GHG: Chapter 154

The team member shivered and repeated Tang Erda’s words in a trance. “No one knows what monster is inside…”

“I am going down now to look. Don’t let the other team members follow me for the time being. It is a restricted area below and it will be dangerous for them to follow me down.” Tang Erda took out a pack of cigarettes wrapped in a plastic pocket from his chest pocket, drew out a stick and lit it.

Scarlet smoke flashed and Tang Erda’s dark blue eyes looked fierce and aggressive through the smoke. “Before I kill him, seal the ascending elevator and don’t let anyone go up.”

“If I am killed by him, directly seal the elevator. You absolutely can’t let him leave the base and go outside. If Bai Liu (6) disappears from the base out of thin air, surround the addresses I left for you. In the instant that Bai Liu (6) appears again, you must kill him at all costs.”

After this command, Tang Erda walked alone toward the deeper underground area.

At the same time, the other side.

As the monsters were methodically contained by the team members, the strong and strange smell from the monsters dissipated, revealing the original cold smell of the base.

Mu Sicheng sniffed and frowned in one direction. “I smell a bad smell.”

“Is it Captain Tang who is going to hunt down Bai Liu?” Liu Jiayi instantly understood Mu Sicheng’s meaning.

“The smell is getting stronger and the smell of smoke is very hot to the nose.” Mu Sicheng waved in front of his nose in disgust. “He seems to be going somewhere.”

Liu Jiayi quickly made a decision. “Follow him! He is in charge of chasing down Bai Liu and should know where Bai Liu is.”

Shortly after Tang Erda took the elevator down, Liu Jiayi and her group quickly turned the corner. They watched Tang Erda go all the way down to the 10th underground floor, Mu Sicheng couldn’t help exclaiming, “This thing is so deep?”

Then after the elevator went down, it didn’t come back up. Liu Jiayi swiped it twice with Su Yang’s work card but it didn’t respond.

This made her quickly understand one thing. “Bai Liu is really below and that guy is going to kill him! This elevator should be locked to prevent Bai Liu from coming up.”

“Of course, there is a possibility.” Liu Jiayi raised the work card belonging to Su Yang’s hand and looked at Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng. “We were discovered and this work card is locked.”

At the same time, the team members who were guarding the surveillance were urgently reporting to Tang Erda. “Captain Tang! The three intruder heretics are right behind you! They seem to want to go down with you but we have locked the elevator. They can’t unlock it with Vice-captain Su’s work card. At the moment, we are summoning patrols to prepare to arrest these intruders…”

“No.” Tang Erda’s indifferent voice interrupted this team member’s report. “Unlock the elevator and let them use Su Yang’s work card to go down.”

The team members were stunned. “Captain Tang, they have guns on them and there are three people…”

Tang Erda held a gun in both hands and walked smoothly in the darkness. Only his eyes were hysterical and on the verge of madness, but his tone was incredibly calm. “In addition to Bai Liu (6), there are five monsters in total. I haven’t killed them yet.”

The team member hesitated for a moment. “Five monsters. No, there are only four humanoid heretics. Who is the other one?”

“Don’t unlock the elevator until I’ve killed all the monsters, including myself.”

The team members stood up in shock. “Captain Tang! Captain Tang! What are you talking about?”

“Captain Tang! One of them isn’t a heretic. He is just an ordinary policeman who somehow ended up in the forbidden area. Captain Tang!”

However, there was no longer any sound from the communicator.

Mu Sicheng and his group, who were guarding the elevator while trying to find a method, discovered that the originally locked elevator was slowly rising up again. As if inviting them, it took the initiative to open up in front of them.

“Wow.” Liu Jiayi raised an eyebrow. “It seems that this Captain Tang is very tough. He is inviting all of us to go down together. He must be very confident in his own ability.”

She turned to look at Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng, tilting her head questioningly toward the open elevator door. “Then do you dare to go down? He is most likely waiting below to ambush us.”

Mu Sicheng didn’t speak. He rubbed his elbows, held the gun and walked into the elevator first. Mu Ke followed closely behind.

Liu Jiayi was the last one to enter the elevator. She turned to press the -10 elevator button while controlling the expression on her face. “It seems we have reached an agreement on this point.”

The elevator door slowly closed and it rapidly descended.

The -10th floor, a base restricted area.

Many places in this base didn’t have light and were like a bottomless darkness. The heretics in this place were like creatures at the bottom of the sea.

They were full of unknown dangers. There was a lot of information in the archives such as their inexact weak points, their strange appearance, their dislike of sunlight or the way that too bright light made them restless. Due to this unknown danger, their rooms were tailor-made and it was very difficult to come out of.

Even so, Tang Erda saw that several rooms had been opened after he came down.

He gritted his teeth and vigilantly raised his gun as he moved through this floor.

This floor was almost completely dark and his ability to move quickly relied on his familiarity with the map.

Only a few team leaders and some rehired team members knew the map of this floor. The elevator to this floor could only be accessed by those of the vice-captain rank and above.

Tang Erda couldn’t imagine how Bai Liu (6) had come in. In the dark corridor, Bai Liu (6) actually found the strange room of Heretic 0001 in just a few dozen minutes.

This man always had a way.

The moment Bai Liu (6) wanted to do something, he would succeed even if the whole world was not on his side.

Still, why did he go to this room?

Even Tang Erda didn’t know what was in this room. Tang Erda had experienced so many timelines. It wasn’t that he hadn’t tried to explore this room but he hadn’t found the answer in any timeline.

The only person who knew what was in the room was the captain of the first team called the Prophet, one of the founders of the base.

Yet this captain committed suicide in almost every timeline that Tang Erda had ever appeared.

Before committing suicide, the captain would destroy the file of this room and leave a message.

[Never open it. It hides the most terrible truth. It will make all those who witness it fall into madness. Let me be the last person to go crazy, the last string hanging over your sanity and your future.]

This captain was called the Prophet because he was like the present Tang Erda. He could predict the most dangerous things happening. Due to this, the captain had an extremely high authority in the base.

After his death, he left his authority to Tang Erda who didn’t know anything yet at the time.

At that time, Tang Erda was still an ordinary captain and he hadn’t gone to different timelines yet. Even so, this captain said that only Tang Erda could inherit what he wanted to do and continue to lead the base to eliminate the dangerous heretics who were going to appear.

He predicted that Tang Erda would have the ability to eradicate the greatest and most dangerous heretics. He also predicted that the most terrible heretics were related to the number 6.

Then after Tang Erda crossed timelines and backtracked through time, gaining the tens of millions of memories from other timelines, he really had the ability to ‘predict’ the emergence of extremely dangerous heretics in advance. It was as predicted by the captain.

Tang Erda started to be called the ‘little prophet’ by the other team members but Tang Erda knew he wasn’t a prophet.

He was just a hunter who had gone through all of this only to change nothing, retracing the timelines again and again.

The true prophet predicted his arrival, giving him the rights and responsibilities that a hunter who was about to go crazy couldn’t bear.

The Prophet’s prophecy had never been wrong. All the members of the base were convinced by the Prophet who had saved them countless times.

From then on, this room became an invisible room in the base. No one tried to explore the secrets of the room.

On the other hand, Tang Erda became the person with the most authority in the base.

Then with the passage of time, Tang Erda’s unstable mental state and the slowly weakening prestige of the legendary captain who had been dead for a long time made the team members around him start to change.

They became distrustful of Tang Erda, questioning whether Tang Erda should really have such a high level of authority and wondering if he abused his power to just do what he wanted to do.

The forcible arrest of the living heretics as ordered by Tang Erda started to make everything out of control. The doubts of the team members completely broke out.

If even the living could be arrested as heretics at will, didn’t the meaning of this authority change from protection to slaughter?

Could this supreme authority really be possessed by a ‘person’ who was full of emotions and desires, who would make all types of mistakes?

Only ‘God’ could have this type of authority.

The rumored captain of the first team was like a god. He had no selfish desires and never made mistakes. Everyone admired and loved this god-like captain.

Unfortunately, this ‘God’ ended up going crazy and he committed suicide.

All the team members had already vaguely felt that Tang Erda, the successor selected by the god, was on the verge of madness and suicide. This seemed to be the doomed downfall of the near god-like humans who saw more heretics.

The team members silently acquiesced to Tang Erda’s suicide method while taking away all heretics, just like acquiescing to his already predestined fate—the fate of a hunter.

The hunter was a ‘celestial identity card’ in the game of Werewolf Kill. His fate was to take away that evil person that the prophet told him was the most likely ‘wolf’ before he died.

The hunter held the silver gun engraved with roses and walked toward the end of his destiny.

Proofreader: Purichan

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Kia Mikkonen
Kia Mikkonen
2 years ago

He’s sympathetic but reaaaaaallly annoying

2 years ago

I can’t be the only one that doesn’t dislike Tang Erda though…like bruh i don’t get why he’s hated

1 year ago
Reply to  bruh

Because he’s blindly following some prophecy. For some reason, he never thought that these monsters could be released by something/someone other than Bai Liu.
At least for the welfare house, we know Bai Liu was a victim, not the mastermind behind it.

Last edited 1 year ago by yaoiden
2 years ago

big round of applause to tang erda. the fact that everything is going in shambles just because of the appearance of one character only shows how amazing of a job he did as a villain. greatly written character! i wonder what’s inside the room? it’s also sad how the first-team character is already dead. he seems like a really interesting character. i could probably spend three days entirely dedicated to explaining how frustrating this chapter is, but still be unable to get my point delivered.

1 year ago
Reply to  ENERO

i’m ngl.. but sdhu. we don’t need that noww. post this comment at the next chapter cus rn i’m really pissed off by Tang

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1 year ago

Let’s it end, I’m tired of this clown