GHG: Chapter 152

Liu Jiayi’s train of thought followed these words. She frowned and thought deeply. “If you really smell Bai Liu, it proves I was indeed right. Then why isn’t Bai Liu here? I don’t think this group will easily let go of Bai Liu. So what is the situation now?”

The moment she spoke, a harsh siren rang out.

“Level one alert! Level one alert! The base is about to be completely sealed! More than 80% of the heretics are on the run! Please be ready for battle!”

“If encountering foreign invaders and human heretics such as Bai Liu (6), priority is given to execution rather than confinement!”

“What type of intruder and human heretic…” Mu Sicheng pointed to himself. “Is it referring to us?”

“I think so but I think there is something more important now.” Mu Ke looked warily at Mu Sicheng’s back and pressed on Mu Sicheng’s right shoulder to prevent him from turning around. “You better not turn back now.”

Mu Sicheng took a deep breath and also felt it. “Is there something behind me on my shoulder?”

It was a bride dressed in the bride’s clothing of the Ming and Qing Dynasty, covered with a thick cover that had the words ‘Double Happiness’ on it. She stretched out a pale, corpse-spotted, black fingernail hand that was weak and boneless on Mu Sicheng’s shoulder. The corners of her stiff lips exposed under the moldy veil were smiling strangely.

They had no idea when this bride had appeared and approached them.

“What should I do now?” Mu Sicheng’s tone was still calm.

Liu Jiayi looked at the bride and raised an eyebrow. “…I feel like I should know this monster. I played a game she showed up in.”

“The name in the monster book is New Bride and the method of attack is to marry the groom she chooses, who will be dragged into the underworld by her.” Liu Jiayi’s playful eyes swept toward the solemn looking Mu Sicheng. “Simply put, she is on your shoulder. This proves that she likes you.”

Mu Sicheng was about to collapse. “But I don’t like her. Can you tell her that we don’t have arranged marriages here?”

Mu Ke keenly sensed the point from Liu Jiayi’s words. “Is she a monster from the monster book? She must have weaknesses then. What are her weaknesses?”

Liu Jiayi’s tone calmed down. “First, you can’t turn your back on her. Secondly, you shouldn’t be a man of the right age for her to marry. Thirdly—”

Before her words were finished, Liu Jiayi propped herself on Mu Sicheng’s shoulder and jumped her. She fiercely lifted the veil of the bride and her eyes were fierce. “Thirdly, she can’t do without her veil.”

The veil landed on the ground. The bride whose entire face was rotten covered her face and issued a terrible scream. Liu Jiayi threw off the veil and the bride took small steps to pursue the red veil thrown away by Liu Jiayi.

Liu Jiayi pulled Mu Sicheng and shouted without turning her head, “Run!”

Tang Erda walked into the corridor. Opposite him was a mess of messy and foul smelling hair that looked like it had been pulled out of the bathtub drain. Several team members were trembling and preparing to go over, but Tang Erda raised his hand to stop them.

He looked at the hair. “Every actively aggressive heretic, or monster, has their own weaknesses. You must pay attention to exploiting these weaknesses when taking them in.”

Tang Erda breathed lightly close to the hair. “For example, this heretic number 1402, the Iron Nematode Algae. It looks like a clump of hair but it is actually a parasite with strong vitality and fertility. It will show these characteristics when approaching it.”

“Unfortunately, the human body is its main home. Therefore, we need to give it a diversionary host organism.”

A team member came up from behind and handed Tang Erda a small mouse in a cage.

Tang Erda took the cage, opened it and grabbed the mouse, throwing it at the hair with great precision.

The parasite that had been disguised as hair instantly stretched out its tentacles and wrapped around the body of the mouse. The mouse cried out and spasmed on the ground, countless silk threads seen under its epidermis.

“Eating is its only weakness and it won’t attack other creatures during this time.” Tang Erda grabbed the mouse with leather gloves and threw it into a glass box very quickly.

The mouse instantly exploded into a bloody mist in the box. The fully fed bugs that were like centipedes moved along the edge of the glass box in an attempt to get out.

This scene made the other team members tremble slightly. They couldn’t imagine what would happen if this thing escaped.

One of the team members took a deep breath before holding up a communicator to report. “Reporting, heretic 1402 has been contained.”

A translucent crawler silently moved past Liu Jiayi’s back.

Mu Sicheng’s nose moved. Before his brain could react, the strange and familiar pungent smell made him pull out the gun he had taken from the patrolman without hesitation. He aimed it at that position.

The reptile made a clanging, lizard-like sound and changed from colorless to a viscous dark black. It fell to the ground from the wall and moved away at a rapid pace.

Liu Jiayi looked over with some surprise. She hadn’t even heard any movement just now.

“A transparent chameleon, a monster from a level one game that I played. It has low defense but high concealment.” Mu Sicheng rubbed his shoulders. “I didn’t figure out its weakness in the end but my attack power was high enough to kill it directly.”

Mu Sicheng smiled. “It seems that these monsters can’t resist bullets inside or outside the game. Fortunately, I played with guns a few times in the game.”

Mu Ke had already taken out a gun. He had learned to shoot but his reaction wasn’t as fast as Mu Sicheng. He had been fully focused on searching for Bai Liu.

Mu Ke looked calm. “Mu Sicheng, can you smell Bai Liu?”

“Sigh.” Mu Sicheng touched his back a bit irritably. “Usually it is fine but not here. The smells here are too messy and are too mixed up with the smell of these monsters.”

“The monsters here definitely weren’t released by themselves.” Liu Jiayi started to analyze it clearly. “I don’t know where Bai Liu gained such a big skill but it must be something he did. The problem now is that this person has made such a big move. What does he want to do?”

Liu Jiayi looked at Mu Sicheng and Mu Ke. “The only plans we have made have been overturned. We can only figure out Bai Liu’s motives for doing this.”

“If we know this, we can know where he will go. You seem to be closely related to Bai Liu and are willing to die for him. Do you know anything about Bai Liu?”

Mu Ke thought about it hesitantly. “…His computer is the Alien brand that I bought for him. He seems to like this brand of computer quite a bit…”

Mu Sicheng touched his chin and fell into deep thought. “He ate a discounted hot pot last week. Does this count as understanding?”

Liu Jiayi’s expression was numb. “…I’m not talking about understanding in this area. Are you schoolboys playing together?”

These two people were nothing and followed her here without knowing anything!

It was only at this moment that Liu Jiayi reacted violently. Bai Liu had clearly grasped the psychological state of the three of them, their target motivations, background origin and even their ancestral lineage.

If they were trapped in this base, Bai Liu’s knowledge of them would be enough for him to guess their behavior patterns, quickly deduce where they would go and the path they would escape. Then he would quickly find their location and take them out.

Bai Liu’s understanding and mastery of them gave them the illusion that they had known Bai Liu for a long time and they knew each other deeply.

However, this wasn’t the case.

They knew nothing about Bai Liu. Or rather, Bai Liu never let them know what he was thinking.

Who knew what Bai Liu was thinking?

This guy was sinister and cunning. He probably wore a thousand layers of smiles on his face and everything he did was completely confusing.

Was there really anyone in the world who could guess Bai Liu’s thoughts, know where he was going and find out where he was?

Lu Yizhan looked solemn as he walked through the corridor and headed deeper into the ground, surrounded by groups of people who were moving against the current.

Someone stopped him. “Hey, where are you going? That is the safest place for the most dangerous heretics! Only the team members can go down there!”

Lu Yizhan ignored them. He gripped the gun in his hand, rubbed shoulders with these people who were leaving and walked down with great determination.

The most dangerous heretics were there.

Then Bai Liu must be there as well. He knew Bai Liu too well, perhaps even better than Bai Liu knew himself. He was born with a yearning for danger and liked games. The more uncontrollable and unknown, the more attractive it was for him.

Lu Yizhan had been working for so long and knew another name that could be used to call someone like Bai Liu. It was ‘born to commit a crime.’

Low empathy, high IQ, pursuit of excitement and horror, no sense of social identity and a great childhood trauma—these people were more likely to go astray than ordinary people.

However, Lu Yizhan had always believed in Bai Liu. Bai Liu had promised him that Bai Liu wouldn’t easily commit a crime, so Lu Yizhan believed him.

Those team members said that Bai Liu had controlled these heretics so Lu Yizhan believed that no matter how dangerous the heretics were, they wouldn’t kill him. It was because the person controlling them was Bai Liu.

It was because Bai Liu was Lu Yizhan’s only friend for 10 years.

Lu Yizhan walked into the deep, unforgiving earth alone. The dim light passed over the sight of his face while countless terrifying monsters danced viciously past him, attacking him with teeth and claws.

He didn’t dodge, run away or move. He was just silent as he gritted his teeth and moved forward without retreating. Finally, these monsters that came like a tide also faded like a tide. Lu Yizhan staggered and walked out of the darkness, supporting his wounded body against the wall.

At the end of the corridor, the white light was cast harshly and Bai Liu looked at Lu Yizhan who had finally come to him.

“You shouldn’t have come to me, Lu Yizhan.” Bai Liu lowered his eyes.

Lu Yizhan smiled as he reluctantly stood up straight against the wall. As always, he looked at Bai Liu with a very gentle gaze. “Even so, you let me find you. Bai Liu, if you really wanted to hide, I would never find you.”

He held out his hand to Bai Liu as always. “Go out with me.”

Bai Liu looked at Lu Yizhan’s bloodied and wounded trembling hand that was reaching out to him and didn’t move.

Lu Yizhan always reached out to him like this, giving him food, a name and a friend.

He might’ve been coldly rejected every time but Lu Yizhan still talked to him, laughing cheerfully and unconcernedly as he came over, arbitrarily and unreasonably pulling Bai Liu from the bottom of the water that devoured everything and dragged him away.

“Lu Yizhan, you should know very well that my nature is to do bad things.”  Bai Liu looked up at Lu Yizhan. “I have this ability and I can also get benefits from it. I don’t care much about the lives of other people. I have no reason not to do it.”

Bai Liu said very calmly, “We can’t be friends at all. I just thought of you as another person.”

Bai Liu stared directly at Lu Yizhan, his eyes and tone very light. “However, you aren’t him.”

“Lu Yizhan, you are a human being, not a monster. It is impossible for humans and monsters to be friends. You have wrongly forced the two of us for ten years. Don’t continue to force it.”

“According to the normal development, I will become the type of criminal you want to shoot and you will become the type of policeman who shoots me. I will let you go for the last time. When you see me in the future, don’t reach out to me and aim your gun at me.”

Lu Yizhan slowly lowered his head and gasped twice. He clenched his hands on the wall into fists and without hesitation, he pulled out his gun and aimed it at Bai Liu.

The expression on Bai Liu’s face didn’t look surprised.

He believed Lu Yizhan fully understood the great harm of releasing him. Killing him here was the best choice. He was held up by Lu Yizhan with a gun but his heart rate and breathing didn’t increase.

Then Lu Yizhan laughed. He stumbled toward Bai Liu with his injured leg and slowly placed the gun in Bai Liu’s hand. He took Bai Liu’s hand with his thick, bloody and trembling hand and let Bai Liu raise the gun to himself.

“I’ll never point the gun at you, Bai Liu.” Lu Yizhan’s eyes curved as he smiled. His face was full of all types of bloody marks and abrasions so that he looked embarrassing, even when he smiled.

Lu Yizhan’s eyes widened as he stared straight at Bai Liu and released the insurance of the gun. “If you really want to leave this place and start hunting and killing ordinary people, let me be the first person you kill.”

“A policeman can’t turn a blind eye to what you’re going to do but I really can’t point the gun at you… Based on today’s events, it seems like you’ve come to a point where I have absolutely no way to stop you.”

Lu Yizhan held the barrel of the gun and aimed it at his forehead, staring at Bai Liu without any evasion. “Since this is the case, kill this incompetent one before you do anything bad. Don’t let me see everything you will do.”

Under the muzzle of the gun, Lu Yizhan showed a familiar and helpless smile that Bai Liu had seen an unknown number of times. “Still, at the last moment before the death of this policeman, you are still my friend as long as you haven’t done anything bad.”

[The friend of a policeman must not be a bad person. Bai Liu, if you one day do something bad, I will personally arrest you.]

[If I really do something bad, will you kill me Lu Yizhan?]

[If you do something that deserves to be arrested for, you will go to jail. If there is no way to make up for it and you must die then I will fight to the death before you really commit that crime.]

Bai Liu tightened his grip on the gun while Lu Yizhan raised his hands in a gesture of surrender.

He calmly closed his eyes without the slightest resistance.

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If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
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