GHG: Chapter 153

One second then two seconds passed. There was no movement at all. Lu Yizhan secretly opened one eye and saw Bai Liu putting down the gun expressionlessly.

Bai Liu glanced at Lu Yizhan with some disgust and threw the gun in his hand to Lu Yizhan. “I won’t shoot you. Next time, don’t play this boring trick with me. It is disgusting.”

Just like Lu Yizhan would never dare point a gun at Bai Liu, Bai Liu would never hurt Lu Yizhan. This was a tacit understanding that didn’t need to be mentioned after their mutual understanding and trust for ten years.

It didn’t matter whether Bai Liu had the gun pointed at him by Lu Yizhan or Lu Yizhan had the gun pointed at him by Bai Liu, these two people’s heartbeats and breathing didn’t become faster. It was because they knew the other person wouldn’t shoot at them. This trust was so firmly bound that they couldn’t feel nervous at all.

Lu Yizhan hurriedly took the gun that Bai Liu had thrown at him. “Be careful! Don’t throw it around. I removed the safety!”

“If you are stupid enough to kill yourself with a gun, there is no need for me to waste effort killing you.” Bai Liu glanced at Lu Yizhan.

Lu Yizhan saw Bai Liu’s expression and knew that this person wasn’t in a good mood.

Usually after Lu Yizhan pushed back Bai Liu’s desire to do evil through various methods, Bai Liu would have a period where he shut down. It was like a naughty child having their toys that were too dangerous confiscated by an adult.

Lu Yizhan felt that Bai Liu was currently in a bad mood. It was the type of suffocating mood caused by not being able to play with the toy or game he wanted.

Fortunately, Lu Yizhan was already used to dealing with Bai Liu.

From childhood to adulthood, he didn’t know how many times he encountered this situation where Bai Liu wanted to do something but was frightened by Lu Yizhan and caught.

Lu Yizhan’s words and actions became softer like he was talking to a child. “So how about we go first? Or should you put those dangerous things back first?”

Bai Liu stared straight at Lu Yizhan and habitually held out his hand. “You want me to do something? What about the remuneration?”

Lu Yizhan looked at Bai Liu’s spread out hand and suddenly understood. “I will invite you to eat for one year, no, two years! Two years of hot pot. You can eat casually and I will treat you. How about it?”

Bai Liu still stared straight at Lu Yizhan.

Lu Yizhan understood. Bai Liu’s meaning was that this payment wasn’t enough at all. He painfully raised the price. “Three years, four year, five years… Bai Liu, you still have to leave me enough money to marry! Don’t go too far!”

Bai Liu sneered. “I haven’t been a human for many years. The price is 10 years.”

Lu Yizhan, “……”

Lu Yizhan nodded with tears in his eyes. “D-Deal!”

This might’ve been the most unhappy deal that Bai Liu had ever made.

After Lu Yizhan agreed, Bai Liu continued to look at Lu Yizhan with a type of wan, spiritless expression.

Bai Liu rarely made deals. Once he did, he lost all energy and was filled with the urge to repent.

Every time he made a deal with Lu Yizhan, Bai Liu would have a very sullen expression. It was like his boss only paid him a month’s salary while asking him to work overtime for three months.

Now for the first time in ages, Bai Liu had the feeling of being an ordinary worker at the company.

Lu Yizhan looked at Bai Liu. “You will quickly receive a magical ability! I promise, 10 years of hot pot! Aren’t you impressed? It is worth it!”

Bai Liu, “……”

He wasn’t impressed.

In the end, Bai Liu coldly took out the coin that was still vibrating. After holding it in his palm for a second, the vibrating coin calmed down.

Once Bai Liu finished all of this, he raised his eyes and looked at Lu Yizhan. “It’s okay.”

Lu Yizhan sighed with relief and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

It felt like the naughty child of his family was in someone else’s home, holding the other person’s expensive and limited handmade item (heretics) while dancing wildly. Before the catastrophe broke out, he, the parent, found out in time to stop it.

Lu Yizhan’s legs softened.

He really didn’t dare to think about how Bai Liu would play with this obviously expensive base…

Once things eased up, Lu Yizhan looked around before staring at Bai Liu a bit strangely. “How did you get here?”

Bai Liu revealed the room behind him. He leaned casually against the wall while looking at the small welded window on the door of the room.

“The moment there was the riot, I sensed a room with Xie Ta’s aura.”

Lu Yizhan looked up at this room. The door of this room was strangely tall and large. It was more like the entrance to a passage than a door.

The number on the door read ‘0001’ and there was a red skull warning symbol posted under the label which read ‘special danger.’

The sweaty team members were sluggish as they looked at the heretics around them who suddenly stopped attacking and rioting. These originally fierce heretics suddenly stopped in place like they had been drained of energy.

This made the containment work much easier.

Tang Erda saw this strange scene and touched the reverse cross in his pocket.

Sure enough, the reverse cross was no longer hot. It lay cold in his pocket.

“…Bai Liu (6) actually stopped…” Tang Erda’s brow furrowed. “As long as he connects to the reverse cross and doesn’t take the initiative to stop, no one can interrupt his prayer to summon the evil god and do evil things…”

This type of ritual that summoned the evil god to drive these evil things removed half of that guy’s health. If it wasn’t used well, he was likely to be directly killed by the monster backlash. This time, he actually took the initiative to stop.

This wasn’t something that Bai Liu (6) would do at all. The cost performance was too low. According to the style of this madman, if he had to use half his life to do this dangerous ritual then slaughtering the entire base with the monsters was the return on the investment that Bai Liu (6) should want to see…

“Captain!” A scream of surprise came from the communicator. “The surveillance is restored!”

Tang Erda quickly asked, “Can you see where Bai Liu (6) is?”

“I’m looking for his location! Yes! I got it!” A team member reported quickly. “Captain Tang, Bai Liu (6) is now in the deepest underground layer. I don’t know how he got down there but he is now in the forbidden area. He is outside the door of Heretic 0001’s room!”

“Heretic 0001?” Tang Erda’s tone became more confused. “What is he doing there?”

“What heretic is there, Captain Tang?” The team member asked with a bit of fear. “Bai Liu (6) won’t let this heretic out, right?”

Tang Erda was silent for a moment. “I don’t know what the heretic inside is.”

The team member’s voice was surprised. “Captain Tang doesn’t know either?”

“The archives on Heretic 0001 are super top secret and I can’t read them with my permission level.” Tang Erda leaned against the wall, his eyes dark and unclear. “Still, we don’t have to worry about Bai Liu (6) releasing this heretic for the time being. He can’t release it at all.”

“The room of Heretic 0001 has no doors. This room is a completely sealed hexahedron made of many types of metals and materials from some of the heretics. It is a room that from the moment it was designed and cast, there were no doors, keys or exits. No one knows what is inside because no one can get in and no one can get out.”

Tang Erda looked up and recalled something. “In the entire base, only one person had the authority to read Heretic 0001’s file i.e. the captain of the first team.”

The voice of the team member on the other side of the communicator became more confused. “The captain of the first team. However, the captain of the first team has been dead for many years…”

The team members gulped nervously. “Moreover, this captain went mad and committed suicide.”

“I know.” There were no ups and downs in Tang Erda’s voice. “He also destroyed the archives of Heretic 0001 before he died so that no one knows what is in this room.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

I bet is, somehow, Xie Ta or part of him. Like, a god or something like that.

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for all you know, it could be Xie Ta’s dead body

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HAHAHAHAHAHA! it’s really funny when bai liu becomes predictable. btw, why do i feel like tang erda’s gonna show up and kill lu ziyhang? his light isn’t answering him, which puts him in a situation where he thinks his light is now dead. as bai liu’s light, isn’t it only fair for tang erda to kill lu yizhang too? also, it’s weird how things are just getting fixed so easily. with tang erda’s unwilling personality to face defeat. i don’t think this is the ending yet. i swear to bai liu, if he kills lu yizhang i’ll be the first one to hunt him down. yeah sure, his actions are understandable, so i hope he equally understands my actions too. moving on, a room with xie ta’s aura? is it an item? cause no way in hell will tang erda be able to contain the evil god himself even with all those timeline experiences. i wonder what item we’ll get this time though? ooohhh, a room with no doors? interesting. do we have an item to get in there? i don’t remember if we do. new character! first-team captain! wait… an important character then? the fact that he was able to contain something with xia ta’s aura isn’t a small feat after all.

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