GHG: Chapter 15

“F*k!” Wang Shun couldn’t help exploding. “I haven’t collected any information about the god-level NPC. Don’t kill yourself! The statue will alienate you if you encounter it and your mental value will be reduced. Once your mental value drops, you will be confused! At that time, you won’t be able to tell whether what you see is true or not. How are you f*king playing?!”

Wang Shun’s excited curses attracted another player.

Players in this section of the screens (death comedy) either liked people who played in a hard and stimulating manner to attract eyeballs or they liked death. However, they didn’t like garbage play on the way to death. Therefore, the spectators wandering here liked to watch players die in a fancy way. These spectators saw Bai Liu reaching out to touch the merfolk statue and still gave a slightly surprised ‘wow’.

The audience member’s eyes widened. “F*k, this is the first time I’m seeing someone looking for death. He is going and touching a monster by himself. What is he doing?”

“What type of instance is this? Let me see… Siren Town. I remember that the monsters are merfolk statues. If you meet them, you will start to be alienated. When I played this instance, I didn’t have time to hide. Yet he is going there himself? There hasn’t been a player like this even in the death comedy section…”

“He is really going to die. A newcomer actually came down from the central screens area. What did he do to go directly from the central screens to the death comedy…”

Wang Shun turned his head and talked to this audience member. He tapped on Bai Liu touching the merfolk statue on the screen and said, “I followed him all the way from the central screens. He got points very quickly and they were almost 100. Do you know what he bought with them?”

“100 points?” The audience member was surprised. He glanced at the time record on the small TV. “This is only the second day in the game and he almost got 100 points? The speed at which God Mu accumulated points is around the same as this. If his performance is excellent then how did he fall into the death comedy section?”

The audience member hadn’t finished speaking when on the small TV, Bai Liu had put his face close to the merfolk statue and traced the lines of the statue with his fingers. The audience member’s expression changed and he added in a somewhat complicated manner, “Still, it isn’t surprising with this person’s type of gameplay. He is probably going to be cold… what did he buy? He can buy quite a lot of useful items for Siren Town using 100 points. The fire torch and water bubble add up to almost 100 points. These are the best instance clearance items.”

“No, he didn’t buy either.” Wang Shun spoke blankly. “He bought nine barrels of high concentration alcohol totaling 54L.”

“Is it?” The audience member looked at the small TV in a strange and dumbfounded manner. “…Nine barrels of alcohol? Is he going to burn Siren Town? This is almost 100 points. It is really wasteful. Fire and light created by burning alcohol are invalid against the merfolk statues and sailors. Did he take it for granted when he bought the alcohol? However, if he touches the statue like this then the points would be wasted with his death. It isn’t a loss.”

Wang Shun found something strange and approached the small TV.  “What’s the matter? He has been touching it for so long. Why hasn’t he started to be alienated by these statues?”

The other viewer frowned and leaned over, “No, it’s been five minutes… he should’ve been completely alienated by the merfolk statue, his mental value dropped to 0 and then the game failed.”

Bai Liu gently touched the merfolk statue with his fingers. He looked casual like he was playing with a work of art rather than touching a monster. He didn’t have any fear on his face. He seemed to be talking to the statue, “Sure enough, your face hasn’t changed to my appearance. Previously when those statues attacked and tried to incubate me, their faces would become closer to mine. However, your face hasn’t changed at all. Those merfolk statues were still in the pupa state. You can’t alienate me by touching because you have already—”

He opened his mouth and laughed as he observed the face of the merfolk statue in a condescending manner. He exhaled softly, “You have someone else’s face. You are the amulet of those sailors. You are the cocoon of those sailors.”

The merfolk statue under Bai Liu’s hands had the face of a sailor he had just seen on deck. It looked exactly the same. Bai Liu touched the statue’s fingers. They were cold, thin and felt different from the statues he observed in the museum. The material was very fragile and thin, different from the marble statues he saw in other places. Looking at them with the flashlight from close range, these statues were as fragile and thin as a shell, allowing light to pass through. It was as if it could be broken with one poke.

These statues were exactly the same as the front desk employee of the hotel. It was more similar to the merfolk statues called ‘amulet’ and the merfolk amulet statues were also called ‘cocoon form’ in the monster book. If Bai Liu wasn’t guessing wrong, all the statues in this warehouse were amulets of the sailors on the ship. They were all their ‘cocoons’ and cocoons weren’t capable of attacking. Since the merfolk statues changed from pupa to cocoon, it meant the insects inside had turned into butterflies, leaving only an empty shell.

The sailors walking around the ship were the monsters trapped in the statue.

[Siren Town Monster Book has refreshed – Merfolk Sailor (3/4)]

[Monster Name: Merfolk Sailor (Butterfly State)]

[Weaknesses: ??? (Unexplored)]

[Attack Method: ??? (Unexplored)]

Wang Shun and the audience member watching in front of the small TV were in a daze.

Wang Shun was stunned as he watched the refreshed monster book on the small TV. He said in a trance, “I have watched the clearance videos of Siren Town many times and no one has ever found that the statues at the bottom of the ship are monsters. The moment the player goes down, they are scared by the warehouse of merfolk statues. The statues start chasing them and they have to run away. Then the merfolk sailors guarding the door will start the chase. Many players died here. So how did Bai Liu know that the statues below don’t need to be avoided? In addition, the third page of the monster book was refreshed so early by him?!”

The audience member was completely stunned. “Sh*t! I think he is going to collect all of the pages in the monster book of Siren Town and clear the instance. This is too awesome. After touching the statue, the third page came out. The last person to collect the Monster Book of Siren Town is God Mu, right?”

“No way!” Wang Shun returned to his senses and immediately denied it. He pushed up his glasses and stared at Bai Liu with appreciation and regret.

Wang Shun sighed and shook his head. “He isn’t very lucky. The second page that appeared in the monster book is regarding the wandering NPC, called the Siren King. The probability of him passing the instance is very low. Even if he clears it before the Siren King wakes up, he has absolutely no way to collect the Siren King page of the monster book. The Siren King has no weaknesses. In order to collect the Siren King page of the monster book, players need to explore the attack method. In order to explore this, the Siren King has to wake up and attack. However, once the bug-level NPC attacks, the player will undoubtedly die. This means it is impossible to gather all the pages and he still can’t break God Mu’s record.”

“What? He also encountered the wandering NPC?!” The audience member immediately yelled and he stared at Bai Liu with reverence. “This is the first time I’ve seen a player still alive in a game where the wandering NPC appeared. Most players who encounter it try to quit the game. This person is still playing. Isn’t he panicked?”

“Those who don’t know anything can’t be afraid.” Wang Shun smiled. “He is a newcomer.”

The two people’s excitement and loud conversation attracted a lot of onlookers. If in a competitive place like the central screens, the audience preferred to watch the level in one go. In other words, they wanted to see people clear the instance with the best items. If there was a freak like Bai Liu who didn’t take the usual path in order to save points, most of the players in the central hall wouldn’t take a second look. It was because he didn’t look like a person who could clear the instance.

However, here in the death comedy section, everyone liked players who didn’t take the usual path and walked on a steel wire to stagger through the level. The news that Bai Liu had a god-level wandering NPC and three pages of the monster book on the first day had attracted many visitors to come and see it.

“This is good enough to play!”

“Yes, I like it when they act crazy but don’t die.”

“Single-handedly touching the statue and going bankrupt to buy alcohol. This is proud and refreshing! Exciting! Even if you die, you can drink bitter alcohol before death! This isn’t a loss!”

“Don’t encourage, just do it! Bai… what is his name? Let me see…”


[205 new people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 200 new people have saved Bai Liu’s small TV, 35 people have charged Bai Liu’s small TV and player Bai Liu has obtained 35 points.]

[297 people are watching player Bai Liu’s small TV.]

[Congratulations to the player Bai Liu for his popularity in the death comedy zone and winning the title of ‘Death Comedian’. Please continue your humorous game process and let players laugh at your death game~]


After Bai Liu found out that the sailors were monsters, he stopped walking upward. If he hadn’t guessed incorrectly, the door of the warehouse he had been lured to explore must be guarded by sailors. The moment he went up now, he would anger the sailors who found him sneaking into the warehouse. This would start a thrilling deck chase.

If players didn’t know that these statues were harmless, most of them would run and be surrounded from the front and back. Then it would be a dangerous situation of life or death.

This was a game design with no aesthetics. Bai Liu thought in a bored manner. It was very easy to think of a way to solve the chasing situation. It was to jump into the sea.

TL: For those wondering how some of these players passed the games, remember that most of them are ordinary players who rely on a strategy guide from players who previously cleared the instance. They just follow this guide. The only game they really needed to pass on their own was the newcomer game, most of which aren’t as hard as Siren Town, as previously mentioned.

Proofreader: Purichan

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ohh greaat
its becoming interesting

1 year ago

I guess Bai Liu’s High mentality of 100% affected the difficulty level of his first game, so he got Siren Town instead of the usual newcomer game. Maybe his high mentality also attracted the appearance of the Wandering NPC :)))