GHG: Chapter 146 Part 1

At the same time, the underground parking lot.

The door of the car in the parking space next to Tang Erda’s car slowly pushed open.

The three people, including Mu Sicheng who had been guarding the back, got out of the car very quickly and walked to the elevator. They watched Tang Erda enter and the quickly falling elevator stop at -4.

They looked at each other. Then Liu Jiayi used Su Yang’s work permit to open the elevator and pressed the button for -4.

Liu Jiayi’s eyes were fixed on the red siren that kept flashing in the elevator. Mu Sicheng’s expression was extremely dark and Mu Ke was silent.

“Hey.” Mu Sicheng let out the breath that had been suffocating in his chest as he listened to Tang Erda’s conversation with Bai Liu just now in the car. “Can I beat up this person surnamed Tang?”

“Did he say something wrong?” Liu Jiayi asked in return in a lukewarm manner.

Mu Sicheng choked up. In a sense. In a sense, this person surnamed Tang wasn’t wrong. Bai Liu was a bad guy from head to toe…

It was just… it was pretty unpleasant!

“Still, it doesn’t matter if he is right or not. I am very upset.” Liu Jiayi looked away from the siren. Her nose was wrinkled up and she had some childish anger on her face. “I will do my best to buy you time. Include my share when you beat him up.”

Mu Sicheng was taken aback before his lips raised in a smile. “Okay.”

Four floors underground, Bai Liu moved quickly between different passages.

Both sides of the corridor were decorated with strange shapes. The numbered metal rooms were all in the same style and there were occasionally strange sounds coming from them. It felt like he was walking in a maze and it was very difficult to go out on his own without a map.

The even more troubling thing was that there were patrolmen around every corner.

There was a small number of patrolmen but their arrangement was very scientific. This made Bai Liu unable to move smoothly. Just as he was about to enter the game, his entry was always interrupted by patrolmen about to turn the corners.

This made Bai Liu realize that the patrol layout was likely to be designed specifically for players.

Under the patrols of these ordinary people, it was difficult for players to easily enter the game.

Tang Erda first used Magic Space to make a small cage for Bai Liu. If Bai Liu escaped from the small cage, he would enter this patrolmen layout that was a bigger, mobile cage.

Bai Liu stayed close to the wall and adjusted his breathing, ready to try for the last time.

Bai Liu took out the coin on the chain to enter the game. As he was about to summon the system, a patrolman turned the corner at the other end of the passage. Bai Liu had to put down the coin and turn into another passage.

Sure enough, the turning points were equivalent to an interruption device.

Bai Liu was chased by the patrolmen and ran hurriedly while glancing at the room numbers on the left and right. 1097, 1096…

The number of the room Bai Liu had fled from was 006. Now he had reached the 1000s but he didn’t see all the numbers throughout the process. It felt like he was taking a shortcut to a certain room.

…It wasn’t an illusion that these patrolmen were deliberately driving him to a certain numbered room.

Bai Liu’s footsteps stopped at a corner, his eyes on the other end of the corridor. He had been driven to a dead end.

The room number at the end of the dead end was 1087.

Tang Erda saw all of this through surveillance. He held up the communicator and cruelly gave a command, “Every patrolman, wear a breathing mask. I will turn on the waterproof mode before opening the room door of Heretic 1087, codename Swallowing Spring Eye. It is about to enter the underwater mode. Team members, please be prepared—”

“—3, 2—”

The small windows on the metal doors of the rooms on all sides closed one after another. The door of each room sank and pushed down into a tight fit, forming two smooth metal walls in the corridor. The patrolman he was facing wore a transparent breathing mask while the last countdown came from the communicator.


The door for 1087 behind Bai Liu slowly opened.

A constant, clear stream of spring water rushed out. The rushing torrent filled Bai Liu’s eyes as he turned back, instantly sweeping over him.

The elevator.

The surveillance cameras in the elevator were smashed by Mu Sicheng as soon as he entered.

Mu Sicheng was a bit tense. “This base has internal surveillance, right? Do we need to hide from the surveillance or something…?”

“It is no longer necessary after entering the base.” Liu Jiayi’s tone was indifferent. “Our goal is to sneak in and take Bai Liu into the game as quickly as possible. Avoiding the surveillance will just delay our speed. If they want to film us then let them. I don’t care.”

Mu Ke quickly added, “I don’t care either.”

“…Fuck, I still want to take the final exam.” Mu Sicheng was a bit depressed. “If I am wanted, can I take the test in prison? I don’t want to retake the exam…”

Liu Jiayi didn’t listen to Mu Sicheng’s complaints and looked at the two men. “I will organize the plan again. We don’t know the situation inside and there is no map. In order to avoid being caught, we will implement the coordinate jumping mechanism. In other words, if someone tries to catch you then you can enter the game.”

“After entering the game, you will get a 12 digit coordinate number login code. The three of us will enter the game and meet. Then we will exchange the dangerous coordinates with each other, change coordinates and go out. Then go to the original coordinates and meet. This way, we won’t get separated and we will also get a path curve.”

“The three of us will go in three perpendicular directions which is equivalent to the Z axis, Y axis and X axis of the three-dimensional coordinate axis. We will determine different coordinate points at different directions and connect them with the original coordinate points. After several times, we can restore a complete path curve.”

Liu Jiayi drew an example between the three of them with her hand. “The building is regular. Once we have a rough curve of the building, we can make a general map. Do you understand?”

“I understand.” Mu Ke thought about it for a few seconds. “I have a good memory and can help you restore the entire map using coordinate points.”

Mu Sicheng who looked dumbfounded, “……”

What were these things? He hadn’t learned about the coordinate system since the university entrance examination!

Liu Jiayi squinted at Mu Sicheng. “Do you not understand?”

Mu Sicheng lowered his head in a depressed manner and admitted it. “Yes, I don’t understand.”

The elevator made a ‘ding’ sound as it arrived.

Liu Jiayi turned her head calmly toward the elevator door. “It’s fine if you don’t understand. Just follow my instructions.”

She looked at the elevator door that was opening and gave an order, “Prepare for an attack. There are usually people guarding an elevator.”

The elevator door slowly opened and water poured in. Liu Jiayi quickly climbed onto Mu Sicheng’s shoulders to avoid being covered in water and she frowned at the water flowing into the elevator.

The two patrolmen staying at the elevator stuck their heads in. “Are you members of the second team urgently called in to catch Heretic 006? Remember to put on a breathing mask. We are catching him with water—”

Their eyes soon fell on Liu Jiayi, a child who clearly shouldn’t be there.

“You aren’t a team member—?!” The two patrolmen were surprised and raised their communicators to report it. “Reporting, intruders have sneaked into—!” the underground fourth floor!

Before he could finish speaking, the two patrolmen were strangled by Mu Sicheng and Mu Ke who were hiding behind the doors. They neatly dragged the patrolmen in.

Mu Sicheng took off the clothes and communicators from the two patrolmen and handed some to Mu Ke. They stood with their bodies half submerged in water and struggled to change clothes. Finally, they put the patrolmen in their own clothes and left them in the elevator.

Mu Ke pressed the button for -1. The two knocked out patrolmen dressed in his and Mu Sicheng’s clothing leaned against the elevator wall in an unconscious manner as the elevator ascended.

A question came from the communicator. “Hello?! What is going on with the intruders?”

Mu Ke took the communicator that Mu Sicheng handed him and made a report. “We found two unidentified intruders at the elevator entrance. We have immediately driven them out. They are taking the elevator and fleeing to floor -1!”

Then Mu Ke turned off the communicator.

Mu Sicheng was carrying Liu Jiayi. He shook his hand covered with water and frowned as he looked at the water that almost reached his shoulder. “What is going on with this water?”

“We have to change the plan.” Liu Jiayi took off her goggles, her expression very cold. “Someone trapped Bai Liu with water. I played a game with Bai Liu and he has a special resistance to water. I think it is likely that someone is torturing Bai Liu with water to get him to tell them something. We need to hurry.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
1 year ago

LMAO Bai Liu’s team consisted of different players with a particularly high IQ, and then there’s Mu Sicheng, with an average 73 points of intelligence 😂😂😂

8 months ago

Idk why but suddenly i feel that wang shun is one of the or the bad guy, he feel like NHS from MDZS..

I hate ted
I hate ted
1 month ago

This TED just rubs me the wrong way. He’s lucky he’s dealing with Bai Liu who prioritize money and profit. If I had the same intelligence/talents, my pettiness would make sure to bring this guy and the entire organization down with me. Also I’d torture SY in front of him for fun. Ugh I hate when ppl play with traumas like this.