GHG: Chapter 145 Part 2

Dangerous Heretics Handling Bureau

Lu Yizhan was sitting in the passenger’s seat of Tang Erda’s car, his eyes sleepy and his hair messy.

He looked at Tang Erda driving the car like he was racing and nervously grabbed his seatbelt, trying to stop the policeman who caught him while working overtime and was speeding. “Sir! You are driving too fast!”

Tang Erda hit the steering wheel with one hand while making a fierce and crazy laugh.

“I always wondered why you are like this in this timeline. I repeatedly checked your profile and compared it with the other timelines in my memory. To be honest, I really don’t want to recall your disgusting and hateful face or anything related to you. Yet when thinking back, I found a deviation point in your life. This deviation point is sitting in my passenger’s seat. Lu Yizhan, right?”

Lu Yizhan looked over in a daze. His ears were tingling from racing all the way over here. “Huh? Did you call me, sir?”

Tang Erda stepped on the brakes. He used his work permit to quickly open the passage of the parking lot of the base and drove inside.

Tang Erda drove very quickly even in the parking lot. At a high speed, the tail of the car swung and stuck in a parking space. The tires rubbed against the ground and released traces of dirt. Then he opened the door and got out of the car. He pulled out Lu Yizhan, who was a bit motion sick, from the passenger’s seat.

 Lu Yizhan had been working overtime for a few days and was in a speeding car. He was very uncomfortable when leaving the car so he held the door and dry heaved.

Tang Erda held the communicator with his armpit, glanced sideways at the still retching Lu Yizhan, took off his gloves and threw them into the driver’s seat. “Bai Liu (6), you actually have a friend you are willing to change for. It is a big surprise to me.”

Lu Yizhan, who had just recovered, used the door to help himself stand up. He wiped the corners of his mouth and looked at Tang Erda with confusion and worry. “Sir, did you just say Bai Liu? What happened to Bai Liu? Is he okay?”

Tang Erda raised an eyebrow. He lengthened his tone while speaking into the communicator, “Bai Liu (6), what will happen when your honest police officer friend knows your true face?”

Bai Liu’s fast-paced footsteps in the corridor stopped. Only his slightly short breathing could be heard.

His footsteps only stopped for a second before quickly starting again. Bai Liu’s tone didn’t change at all and he even said to Tang Erda, “Captain Tang, do you think he doesn’t know who I am?”

“How do you think he could be my friend of 10 years?”

Lu Yizhan straightened his body and glanced at Tang Erda’s tense expression several times.

Lu Yizhan, who had been deluding himself, finally realized that Bai Liu might’ve done something wrong. His expression was broken as he grabbed his face. “Sir, did Bai Liu do something wrong? He is half my brother. Can the relatives of a police officer get a lighter sentence?”

“He didn’t kill anyone or set a fire, did he?” Lu Yizhan looked nervously at Tang Erda. “Officer, he has a bit of an antisocial personality disorder but he shouldn’t have intentionally done this crime! He usually has strong self-management ability and is generally fine if you don’t mess with him…”

Tang Erda’s strange silence clearly made Lu Yizhan think in a worse direction.

Lu Yizhan covered his face and spoke in a sad tone, “Did he become a perverted serial killer or participate in a major international financial case? God, I worked overtime for two days and didn’t watch him. He became like this—”

“It is all my fault. I knew I shouldn’t have worked overtime tonight.” Lu Yizhan fell into an unprecedented state of guilt.

Tang Erda, “……”

Fu*k! What was wrong with this guy?!

Bai Liu tsked a few times. “Do you see what I’m talking about?”

“Why don’t you think about making a deal with me?” Bai Liu chatted with Tang Erda as if he was talking about business at the dinner table. Meanwhile, he avoided the pursuit of the patrolmen behind him.

Tang Erda’s expression was dark as he dragged Lu Yizhan to the elevator in the underground parking lot. Once he reached the door, he opened the elevator door with his ID card. Then he entered the elevator and pressed the special warning button inside.

“I can give you money. State any price as long as you give me the solution to the rose gas!” Tang Erda’s tone started to become irritable.

The moment Tang Erda pressed the warning button, the corridor where Bai Liu was located emitted a shrill alarm. The bright white light turned into a red, flashing alarm light.

“Warning! Warning! There is a heretic fleeing!”

Bai Liu wasn’t in a hurry as he moved into a side corridor and evaded the pursuit.

The 15 minutes patrol and one night of waiting were long enough for him to find out one thing. There weren’t many team members at the base or it wouldn’t be the same patrolman coming to check him every time.

In this case, Bai Liu’s escape seemed calm. He wasn’t too anxious. It should be the other party who was anxious. After all, this heretic had succeeded in escaping and this proved he was difficult to deal with. Ordinary patrol officers might not dare to approach him. Even if they caught Bai Liu, they didn’t know where to lock him up.

However, this was before the arrival of Tang Erda.

Bai Liu listened to the sound of the elevator coming from Tang Erda’s communicator. His ears listened to the sound of the elevator at each floor and he counted it in his mind: one, two, three.

The parking lot where Tang Erda should be was either three floors down or three floors up. However, Bai Liu’s impression of this round building wasn’t high so it was more likely to be down.

Bai Liu thought, ‘This should be the fourth underground floor.’

Bai Liu casually stuffed the soul banknotes he had found from the coin mountain into his pocket and continued to use the communicator. “What I want to talk to you about isn’t a money transaction. I can give you the solution to the Rose Dry Leaf gas but I want you to give me something else.”

This was the first time Tang Erda heard Bai Liu (6) refusing money and he couldn’t help frowning, “What do you want?”

“I want you to sell me your soul and join my team.” Bai Liu spoke amazing words. “I am going to join this year’s league but my team is still practicing their cooperation at the moment. They need an experienced coach to train them.”

“You’ve won the league and have a wealth of experience in the league. You should know the information and details of the teams you have played for.” Bai Liu praised Tang Erda from the bottom of his heart. “There is no one better as a coach for our team than you, Captain Tang.”

“I left a room of money to buy your soul. Why don’t you think about it? I haven’t spent so much money on someone in a long time.” Bai Liu joked in a relaxed tone like he was playing with a pet.

A murderous scoff came from the communicator. Tang Erda was obviously angered by Bai Liu and he took two deep breaths. “Bai Liu (6), you had better not be caught by me.”

The ‘ding’ sound of the elevator was heard from the communicator. Then Tang Erda hung up the communicator with a cold face.

He dragged Lu Yizhan out of the elevator and at the same time, he started to call another number on the communicator. “Reporting, this is Tang Erda, the captain of the third team. I am chasing the escaped Heretic 006. Requesting all base entrances and exits to be closed. Tell me if you see him on the surveillance system…”

At this point, he paused for a moment. Tang Erda’s dark blue eyes turned almost blue-black from hatred. His tone became low while his face was strangely calm.

“The weakness of Heretic 006 is water. I request to use the room of Heretic 1087, ‘Swallowing the Spring’ tonight. After capturing 006, I will use this room to interrogate him.”

Tang Erda licked his lips. His pupils widened and his breathing became very slow due to the excitement of a pending slaughter. “Do you need me to report the interrogation method now? Heretic 006 doesn’t like being repeatedly held down underwater. This will be my interrogation method.”

Lu Yizhan slowly looked at Tang Erda and his expression changed.

Lu Yizhan stared at Tang Erda with a very serious expression. He held Tang Erda’s hand to prevent this person from moving forward. “You can’t do this. Even if he has committed a crime, he still has human rights.”

“I can’t do this?” Tang Erda gave a strange laugh. His eyes were astonishingly bright but his face had no expression at all. Tang Erda raised his eyes to Lu Yizhan and grabbed him to pull his arm away. “You know, I have said this sentence to Bai Liu (6) countless times. ‘You can’t do this.’ If he had stopped even once, I wouldn’t be in this place.”

Tang Erda violently pulled away Lu Yizhan’s hand. The veins on his hand bulged but Lu Yizhan gritted his teeth and didn’t let go. The next second, Tang Erda looked at Lu Yizhan in an expressionless manner. He pinched Lu Yizhan’s wrist bone and easily dislocated Lu Yizhan’s wrist.

Lu Yizhan couldn’t help frowning and hissing.

“Human rights?” Tang Erda’s dark blue eyes lit up with a shocking light. He approached Lu Yizhan, held Lu Yizhan’s dislocated wrist and set it back sharply. There was a clear sound as Lu Yizhan’s wrist was restored by him.

Lu Yizhan’s face was pale and sweat dripped down his forehead.

“People all over the world can live but heretics can’t.” Tang Erda’s eyes shook as his mouth frantically twitched. “It is because we are monsters, not humans.”

“Monsters have no human rights.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

i can’t really hate Tang Erda tbh. His hatred is beyond justified considering what he went through with Bai Liu in the other timelines. But i do hate that he involved and hurt Lu Yizhan.

1 year ago
Reply to  bruh

You do notice that this is like saying “is okay killing a innocent family that don’t know shit because they father is bad” “is okay killing you because of something that you did 700 years ago even thought you are good person now”
Please ignore me,i got mad and just passing would make me think about it everyday,my bad

1 year ago
Reply to  bruh

I think he misunderstood something. His information on Bai Liu seems a bit off. Like when he said there’s another Bai Liu in this world, proves he doesn’t know enough about the system.
I don’t know what BL did in other worlds, but Tang Erda is clearly a bad investigator.

1 year ago

Ok i have been feeling for Mr Tang but my feelings shriveled and died when he hurt Lu Yizhan!! 😭

1 year ago

NOOOOOO YOU CAN’T TOUCH THE ANGEL!!! He’s an IMPRESSIVE entity who could guard/protect against the Devil!

If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
1 year ago

I love how the comments all love Lu Yizhan lmao, but seriously TED, don’t hurt LY any further ah QvQ. THE LIGHT SHOULD BOT BE TOUCHED!!!! (۳˚Д˚)۳

1 year ago

Captain Tang, just because he encountered Bai Liu (6) in 99.99% of his past timelines, doesn’t mean it’s right for him to take out all his negative emotions on the 0.01% appearing Bai Liu. It’s understandable that he wouldn’t be looking at things objectively after all the trauma, but that doesn’t make it an excuse for Captain Tang to act the way he’s acting, abusing authority/force on a relatively innocent Bai Liu (and Lu Yizhan and everyone else) vs. dealing with his emotions so he can look at the situation objectively. If he keeps going like this, then likely he would really become a monster.

1 year ago

i was scared TED would do something really bad lol if this is the limit its fine but i have this feeling…

1 year ago

it is literally impossible after having gone through some timelines with that type of (6) for him to still believe lol no one would. our (6) can try and prove he’s different. its whether TED can believe him or he becomes a monster completely and utterly.

1 year ago

I can’t push myself to like a cop abusing his power even if he’s gay and “has good motives for it”, he’s right he isn’t human tho

1 year ago

Sick of this clown. If something happened to him the the limiter will be off