GHG: Chapter 139 Part 1

Bai Liu found another strange place. He couldn’t use items freely in the real world because the system placed restrictions on him.

Apart from individual items related to the realization of desire that could be used directly in reality without restriction, most items couldn’t be used in the real world and would be restricted by the system. It was just like Bai Liu’s previous limited use of his own skill in reality.

Generally, the higher the level of item and skill, the greater the restriction on the player’s use in reality.

The item that Bai Liu used in reality was the blood ganoderma lucidum.

The blood ganoderma lucidum wasn’t directly usable. The system had warned him but at the time of the warning, Bai Liu clearly felt the coin attached to the cross vibrate two times. Thus, he used it. He didn’t know what happened but it should be that the mysterious evil god Tawil did something. This allowed Bai Liu to use the blood ganoderma lucidum.

Even under the protection of the evil god, many of Bai Liu’s items couldn’t be used directly.

Yet listening to this Tang Erda, he seemed able to use items freely in reality, beyond the limits of the system.

There were two possibilities that Bai Liu thought of for this situation.

The first was that Tang Erda’s special identity as a time traveler allowed him to escape the system’s review and restrictions.

However, Bai Liu felt this was unlikely. If this person had already escaped the system’s restrictions, he would no longer be a player. Tang Erda had obviously watched Bai Liu’s small TV, proving that Tang Erda was still in the game.

The second possibility was that Tang Erda didn’t use an item obtained from the system at all.

This person was likely to have a thorough insight into the nature of the game, items, evil things and reality.

Tang Erda was likely to use local materials. He took advantage of his profession as the captain of the third team of the Dangerous Heretics Handling Department. He could use the evil things logged into the real world and collected by the department as his items.

Bai Liu had previously discovered that after a game instance was cleared, the items that were rewarded were generally related to the monsters and were sometimes the monsters themselves.

For example, the Siren Town’s reward items were an amulet, a fish scale and a fish bone. For Exploding Last Train, it was the mirror fragments that caused the explosion. Then for Bai Liu’s recently cleared Love Welfare Institute, the item rewarded was the blood ganoderma lucidum.

It was as if the game was deliberately rewarding the players with these evil things that caused all disasters, letting the players bring them back to reality.

There was the sudden emergence of a priceless mirror and the secret recipe for the blood ganoderma lucidum that the investors of the welfare home suddenly discovered. It was as if there was something deliberately causing the most evil and craziest desires in people’s hearts, using the players as a hub to transport them to reality. This was probably the method that the game used to load instances into reality.

The interface of evil things—this was the phrase that Tang Erda had used to describe Bai Liu.

It had to be said that this was a very accurate phrase to describe it. They constantly wandered between the game and reality. In order to realize their desires, players used the evil things in reality and acted as the medium for the game to load the core evil things into reality. They were really like an interface.

If a person was the believer of the evil god then he must be a relatively efficient interface—because the frequency and speed of loading evil things into reality must be unprecedentedly high.

It was because under the protection of the evil god, Bai Liu had less restrictions than others in reality. He had already felt this.

If he could make a profit from this… the color of Bai Liu’s eyes deepened for a moment.

“It is a pretty fascinating future.” He thought deeply while touching his chin. “Is this considered smuggling illegal controlled goods? Is it illegal?”

After thinking about the nature of the industry for a while, Bai Liu had to admit with regret that it should be illegal. If Lu Yizhan found out then he might be lectured to death. Forget it.

However, if his other selves in different timelines didn’t have a friend who could lecture him to death, Bai Liu felt that he was likely to choose to be a smuggler. He wouldn’t choose to profit directly from these evil things since it was too inefficient.

Smuggle these evil things faster into the real world and charge people in the relevant industries for patents and smuggling fees. He could make all types of profits from evil goods… Just thinking about it made Bai Liu feel sorry for his current self. It was a good way to make money.

It was a pity that it was illegal. It could be seen from Tang Erda’s attitude that they later touched the interface of the evil things and should’ve died quite miserably.

Bai Liu looked through his system panel and found that he had lost the protection of the fish scale and the cross. He really couldn’t use any special items or his personal skill. He could no longer use his skill to trade with people now.

Bai Liu sat in the little black room and didn’t know what time it was now. Bai Liu inwardly sighed that Tang Erda was worthy of being an opponent who fought with him many times. He had almost eliminated all risks the moment they met.

It could be seen that Tang Erda had suffered many losses due to him and really hated him.

It wasn’t that Bai Liu hadn’t thought of asking others for help but Tang Erda hadn’t left any holes for him to drill through.

If he hadn’t guessed incorrectly, Tang Erda would soon have others to accompany him—his tone when talking about the Wandering Circus wasn’t very good.

Hopefully, those people would’ve understood the meaning of the last text message he sent them before he was caught and his phone confiscated. Bai Liu didn’t want to see his property taken to the base as well.

Bai Liu leaned against the wall and slowly closed his eyes.


C University, the sixth floor of the second dormitory building.

Mu Sicheng looked at the opposite bed covered with white cloth. It was Liu Huai’s bed. He had just returned after encountering Liu Huai’s accident and being brought in for questioning by the police.

Even Bai Liu considered the mental impact he might’ve suffered and let Mu Sicheng go first. Bai Liu just sent Mu Sicheng a text message that Bai Liu would enter the game tonight and to have a good rest. He didn’t specifically say when to let Mu Sicheng enter the game.

However, Mu Sicheng couldn’t have a good rest. The moment he closed his eyes, his mind was full of the scene when Liu Huai was hit by the bus and bled on the ground.

He looked straight at the message that Bai Liu had sent him at 9:16 p.m. He knew all the words but he couldn’t recognize them. It was as if he had dyslexia.

[Watch out for roses and the hunter. I might die at the hunter’s hand. Don’t wait for me and get out of there.]

…What does that mean?

This type of absentminded-loss of mind lasted until someone knocked on the door of Mu Sicheng’s dormitory room.

Mu Sicheng stood up in a trance and directly opened the door. “Old Three, did you forget your dormitory keys…?”

His voice trailed off. The person on the other end of the door was a police officer in a dark gray special uniform.

The policeman put his hand behind his waist like he was holding something and he looked warily at Mu Sicheng. “Student Mu Sicheng, we have something to ask you. Please come with us.”

Mu Sicheng paused before saying, “I just finished recording my statement. Aren’t you done with all the questions you have to ask? Can’t you ask me tomorrow? I’m very tired and I want to rest.”

He was referring to Liu Huai’s accident.

“We aren’t from the transportation department.” The policeman showed his ID. “You are related to another serious social accident. Please cooperate with our investigation.”

Mu Sicheng’s somewhat scattered gaze swept over the policeman’s waist. Then it fell on the document the other person showed him like he hadn’t come to his senses yet.

He muttered to himself, “Team member of the Dangerous Heretics Handling Department’s third team…”

Mu Sicheng quietly finished reading it.

“I don’t understand what department you are from and why I am suddenly related to a serious social accident but I will cooperate with your investigation.” Mu Sicheng took a deep breath and touched his face in a tired manner. “However, can I go to the toilet first? I stayed at the police station for a day to record my statement. They never let me go to the toilet and kept filling me with water. I just came back.”

The policeman looked at Mu Sicheng hesitantly for a moment.

The face of this university student was very exhausted. It felt like he could fall asleep at any moment while holding the door.

It seemed that a roommate in the same dormitory had died in a strange manner this morning, causing tremendous mental trauma to the young man called Mu Sicheng.

Mu Sicheng didn’t look like a humanoid heretic at all. He was more like a normal person who was implicated by someone driven mad by the heretics.

Considering that the captain wasn’t always reliable when arresting heretics and that he had drank so much today…

“Yes.” The policeman hesitated for a few seconds before eventually agreeing. “I will give you a minute and you can’t close the toilet door.”

“I’m a citizen. I can’t even have some privacy when going to the toilet?” Mu Sicheng was a bit speechless but seeing the policeman’s serious expression, Mu Sicheng had to shrug in agreement. “Fine, as long as you don’t feel inferior when looking.”

Mu Sicheng opened the door of the dormitory’s bathroom and pulled down the zipper of his pants. The policeman was a bit uncomfortable due to the previous joke and looked away. At this moment, Mu Sicheng’s tired and loose eyes sharpened. He quickly turned sideways and kicked shut the door of the bathroom, locking out the policeman who hadn’t reacted yet.

As the policeman yelled for him to open the door, Mu Sicheng’s arms hung around the shower head and swung his body.  His feet used the force of this movement to kick the vent fiercely. Then Mu Sicheng drilled inside the vent.

Outside, the policeman kicked open the bathroom door and looked at the open vent. His expression became solemn and he spoke into his communicator, “Reporting. The humanoid heretic with the proposed number 004 just escaped through the bathroom vent on the 6th floor. Do you see the escaped humanoid heretic No. 004?”

“No!” There was a reply from the communicator. “We surrounded the dormitory building in all four directions. We saw the vent cover of the 6th floor blown out 1 minute and 17 seconds ago but we didn’t see anyone escaping from the vents.”

They only saw the vent cover open but no one was inside. This meant that Mu Sicheng had disappeared into thin air in the bathroom.

He was really a heretic!

The policeman took a deep breath. “Reporting. The heretic No. 004 who is said to be very good at stealing has escaped due to my personal negligence. I will receive punishment when I go back. Inform the other teams to be careful when catching the heretics named by Captain Tang tonight!”

“They are very cunning!”

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If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
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Really, thank goodness that Lu Yizhan is here to hold onto Bai Liu’s leash in this life otherwise, BL might really have gone and follow the same path of his Parallel Selves.. but at the same time, I also can’t help but be suspicious of him.. why is it that there is a Lu Yizhan who supervises and helped BL here but none mentioned in the other parallel worlds? I hope that he won’t turn out to be BL’s enemy, that’s sad and I quite like him 😢

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