GHG: Chapter 142

Liu Jiayi asked, “What is the identity of this Rose Hunter? I didn’t see him in the league player profiles but if he can turn off his small TV, he must be in the top 100 players. Even so, I’ve never heard of such a strange player in the top 100.”

“It is because he isn’t a stable player in the top 100. Now his ranking has dropped and you newcomers might not know him. However, he was in the top three players a few years back.”

Wang Shun took out his notepad, turned a few pages on it and showed the information to Mu Sicheng and Liu Jiayi. “Do you see? He is a Gunner league player.”

“Gunner league player?” Mu Sicheng had a headache after hearing this. “What do you mean?”

Wang Shun explained, “It means that the Rose Hunter is a player who doesn’t have a guild. He is alone and doesn’t team up with anyone. He seems to reject acting as a group so no player knows when he will enter the game. However, he will participate in the league every year.”

“We all know that the league requires five people to sign up. One person can’t participate alone. Therefore, the Rose Hunter will choose a guild during the league period and will leave this guild after the league is over. He is a mobile league player, also known as a ‘hired gun’. If a guild wants a foreign aid with strong individual combat capabilities, they will pay a high price to hire the Rose Hunter to join their team.”

Mu Sicheng wondered, “What guild is he in now?”

Wang Shun shook his head. “Currently, he isn’t in a guild. The Rose Hunter hasn’t participated in the league for two years. He hasn’t appeared no matter how high the price of the guilds who want to hire him.”

“The Rose Hunter has always been a ghost. He blocked others from following his small TV and also changed his appearance to cover himself up. If he doesn’t want to come out then almost no guild can find him. It is normal that you haven’t heard his name.”

“Do you have any definite information about him?” Liu Jiayi stared straight at Wang Shun. “He is likely to be the one who took Bai Liu.”

Wang Shun shook his head with a sigh. “His firewall is thick. I have seen him several times but I failed to steal his information.”

Liu Jiayi bit her lower lip.

Then Wang Shun paused and changed his words. “I once tried to steal a bit of his inner information. It was in the league two years ago. The Rose Hunter came very late and seemed to be in a bad state. He naturally lost the game to the opponent. At that time, I thought this was an opportunity I could take advantage of so I waited for the Rose Hunter at the exit.”

Mu Sicheng heard this and his expression changed as he realized something. “F*k, Wang Shun, did you want to take the opportunity to steal information from Bai Liu’s mind when you went to find him at the exit while he was in the very low mental value state?”

Wang Shun pretended not to hear Mu Sicheng’s accusations and continued speaking, frowning as he recalled it.

“I remember that the Rose Hunter had the strong smell of alcohol and stumbled out of the exit. The system panel wasn’t turned off and it was open directly. There was a system notification on it. I pretended to be passing by and used my skill.”

Wang Shun took a deep breath. “I have never seen such strange brain information. People’s brains are very strange. They usually think about themselves, whether it is their life address, appearance, career desire, etc. Meanwhile, the Rose Hunter was different. He had only one name in his head and it densely filled his head.”

Wang Shun turned to that page in his notebook.

The notebook looked like it had been written by a crazy person. One name filled the whole page.

[Su Yang]

Su Yang Su Yang Su Yang Su Yang—!!!

It was like someone who was drowning and grabbing the last straw in pain. He yelled out the name of the person he missed and wanted.

Wang Shun silently turned to another page in the notebook which read:

[You’ve finally got the happiness you want. It is great that you are engaged.]

[Should my timeline end here at the happiest moment in your time and space? After all, this is what I want. It has finally come true.]

[Once I eliminate the source of all the hidden dangers, I, the heretic, will go away from you and take away all the factors that will endanger your happiness.]

Wang Shun raised his head to look at Liu Jiayi and Mu Sicheng. “I also saw the system notification on his panel that day.”

“The system notification said: Congratulations to the player on the change in your core desire. The skill identity has changed and Rose Hunter has turned into Withered Rose Hunter.”

Liu Jiayi and Mu Sicheng looked at each other. “Do you know any other information on this Su Yang?”

Wang Shun nodded. “The Rose Hunter’s mind was full of information about this Su Yang. Every time he thinks of this Su Yang, his firewall is full of gaps. I have found out many things. I will organize the information about Su Yang for you…”


The Mu family’s villa.

It didn’t take long for Father Mu’s phone to ring again. It was a network phone and it was obviously the hacker who contacted him.

Father Mu made a calming gesture at Mu Ke, who stood up suddenly and stared at him.

He exchanged a few words on the phone before covering the receiver and turning to Mu Ke. “I found the information of those people but they don’t have any obvious financial distress and they are very loyal to the organization. It is difficult to impress them with money.”

The moment Mu Ke’s expression changed, he heard his father continue speaking, “There are no such people among the portraits you sent but I found someone related to those people. He just had a baby in the family and it is the baby’s one month birthday. The expenditure has suddenly become very large. You can try using this person as the entry point.”

Mu Ke asked, “What is the name of this man?”

Father Mu Ke looked at Mu Ke. “Su Yang.”


At 10:30 p.m., the Jianshe Main Road.

The lights from thousands of households were going out at this time. Only the street lights flashed brightly. This was a rather old neighborhood. The people who lived here were middle-aged or elderly people with regular schedules. There were hardly any pedestrian lights here.

Yet in the apartment on the corner, there was still a room with a light on. Looking through the gaps in the curtains lit by the bright light, the freshly bathed mistress of the house could be seen gazing gently at the child in the crib. She rocked it gently with her hand and hummed an unknown nursery rhyme.

She seemed to have some inconvenience when moving. She sat on a cushion, arching her back from time to time. She started to suffer from a backache so she frowned and leaned back, as if she was going to hold something to stand up.

Yet the moment she moved, the baby in the crib started to make a sound like she was going to cry. Her hands and feet waved wildly because of anxiety and she tried to grab her mother’s fingers.

Thus, she sat back helplessly. She leaned against the side of the crib and looked at the baby in the crib with a sigh and a contented smile on her face. “What’s wrong today? Why are you so clingy that you don’t want me to go? Why don’t you feel like sleeping well?”

She squeezed the tip of the baby’s nose lightly with her thumb. The baby’s eyelids moved and she sneezed a few times.

Suddenly, there was a knock. She stood up with some joy, turning her head to kiss the baby’s face. “Your father is finally back!”

The door opened and Ji An’s joyous cry that burst out from her throat stopped. “You’re ba—”

She looked at the little girl standing outside with amazement.

It was a thin little girl with a strange gray color to her eyes. She was wearing thin clothes for this season and looked well-behaved and fragile. She had a sweet face that was like a doll. She looked at the other person timidly but her words were very polite. “Excuse me, Big Sister. I can’t see and I seem to have gone the wrong way. This isn’t my house?”

The blind little girl who was lost made Ji An relax her vigilance.

She had just given birth to a child and it was a time when she was full of excessive care for all children. Her tone and expression softened as she crouched down to communicate with the little girl face to face. “Where do you live? Do you have the phone number of your parents? I will call them to pick you up.”

The little girl shook her head. Her fingers twisted in front of her and her voice was weak. “I-I don’t remember.”

Ji An’s motherly care grew even more. “It doesn’t matter. What are your parents’ names? Tell me and see if I know them. I have to say, how can they let you run outside so late at night?”

The little girl looked up and said in a serious tone, “My father’s name is Su Yang. Can you help me find him?”

Ji An stood up slowly in a doubtful manner. “This is Su Yang’s home. How can your father be my husband?”

The little girl, Liu Jiayi, instantly regained her expressionless face. She put down her hands and waved one behind her. “I found it. This is the place. Mu Sicheng, do it.”

Ji An finally realized that something was wrong and took two steps back vigilantly. She wanted to close the door but found she couldn’t pull it. Then a tall young man walked out.

This young man was taller than Ji An and there were exaggerated monkey headphones hanging around his neck. He just had to raise his arm and press it loosely to the door and Ji An couldn’t pull it any longer.

Mu Sicheng looked at Ji An with indifferent eyes. “Tell Su Yang to come out.”

Ji An instinctively wanted to take out her phone to call the police but her pocket was empty.

Immediately afterward, Ji An was breathless as she looked at the young man opposite her who was holding a pink phone and looking at her with a raised eyebrow, “Are you looking for this?”

“When did you steal it?” Ji An was about to collapse. “Who the hell are you people?!”

The author has something to say:

My friend: Seeing +1 and 4 here, they really seem to be villains. It makes me want to call the police to arrest them. Police uncle, it is these two people!

Author: Suppose the policeman who comes is Lu Yizhan. What do you think?

Friend: F*k, I’m desperate. This is a criminal chain! It is worthy of you, 6! Did you even expect this?

Proofreader: Purichan

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