GHG: Chapter 155

The entire base was spherical and the room of Heretic 0001 was on the pole of the spherical shape. It was the deepest part of the whole base. Due to this design, the road to the room of Heretic 0001 was inclined downward.

Tang Erda continued to walk down.

The further down he went, the heavier the water vapor became and the more he could smell the fishy smell of deep-sea fish and seaweed.

The fishy smell wasn’t heavy. It floated in the air from time to time, making people’s heads drift when they smelled it. There was the foggy feeling of falling under the water. Tang Erda had endured the destruction of many heretics and a smell of this degree couldn’t confuse him.

Yet for others who were sensitive to smell, this smell had the fairly serious effect of lowering mental value.

Mu Sicheng’s pupils narrowed and pulsated in the dizzying smell. His breathing was ragged and Liu Jiayi quickly found that something was wrong with him. “Mu Sicheng?”

“It doesn’t smell right. It reminds me of a level one game that I played, Siren Town. The merpeople in it smelled like this.” Mu Sicheng shook his head to try and restore his consciousness. “There might be a monster like the merpeople on this level.”

Now they were in reality. If they were confused by these monsters, there was no mental bleach to restore their mental value.

“Do you want to temporarily block your nostrils with tissue so you don’t smell this?” Mu Ke took out a packet of tissues from his bag and handed one to Mu Sicheng. “Inhale a bit less. We will all be in trouble if your mental value is reduced.”

“Wait…” Mu Sicheng was about to reach over and take the tissue that Mu Ke handed him when he frowned and slowly said, “In this smell, there is the very shallow smell of money mixed together.”

Mu Ke quickly withdrew the tissue he handed over and stared into Mu Sicheng’s eyes. “Is it the smell of Bai Liu? Can you smell where Bai Liu is?”

Mu Sicheng’s outstretched hand stopped in mid-air and he stared blankly at Mu Ke, whose eyes were shining.

Mu Ke continued to look at Mu Sicheng with shining eyes. He couldn’t wait to press Mu Sicheng’s head to the ground for him to smell. “You smell first.”

Mu Sicheng, “……”

Didn’t you tell me to inhale less? Don’t use me as a tool man!

At the same time, Tang Erda finally walked out of the darkness. He gradually brushed away the black fog that haunted him, grasped the gun belonging to the hunter and raised it to the Bai Liu (6) who was standing in front of the door of Room 0001 that could never open. He stared at Bai Liu (6).

“We are finally meeting again, Captain Tang.” Bai Liu smiled and raised his eyes to the gun held by Tang Erda. “How about we talk about the new deal I just came up with?”

“I can give you the solution to the Rose Dry Leaf Gas but in exchange, can you open this door behind me and let me see what is inside?”

“As long as there is no explosion, the Rose Dry Leaf Gas won’t flood this world.” Tang Erda’s dark blue eyes had a huge emotional vortex that swirled wildly to devour everything. It was as if he wanted to roll Bai Liu into it but also roll himself into it. “Compared to the Rose Dry Leaf Gas, I think you will cause more harm by being alive.”

“So you finally decided to kill me and give up on exchanging for the solution with me.” Bai Liu raised an eyebrow slightly with surprise, the corners of his lips curved in amusement. “This is an unprecedented determination. Don’t you want to save the more than a thousand innocent people who have been contaminated with the Rose Dry Leaf Gas?”

Bai Liu walked forward against the muzzle of the gun raised by Tang Erda, asking him without hesitation, “Are you going to watch them wither, Captain Tang?”

Tang Erda’s pupils spread out and the hand holding the gun didn’t tremble at all at Bai Liu’s words. “Saving them means you can survive longer. Your survival can save 1,000 people but it can endanger everyone apart from these 1,000 people. Letting you live is not the most cost-effective plan.”

“Sacrificing 1,000 people and killing you is the most cost-effective option.”

“Cost-effective?” Bai Liu walked very close to Tang Erda, so close that the muzzle of Tang Erda’s gun pressed against his forehead. He smiled inexplicably, “This sounds like what I would say and like a choice I would make. Captain Tang, you have finally made a choice that is very much in line with my values.”

“Then why don’t you just shoot directly?” Bai Liu held the muzzle of Tang Erda’s gun with his hand and stared at Tang Erda. “You made the most correct choice. What are you hesitating about?”

“Is it because one of the over 1,000 people is called Su Yang?”

Tang Erda’s hand, which hadn’t been trembling, finally trembled uncontrollably. His dark blue eyes instantly turned into an almost black color due to intense emotions. His breathing became heavy and his fingers on the gun tightened until they turned white.

Su Yang covered his mouth and coughed from time to time. His work card carried the strange, pungent smell of perfume. He restrained himself from carrying the small bottle of Rose Dry Leaf Gas with him that was used to delay the speed of withering. Obviously his child had just reached the one month birthday but he was home less frequently. His organs and bones slowly withered under the detection of various instruments…

All of this was in full display. Su Yang was once again going to wither away in front of him.

Su Yang looked up at Tang Erda and smiled in an embarrassed manner. He said, “Captain, don’t be so anxious to find a way to resolve this Rose Dry Leaf Gas. Go about our business. This type of ending should’ve been expected for a long time. One day is one day. I also have a wife and child. I am a bit sorry for them but I really have no regrets. I am happy.”

“If I die, the base will pay me a huge pension. Xiao An and I have always wanted to move to a new house. Once the pension is received, she can finally take the child to live in a new house that she likes.”

“Captain!” Su Yang smiled and called out to him, saluting him and looking at him with clear, clean eyes. “Su Yang, the vice-captain of the third team, asks for one more mission. Since I have been polluted, please let me replace you and lead the team to investigate the perfume factory!”

Once again!

The strength of Tang Erda’s gritted teeth made his cheeks tremble and the emotions in his eyes were so thick that they were about to drip out. The whites of his eyes were covered with blood.

Su Yang obviously knew that Bai Liu (6) was holding the solution yet Su Yang, who was about to die, once again insisted on letting go of Bai Liu (6), the culprit. It was just because he believed that Bai Liu (6) was an innocent person.

Even if Bai Liu (6) had the solution to everything, he shouldn’t be tortured and forced to hand it over to Tang Erda in such a manner!

Su Yang’s insistence on letting go of Bai Liu (6) was exactly the same as that timeline!

He wouldn’t let such a mistake happen again. He wouldn’t and couldn’t let Bai Liu (6) get out of the base alive!

Even if he was to sacrifice Su Yang and the rest of the over 1,000 people, he couldn’t let the explosion that destroyed everything happen. Bai Liu (6)’s growth was too terrifying. In just three games, this person had already made contact with the evil god and he could also manipulate the heretics polluted by the evil god…

If he was released, it was equivalent to putting these heretics in Bai Liu (6)’s hands. Those who died because of Bai Liu (6)’s cruelty—the bloody faces of the team members appeared in front of Tang Erda’s eyes and roared and screamed.

Captain! Kill him! Kill the source of it all! Kill him to end it all! Otherwise, the world will forever remain in the arms of the fallen evil god!

At that time, everything that Su Yang wanted to protect, his parents, wife, child and the entire third team would wither away due to the spread of that perfume.

He couldn’t save Su Yang. He had to save the people Su Yang wanted him to save!

The moment Tang Erda pulled the trigger, a person rushed out from the side.

He grabbed Tang Erda’s hand from behind and folded it. The bullet brushed past Bai Liu’s feet while Lu Yizhan cried out in fear, “Father! Bai Liu, do I call you Father? Can you stop holding someone else’s barrel and not point it at yourself next time? If I reacted slowly then I would’ve had to eat hot pot with you in the underworld!”

Bai Liu lazily leaned against the wall and squinted at Lu Yizhan. “This is what I just learned from you.”

Lu Yizhan who held the barrel of Bai Liu’s gun and aimed it at his own forehead just 10 minutes ago, “…Can’t you learn something good from me?!”

“No, I can’t.” Bai Liu slowly lowered his lips while not looking toward the side. “I like to learn bad things. Didn’t you know this from the first day?”

Tang Erda was slammed forward from behind by the tall and powerful Lu Yizhan and he couldn’t react for a moment. He didn’t think that an ordinary person like Lu Yizhan would appear here in the forbidden area. So the moment Tang Erda was thrown by Lu Yizhan, he thought that the thing that pounced on him from behind was a monster controlled by Bai Liu (6).

Tang Erda instinctively raised his gun to kill the monster but the moment he turned his head, he saw that it wasn’t a monster that pounced at him but Lu Yizhan, the policeman he had brought over.

The stunned Tang Erda narrowly controlled his finger on the trigger before he blew away Lu Yizhan’s head with the gun. Then he moved his gun away and let the bullet hit the side.

Lu Yizhan used the gap where Tang Erda retracted the gun to use the grappling technique he had learned at the police academy to simply and neatly control Tang Erda’s hands.

After all, Tang Erda was professionally trained and his physical fitness was much higher than Lu Yizhan’s. It was just that his method of breaking free was quite violent. Lu Yizhan’s limbs were closely attached to him and Tang Erda didn’t want to hurt Lu Yizhan, an ordinary person who got involved with Bai Liu (6). Thus, a posture of resistance wasn’t taken.

Yet this caused Lu Yizhan to be even bolder.

He would be a fool not to take advantage of it. Lu Yizhan seized the gap formed by Tang Erda not wanting to hurt him and pulled Tang Erda’s hands behind his back, slamming him into the wall.

The veins of Tang Erda’s neck bulged. “I am your superior! Let me go!”

Lu Yizhan was good at selling cheapness. He used his body weight to suppress Tang Erda against the wall while shouting pitifully, “Sir! Don’t just shoot! Why don’t we sit around and have hotpot while talking?  Why do you want to see blood? I swear that although my friend isn’t a good person, his bad deeds are far from the point of death, sir!”

Bai Liu casually added to Lu Yizhan’s words. “Yes, sir. I only do some small businesses and the maximum transaction amount isn’t more than 1,000 yuan. It isn’t so good to treat me like this, right?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Pfffffft they’re the ultimate comedic duo!

1 year ago

PFFT-! I guess people’s souls aren’t even worth 1000 yuan, huh? I wonder how cheap he can make those soul banknotes be when converted into real money? But also, Lu Yizhan XD Bai Liu has rubbed off on you somewhat too, huh??

1 year ago

I really don’t know how Lu Yizhan has put up with him for so long 😂 I’d die of stress.

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