GHG: Chapter 156 Part 1

Tang Erda was so angry that he was about to faint. “Let me go, Lu Yizhan! You don’t know how dangerous Bai Liu (6) is!”

Lu Yizhan suddenly became serious. “I will use my life to guarantee that Bai Liu has never committed a single illegal or criminal thing in his life so far.”

Tang Erda’s eyes were red. “That is so far. Don’t you understand that Bai Liu (6) is a natural criminal?”

“You just have to give him the slightest opportunity and he will definitely commit irreparable crimes. You are also a policeman. Don’t you know how to deal with such people when meeting them?”

“…Stifle crime, control behavior and observe motivation.” Lu Yizhan was silent for a brief moment before answering.

“Control and observation can be removed.” Tang Erda’s breathing became heavier and his tone was extremely cold. “In the Heretics Handling Bureau, we have only one way to deal with the heretics that are extremely dangerous and not controlled by law. It is to kill them.”

After speaking, Tang Erda’s arm slackened for a moment and he broke free from Lu Yizhan’s restraint.

Tang Erda twisted the arm that was held by Lu Yizhan and turned down hard. Lu Yizhan let go in pain and Tang Erda took the offensive. He struck his elbow against Lu Yizhan’s neck and swung his left hand without hesitation. Then he fired a shot at Bai Liu who was standing opposite him.

Lu Yizhan was caught in the neck and struggled with all his strength. He grabbed Tang Erda’s hand with both hands, kicking him down onto the corridor. He used the strength of his waist to overturn Tang Erda with the gun.

Tang Erda’s gun fired but he couldn’t aim it. The bullet hit the metal wall in the corridor. There was the sound of the rebound and a heart-piercing roar as Lu Yizhan rushed toward Bai Liu. “Bai Liu! Get down!”

The bullet grazed by Bai Liu’s ear and smashed into the door of Room 0001. It was very strange. There was no sound at all as it fell to the ground softly.

Tang Erda’s eyes and movements were bloody. “Do you know what you are saving?”

He used the force of his hands and locked the bone an inch below Lu Yizhan’s Adam’s apple with his index finger and middle finger apart. Under this suffocation, Lu Yizhan had to let go of Tang Erda’s arms. Tang Erda’s right foot sharply bent around Lu Yizhan’s right arm that was clinging to him and his knee slammed into the back of Lu Yizhan’s head.

Lu Yizhan’s head was pressed to the ground by Tang Erda’s knee on his occipital bone. He felt that all his teeth were loosened by Tang Erda’s strong blow.

As expected, Tang Erda had been holding back his strength. This time, Lu Yizhan couldn’t struggle at all.

Lu Yizhan’s mouth was full of soreness and blood oozed between his teeth, flowing to the ground and smearing his face.

Bai Liu was blocked in the corridor and Tang Erda raised his gun again. Bai Liu calmly held the coin against his chest while squinting at Lu Yizhan being controlled by Tang Erda.

He might’ve promised Lu Yizhan not to use these monsters easily but the situation at present wasn’t easy, right?

However, the last time he used it, Bai Liu felt that he had been consumed a lot, as if his life force had been sucked away. This made him weaken quickly. He didn’t know what would happen if he used it again…

Lu Yizhan saw Bai Liu’s small movement of holding the coin and couldn’t help trying to climb up from the ground. “Bai Liu! Don’t use that! Don’t summon those monsters again!”

In the dark corridor, a black figure with an extremely fast speed rushed out. Tang Erda reacted quickly. He waved his hand without hesitation and prepared to shoot this black figure that looked like a monster. It was just that the black figure moved extremely quickly and he was interrupted by the fast movement of this black shadow’s hand. The black shadow was about to steal his gun but Tang Erda’s movement was faster. He smashed against the black shadow with the butt of his gun.

The black shadow was smashed, let out a low curse and quickly retreated into the shadows.

“?!” Lu Yizhan, who was lying on the ground, was startled and screamed, “Didn’t I tell you not to summon monsters?”

Bai Liu shrugged innocently. “I didn’t do it. Before I had the time to act, these monsters came out on their own.”

Mu Sicheng stepped out of the shadows. He wiped away the bloodstains caused by the butt of the gun with his thumb. Then he frowned at Bai Liu and said impatiently, “Who do you think is a monster?”

He held a gun in his hand and aimed it at Tang Erda.

A gun was pointed at him like this but Tang Erda remained calm. “Sure enough, it is you, thief Mu Sicheng.”

The moment the action of stealing the gun came out, Tang Erda reacted instantly. This was the standard action of the Capuchin Monkey Thief under Bai Liu (6). He once had his gun stolen by the other person when chasing him.

Then the other party played with the gun viciously. At the same time, he used the gun to kill all the team members chasing him with Tang Erda.

Another person walked out of the shadows and aimed a gun at him. It was Mu Ke. Liu Jiayi stood next to Mu Ke with no expression on her face.

The merchant Mu Ke, Little Witch Liu Jiayi, Capuchin Monkey Thief Mu Sicheng— Tang Erda looked around slowly. These were all his old acquaintances.

There was still one more core team member and then Bai Liu (6)’s Wandering Circus would be complete.

Five years later, these guys would be trained by Bai Liu (6) to become the best mad dogs under Bai Liu (6). They would become the monsters in Tang Erda’s memories.

A thief who could steal his gun, Little Witch who ranked fourth on the King’s List and Mu Ke. When Tang Erda started to investigate Bai Liu (6) hiding behind Mu Ke, this person’s accumulated wealth had already reached an unbelievable level.

There was also one of the craziest players, the Clown Shooter, who personally slaughtered his entire team in the league. He was the son of a real weapons smuggler, a wanted criminal all over the world before entering the game and someone who had links to major terrorist organizations.

This was also the Clown Shooter. In the initial timeline, he cooperated with Bai Liu (6) to kill Su Yang with a silver bullet.

Now nothing had happened.

These monsters, who would do evil things in the future, were still young. They hadn’t grown to the point where the lives of many people were used to make up the sins they committed. They hadn’t grown to the point where he would kneel in front of the gravestones of those he was familiar with, crying in pain and collapse.

Now these evil, monster prototypes were locked up by him in the bottomless cage. He just needed to lightly fire a shot and the futures he couldn’t avoid would never come again.

Tang Erda’s unfocused eyes shifted from the wet and dirty Liu Jiayi to Mu Sicheng’s face covered with bloodstains, holding the gun in a non-standard posture, and finally to Mu Ke’s face that had a tense expression. The gun in Mu Ke’s hand was aimed at him.

In the end, he looked at Bai Liu (6) who was standing in front of the room of Heretic 0001.

All of them were no longer the same as Tang Erda’s memories. They were too weak and thin. It seemed that Tang Erda’s memory of their massacre was just an illusion he fabricated to comfort himself. Yet this idea completely shattered the moment he saw Bai Liu (6).

Only Bai Liu (6) hadn’t changed. He was still exactly the same as Tang Erda’s memories of all those timelines. He wore a simple and cheap white shirt and suit pants. He had a thin body and black eyes that weren’t reflective.

Bai Liu (6) calmly looked down at Tang Erda, eyes so black that it seemed that the night sky would no longer usher in daylight. He looked at Tang Erda like the abyss watching a hunter.

It was a very strange feeling.

Tang Erda had too many memories. He couldn’t remember how many timelines he had experienced. There were so many painful memories in his mind that he couldn’t remember most of the events.

However, he always had Bai Liu (6)’s black eyes while drowning in the countless memories.

Bai Liu (6) was like an indestructible and invincible evil god who was forever in the deepest recesses at the end of the story. He watched Tang Erda calmly with a little smile on his face, as if pitying him and saying, ‘No matter how hard you struggle, you can’t get the result you want. You can’t save the person you want to save.’

Those who had died countless times reached out and grabbed Tang Erda’s wrists and ankles, trying to drag him down into a hell-like abyss. They howled mournfully at him, ‘Captain! Kill him! Avenge us!’

These memories were replayed repeatedly in every area of Tang Erda’s brain that could arouse emotional feedback and finally mixed into a grayish, black indistinguishable mixed memory called the hatred of everyone—It was no longer Tang Erda’s memory alone.

It seemed that there were many people who had gone to live in his mind at the same time. They existed by his side in every moment and every second, lying against Tang Erda’s ears with blood and tears on their faces and whispering, ‘Captain, why haven’t you avenged me?’

Have you forgotten us?

Have you forgotten the team members who died for you, forgotten the meaning of your own existence, forgotten why you set foot on this road?

This type of anger that didn’t stop and came from everyone would reach its peak the second Tang Erda saw Bai Liu (6) in every timeline.

It was like the ghosts who had been haunting him possessed him uncontrollably, roaring hoarsely at Bai Liu (6), ‘Why did you do that?!’

Committing such a heinous crime against innocent people, don’t you feel pain when these ordinary people struggle so much because of you?!

This was what Tang Erda had asked when he first caught Bai Liu (6).

He was far less calm than he was now. Rather, Tang Erda couldn’t keep his composure at all. The only thought in his mind was to shoot Bai Liu (6), who was sitting in the interrogation room.

Nearly two teams had died before they managed to capture this guy alive in the base. In addition, some of the team members were captured by the Wandering Circus and taken away.

For every minute and second of Bai Liu (6)’s interrogation, the surviving team members in the base received videos of the captured team members being tortured to confess.

The team members captured alive suffered more horrific crimes than death. At the same time, it was filmed and sent to the phones or computers of every surviving team member in the base.

Just watching these videos, no one would feel that it was fortunate to survive, whether it was the team members who returned to the base or those who hadn’t.

The clown’s face appeared in the video. His face had the diamonds or clubs symbol painted in oil paint. There was a huge teardrop smeared with black paint under his right eye. The sides of his lips were outlined in red in an exaggerated manner and rose happily as he giggled.

He pulled the hair of one of the team members who was tortured to the point that it was hard to see his human form. He said that if they wanted their team members back, exchange the boss for them.

Tang Erda could never forget the face of this team member even in his dreams.

The uniform on this person’s body was soaked with blood and his entire body was trembling. The work permit on his chest was also stained with blood and the faint ‘Su’ could be seen. The other words were all covered in blood.

The team member’s hair was held by the clown and his gaze looking at the camera was out of focus and completely scattered.

The clown seemed to suddenly remember something. He grabbed the hair and put the dying team member’s face on the execution chair in front of the camera. He stared at the camera with drooping eyelids and said with a smile, “Oh, I forgot to tell you who is being punished this time. The identity of this person is the vice-captain of the third team, Su Yang.”

Su Yang lifted his dirty, scarred face with difficulty. Blood dripped from the wound on his forehead and into his eyes, all the way down his jaw and onto the ground.

His wounds seemed to have been torn by the clown’s movements and the pain awakened Su Yang’s remaining consciousness. He sluggishly turned toward the camera and said dryly, “Captain, be calm and don’t go at their pace.”

Tang Erda could hardly think. He stood in front of the video of Su Yang being abused and there was a bloody, white light in front of his eyes.

He told himself that he had to be calm, that he couldn’t lynch prisoners with no evidence. He needed to uphold judicial justice. Su Yang was telling him this. Su Yang hoped that he would stick to his bottom line and maintain the final boundary between human and monster.

There was no difference between a law enforcement officer who lost his cool and started to abuse prisoners and the clown who abused the team members.

Tang Erda was eager to kill Bai Liu (6), who was sitting opposite him and still smiling at him.

However, the words that Su Yang said to him with a bloody face turned into an invisible bandage that tied him to the chair. It made the red-eyed Tang Erda maintain a distance as he questioned Bai Liu (6), the evil, manipulative man behind everything.

Proofreader: Purichan

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Ok so i think that this guy’s story/personal monster could be a good nightmare game lol

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Man i feel so bad for Tang Erda

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ooohhh, i almost forgot about the wandering circus. huhuhuhu, i wonder which chapter they’ll be formed? tang erda said there’ll be another member. did the past me already figure out who he is? i don’t remember. all i know is that there’s a spy, there’s also that one lucky guy in the train explosion arc. huhuhuhu, i’m so curious. is he and the clown shooter the same person? considering his name is “clown”, it only makes sense that he’s the last member. i wonder when we’ll meet him? i wonder if tang erda will actually die on this arc? his character is too good to be wasted. but then again, i also think it’s also time for him to go get some rest.

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