GHG: Chapter 138

Su Yang established a guild in the game and formed a team. His eyes were bright as he held Tang Erda’s hands and told Tang Erda that if he won the game, he would get a wish.

‘Captain, we can make a wish to bring everyone out of the game. Our Dangerous Heretics team members can form a team to play the game. We fight these evil things outside the game so it doesn’t make sense for us to lose after we have the support of skills and items in the game.’

‘Don’t give up on the world so easily. Don’t be pessimistic, Captain!’ The smiling Su Yang had said so.

His team members laughed loudly and teased him. ‘Yes Captain, don’t become a coward as soon as you enter the game. All the people from our third team are here. Don’t be a coward and do it. Men won’t easily admit defeat!’

They went through life or death. They were unbreakable and would never concede defeat. They would definitely win.

Players died on the road to victory. After entrusting their unfinished wishes to their trusted captain, they died contentedly.

Su Yang stood in front of him. He looked at Tang Erda and smiled with relief like he knew what would happen. He mouthed to Tang Erda, ‘Captain, continue.’

Everything that happened next seemed to be in slow motion. In Tang Erda’s eyes, a pure white bone whip strangled Su Yang’s slender neck and pulled him like a rabbit. Silver bullets pierced Su Yang’s head and blood splashed onto Tang Erda’s face.

The last living person was only Tang Erda.

At first, Tang Erda asked, ‘Why do you want me to live?’

Later, Tang Erda asked, ‘Why do you want me to live?’

In the end, Tang Erda won everything and knelt on the podium. The audience cheered enthusiastically while the stage contained the champion who won it all.

The champion was scarred and lowered his head on the verge of death. Then he looked up into the dazzling white light, his voice hoarse and dry. He made a wish to the God he didn’t know existed or not.

—I want everyone, especially Su Yang, to leave the game alive.

The merciful god took care of him and realized his wish.

The god told Tang Erda that in order to realize his wish, he could only stop it before everything happened. So the game gave Tang Erda a god-level item to reverse time and go back to the past to change everything.

However, it was just a lie that deceived him. Tang Erda had reversed it so many times and never succeeded in preventing everyone from entering the game. He just kept delaying the time they entered the game and constantly consumed himself.

Even if he could stop all this in the end, it was impossible to prevent everyone from entering the game. It was because ‘Tang Erda’ with the item must enter the game. If he didn’t enter the game, there was no way to use the item. If he used the item, he couldn’t get everyone out of the game.

Thus, Tang Erda questioned the god. ‘Didn’t I make a wish for everyone to leave the game? Why am I not included in this?’

The god still had compassion and answered, ‘The moment you made a wish, you were no longer human.’

‘You are a heretic and a monster, so you have to be trapped in the game forever. This is the price you need to pay to exceed your abilities and fulfil your wish.’

Tang Erda, who became a heretic and a monster, collapsed and went crazy before quietly accepting his price and ending. He continued to move through time for the ending where everyone except for him could leave the game.

This was the longest Tang Erda had ever delayed it. At this time, Bai Liu (6) was already 24 years old and no one except for him had entered the game in the department. His vice-captain, Su Yang finally survived to be 33—the age where he should’ve died in the game.

“Captain Tang, Captain Tang! Vice-captain Su is talking to you!”

Tang Erda came to his senses and looked at Su Yang. “Oh, I am certain that person can solve this matter. You don’t have to worry about it. Leave it all to me. You just have to protect yourself…”

“Captain Tang, Vice-captain Su wasn’t asking you about this…” The team members felt a bit helpless and amused. “Are you silly from being drunk? It is the one month old birthday of Vice-captain Su’s child. We are going to drink the birthday wine. Are you going?”

The expression on Tang Erda’s face froze.

“Yes, Vice-captain Su! You are the fastest out of all of us! You just got married last year and your child is already celebrating his one month old birthday!”

“Vice-captain Su, the child is now one month old. Does he look like you or like Sister-in-law? Well, you both look good. There is no loss. I can only expect my child’s mother to look good…”

“Wake up, you’ve been single for 27 years.”

Su Yang’s always gentle and elegant face was blushing. His eyes were bright and he showed the stupidity of a first-time father. “I can’t tell who he looks like now… but I think he looks very good. Captain Tang, do you want to come to my house to drink? Xiao An herself is cooking.”

Next to him, someone winked and joked, “We all said that Vice-captain Su was Captain Tang’s virtuous helper. Unexpectedly, the helper ran faster than Captain Tang and gained a family. Still, Vice-captain Su said he would make you the godfather of the child. Captain Tang, how do you feel when you see that your virtuous helper has become someone else’s father?”

“Jealous.” Tang Erda spoke lazily. “When he got married, I was so jealous that I didn’t dare to go lest I snatch away the groom to keep him from tying the knot.”

The other team members were all laughing and Tang Erda added casually, “…You got married and had a child so early, even earlier than me.”

Su Yang looked at Tang Erda with expectant eyes and sincerely invited Tang Erda, “I bought your favorite wine. Let’s drink two cups.”

“You didn’t come when I got married. How can you not come this time? It is too unreasonable. I have been your vice-captain for so long. Captain Tang, will you give me some face?”

Tang Erda watched Su Yang’s happy face silently for a long time. Then he suddenly laughed, waved and turned away.

“I really can’t give Vice-captain Su face. I like drinking alone. Vice-captain Su, congratulations on your precious son. I will find time to give you a big red envelope but I won’t go.”

The laughter of the others stopped awkwardly.

“…Captain Tang, you really aren’t going?”

“Captain Tang, what’s wrong with you recently? Why have you been avoiding contact with us?”

“Ever since Vice-captain Su got married, you have always been drunk. Surely you aren’t jealous? Old Tang, your conditions are good. You can find someone if you want!”

Tang Erda didn’t turn around. He just lazily waved and walked out without answering.

“Tang Erda!” Su Yang followed to grab Tang Erda. He seemed a bit angry. “What is wrong with you lately? You are always alone and hiding from me and the rest of the team. Do you have any opinions about us?”

Tang Erda instinctively removed Su Yang’s hand that was grasping his. Then under Su Yang’s bewildered gaze, Tang Erda turned to look at Su Yang.

[Captain, why are you hiding from me?]

[What is the point of hiding from me?]

[Tang Erda, we have been friends for many years as well as captain and vice-captain. Do you really think I can’t see it?]

The Su Yangs of different times and spaces seemed to overlap at this moment.

Tang Erda opened his mouth. He seemed to want to laugh but in the end, he was just exhausted and empty. He stared at the face of Su Yang in this timeline, who hadn’t been tortured or killed, and his eyes started to wander.

Eventually, Tang Erda took a deep breath, as if forcing himself to let go. Then he laughed. “Vice-captain Su, you are married.”

Su Yang was unable to react and he looked at Tang Erda with doubt. “What’s wrong with me being married? Can’t I communicate normally with you after I get married? There is no such reason. We have been friends for so many years.”

Tang Erda had seen such eyes thousands of times but never before had he been silent like this for no reason.

“I don’t have a problem with you.” Tang Erda was quiet for a while before laughing as if to ease the embarrassment. “I think the current you is good. It is especially good. I’m not dissatisfied at all and I sincerely bless you.”

Su Yang wanted to sigh with relief.

Then Tang Erda unceremoniously followed up with, “Of course, it is better for you to stay further away from me. Don’t chase me and learn to take care of your family, Vice-captain Su.”

Don’t be so silly as to chase me into the game, Su Yang.

The slight smile on Su Yang’s face faded and his eyes dimmed, like he was very sad. He stared straight at Tang Erda in an unwilling manner. “I don’t understand. Captain, why are you saying this? Did I do something wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong.“ Tang Erda paused. “It is me who is wrong. I got sidetracked. It was… me who didn’t figure it out.”

Then Tang Erda shook off Su Yang who was about to grab him. He put on his jacket and turned away without hesitation.

“If there is no business in the future, it is forbidden for any team member to come to me and contact me privately.”


CEDT- Room 006.

Bai Liu slept on a mattress in the corner. There was a faint light coming from the small window and from time to time, there was the sound of neatly patrolling footsteps in front of the door.

Based on the rule of the footsteps, they passed by his window once every 15 minutes. It was a bit like a prison. After the footsteps left this time, Bai Liu quickly removed a hollow coin from the edge of his handcuffs i.e. the game manager.

In the gap when Su Yang had left and Tang Erda came, Bai Liu lowered his head to avoid surveillance and moved the coin under his tongue to inside his handcuffs. The possibility of the item in his mouth not being discovered after answering so many questions was small. In addition, according to Su Yang, the Captain Tang who was coming might have a certain understanding of him.

However, Tang Erda didn’t carefully search for the game manager on Bai Liu. His statement was, ‘I used an item in this room and you can’t enter the game.’

Bai Liu’s cross and fish scale were taken away by Tang Erda. The only thing left was this coin that Tang Erda searched for in a half disgusted and half lazy manner. Bai Liu had to try it anyway. He held the game and spoke silently.

[Enter the game.]

[System notification: Zizi… the signal is isolated. It has touched an extraordinary rated item, Magic Space. The space owners can control who goes in and out of the space. The game signals are isolated and the player can’t log into the game!]

“Magic space?” Bai Liu was thoughtful. “Isn’t this the item that Liu Jiayi gave to Liu Huai?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Tears keep flowing everyone I read about Mr tang T_T time traveller’s have it the worst

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Man poor guy… No wonder he’s so aggressive with Bai liu… I wouldn’t be surprised if he were even more unhinged, he’s been living in hell for so long :-((
Also omg?? Does he like Su Yang?? 😭😭😭 I can’t tell if he’s shocked/sad that he missed his wedding or over the fact that he’s married in general 😭😭😭

1 year ago
Reply to  Kelpie

gurl no..😑 he just wants to keep a distance away from Su Yang to prevent him from being affected by the game system and entering the game. He’s trying to prevent Du Yang death like the past timelines he went through

2 years ago

Capt Tang is so tragic, all the best to him

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This author is ruthless when it comes to best friends, i feel so bad for Captain Tang

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I was lost in the sad atmosphere but one of my eyebrow unconditionally raise at that dialogue xd

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Well, i started to dislikes Tang Erda…. hope he is quickly offline😞

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I’m really trying not to judge but author, he honest do you have some friendship problems? First the poor monkey and assassin now THIS??? Those poor people ToT