GHG: Chapter 150

These vague memories, the odd and unclear points of content, the location and appearance of the flooded pond where he buried his head, the strange, changed name of one character…

At this moment, the water faded and Tang Erda’s roar caused the memories that Bai Liu had buried under the mud and sandy water to completely emerge intact.

The dizzying white light in front of Bai Liu’s eyes swirled and dissipated into the metal ceiling. It was like he was dragged up from the bottom of that cold lake. His fingers trembled slightly, his chest shook violently and he kept choking and coughing as he tried to cough out the water that poured into his throat and lungs.

Tang Erda was still pressing him. “Bai Liu, do you remember?”

Bai Liu flipped over. He propped himself up from the ground with one hand, leaning against the wall to stand up. He was still coughing when he stood up. After he finally recovered, he still had the leisure to tidy up his shirt buttons and buttoned up the neckline that had been disorganized by the water.

Bai Liu slowly and leisurely looked up at the communicator that Tang Erda used to talk to him.

“I remember.” Bai Liu casually did up the buttons. “So what? Xie Ta is dead. Isn’t it the two of us making a deal now?”

Tang Erda gritted his teeth and was quiet.

This guy… he had been under psychological pressure three times but his mentality was completely unaffected. He was even more difficult to deal with than the Bai Liu (6)s of other timelines…

In addition, did this guy really remember?!

“Of course, I can give you the solution of Rose Dry Leaf Gas.” Bai Liu raised his head, talking about something he knew nothing about like he had figured it out.

Bai Liu started to talk nonsense with a very sincere expression. “However, you have to trade something for it too.”

Tang Erda had a subtle, ominous premonition.

Then Bai Liu narrowed his eyes and smiled. “Didn’t I tell you? If you sell me your soul, I’ll give you the treatment plan, Captain Tang.”

Tang Erda had a blank expression on his face as he pushed the drainage time on the operation board to 240 seconds.

The team members next to him looked at him nervously. “Captain Tang, the four minute submersion time is too long. What if he is just an ordinary person and drowns here—”

“I am solely responsible.” Tang Erda glanced at the team member indifferently and the team member closed his mouth in fear.

Lu Yizhan, who was stopped by the second team members in the back, struggled and shouted, “You haven’t investigated the entire matter at all! You can’t torture Bai Liu like this to extract a confession! He is innocent!”

Tang Erda waved his hand without turning back. “Take him to another room and lock him up. Don’t let him come running over and interrupt us again.”

Lu Yizhan was taken away.

Tang Erda stared at the screen and picked up the communicator again. “Bai Liu (6), I will give you one last chance. What is the treatment plan for the Rose Dry Leaf Gas?”

Bai Liu also smiled. “I will also say it for the last time. Captain Tang, trade with me now and I will give you a soul price that is quite satisfactory for you.”

Tang Erda took a deep breath to control his anger that wanted to explode the communicator. He suppressed his anger, forcibly calmed down and continued to persuade Bai Liu, “Bai Liu (6), do you know, I have never understood why you are so persistent in bringing these terrible heretical things to the real world. What good is it for you to completely turn the real world into a horror game?”

“You also live in this world. Will you live well in a world where monsters are everywhere?”

“A world full of horror games and stories.” Bai Liu looked up and there was a strange smile on his face. “It makes it meaningful to meet again, right?”

“I always feel that the world before us is more terrible than the world full of monsters.” Bai Liu opened his eyes and his black eyes seemed to be a spiraling broken universe that absorbed all the light.

Bai Liu shrugged and spoke in a casual teasing tone with a slight laugh. “Maybe I prefer monsters to people. I don’t think they are terrible.”

“It isn’t the first time I’ve felt you are sick but every time I come in contact with you, my understanding of you as a madman will deepen.” The communicator in Tang Erda’s hand creaked. He gritted his teeth and pressed the button without hesitation. “I hope you can give me the same answer in four minutes.”

The door for ‘1807’ behind Bai Liu opened again and water rushed out.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the base.

Liu Jiayi stood in the dwindling water for a while without moving.

Even the slightly calmed Mu Ke started to urge her a bit anxiously, “Hasn’t the water movement started yet?”

Liu Jiayi shook her head. “The direction of the water flow isn’t right. Now it is draining, not discharging. The direction of the water flow leads to the four drainage outlets in different directions. Bai Liu should be near a water outlet.”

“Don’t you feel it?” Mu Sicheng had already urged her hundreds of times and he was so anxious that he couldn’t wait to become a fish. “Damn, if only I was the one who could sense the direction of water flow!” 

In fact, there was only Liu Jiayi who had the ability of a fish.

“If this method doesn’t work, change to the previous one with the coordinates?” Mu Ke frowned and asked Liu Jiayi.

Before he finished speaking, Liu Jiayi suddenly raised her head from where she had it lowered. She ‘looked’ straight ahead. “They started releasing water again. It is this direction!”

Once Liu Jiayi finished speaking, she dove into the water. She quickly moved her bare feet, her hands by her side as she swam extremely quickly. She moved rapidly in the water and it was like the shadow of a long fish.

Liu Jiayi rushed against the current surging out of the passage.

She heard the sound of someone floating and sinking in the water, choking with their mouth open and bubbles moving upward.

At every corner, a patrolman would usually be guarding there. Liu Jiayi moved around the corner like a fish with great flexibility. She closed her eyes and smoothly moved around the arms trying to catch her, jumping out of the water.

“A patrolman,” Liu Jiayi spoke softly with her eyes closed.

After saying this, Liu Jiayi flipped over again and plunged into the water with only a shallow splash.

The patrolman was preparing to report this strange intruder using the communicator. In the case of it being all water, the surveillance cameras would be disturbed and the monitoring of the base depended mainly on the patrols and reports of these patrolmen.

However, the patrolman had just rushed around the corner when he saw two other people in patrolman clothing. Before the patrolman could react, they grabbed his throat and made the patrolman with the breathing mask fall unconscious. He floated in the water.

The breathless Mu Ke and Mu Sicheng looked at each other and said, “Go!”

“It has been more than three minutes…” The team members looked anxiously at Bai Liu, who had his back facing upward, his limbs spread out and his eyes closed. “He hasn’t breathed for nearly 10 seconds. Captain Tang, should we continue?”

Countless small bubbles floated from Bai Liu’s eyelashes and melted into his floating hair. His face was pale and his lips were slightly open. He looked like a drowned corpse.

Tang Erda frowned silently. He had done the same thing to Bai Liu (6) in other timelines. This guy could support such a suffocation cycle 10 times. Until his lungs were filled with water, Bai Liu (6) could still smile at him badly, laughing through trembling lips while explaining the solution to the Rose Dry Leaf Gas. He was a real psychopath and monster.

Even if Tang Erda finally succeeded in getting what he wanted through such means, Tang Erda didn’t have the joy of the victor at all. He only felt tired and exhausted.

However, the Bai Liu (6) of this timeline was too strange in every sense…

“Three minutes and 30 seconds!” The team member who had been staring at the surveillance screen looked at Tang Erda with panic. “Captain Tang, drain the water!”

Tang Erda stared at the motionless Bai Liu on the screen and finally waved his hand. “Drain it.”

The team member sighed with relief and pressed the drain button. Then the entire base shook. The team member grabbed the control panel in panic and stabilized his shaking body. “What’s the situation? What is going on?”

“Reporting—!!!” Someone ran from another surveillance room in an out of breath manner, visible panic on his face. “Captain Tang, all the heretics in the base have started to riot! We have also found three intruders!”

“What do you mean by the heretics are rioting?” The team member sitting next to Tang Erda was a bit dumbfounded.

He had come to this strange base that had been accommodating all these strange heretics, but he had never seen them rioting.

It was because Tang Erda, who came from other timelines, was familiar with these heretics and always dealt with everything before it happened.

Now Tang Erda was absent-minded as he looked at these panic stricken people who didn’t know what to do and were just running around. He subconsciously retreated.

It wasn’t until this moment that he suddenly discovered a very deadly point—

Since he had dealt with all the heretics, his team members, who were relatively inexperienced in dealing with heretics, hadn’t even seen the dangerous side of the heretics.

To put it simply, these team members didn’t have the ability to deal with the rioting of the heretics. Including the members who won the championship that year with Tang Erda, none of the members of his third team had this ability.

In short, these people had been weakened by him. They only came into contact with the concept of a ‘humanoid heretic’ tonight and they were still skeptical of Tang Erda. They actually started to arrest living people who were called heretics. They reluctantly stayed silent due to the dignity of their captain but it could be seen by their expressions that they didn’t approve. They even started to fear Tang Erda.

They felt that Tang Erda had gone crazy because he was exposed to too many heretics. His brain and spirit weren’t normal and he might’ve drunk himself stupid.

Even Su Yang felt this way.

Originally, the members of their department were prone to madness due to close contact with heretics. Tang Erda’s extreme methods of dealing with the heretics in advance made many people in the base reject Tang Erda. They looked at him with strange and repulsive eyes. There was a bit of disgust and a bit of undetectable fear.

It was like they were looking at a humanoid heretic.

He changed from the Captain Tang Erda everyone loved and trusted to the drunkard Tang Erda, whom everyone avoided and doubted.

The remaining team members trembled.

“Why did the heretics riot? Did you check the reason?!”

“I don’t know. All the heretics have started to riot. Some are banging on doors while others are disappearing from the surveillance. All heretics are in an unstable state of an unknown degree.”

Tang Erda placed his hands on the surveillance panel. He stared desperately as the water level dropped and Bai Liu’s dead face was about to be revealed.

The problem of the heretics rioting must be due to this man! Tang Erda was absolutely sure of this.

Bai Liu’s shirt floated softly in the water. It wasn’t attached to Bai Liu’s body and a pendant slowly floated around his neck—it was a sparkling, silver coin.

The water around the coin was fluctuating strangely. It was as if the coin was vibrating in response to something.

The moment he saw this coin, Tang Erda suddenly realized something. He touched his pocket, his expression very dark.

The reverse cross pendant in his pocket that he had snatched from Bai Liu was extremely hot.

Just now, that guy had been talking to him to buy time. Bai Liu had been using the coin to look for the signal of the cross on his body! Bai Liu was deliberately provoking him to be drowned for a long time!

This crazy man!!!

Tang Erda’s teeth crushed together and were going to break.

The only believer of the evil god prayed piously and called the evil god. The evil god controlled the heretics to save his dying believer—thus, these heretics rioted!

Tang Erda quickly locked onto the drainage button on the control panel and was prepared to stop the draining without hesitation. Yet the moment he was going to press down on it, the entire base shook violently. His body fell to the ground. Only one team member managed to grab the joystick on the control panel and wasn’t thrown away.

The waterline on the surveillance screen was still falling and it dropped from its position above Bai Liu’s head.

Tang Erda yelled at the team member who was grabbing onto the joystick with all his might. “Turn off the drainage! Don’t let him out of the water!”

The team member couldn’t react for a moment. “What?!”

It was too late.

Bai Liu, who had been floating motionless in the water on the screen, opened his eyes. Then the reverse cross in Tang Erda’s pocket hummed.

There was a clicking sound. All the members in the monitoring room stared at the surveillance screen in amazement. After the deafening sound of metal doors opening and closing, the doors of all the rooms containing the heretics in the base were opened.

The surveillance room fell into an almost blank silence for a few seconds. Everyone’s expressions were also blank.

They stared straight at the surveillance screen.

The moment the water level lowered, Bai Liu stopped floating in the water and stood steadily on the ground. His hair was dripping and his breathing was still unstable. He leaned weakly against the wall of the corridor and laughed.

Bai Liu’s face was pale as he smiled. “How about it? Are you willing to consider a deal with me now, Captain Tang?”

A second later, all of the surveillance screens turned to static.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

i can read again! AHHHHH! huhuhuhuhuhu, i almost forgot most of the contents. fortunately, i guess my loyalty to this story is too much to the point where i still remember what’s happening. grr… i really wanna defend tang erda because i still feel that connection between the two of us. but aish! can’t he see?! i’m sure that he also already feels it. that our bai liu is different from (6)! jeez, this dude simply has too much of a trust issue, he wouldn’t even risk one timeline to give bai liu a chance. there could only be two reasons behind this action of his; either he already did this, or he has some sort of timer. i no longer remember my theories, it’s sad seeing myself blindly trying to figure things out again, huhuhuhuhuhu. i don’t even know if i already figured out what caused our timeline to change, completely different from the earlier timelines that tang erda has already been through. all i know is that it has some sort of connection with xie ta. hmm… perhaps xie ta did something so he wouldn’t appear on this timeline? causing lu yizhan to take on his role instead? but why did bai liu regain (6)’s memories? did he really just forget? or is this some kind of dimensional shift to fill in the gaps? it’s so frustrating! i’m such a contradicting person. Hahahahaha! i swear to bai liu that i am loyal, but it’s amazing how i still find enjoyment in seeing him being tortured, while at the same time, finding it funny how tang erda got a taste of his own medicine. great, now i’m starting to feel bad. i still can’t and won’t blame tang erda for his actions. what he experienced in the past timelines is true, (6) was indeed a menace to society and he really was a villain in tang erda’s life. always seeking havoc and putting everyone that tang erda cares for in danger. his actions on our timeline are reasonable. the length of his trust issue with bai liu is also reasonable since (6) has probably betrayed his trust on many timelines. if we were looking from another perspective, he would be the protagonist while bai liu would be the antagonist. so it’s sad how he got a taste of his own medicine. his protecting his colleagues resulted in them now becoming inexperienced and weak. their lack of fear also caused them to doubt his actions. heck, even his best friend, his one and only light, his salvation, is doubting him. if i was in his position i would probably go crazy. it’s not entirely his fault that there was a change on the timeline, it’s not like he expected bai liu to actually turn out to be not evil on this timeline. he never wanted to be a puppet of those wanna-be good gods in the first place. it’s frustrating, but we can’t disregard the mental torture the wanna-be good gods and (6) have put him through. now that he’s slowly losing himself, it’s only reasonable that he finds a way to vent his frustration. it’s hard for me to say this as one of bai liu’s most loyal followers. but meh, the dude’s smart enough to get out of this situation. he’ll be fine.

1 year ago
Reply to  ENERO

i aint readin alr dat.
BUT WE UP 🆙 ‼️🗣️🔥💯

Last edited 1 year ago by taramaki
1 year ago

Here i was crying for Bai Liu and worrying what will happen and then i turn the page and his reaction is basically “so what lmao let’s talk business” . Classic Bai Liu behavior… 😭😅

6 months ago

I can’t help but think this tang guy is absolutely stupid. If he assumed that Bai Lui has forgotten about Xie Ta then why remind him? I mean, base on his countless experience of different timeline, shouldn’t he figured it out by now that the reason he became an absolute devil is because of Xie Ta? It’s NOT because of money but the dead ‘child’ who left a psychological shadow on him. If he forgot about Xie ta, then obviously he wouldn’t have the desire to make reality the real horror game.