the game with the dying Liu Jiayi.

[The game ‘Rose Factory’ has gathered two players. Four more players are needed for it to start.]

At the same time, Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng received a system notification as they were chasing after Bai Liu.

[System notification: Bai Liu, the player whose small TV you have bookmarked, has logged into the game. Please go and be a viewer~]

[System notification: Liu Jiayi, the player whose small TV you have bookmarked..]

Mu Sicheng and Mu Ke looked at each other with ugly expressions. Mu Sicheng opened his mouth first. “Bai Liu actually entered the game. Da*n, he entered alone with the injured Liu Jiayi. What game is he playing?!”

“What is the hurry? He couldn’t wait for us?” Mu Sicheng gritted his teeth and looked at the games filling the screen. “Now how do we find him?”

Mu Ke reluctantly maintained his calm and quickly refuted Mu Sicheng’s words. “He didn’t wait for us so it is likely that he doesn’t need us. If he needs us then Bai Liu would definitely wait for us. The fact that he entered the game first means there is a reason he did so.”

Mu Ke gritted his teeth unwillingly, his eyes red. “This can only mean one thing. Bai Liu thinks we can’t help him at all in the game he wants to enter, so he doesn’t let us enter it.”

He took a deep breath and continued to analyze it calmly. “The last game used health to balance the mortality rate so Liu Jiayi’s skills were very limited. If Bai Liu wants to use Liu Jiayi’s healing skills to save her, he will definitely choose one where it won’t be limited. Is there such a game?”

Mu Sicheng was silent for a while before clenching his fists and exhaling. “Yes, a level three game.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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Kia Mikkonen
Kia Mikkonen
2 years ago

Lol he’s just dragging them in there with zero hesitation or explanation.

Okayy! The longest arc is starting! You can do it!

2 years ago

Whatever happens, i hope Tang Erda has some sort of closure regarding Bai Liu. At this point, he deserves it considering how much shit he went through with the other Bai Liu’s.

1 year ago
Reply to  bruh

Tang Erda is that clown dude that was in Bai Liu team. He was basically traveling through time lines seeing his future self. It makes sense because they both have similar skills and good aims and each of their guns were described very similarly. They have the type of same personality but one is much worser

Last edited 1 year ago by taramaki
1 month ago
Reply to  taramaki

um is this a spoiler? If so then how does that happen? Cuz the time travel Tang Erda isn’t the OG and in that parallel timeline he joined forces with MC before he joined the base? Also did in Tang Erda’s OG timeline before he gained the wish he became a player cuz of the rose incident? Like this thing seems to be a big deal for him and is the turning point where the world enters collapse, so did Tang Erda only survive till the point of the Rose factory explosion in all timeline?

2 years ago

I’m so conflicted. Tang Erda has done so much damage and been such a thorn in the side (haha rose joke get it) and yet i still will be sad if he dies.

1 year ago

Tang Erda makes me conflicted, the guy auffered a lot, I don’t him to suffer more but it would be great if he stopped trying to kill my innocent Bai Lu