GHG: Chapter 157

The noisy background sound was silent for less than a second before turning into a long roar in Tang Erda’s ears.

None of the team members spoke.

The silence didn’t last long. Soon, a team member came over in a trembling manner. He held another computer with tears in his eyes. “Captain Tang, they sent photos of the team member who will die in the next round.”

Tang Erda staggered up and supported himself using the back of the chair. He lowered his head for a long time without making a sound. By the time he raised his head again, there was no light in his eyes. He looked at the team members around him and asked in a hoarse voice, “Bai Liu (6) is afraid of water, right?”

It seemed from that moment on, a certain part of Tang Erda’s body was completely destroyed by Su Yang’s death and he completely collapsed in front of the clown’s crazy and comical laughter.

All memories started and ended with Bai Liu (6)’s calm eyes that were like a stagnant lake with no waves that was covered with duckweed.

It was the same this time as well.

Tang Erda, who was kneeling on Lu Yizhan’s body, stood up shakily. There was no light in his dark blue eyes as he raised his hand and aimed his gun at Bai Liu.

Just like when the clown laughed and aimed his gun at the innocent Su Yang, Tang Erda numbly raised his gun at the innocent Bai Liu.

The righteous hunter had been standing after wandering through countless timelines. Finally, he took the form of one of the Wandering Circus members that he had always hated.

Mu Sicheng and Mu Ke, who were aiming their guns at Tang Erda, moved closer vigilantly. Mu Sicheng’s gun almost reached Tang Erda’s head but Tang Erda was still indifferent. He kept aiming his gun at Bai Liu. This made Mu Sicheng confused and he said, “Captain Tang, we will obviously blow away your head into a puddle of popcorn before you can shoot Bai Liu.”

Mu Ke calmly persuaded him. “It is better for you to put down the gun.”’

Lu Yizhan, who had just been knocked down to the ground by Tang Erda, crawled up using painful wrists. Liu Jiayi smartly jumped over him toward Bai Liu’s side. She looked Bai Liu up and down like she was checking goods. After confirming there was no problem with Bai Liu, she turned to look at the four men who were facing each other on the other side of the corridor.

If it was normal, Liu Jiayi would directly say to kill Tang Erda and enter the game. Then this matter would be over.

Now her eyes fell on Lu Yizhan who was standing up in a shaky manner. Lu Yizhan was an ‘onlooker’ who hadn’t entered the game. They couldn’t easily enter the game with this person around.

Moreover, based on Liu Jiayi’s knowledge of this upright, young policeman, Lu Yizhan would be greatly alarmed when they killed Tang Erda and would turn them over to the justice system.

Liu Jiayi thought that Lu Yizhan would most likely be shocked if he discovered that she had done something illegal and criminal here and he would educate her for a long time.

Previously when this little policeman guarded her, he was particularly nosy and concerned about all sorts of trivial matters, like he was Liu Jiayi’s mother who was retired and had menopause. Liu Jiayi’s eyes stared blankly and she got goosebumps all over.

Liu Jiayi felt strangely uncomfortable and her back was numb as she thought of this. She instinctively hid behind Bai Liu and moved up the huge goggles that covered her face in order to better hide herself.

Bai Liu glanced back when he saw Liu Jiayi’s small movements to avoid Lu Yizhan. Liu Jiayi looked up at him and then shifted her gaze tacitly.

These were definitely the eyes of one who had been lectured by Lu Yizhan.

Sure enough, Lu Yizhan stood up and immediately tried to persuade the three people who were facing each other with guns. He stood in front of Tang Erda’s gun, which was aimed directly at Bai Liu. His gaze was clear as he raised his hands to hold the guns that Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng were pointing at Tang Erda. Then he sighed and started the show.

“How bad is it to fight and kill? Can’t ever sit down over hotpot and talk about it? What is the point of using guns to solve the problem? Look at how narrow it is here and the walls are metal. If a bullet is fired, it might ricochet and it isn’t known who will have an accident. A bullet that hits other people might eventually return to you. Why bother…”

Mu Sicheng was shocked as his gun was held. “Who are you?”

Mu Ke who tried to pull the gun back but couldn’t. “???”

Both Liu Jiayi and Bai Liu showed a clear expression of ‘Ah, it is really starting.’ Liu Jiayi rubbed her arms coldly. It was this familiar feeling.

Tang Erda suddenly interrupted Lu Yizhan. He looked at Lu Yizhan who was blocking his way and said, “You are right. Bullets that hit others will eventually come back to you.”

Then he slowly raised his arm and turned it. Under Lu Yizhan’s stunned gaze, Tang Erda indifferently turned the gun and aimed precisely at himself. The gun was a revolver with shiny silver roses.

Tang Erda used his thumb to remove the safety. Then in front of Lu Yizhan’s flustered movements, he said softly, “I understand this better than anyone else.”

[System notification: Player Tang Erda’s real life mental value has returned to 0 and he is completely transformed into a monster. You can become a monster to unlock the login to the reality instance.]

[System notification: Player Tang Erda has used the monster transformation to unlock the Monster Book: Withered Rose Hunter form. You can use the personal skill Russian Roulette.]

[Russian Roulette: There are a total of six bullets in the revolver, three of which will kill yourself and three of which will kill the enemy. The hunter raises the suicide rose gun and pulls the trigger, turning it into a gamble: Kill yourself first or kill the other person? Are you sure you want to use this skill?]

[…Yes… loading…]

[Skill lock target: Bai Liu.]

[System notification: The cylinder has started to turn. The gamble is about to start.]

The revolver next to his temple started to twist and turn. The sound of the bullet loading and his life being bet was too familiar to Tang Erda. Lu Yizhan watched in a panic. Tang Erda, who lost his focus, looked like he was about to commit suicide with the gun. Even Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng were stunned. They might’ve pointed their guns at Tang Erda but they didn’t know how to react.

However, Liu Jiayi seemed to feel that something was wrong. She frowned and took a step toward Bai Liu, blocking Bai Liu. In her mind, Wang Shun’s words rang.

[The Rose Hunter is a sharpshooter player and it is hard to find where he is aiming from on a map. Sometimes he is a thousand miles away when killing the opponent. He can also kill monsters or players accurately…]

[His skills? I don’t know. The Rose Hunter is too much of a lone wolf. Even the people who work with him don’t know his specific skills very well. They only know that his skill is a silver gun that is related to roses…]

Silver revolver… related to roses… Liu Jiayi’s eyes were fixed on the gun in Tang Erda’s hands. This was a skill weapon!

Why could Tang Erda use a skill weapon in reality? This simply didn’t make sense!

However, it didn’t matter if it made sense or not. The situation didn’t allow Liu Jiayi to hesitate.

“Mu Ke! Mu Sicheng! Shoot and kill him!” Liu Jiayi shouted. “His gun isn’t right!”

Tang Erda suddenly laughed. His laughter mixed with Liu Jiayi’s strong shout and formed a creepy concerto. His dark blue, nearly black eyes looked at Bai Liu (6) behind Lu Yizhan. They locked eyes and his tone was light. “Do you know Bai Liu (6), I’ve never lost this game with my life on the line to you. This is the only game I can win against you.”

“It is because your luck is so bad. Every time I shoot a bullet, it will kill you.”

This was a skill specially developed by the hunter chosen by God in order to kill the evil and unfortunate ‘werewolf’ designated by the prophet, even when he was about to become a monster himself.

Lu Yizhan’s pupils constricted as he watched Tang Erda pull the trigger.

The silver bullet spiraled out of the gun barrel and passed through Tang Erda’s head in slow motion. Tang Erda’s head hit the wall directly due to the impact of the bullet.

However, the bullet unbelievably passed through Tang Erda’s head unscathed. It hit the metal wall and with sparks, it rushed back toward Bai Liu.

Liu Jiayi quickly climbed up Bai Liu’s body at a speed invisible to the naked eye.

Before Bai Liu could react, Liu Jiayi gritted her teeth and closed her eyes while covering his head. She arched her waist while leaving a gap between Bai Liu’s head and her body to buffer the bullet.

If this person’s skill was a type of suicide bullet then based on where the bullet hit Tang Erda, it should hit Bai Liu in the position of his right eye!

The bullet hit Liu Jiayi’s waist like a cannonball. She groaned while her body moved forward due to the bullet impact. It was just buffered by the gap she left earlier.

The bullet was like breaking a small clay pot filled with blood. Blood poured out from the gap in the pot and instantly stained Bai Liu’s white shirt red.

Liu Jiayi gripped Bai Liu’s shirt tightly the moment the bullet hit her. Then she loosened it the next second. She fell back with all her strength and landed in Bai Liu’s arms as he reached out to catch her. Her mouth twitched and blood started to flow.

She raised her thumb with great effort and grabbed Bai Liu’s neckline, leaving a bright red thumbprint on it. Liu Jiayi coughed and told Bai Liu, “…Go, go…”

Bai Liu looked down at her and calmly followed her words. “Take away Lu Yizhan and bring you into the game. I know.”

Liu Jiayi closed her eyes and curled up laboriously in Bai Liu’s arms.

Blood continued to drip down Bai Liu’s fingers that were covering her wound and her breathing and voice gradually weakened. “The rest, yourself. Come on, I’m not quite, awake.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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Kia Mikkonen
Kia Mikkonen
2 years ago

I love how the boss and Liu Jiyaui can relate to each other now