GHG: Chapter 144

The moment Ji An released Liu Jiayi, Liu Jiayi’s expression immediately changed and she became the confused little girl who lost her father.

She seemed reluctant to part with Ji An’s warm embrace. She gently moved her arms to hug Ji An but she soon realized it was wrong. Thus, she let go again deftly and nervously.

Liu Jiayi let go of her hands and shyly pulled down her clothes. Tears were still hanging from her trembling eyelashes.

These small movements made Liu Jiayi look completely like a little girl who was very upset after losing her close relatives. This made Ji An’s expression soften.

Mu Sicheng saw all of this and his expression became even more complicated and strange, “……”

He didn’t think it was a surprise that Liu Huai was played by Liu Jiayi.

Liu Jiayi’s acting was worthy of an Oscar. The child went from brewing emotions to crying in less than a second.

Mu Sicheng wanted to wake up Ji An. The little girl she thought was pitiful and lovely jumped down from the sixth floor without blinking just three minutes ago. Did she think this little girl would go all the way to a policeman’s house and find his wife just because the little girl didn’t have a father?

In addition, this little girl’s original plan was to kidnap and threaten Ji An’s husband to have him tell them where Bai Liu was.

Now seeing Ji An trying to appease Liu Jiayi, a chill went down Mu Sicheng’s back and he couldn’t help rubbing his arms.

This was terrible! What type of people had Bai Liu found for the team?!

“I rarely get involved in Su Yang’s work. His work is highly confidential and I don’t know what he is doing.” Ji An was coaxed by Liu Jiayi. She was still wary but her tone started to relax. “However, I can ask for you. If he is willing to speak, I can help give you the address. You are relatives of the prisoner and should be able to visit the prison.”

“If it is your father who is caught, who is this man who came with you?” Ji An looked at Mu Sicheng suspiciously.

Before Mu Sicheng could open his mouth, Liu Jiayi quickly answered, “He is my father’s friend.”

Ji An was ready to ask a few questions when there was a knock on the door again.

Mu Sicheng quickly touched Liu Jiayi’s hand. Before Ji An could react, they entered the baby’s room and locked the door.

Ji An anxiously knocked twice and shook the handle. She couldn’t open it. The key to the baby’s room was still in Mu Sicheng’s hand!

She couldn’t get in from outside unless Mu Sicheng opened the door.

Liu Jiayi’s weak voice came from inside in a timid manner. “Big Sister, as long as you help ask about my father Bai Liu, we won’t hurt your child. I swear.”

Ji An’s panic slightly weakened when she thought about how Liu Jiayi saved her child and Mu Sicheng saved her. She stood in front of the baby’s room for a long time before she was ready and opened the door.

This time it wasn’t Su Yang.

The person standing outside the door was a young man who was dressed very simply.

Ji An knew the watch on the young man’s hand. She had seen it on a TV show and it was said to cost millions. The young man’s appearance was exquisite, his clothes were carefully taken care of and there was a pair of well-made glasses on the bridge of his nose. He wasn’t very tall but he gave people a domineering momentum at first glance.

The man looked almost as tall as her and didn’t feel very aggressive. Ji An, who had already experienced a night attack, was much calmer. There was also an adult male hiding in the baby’s room that didn’t look like he had low strength.

Ji An settled down and looked at the man outside the door. “Can I ask who you are?”

“My name is Mu Ke.” Mu Ke bowed politely to Ji An. Then he straightened and looked at Ji An, asking politely, “This is Su Yang’s home. Are you Su Yang’s lover?”

Mu Ke was wearing black leather gloves and carried two black briefcases locked with a code.

“I am.” Ji An nodded hesitantly as she looked at the briefcases carried by Mu Ke. “What do you want with him?”

Mu Ke held up a briefcase and turned the password lock a few times. Then he opened it slightly to let Ji An take a look. It was a briefcase full of gold bars.

Ji An looked at Mu Ke with astonishment. “This is?!”

“Can I go in and talk to you?” Mu Ke shook the briefcases in his hands and smiled politely. “After all, these two briefcases that your husband wants aren’t light. It also isn’t very safe for me to be standing outside the door and carrying this.”

Ji An stepped aside and let Mu Ke in. “Please come in.”

The bright golden light that she had seen just flashed in her mind. Ji An was still a bit dizzy when she sat down. She never dreamed that someone would come to her with two briefcases of gold bars in the middle of the night!

“What do you mean by saying that these two briefcases are what my husband wants?” Ji An asked sharply.

“You should ask your husband.” Mu Ke sat on the sofa, his hands on his knees as he smiled at the opposite Ji An. “Ask him why he condoned his team members arresting an ordinary person who hasn’t committed any crime at all and then came to me, the ordinary man’s rich friend, to ask for a sky-high bail?”

“No way.” Ji An didn’t hesitate to deny it. “Su Yang wouldn’t do such a thing!”

Su Yang hadn’t done such a thing but this didn’t prevent Mu Ke from presupposing that he had done such a thing and using it to set up Ji An.

“Did he really not do it?” Mu Ke’s eyes were lukewarm and the smile on his face remained steady. “Then why was my friend arrested? At around 10 o’clock this evening, Su Yang’s team members came to my villa and warned me to pay the bail quickly, or they would arrest me as an accomplice.”

Ji An clenched her hands and bit her lower lip.

Tonight at 10 o’clock, Su Yang had called her to say that the team members were suddenly going to a rich area for a special task that was given temporarily.

Su Yang’s tone was very frustrated when he said he couldn’t come back at night. He said his captain had them arrest people despite there being no clear clues in the case.

Why start arresting people before the case was clear?

Su Yang also said their captain hadn’t been right recently. They captured a lot of people who hadn’t done anything…

Her eyes fell on the two briefcases of gold bars on the table. Mu Ke opened the briefcases and the golden light immediately spread in Ji An’s vision.

Then Ji An quickly took back her gaze like she had been scalded. Her fists clenched and she stood up, nervously pacing back and forth in the room.

“Impossible!” Ji An’s chest moved up and down and she closed her eyes in order to not look at the gold bars on the tea table and Mu Ke on the sofa. “Su Yang isn’t such a person! Take away the gold bars!”

“What is your recent economic situation? This second-hand apartment isn’t very safe. You have long planned to change to a new house but your funds can’t keep up. After all, a newborn requires too much money.”

Even with her eyes closed, Mu Ke’s voice clearly entered Ji An’s ears. “The birth of a child will make your thoughts and values start to change. Aren’t you very different after becoming a mother? For the sake of your child, you are willing to do many things you didn’t want to do before, right?”

Ji An’s breathing became fast and her fingernails embedded deeply into the palm of her hands.

“How can you be sure that your husband hasn’t changed?” Mu Ke’s voice sank and his tone became persuasive. “Even if he hasn’t changed, what if his boss has changed? What if the people around him have changed? Maybe he didn’t do these things willingly but everyone else did it and he had to work with them. Isn’t this type of thing very common?”

“However, I don’t blame him for doing it. He didn’t do it deliberately.” Mu Ke pushed the two briefcases of gold bars on the table toward Ji An. “I believe your lover is a man of integrity so I won’t tell anyone as long as you accept the gold bars and give me some information to let me know where my friend is. I will never mention it again and you will help Su Yang do the right thing. You will save an innocent person.”

Mu Ke pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose and smiled. “I think it is a worthwhile amount of money. It is a good deal for me and I’m sure Su Yang will feel the same way.”

Ji An’s breathing was very fast. Her hands hanging on both sides of her body clenched so fast and her closed eyes started to tremble.

“You just have to ask Su Yang and give me Bai Liu’s information.” Mu Ke whispered. “I can continue to raise the price until you are satisfied. I have driven over a car of gold bars and we can talk slowly all night.”

Ji An’s eyes widened as she looked at Mu Ke. “Who did you just say that you wanted to save?”

Before Mu Ke could repeat the name ‘Bai Liu’ again, the door of the baby’s room opened. Liu Jiayi and Mu Sicheng, who were leaning against the wall with folded arms, raised their eyebrows and looked at Mu Ke. “You came quite quickly.”


At 1 o’clock in the morning, a tired Su Yang came home.

The moment the door was opened, he released his strength and buried himself in Ji An’s shoulder. “Wife, I’m home.”

However, the relaxation lasted less than a second. Su Yang soon vigilantly straightened up from Ji An’s shoulder and looked around. “Has someone been in the house today?”

The room was in the wrong state and some things were moved.

Ji An smiled reluctantly. “…The air conditioner outside the baby’s room broke and almost fell down. I asked someone to fix it.”

“That’s it…” Su Yang relaxed again and his tone was full of apologies as he kissed Ji An’s hair. “Sorry, I let you live in this second-hand place. Once I finish the task this time, we will have enough money to change houses.”

Where could he get such a large sum of money for a new house?

Ji An wanted to ask but in the end, she just silently lowered her head and leaned against Su Yang’s shoulder, whispering, “There is nothing to be sorry about.”

Su Yang didn’t notice Ji An’s strangeness. He unbuttoned his coat and went straight to the baby’s room. Then he stupidly stuck his head inside the crib toward his little daughter’s face. He made a gurgling noise to play with his daughter.

Ji An saw Su Yang’s silly appearance. After a night of ups and downs that made her want to collapse, Ji An couldn’t help crying.

Su Yang turned around to see Ji An secretly wiping her tears. He walked over in a helpless and distressed mood, hugging Ji An and kissing her forehead. “I made you worry for so long, This is the nature of my work. You shouldn’t wait up. Your body can’t stand it and you should go to sleep.”

Ji An shook her head. She pressed down Su Yang’s shoulders and placed her hands on his temples to give him a relaxing massage. “I can’t stand it but can you stand it?”

Su Yang was completely relaxed under Ji An’s massage. He lay on the chair and closed his eyes, his breathing quickly becoming uniform.

However, Ji An knew that Su Yang wasn’t asleep yet. He had just entered a dreamlike state.

Generally, Su Yang’s defensive awareness would be very low at this time. Ji An lowered her voice and pretended to casually ask, “You were working overtime tonight. Who were you arresting? How come it happened so suddenly? You were going home for dinner but ended up working overtime until 1 o’clock in the morning.”

Su Yang frowned but didn’t open his eyes. “I actually think this person shouldn’t have been arrested. However, Captain Tang used his privilege to arrest the person. I don’t understand the reason because there is no core evidence he has committed a crime. It does seem that this person is involved but not to the point of being detained.”

“Recently, Captain Tang has been asking us to catch people despite there being no core evidence at all and no traces of subsequent crimes.” Su Yang sighed. “Moreover, he is in a very poor condition. He often drinks and gets drunk. He had a quarrel with me tonight and the team members also think he is a bit out of line.”

“Previously, he wasn’t like this…” Su Yang started to fall asleep and his words were a bit confused. “Still, I believe in Captain Tang. After all, he is doing this for our own good. If the person is like Captain Tang said then once he is arrested, we won’t need to work so hard in future…”

Ji An completely confirmed her thoughts and slowly let out a breath. She put down her hands that were massaging Su Yang, her eyes firm.

Once Su Yang was asleep, Ji An lightly got out of the double bed. She took Su Yang’s work permit and key from the work jacket hanging behind her, opened the window of the baby’s room and threw them downstairs.

Then Ji An closed the window with a calm face. She turned around, kissed the baby and left the room as if nothing had happened.

Two black leather briefcases were hidden at the edge of the crib.


Mu Sicheng, who was already waiting downstairs, looked at the fallen work permit and key. He sniffed the smell on it and wiped his nose a few times in disgust. Then he smiled. “I don’t know what is on this thing but the smell is really big enough. Let’s go. I remember his smell.”

Mu Ke had already called a number. He looked at Mu Sicheng and Liu Jiayi and shook his mobile phone. “I contacted the hacker and he has connected to the GPS. He can find out where this person has been.”

“Let’s go and find the car.”

The author has something to say:

6: I heard that someone used two briefcases of gold bars to rescue me?

Mu Ke (proudly standing tall): It’s me!

6 (squinting): Who told you that I am worth two briefcases of gold bars? You can only spend 100 yuan at most on saving me.

Mu Ke: ……

Mu Sicheng: ……

Liu Jiayi: Bai Liu, you can be less ridiculous. That isn’t even enough for the damn taxi fare to and from the base!

Mu Ke (panicked and blaming himself): I drove a car of gold bars. Did I do something wrong?

Liu Jiayi (snarling at Mu Ke): Don’t just follow Bai Liu’s words and start blaming yourself! Be more assertive, Mu Ke! You are an adult!

Proofreader: Purichan

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