GHG: Chapter 141

The Mu family’s villa.

Mu Ke took a deep breath and looked at Father Mu who had just hung up the phone. “Dad, did the professional hacker you hired find the location of this group of people? Who the hell are they?”

“No.” His father frowned as if thinking. “The other side is protected very strictly. There is no way to locate the specific address.”

Mu Ke’s eyes shifted to the left and right. This was the action he made when he thought quickly. Then he soon raised his head again. “Can you find it if it is the information of a specific person, not the base address of the other group?”

Father Mu spoke into the phone in English before turning to Mu Ke. “Yes, but we need specific information such as the phone number, name or photos. However, we don’t have this. They turned on the shielding when they came and we couldn’t take photos. The surveillance also malfunctioned and they wore very tight masks…”

“I can draw them.” Mu Ke interrupted Father Mu, looking at his father with surprisingly bright eyes. “The 3D facial bone structure should be able to scan their specific identity. I can restore this.”

Father Mu was quiet. “Just a few minutes ago, did you memorize everyone’s face and bone structure?”

“Yes, Dad.”

Father Mu whispered a few words into the phone before looking at Mu Ke. “Yes. Do you have any information that needs special attention?”

“Are there any people in urgent need of money or have bad hobbies such as drinking or gambling? Or is there anyone who got married, is about to have children or has elderly people who aren’t well at home?”

Mu Ke’s words were quick. “Anyone who is about to have a large expenditure will do. I need someone who can be easily moved by money or external materials to give me information.”

His father made an ‘understood’ gesture to Mu Ke. He explained to the person on the phone before hanging up.

He turned with a complicated expression to look at Mu Ke, who was breathing very heavily with his chest moving up and down. “This Bai Liu has done many other things besides saving you. Xiao Ke, must you be involved with him?”

“It isn’t that I have to get involved with him.” Mu Ke slowly opened his eyes, his voice full of breathlessness that made him weak. “Dad, he made me feel that I am still alive. If he dies, my soul will die with him. He is very important to me.”

Father Mu was silent for a moment before patting Mu Ke on the shoulder. “I’ll help you. You need cash, right? I’ll get it for you now. How much do you want?”

“It depends on how much money these people who came to catch me will be moved by,” Mu Ke answered calmly.


Inside the Kings Guild.

Wang Shun looked at his system in bewilderment as it received a red notice.

[System notification: A senior authority player of the Kings Guild has sent you an anonymous invitation to meet at the game’s entrance.]

[Meeting Code: Long time no see, old friend.]

An invitation from a senior authority player was something that a middle-level player of the guild couldn’t refuse.

Wang Shun came to the entrance of the game doubtfully but didn’t see any high level guild players he was familiar with. The only familiar person was Mu Sicheng.

Mu Sicheng also saw him and waved to him with a smile. “Long time no see, old friend.”

Wang Shun reflexively raised his hand in greeting only to realize what happened.

Wang Shun felt something touch his back. This made Wang Shun raise both hands before his brain realized this was the game hall where players couldn’t hurt each other.

A little girl’s sweet, smiling voice came from behind him. “Don’t worry. I can’t hurt you here but this is the game entrance. I can force you into the game where I can do what I want to you, Wang Shun.”

Wang Shun’s back instantly became wet with sweat. He recognized the voice and bowed respectfully, lowering his hands. “Little Witch, the Queen of Hearts is looking for you. We can discuss anything you want. I will serve you unconditionally. After all, you are an important player in our team but would you like to talk to Queen of Hearts first?”

“The queen doesn’t seem to be in a good mood because of you.”

Wang Shun’s words were obviously an implicit threat toward Liu Jiayi using Hearts. However, Liu Jiayi wasn’t moved at all. She merely laughed and pushed Wang Shun toward Mu Sicheng.

Mu Sicheng wrapped an arm around Wang Shun’s neck like he was very familiar with Wang Shun but in fact, he was dragging Wang Shun to a corner.

Mu Sicheng dragged Wang Shun to a corner and placed him against the wall, hand slowly tightening around Wang Shun’s neck and his tone very cold. “We want to ask you a question. It is the specific information of the Withered Rose Hunter. What is his name, where does he live and what is his core desire to enter the game? You should know this with your skills, right?”

“Cough.” Wang Shun knew he wouldn’t be killed but the feeling of being choked made him very uncomfortable.

The pressure exerted by Mu Sicheng was so heavy that it made Wang Shun feel suffocated, despite not being able to be hurt. He grabbed Mu Sicheng’s wrist and tried to remove it, but he couldn’t do so.

Wang Shun started to cough and his voice became hoarse. “I can’t tell you. This is treason!”

“Rebel against your guild now or I will kill you in the game. Choose one.” Mu Sicheng lifted Wang Shun by the throat, his eyes cold and cruel. “I don’t want to waste too much time on you. Will you say it or not?”

Liu Jiayi cocked her head with her hands behind her back, her tone sweet. “I haven’t taken you through a level two game yet. Wang Shun, do you want me to take you this time?”

Where was she going to take him? Hell?

Wang Shun looked into Mu Sicheng’s eyes. A strong surge of emotions formed a black whirlpool. He felt himself get caught up in it and there was an inevitable dizziness. Mu Sicheng would really look for a chance to kill him in the game.

“Cough! Put me down first! Put me down before I can talk to you!” Under Wang Shun’s strong pulling, Mu Sicheng finally took back his hand.

He loosely put his hands in the pockets of his sportswear jacket and glanced contemptuously at Wang Shun who was crouching on the ground and coughing awkwardly. “I didn’t even touch you.”

‘However, I was frightened by you.’ Wang Shun couldn’t express such shameful words.

Due to his ‘know everything’ exploration skills, Wang Shun was more sensitive to other people’s emotions than ordinary people. Just now, the strong malice from Liu Jiayi and Mu Sicheng made him shudder. He chose to confess in a timely manner.

“I don’t know all the specific information of the person whose skill identity is called Withered Rose Hunter,” Wang Shun said as he calmed down.

Mu Sicheng glared fiercely. He took his hands out of his jacket and just when he looked like he was going to start acting again, Wang Shun sensitively took two steps back and continued quickly, “However, I know some information that you might find useful.”

Mu Sicheng quickly asked, “What news?”

Wang Shun put his hands in front of his chest to prevent Mu Sicheng from grabbing him. “My personal skill is called ‘Know Everything.’ Its role is to explore the other person’s basic information but this skill isn‘t omnipotent. I can’t find all the information at any time. Certain conditions need to be met.”

Mu Sicheng started to become a bit impatient. “What conditions? Get to the point!”

Wang Shun’s eyes wandered. “To me, everyone is like a computer while I’m a hacker. If I need to steal information from the computer, I have to cross the other person’s inner firewall.”

“However, everyone’s firewall security level is different. If the other person’s emotions and attention are in different stages, the strength of the firewall is different. I will take God Mu as an example. Before, I couldn’t easily steal your inner information because your emotions and attention were very focused and stable. Your firewall was solid and firm, making it hard for me to steal your information.”

Liu Jiayi heard this and her pupils shrank. She suddenly turned her head to Mu Sicheng and shouted, “You idiot! Calm down! He is going to steal the information from your head!”

“Huh?” Before Mu Sicheng could respond, he had already been taken away by Wang Shun.

“Now there is a gap in your attention—” Wang Shun’s eyes changed. He quickly pulled out a notebook from his system panel. “I’m sorry, God Mu.”

The notepad was like a computer terminal displaying code. It was suddenly filled with a lot of characters.

Wang Shun glanced at it quickly. Before Mu Sicheng could grab him again, he saw the information in the notebook. Mu Sicheng gritted his teeth and pushed Wang Shun up against the wall. “You f*king—”

Wang Shun exhaled and quickly raised his hands. It was a gesture of surrender. He looked at Mu Sicheng in a determined manner.

“You are going to save Bai Liu, aren’t you? He has been arrested. If you want to do this, perhaps we can talk about terms.”

“Put him down.” Liu Jiayi gave a command in an expressionless manner. “We have lost the initiative.”

Mu Sicheng gritted his teeth and finally released his hand.

Wang Shun fell to the ground and patted the dust that didn’t exist on his body. He stood up and said, “I can tell you the information I know but I need you to give me a guarantee when you save Bai Liu.”

Liu Jiayi asked, “What guarantee?”

“If I am judged as a traitor to the Kings Guild for giving you too much information, I know too much so the queen will try every means to kill me.” Wang Shun smiled bitterly. “It would be good if Bai Liu can accept me and protect me at that time.”

“…You only need this guarantee?” Liu Jiayi frowned. “You are willing to take the risk of rebellion to help us save Bai Liu? You do know what rebellion means, right?”

“No one knows better than me.”

Wang Shun took a deep breath. “I helped the Kings Guild screen many potential newcomers. I used my skills to help them seize the inner desire of these newcomers and then coax them into joining. I have seen too many newcomers who found they were deceived after joining and rebelled.”

“Most of these rebel players disappeared in the game.” Wang Shun fell silent.

Liu Jiayi looked up at Wang Shun. “So why are you helping us?”

Wang Shun answered, “It is because Bai Liu is my favorite player out of all the players I’ve screened so far. I have never broken his firewall.”

He spoke in a very complicated and sincere tone, “I am looking forward to the day when he becomes a god.”

“…So you are Bai Liu’s fan?” Mu Sicheng looked at Wang Shun in a strange manner.

Wang Shun shrugged indifferently and smiled. “You can understand it like that. I am his first loyal viewer. I hope to see his TV stay on until the end, even beating the Kings Guild.”

“For this purpose, you must do a great job of taking him from the hands of the Withered Rose Hunter.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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Little monkey
Little monkey
2 years ago

If Tawil keeps being so distant, I’m starting to think mumu is a better love candidate (≧▽≦)

2 years ago

Mu Ke’s father must think his son is such a romantic and very dedicated to his boyfriend lmaoo 😭

Also yay Wang Shun!!! Here from day 1 and finally entering the group!!

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1 year ago

I like how you could legit mistake any male companion as the ML except for the actual ML. Also im still on my Mu Sicheng/Liu Huai agenda. Death itself won’t stop me

1 year ago

It seems his dad approved

26 days ago

lol I get why it was mentioned Tawil is the gong now, hmmm so many good men to pick BL~