GHG: Chapter 145 Part 1

Dangerous Heretics Handling Bureau

1:30 a.m., the Dangerous Heretics Handling Bureau Base.

Bai Liu might’ve been caught but he fell asleep undisturbed against the wall. The footsteps of the patrols outside the room were loud but they didn’t disturb Bai Liu.

He closed his eyes without moving them. The patrol members who were told by Tang Erda to check Bai Liu’s condition were all speechless.

“This man’s psychological quality is too good…”

“I’m starting to wonder if he is really a heretic…”

“Hey, do you think he can really solve the problem of the Rose Dry Leaf gas? The bureau said that the problem is very serious. Most of the people in the bureau have been transferred out to deal with this matter. There aren’t many people at the base and many team members are in the middle of acting…”

“Tomorrow, the third team is investigating the perfume factory?”

“I heard that Vice-captain Su is leading the team. Many members of the first two teams started to wither soon after they came back. The heretic this time is too terrifying. It is already a third degree heretic…”

Bai Liu, who they always thought was soundly asleep, opened his eyes silently not long after they left. Bai Liu counted the seconds in his mind. The patrols here patrolled once every five minutes, which was almost 900 seconds.

Bai Liu took out the game manager coin from his neck and narrowed his eyes.

He had lost the inverse cross and scale and most of his special items had no way to be used in reality.

There was only one thing he could continue to use. Bai Liu had an item that met his core desire and could be used in reality—it was money.

This Magic Space item controlled people’s access but it couldn’t control the entry and exit of materials. In other words, money could freely enter and leave this space.

Then what if Bai Liu was also a piece of money?

The operating principle of an extraordinary-rated item that could trap people in and out of the game should be at the soul level. If Bai Liu left this Magic Space in the form of a soul banknote, would the space release him and be unable to trap him any longer?

Bai Liu slowly extracted a soul banknote from his pocket.

The soul banknote was imprinted with little Bai Liu (6)’s indifferent face. This was the banknote created by half of Bai Liu (6)’s soul being imprisoned in the wallet due to defaulting on a transaction in the last game.

Bai Liu looked down at the soul banknote. He lowered his head and smiled.

Then the only problem left was to let the patrols open the door for him.


15 minutes later, a patrolman opened the small window to check Bai Liu’s situation. The small window opened but it wasn’t the same as before. He didn’t see Bai Liu’s soundly sleeping side face but a steady stream of coins pouring out of the small window.

A few maos and banknotes mixed with various coins poured out of the small window. It seemed that this patrolman hadn’t opened a room that imprisoned the heretic Bai Liu but a coin delivery bin filled with coins.

Coins and banknotes were mixed together, flowing constantly through the small window and forming a stream of coins.

A banknote folded into a three-sided shape was also mixed in the stream that poured out.

This banknote wasn’t much different from the other banknotes, except for the fact that it wasn’t printed with the pattern of a normal banknote. However, this slight difference was completely covered up because it was folded into a three-sided shape.

The moment this banknote came out, Bai Liu lay on the coin mountain he had made and happily licked his mouth.

He realized he was out of the control of that space.

It was just that this ordinary patrolman was present. Bai Liu couldn’t directly enter the game. He had to leave this environment with many ‘onlookers.’

A patrolman hurriedly called his superiors through the communicator. “Reporting to the night watchman! Room 006 currently has many coins constantly pouring out and the heretic originally detained inside simply can’t be seen! He is submerged in coins!”

“What?!” The night watchman’s voice was surprised but he soon calmed down. “You open it to find the human heretic. Be sure to find him! Captain Tang has attached great importance to the human heretic and has applied the Heretic Number 2617, Magic Space, to this room. This heretic can control the entry and exit of people inside. You don’t have to be too nervous. I’ll transfer you to Captain Tang now!”

The patrolman nodded. “Okay, I will search!”

The moment the door opened, the patrolman’s transferred signal came through.

Tang Erda’s unprecedented stern cry came from the other end. “Don’t open it!”

Tang Erda gritted his teeth. “Once this person starts spending money, he must have a way to recover the money. He has found a way to escape!”

“Eh—?” The patrolman’s tone was a bit awkward. “I’ve already opened it? Still, it should be fine. There is 2617 and trapped creatures can’t easily get out—”

The patrolman with his back to the door of the room made a muffled noise. It was like something had fallen to the ground. Then the patrolman’s voice disappeared.

There was the sound of an electric current before Tang Erda heard the communicator being picked up again.

Bai Liu’s voice that contained a smile rang out in an unhurried manner from the other side of the phone. “Captain Tang, shall we talk about a deal?”

Tang Erda pressed down harder on the accelerator. Then he forced himself to calm down and talk to Bai Liu, delaying the other man’s time. “What deal? If you are talking about the solution of using money to buy the Rose Dry Leaf gas, we’ve already talked about this…”

He paused here and seemed very unwilling. “I can buy the solution for the Rose Dry Leaf gas at the original price if you swear that you won’t smuggle this thing back again! Nor can you do anything that seems like an accident that will spread the Rose Dry Leaf gas again!”

Soon, Tang Erda heard rapid footsteps and cries from the communicator. It was the base’s patrolmen who spotted the escaped Bai Liu. “A heretic has escaped!”

Bai Liu started running and the sound from the communicator shook and became noisy.

“Oh?” The chased Bai Liu wasn’t panicked at all and was still in the mood to chat with Tang Erda. He asked with considerable interest, “It sounds like I previously backtracked on the deal I made with you?”

Tang Erda closed his eyes. Once he heard this guy’s voice, blood surged and his forehead vein bulged.

Yes, Tang Erda hadn’t planned to trade the Rose Dry Leaf gas solution with Bai Liu from the beginning. It was because Bai Liu (6) reneged on his deal with them last time.

After being paid, Bai Liu (6) did help the Dangerous Heretics Handling Bureau deal with the Rose Dry Leaf gas.

However, Bai Liu (6)’s treatment plan was his exclusive patent and needed to be protected. He didn’t disclose the specific treatment method to the bureau. After dealing with all the people harmed by the Rose Dry Leaf gas at the time and under Su Yang’s insistence, he believed that Bai Liu (6) wasn’t guilty. Finally, he released Bai Liu (6).

Then a year later, the shut down production plant of the Rose Dry Leaf gas started again. Some people started to suffer from this thing. The Dangerous Heretics Handling Bureau had to go to Bai Liu (6), give him money and ask him for help.

Bai Liu (6) agreed. He was taken to the factory by the third team to investigate the exact cause.

Then the man walked to the top of the factory. He suddenly looked down, smiled and asked the team member in charge of guarding him, “Do you know what a gas made of roses smells like?”

The team member looked dazed. He didn’t understand what Bai Liu (6) was asking him.

Bai Liu (6) raised his hand to make a bomb explosion gesture. He smiled as if he was very happy. His eyebrows curved as he said, “Boom! Then you can all smell the burning smell of roses. It is very beautiful.”

The factory exploded in response.

Rose-colored smoke flooded the area with burning sparks and poured out in all directions.

Su Yang’s home was within range of the smoke explosion, which wiped out the entire third team.

That day, Tang Erda had led a team to inspect the perfume factory.

Tang Erda would never forget that when the explosion occurred, he was looking back at the factory to observe the large area of colorful rose fields in front of him. Then the moment the smoke spread, Tang Erda looked back and saw Bai Liu (6).

In the midst of the romantic rose red smoke, the wind and fire were burning together. The fragrance of roses was strong and spread all over the ground. This man stood at the top of the factory with rose petals flying. His hair and coat were shaken by the wind brought about by the explosion. It seemed that he would fall down with the roses in the next second.

He was so far away but Tang Erda remembered it very clearly. He saw Bai Liu (6) staring at him lazily, one hand in the pocket of his coat as he mouthed to Tang Erda, “Does it smell good, Captain Tang?”

Tang Erda took a deep breath and forced down these memories that had been blown to pieces.

He calmed down his boiling mood and continued to talk to Bai Liu, “As long as you don’t back out, I can make a deal with you. I can apply for a substantial amount of money.”

“I have to say that I’m really moved.” Bai Liu replied honestly. “However, you must be thinking right now that you are going to kill me the moment you get the solution from me? There is no better method to prevent me from reneging on the deal. Only the dead can never go back on their word.”

Tang Erda gritted his teeth tightly and glanced out the car window. He could see the circular building of the base. He was almost there!

“Captain Tang, it is clear that you care so much about me. Yet after catching me, you left me to stay in the room and wait all night.” Bai Liu’s tone was relaxed but Tang Erda could hear his fast-moving footsteps.

“This isn’t the action of a mature man. Let me guess who you went to behind my back?” Bai Liu’s tone was ambiguous and indifferent.

“You find it hard to control me and don’t want to trade the rose gas solution with me for money. It is because I’ve gone back on my word before. Therefore, you are looking for someone who can hold me back better than money.”

“Lu Yizhan.” Bai Liu spoke quietly. “You brought him, didn‘t you?”

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6 months ago

Mr. Tang, don’t you fncking dare lay a hand on our saint lu yizhan

2 days ago

you take away that dog leash and the mad dog will start biting wildly. Tang Erda you already saw the consequences…