GHG: Chapter 140

Inside the game.

Liu Jiayi met Mu Sicheng at the game entrance. They had just experienced the death of Liu Huai, the same person with a special meaning to them. Liu Huai’s death made the atmosphere between them stagnant and stiff. There was numbness on their faces but the current situation didn’t allow them to be silent for too long.

Finally, Mu Sicheng was the first to open his mouth. He said a bit stiffly, “I received a text message from Bai Liu. Did you also receive it?”

The blind Liu Jiayi tried to resist the urge to roll her eyes and silently pointed at her eyes.

Mu Sicheng coughed awkwardly. “I forgot that you can’t see. You don’t act like a blind person in the game. How did Bai Liu inform you that something was wrong so that you entered the game?”

“He didn’t tell me that he was going to have an accident. He just let me enter the game at night.” Liu Jiayi’s tone was very light. “Then suddenly, a group of people came to catch me at night. They moved too much and I could hear them very well. I found something was wrong and retreated into the game immediately. Sure enough, the group of people who came to catch me tonight had something to do with Bai Liu. What happened to him?”

Mu Sicheng read the message that Bai Liu sent him to Liu Jiayi.

Liu Jiayi frowned and thought about it. “The hunter and the rose. If it is this name, I might have some clues… I might know who this person is.”

“What clues?” Mu Sicheng couldn’t react for a moment. He couldn‘t keep up with Liu Jiayi’s thinking. How could she infer who caught Bai Liu just by listening to a text message?

He frowned and looked at Liu Jiayi. “You know the hunter who took Bai Liu.”

“I’m not sure if it is definitely this person but when I participated in the training of the Kings Guild’s league team, Hearts gave me an extraordinary rated item called Magic Space.” Liu Jiayi looked up at Mu Sicheng with foggy eyes. “Extraordinary rated items are usually from level three games and can only be produced by collecting all the pages of the monster book. It is difficult to get them. Among the items rewarded by level three games that I found on the market, there is no such Magic Space.”

“It shows there is a good chance that the level three game that produces this Magic Space is likely to have not been developed yet. Of course, there is another possibility.” Liu Jiayi paused. “It is a very difficult and rare possibility.”

Mu Sicheng’s expression was stiff at Liu Jiayi’s words. “There is a possibility that someone alone collected the monster book of a level three game and turned off the small TV, so that we can’t find the relevant information of this level 3 game. There is no instance clearance video when the small TV is turned off. Otherwise, a video of a level 3 game being cleared will definitely enter the VIP library.”

“Yet if this is the case…” Mu Sicheng couldn’t help a chill going down his spine. He pulled at his hair with irritation. “F*k, regardless of whether it is a level three single player game or multiplayer game, this person’s individual combat ability is too terrible. One person passing through a level three game and collecting the monster book… is this the person who took Bai Liu? Do you know?”

“I’m not sure if he is the one who took Bai Liu but I think he has something to do with Hearts. She said that this item was obtained from an old player with a strange skill identity.” Liu Jiayi looked at Mu Sicheng and her tone was dark. “The player’s skill identity is ‘Withered Rose Hunter’.”

“Che.” Mu Sicheng’s brow tightened so much that he could catch a fly. “It matches the message that Bai Liu sent to me.”

“Still, it doesn’t matter how awesome this Withered Hunter player is in the game. Bai Liu just needs to find an opportunity to avoid his surveillance and enter the game. At the very least, this hunter has no way to hurt Bai Liu in the central hall. Damn, why does Bai Liu keep provoking such powerful people?”

“Unfortunately, Bai Liu’s luck value of 0 is worthy of its reputation.” Liu Jiayi commented. “I thought it was bad enough that he met me in the third game. I didn’t expect him to have even worse luck.”

Liu Jiayi added calmly, “Unfortunately, I don’t think Bai Liu will be able to enter the game.”

Mu Sicheng asked, “What do you mean? Why can’t he enter the game? Players can enter the game at any time as long as there are no onlookers. I don’t think the hunter can trap Bai Liu in reality.”

A system panel popped up in front of Liu Jiayi and she showed it to Mu Sicheng.

[Item Name: Magic Space]

[Item Description: You can control a space designated by you, letting the person you want to enter and the person you want to leave. I’m sorry to say that this item has dropped and was picked up by the player Bai Liu. You can’t use the item for the time being.]

“Generally speaking, players can enter the game at any time without the presence of ‘onlookers’, i.e. ordinary people who haven’t entered the game. Yet apart from that, there is a way to control players so they can’t enter the game.”

Liu Jiayi looked at Mu Sicheng. “It is to use items in reality. If Hearts got the extraordinary item Magic Space from the Withered Rose Hunter, it proves that the level 3 game has been cleared by the hunter. This means—”

Liu Jiayi’s tone was flat. “As long as the level 3 game is refreshed once and the hunter passed it, he will have a Magic Space. He is even rich enough to exchange his own Magic Space to the Kings Guild, which proves that he is an old player with a lot of items. Bai Liu is likely to be trapped by him using items.”

Mu Sicheng also thought of this and his expression was dark. “Still, apart from the core items to realize your wish, isn’t it generally impossible to use items casually in reality?”

Liu Jiayi put away the panel and replied to Mu Sicheng in a lukewarm manner, “What if this person’s core desire is related to Bai Liu?”

“It can’t be so coincidental…”

Mu Sicheng’s tone weakened at Liu Jiayi’s blank expression. He gritted his teeth and muttered, “Bai Liu, you unlucky basta*d!”

“You and I both know what Bai Liu’s luck value is. So when considering situations involving him, it is better to think of the worst case scenario.“ Liu Jiayi rummaged through her items warehouse while talking to Mu Sicheng. “We have been in the game for so long and Bai Liu hasn’t come to meet us. He said he would enter the game in the evening and he rarely goes back on his word. It seems that the situation I mentioned has happened.”

“Let’s go.” Liu Jiayi found dark goggles that were a bit big for her and put them on. Her face was covered by the exaggerated goggles as she turned to look at Mu Sicheng. “Go and save the bad luck guy who is always involved in trouble.”

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi has worn the item ‘Blizzard Goggles’ that allows her to maintain clear eyesight in extreme weather conditions such as a blizzard. It will become ineffective when damaged.]

“However, we don’t know the real identity of this hunter, where he is or how to find him and Bai Liu who was caught by him,” Mu Sicheng spoke with a frown.

“I don’t know these things.” Liu Jiayi pushed the oversized goggles on her face. “But for players who have dealt with the Kings Guild, I know there is an individual who has definitely investigated his real life information.”

Mu Sicheng stared at Liu Jiayi before instantly reacting. “Wang Shun!”

“I am still a senior player in the Kings Guild and I can find him. The problem isn’t how to find Wang Shun.” Liu Jiayi took a deep breath. “If Hearts finds out that I am looking for Wang Shun for Bai Liu, it will become troublesome. Bai Liu is part of another guild and my actions will be a betrayal of the guild. This woman won’t let me live well…”

Mu Sicheng sneered. “Has she ever let you live well?”

Liu Jiayi was silent for a moment before suddenly sighing. “It was good. She used me but at least she let me live safely until now.”

“There is nothing wrong with being used.”

The sneer on Mu Sicheng’s face became very sarcastic. “Oh, you think it is good so you also used Liu…”

Liu Jiayi turned to look at him and Mu Sicheng stopped speaking.

The expression on Liu Jiayi’s face was a shocking indifference. It was like she had been so tortured by despair that she had no vitality left and no desire to survive.

Mu Sicheng gritted his teeth and resisted his desire to stab Liu Jiayi with his words. Instead, he changed them. “If you feel it is good to be used, why do you, the Little Witch who is the seeded player of the Kings Guild, want to save Bai Liu by betraying Hearts?”

At the end, Mu Sicheng’s words contained a sense of irony.

“It is because I no longer have a reason to be used.”

Liu Jiayi lowered her head. “I was used as an excuse to die and his soul chose Bai Liu. I rarely agree with my brother’s choices because he is really stupid. His choices have always been weak and stupid. He chose to make friends with dangerous elements like you, he chose to be against the Kings Guild and he chose… to try and protect a sister like me.”

“I never agreed with his choices because those choices clearly led to his destruction. Still, this time I want to try it… my brother’s choice.”

Mu Sicheng was also quiet for a while. Then he handed a tissue to Liu Jiayi in a slightly awkward manner. “Don’t cry.”

Liu Jiayi pushed away Mu Sicheng’s hand in an expressionless manner. “I’m not crying. Save it to use yourself, useless thief.”

“Who did you say is useless?” Mu Sicheng was angry.

“If you were useful then I wouldn’t have to pull out this vision item that I was saving.” Liu Jiayi muttered in a rather depressed manner. “I was going to use it in the league but you, a fool with only 74 points of intelligence, won’t be useful at all. I have to do it all myself…”

“What’s wrong with 74 points of intelligence?!” Mu Sicheng roared. “Is your intelligence high…” It was very high!

Liu Jiayi looked at the speechless Mu Sicheng in an indifferent and disdainful manner. “Oh, don’t forget the reason why I was to form a combination with Puppet Zhang.”

[The duo with the highest intelligence value ever—Little Witch and the Puppet Master!]

[The perfect combination of 91 and 93.]

[The newcomer with the highest intelligence value is born! Can she become a new generation league strategist?]


Mu Sicheng finally remembered. Before Liu Jiayi’s skills were fully exposed, she was always famous for playing games with her intelligence.

“What are you doing?” Liu Jiayi calmly turned to look at Mu Sicheng. “Let’s go. I will find a way to get Bai Liu out. You don’t have to be afraid.”

“Who is afraid? Don’t slander me at your young age….”

The author has something to say:

The two sides have started a game while 6 is like a princess waiting in prison to be saved (6: clever.JPG).

Who is the best child who can save our 6 princess?

My friend: I will go for 1+. The youngest child is the most stable and reliable!

Proofreader: Purichan

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