GHG: Chapter 151

The face of the team member who came to report the situation was green-purple, like he was the one who drowned, not Bai Liu.

The team member’s legs were so weak that he could hardly stand up as he thought about all the heretics in the base being released. He sat on the ground and looked up helplessly at Tang Erda. “C-Captain Tang, what do we do now?”

None of them had been willing to believe Tang Erda’s judgment of catching the ‘living heretics’ but now they saw Bai Liu directly release all the heretics in the entire base…

This didn’t allow them to not believe it and they hadn’t come back to their senses yet.

“Stand up. Get out your gun and put on your protective suit. Seal off the base completely to prevent these heretics from escaping and then catch these heretics one by one.” Tang Erda took out the gun hanging from his waist and his eyes swept over the terrified team members. “What are you doing being so stunned? Notify all the people in the base to enter a level one alert state. Hurry!”

Several of the team members stood up in a hurry. They notified the relevant people and put on their protective clothing.

“Level one alert! Level one alert! More than 80% of the heretics are on the run!”

However, the team member’s hand trembled slightly when he was about to press the red button that represented ‘completely seal the base.’

He looked at Tang Erda like it was a cry for help, his eyes full of frightened tears. “Captain Tang, do you really want to seal off the base? People from outside won’t be able to come in and we won’t have any support. If we can’t capture these monsters, we will die in this base with these monsters…”

Tang Erda looked at the team member indifferently. “Do you know why the design of this base is spherical?”

“To… better reflect the light that protects the information of the base?” The team member replied in a trembling voice.

“Not really.” Tang Erda spoke coldly, “It is in order to completely seal off the base in the event of an emergency and then bury it forever in the ground, so that no other heretic can run out and endanger others.”

“The moment we enter the Dangerous Heretics Handling Bureau, we need to have the consciousness of burying ourselves in the ground with these monsters. Either we die or everyone else in the world will die with us, understood?”

The team member’s eyes filled with tears and his hands were shaking badly, but he still used this trembling hand to salute Tang Erda. “Yes! I understand, Captain!”

He gritted his teeth and pressed the button to completely seal off the base.

The huge, white circular base slowly rotated, closed off and sank underground. It raised huge amounts of smoke and dust around it, eventually turning into a tightly sealed off, sunken building below the surface.

The team members quickly regained their state at Tang Erda’s calm and serious attitude. They started to operate in an orderly manner.

One of the team members put on the hat of his protective clothing while trotting over to Tang Erda, who was striding fast. He reported in an anxious tone, “Captain Tang, in addition to the riot of the heretics, we also found three intruders!”

“Intruders?” Tang Erda raised an eyebrow and looked over. “Only the internal team members of the base can come in. How did they sneak in?”

“Yes, that is what I wanted to say!” The team member had a serious expression. “They used Vice-captain Su’s work card. This work card has a very high authority so they could come in directly. I just don’t know how they got Vice-captain Su’s…”

There was no emotion on Tang Erda’s face but he suddenly froze when this team member was halfway through his report.

Tang Erda slowly turned his head and stared at the team member who reported the situation with a creepy gaze. He asked word by word, “Tell me, whose work card did they use to sneak in?”

The team member couldn’t help getting the chills when he saw the terrifying look in Tang Erda’s eyes. His voice became much smaller. “Your Vice-captain Su, Vice-captain Su Yang.”

The night was already deep.

Su Yang, who looked tired, slept soundly on the double bed but the pillow beside him was empty.

Ji An slept in the baby’s room tonight. The uneasiness of almost losing her child made her not dare to leave the child when sleeping. Therefore, she made a place next to the child’s crib. The major events of this night obviously stimulated her, making her have many dreams after falling asleep. She slept very uneasily.

Su Yang’s mobile phone, which was taken along with his work card, was placed next to the crib and kept ringing.

The caller ID was: Captain.

The phone rang and stopped, rang and stopped. However, Ji An was already trapped in a nightmare. The phone rang more frequently but Ji An just frowned deeper, turned over and was dragged into a deeper dream.

The phone rang and finally stopped.

The red caller ID was followed by a number. [21 missed calls from Captain.]

Tang Erda looked cruel as he put down the mobile phone.

The team members next to him were already frightened by his expression so they were cautious when asking him a question, “Vice-captain S-Su still didn’t pick up?”

“The mobile phone, landline… I even called his lover’s phone and there was no answer.” Tang Erda’s eyes started to turn red, his eyeballs full of red blood forced out by fierce emotions. “…Why is Su Yang’s work card in the hands of Little Witch?!”

Tang Erda had already seen the surveillance. Out of the three intruders, two of them were wearing masks and the uniform of the team members so their faces couldn’t be seen clearly. The one he recognized was the dark figure rising and falling quickly in the water.

Liu Jiayi or Little Witch—the killer of Bai Liu (6)’s team.

She was notoriously capable in water and killed even more people in the water than on ground. She was simply a man-eating shark when entering the water.

Little Witch also liked to abuse men in the range of 30-45 years old, especially adult men with daughters.

Su Yang perfectly fit the little witch’s habit of picking targets to kill and Su Yang’s work permit was in her hand.

Tang Erda took two deep breaths in the hopes he could calm down, but it didn’t help.

The moment he closed his eyes, he could see Su Yang lying in front of him covered in blood, laughing and calling him Captain. This made him more and more irritable. Tang Erda wanted to give himself a shot in the head to calm himself down.

“Now all the surveillance cameras have failed…” The team members glanced at their main backbone, Tang Erda. “The other floors have already started to search for the heretics as you requested. Captain Tang, we should start too.”

Tang Erda was silent for a moment. Then he stood up and pulled out another silver gun from his waist.

It was an old-fashioned and elegant revolver with a wilting rose on the handle. He held both guns and simply cocked them with a downward flick of his wrist.

Tang Erda raised his red eyes to look at the team members. He issued an order in a hoarse voice, “If anyone encounters the intruders and Bai Liu (6)’s living heretic, don’t give priority to containment. Shoot and kill. I will bear all the responsibility.”


Lu Yizhan was locked up in another room. Not long after he was locked up, the base started to shake. As Lu Yizhan was feeling confused, the two members in charge of guarding him eagerly handed him a protective suit and a gun.

“You are a police officer, right?” The two team members anxiously asked Lu Yizhan, who hadn’t figured out the situation. “Now that our base has entered an emergency situation, please help if you can! Take care to protect yourself. There are a lot of strange monsters here. If you see them, you should run if you can’t cope with them. Don’t face them head-on.”

After saying this, the two team members left anxiously.

Lu Yizhan quickly grabbed one of the team members. “I want to ask about my friend. How is Bai Liu doing? Is he okay?”

The team member gave him a strange look. “If the Bai Liu you are talking about is the humanoid heretic, our captain just gave an order to shoot and kill him.”

Lu Yizhan was frozen in place but he quickly returned to his senses.

Lu Yizhan put on his protective suit and took the gun with a resolute look. He asked the team members very seriously, “If I can find him before you kill Bai Liu and prove that he is harmless, not the monster or heretic that you are talking about, will Bai Liu be spared?”

The two people were stunned.

They exchanged looks before replying hesitantly, “…Theoretically, we don’t recommend killing if we can contain them but Bai Liu (6) is very dangerous right now. We don’t recommend you go to him…”

“I know better than you if he is dangerous or not.” Lu Yizhan interrupted the words of the team members. He looked down at the team members very calmly but his hands kept moving to load the magazine into the gun. He clicked down and flicked it in. Then he smiled at the two team members in a friendly manner. “I have been with him for ten years. Regarding Bai Liu, I think I should have more say than you.”

The team members who saw Bai Liu open the doors of all the rooms obviously didn’t agree with Lu Yizhan’s words. “He will kill you.”

 Lu Yizhan smiled sincerely. “Then I will gamble my life that he won’t kill me.”

Liu Jiayi and her group stopped at the door of Room 1807. The door of the room was open.

Mu Ke vigilantly looked in and found nothing. He withdrew to glance at Liu Jiayi. “No, Bai Liu isn’t here. There is nothing inside. Are you sure this is the outlet you found?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Liu Jiayi brought out her visual goggles to observe the situation around her. She frowned and muttered, “Now the water has receded but I don’t think the situation is quite right. The doors of these rooms are open. When we came in, the doors of these rooms were closed. There must be something very dangerous locked in them but now these rooms are empty…”

“Wait!” Mu Sicheng took off his breathing mask. He crouched in place and sniffed solemnly. Then he waved to Mu Ke and Liu Jiayi. “I smell Bai Liu here.”

Both Mu Ke and Liu Jiayi were full of question marks. “What is Bai Liu’s smell?”

Mu Sicheng was serious. “He smells of copper.”

Mu Ke, “……”

Liu Jiayi, “…Do you have to tell cold jokes in such a place?”

“Don’t look at me like I’m mentally disabled!” Mu Sicheng roared angrily. “I can really smell it! There is Bai Liu’s smell here which shows that he has been here. The outlet that Liu Jiayi found is correct!”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

omg omg omg, i wonder what tang erda is feeling right now? fear? fear that his light is in danger due to his actions? or agony? hurt by his own best friend’s betrayal? i don’t really remember the details about the meeting between the little witch and ji an. but a part of me feels frustration towards su yang’s wife. i remember her accepting money, given by the little witch. i think the little girl used emotions to gain her trust. and being a mother, it’s reasonable how ji an trusted the little witch. but then again, that doesn’t change the fact that she still accepted the money. it’s frustrating how she’s unaware of the fact that her greed caused her husband to lose his best friend. if tang erda dies, it’s all because she couldn’t contain her greed. and don’t even try to reason with me. tang erda did everything for su yang. risked his life, tortured his soul, and became a monster, all for su yang. he loved su yang so much that he’d rather fall into the endless abyss just to provide him with a happy life, with a happy family. and what did she return to his sacrifices? betrayal caused by her greed. but then again, i don’t really remember what happened, so who am i to talk about this case? still hate her though.

7 months ago
Reply to  ENERO

bro why do you keep writing paragraphs 😂 u ain readin all dat. summarize it up for me

2 months ago
Reply to  taramaki

Nobody told you to read that, you could have just skipped to the next chapter.

12 days ago
Reply to  ENERO

You can understand tang erda but not the wife? The wife was pressured by mu ke and she’s innocent. Read again. Exactly who did she betray? She’s not even aware of tang erda ‘s sacrifice. Wow, how infuriating. Are you even reading properly or are you just shipping TE ans SY so hard that you became blind.

“if tang erda dies, it’s all because she couldn’t contain her greed”

What?? If tang erda dies it’s his own fault. He provoked bai liu and forcefully made him remember forgotten memories

“and don’t even try to reason with me. tang erda did everything for su yang. risked his life, tortured his soul, and became a monster, all for su yang”

I’m not trying to reason with you, this is just for future readers. Reminder that neither the wife nor the current su yang is aware of this

And it’s not just “all” for su yang. Seriously, shippers can really ruin anything. I’m a shipper my self but goddamn it’s so infuriating

I do understand how you feel about tang erda’s fate. He’s crazy but he’s a victim too

8 days ago

The style has changed in these recent chapters, I keep getting scared that the chapter is already over but found it didn’t actually end xd

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