GHG: Chapter 139 Part 2

The hospital corridor.

The police officers guarding outside Liu Jiayi’s room were communicating with the members of this special department.

“You are…?” A police officer guarding Liu Jiayi looked at these heavily armed and well-trained visitors with some suspicion.

The team members in dark gray uniforms showed their credentials. “We are the Dangerous Heretics Handling Department. We have taken over the blood ganoderma lucidum case that has caused a major social impact. Liu Jiayi is a very important witness in this case. To ensure her safety, we are going to transfer her secretly to our base tonight. It is inconvenient for us to disclose too much specific information. You can directly ask your superiors to confirm our identities.”

The two policemen guarding Liu Jiayi looked suspiciously at the weapons carried by the visiting team members.

They were all armed with handcuffs, guns and if the officers weren’t mistaken, these people also brought anesthetic needles and a steel bar cage. Two or three armored vehicles were parked outside the hospital.

This wasn’t like they were transferring an important witness. It was more like they were arresting an important suspect.

It was only when the two policemen called and confirmed that the people who came were really from this special department that they let the team members go suspiciously.

The group of people quickly and neatly put on the anti-poison masks, a move that startled the two policemen.

This group of people didn’t only bring it for themselves. They also handed the masks to the two confused policemen and told them, “Comrade, when we break in, there is a chance that a black fog will flood out from the room. You must hide far away. Don’t inhale or touch it. Try to stand in a place in the corridor where the wind convection speed is relatively high. This thing is toxic.”

“Is harmful gas leaking from somewhere in the hospital?” The two confused policemen asked.

“No, it is more terrible than that.” The member of the third team leaning against the door took a deep breath and made a gesture to the other team members—one, two, three!

The door of the room suddenly opened. The team members quickly fanned out as they entered the room, holding anesthetic guns as they surrounded the small bulge on the bed.

The leader of the team was preparing to fire but he soon realized that something was wrong. He raised his hand to pause the actions of the others. “Wait.”

He stepped forward and raised his gun to the small bulge on the bed. Then as all the team members watched nervously, he pulled off the quilt. An ugly doll around the size of Liu Jiayi was made of pillows with its tongue sticking out. It was smiling badly like it was laughing at the team members who were busy all night and didn’t catch anything.

“Where is Liu Jiayi?” The leader looked back at the two policemen outside the room.

The two policemen were also dumbfounded. “Look at the surveillance. She has been asleep in the hospital bed! The doors and windows are closed. Where did she go?”

Liu Jiayi disappeared completely from a sealed room.

The leader sighed with frustration and reported into his walkie-talkie. “Reporting on the heretic with the proposed number of 601. The arrest of the heretic who poses a poisonous gas hazard has failed.”


The Mu family’s villa.

The members of the third team sat on the sofa and had a headache as they looked at Mu Ke who was opposite them and holding his chest.

Mu Ke was biting his lip as he frowned. His face was as white as a piece of paper and he was gripping his chest tightly. Mu Ke’s father and mother were also there and they circled nervously around Mu Ke. Mu Ke’s father called two hospital teams to come over before looking at the uninvited guests sitting on the sofa with hostile eyes.

Father Mu picked up his tea cup. This was the third time he served tea tonight and his tone was cold and threatening. “I don’t know what dispute my son is involved in. He is an ill patient and usually doesn’t go two steps outside this door. Just running two steps will scare him into trembling. Now you say he is involved in a major social accident?”

“Do you have the qualifications to say you want to take him? If something happens to my son, can you afford to bear the responsibility?!”

Father Mu slammed the tea cup down onto the coffee table and stared fiercely. “Don’t think I am someone who can be pushed around easily and let you take away my son just because you rush into my house and say a few words. I’m telling you, it is impossible. If you want to take him away, show me the relevant evidence and specific proof. Don’t give me a warrant of arrest from a department I know nothing about! Do you think I haven’t read any books?”

Mu Ke lay on the sofa with his eyes closed and pretending to be in pain. He opened his eyes slightly and saw the ugly and embarrassed expressions of the people sitting on the sofa across from him and his lips slightly curved up.

Then it was soon removed by Mu Ke himself. He lay on the sofa with a frown, his face almost transparent. He looked fragile and like the team members could kill him with just one touch..

The team members had a headache. They really didn’t have a good way to take Mu Ke away.

The unreliable Captain Tang said that Mu Ke wasn’t strictly a heretic but he must be captured.

In other timelines, Mu Ke didn’t have the skill to attack others. He was more of Bai Liu’s external spokesman. He relied on his excellent memory to deal with and sell all types of heretics born in the hands of Bai Liu.

Mu Ke might have no skills but he played a very important role. He was the intermediate hub and transfer point of Bai Liu’s money swallowing network built by evil things. He was the manager of Bai Liu’s criminal team.

For many years, Bai Liu relied on Mu Ke to contact other people and pass on information while Bai Liu hid very well. For many years, the Dangerous Heretics Bureau regarded Mu Ke as a lunatic who built his assets using evil things. Eventually, they discovered that Mu Ke was just a card played by Bai Liu on the surface. Bai Liu was the real ghost king and he was hiding in a much deeper place.

Mu Ke relied on his disease for many years and played dumb with the Heretic Bureau. Once something went wrong, he closed his eyes and started playing tricks. They would have to send Mu Ke to the hospital for treatment, making Su Yang’s hair on his body stand up every time.

It was once again the same this time.

Mu Ke was different from the others. He had a prominent father and the protection of his disease.

Tang Erda’s forcible arrest of Mu Ke didn’t comply with the provision that heretics must have a harmful impact on humanity. The department couldn’t bear the consequences of Mu Ke’s forcible arrest. After all, Mu Ke’s heart disease was real and his identity wasn’t simple. It would be very difficult if this person died in the bureau.

Mu Ke, an unskilled patient with a heart disease, looked as fragile as a crystal cat but in the eyes of the third team members of other timelines, Mu Ke was extremely evil, insidious and cunning.

Yet in fact, this wasn’t the case. It was as Tang Erda said. Bai Liu protected the people around him very well. For example, Mu Ke was also protected.

Mu Ke, both inside and outside the game, never killed anyone or directly hurt people from beginning to end. His hands weren’t contaminated with blood. He was only responsible for negotiating, doing business and running the guild. Perhaps due to empathy, he even saved many desperate, unskilled players in the game.

This was also the reason why it was difficult to deal with Mu Ke in other timelines. In a narrow sense, Mu Ke hadn’t shown a harmful effect on humans. To a certain extent, he was just a normal person.

Mu Ke invested in some projects he thought were good. He could say that he didn’t know what the consequences of investing in these things would lead to. After all, Mu Ke invested in many projects, many of which he didn’t check carefully. Mu Ke could definitely say that he didn’t know these things were evil.

It was because they didn’t look like it.

At first glance, these things were ordinary mushrooms, a special antique mirror or an exquisite merman sculpture.

Mu Ke felt the project was good so he invested in it. He didn’t even participate in the specific process so he couldn’t be judged as a heretic unless Mu Ke himself admitted it.

It was just like now.

For Liu Jiayi, Mu Sicheng and Bai Liu, Tang Erda held evidence of crimes and that they had caused harmful effects on humans. The heretics who actively committed a crime could be directly and forcibly arrested.

However, Mu Ke was different.

Tang Erda had never been able to tell if Mu Ke was deceived or took the initiative to join with Bai Liu.

There was no direct evidence in any timeline to prove whether Mu Ke was subjectively willing to help Bai Liu or if he was just a poor man who was coerced by Bai Liu. The boundary between good and evil was strangely blurred with Mu Ke.

The members of the third team tried hardness and then softness. They invited Mu Ke to the base to cooperate with the investigation but Mu Ke’s father stubbornly refused. He even said he would call the police and use some of his special relationships. Eventually, the members of the third team had to give up and leave.

Seeing these team members leaving, Mu Ke sat up from where he was pretending to be sick. He breathed very quickly and turned on his phone. It was open to the message Bai Liu had sent him at 9:17 p.m.

[Watch out for roses and the hunter. I might die at the hunter’s hand. Don’t wait for me and get out of there.]

Mu Ke gripped the phone with an ugly expression.

Die at the hunter’s hand? Was this group of people who came to capture him tonight the hunter? Had Bai Liu been arrested?

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

I feel bad for Mu Ke poor dude getting group in with a group of criminals. Tbh out of the other three Mu Sicheng is the sanest. The other two are lunatics i swear.

1 year ago
Reply to  Marlzhall

So true, so true
Although mu sicheng is a slight lunatic too, captqin tang was right though, he also had a slight lets say gap in his pschology, while the little girl and our mc has a large gap in their psychology mu ke is like a little cute bunny in this circus group but he is the hidden backdoor manager, he provides the venue for the circus to play

Bro i can literally imagine a whole circus being formed now