GHG: Chapter 135 Part 2

A tall, drunk man in uniform was helped by several team members to the small room where Bai Liu was detained. The team members looked at the collapsed man who was drunk and fanned their noses. “How much did Captain Tang drink?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know how long he had fallen in front of the base before he was found by the patrol members.” The team member holding the man smiled bitterly. “Where is Vice-captain Su? Is he still working on the newly captured heretic? Well, looking at Captain Tang now, I don’t know if he directed us to catch an ordinary person or a real heretic…”

“We still have to trust in Captain Tang. After all, he has the ability to foresee the future which is why he has such a high level of emergency authority. Moreover, everything he mobilized us to catch previously was correct. This time should be the same… right?”

The eyes of several team members fell on Captain Tang, whose face was covered by his hair that he hadn’t trimmed for a long time. The drunken Captain Tang smashed his mouth and scratched at his thighs.

The team members hesitated again. “Although… Captain Tang has been drinking a bit too much lately. Didn’t Captain say that the more he drinks and loses his mind, the more heretics he can see in the future?”

“Do you believe that? It is just an excuse he made for drinking.” Su Yang pushed open the door of the small room and walked out while casually speaking to the team members. “If Tang Erda doesn’t touch a drop of alcohol then he can accurately predict when and where the evil things will appear. Now that he is drinking, his ability has become worse. His last few actions have been in vain and perhaps the alcohol he has been drinking has gone to his head.”

Looking at Tang Erda lying motionless on the ground and still snoring slightly, Su Yang’s vein on his forehead bulged. “Go to the CEDT-0076 room and get ice water to wake him up.”

The ice water splashed down and the man lying on the ground coughed and sat up. His hair was a bit messy and curled on both sides of his ears. It wasn’t known how long ago he had shaved but his chin was full of stubble. He wiped the ice water from his jaw with his thumb and stood up lazily.

The man’s uniform was very crooked. There were a few buttons on his collar that weren’t done up properly and the badge on his right chest was raised to his chin. It read: Captain of the Dangerous Heretic Handling Department’s Third Team – Tang Erda.

“Wow—burp!” The man burped with the smell of alcohol. He swept his wet hair back, revealing a pair of extremely sharp and narrow dark blue eyes like a wolf.

He was clearly covered in the smell of wine but Tang Erda’s eyes didn’t have the haze of alcohol at all. Yet it was only for a moment. He soon supported himself against the wall and shook his head in a daze. “Why does the wall of this bar look so much like the base?”

Su Yang helplessly held his forehead. “After three minutes, wake him up and send him into the small room. Let him deal with the human heretic he wanted to capture himself.”

Three minutes later, Bai Liu looked at the wet man sitting in front of him, his eyes drawn to the other person’s badge. “You are the Captain Tang that Su Yang mentioned was determined to catch me?”

“I don’t know why you think that catching me can solve these… strange little problems you face.” Bai Liu glanced at the rose perfume bottle on the table and then Tang Erda opposite him. “I’m just an ordinary, laid-off citizen.”

“Che, an ordinary citizen? Haha.” Tang Erda took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He lit one up without any delay. He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. The scarlet smoke rose from his index finger and reflected in Tang Erda’s wolf-like eyes.

He stared in a fixed manner at Bai Liu for a moment. Then he suddenly gave a very fierce smile. “Bai Liu (6), why are you still pretending with me?”

“Do you know how many times I have caught you in this place?” Tang Erda stood up, pressing the cigarette butt to Bai Liu’s handcuffs. He sarcastically blew the smoke from his cigarette toward Bai Liu’s face. “You’ve been a 10 thousand year old fox dozens of times. Do you still need to play with me?”

Bai Liu leaned back slightly to avoid Tang Erda. “However, this is our first time meeting. Captain Tang, have you recognized the wrong person?”

Tang Erda fell back and sat down on his chair. He squinted at Bai Liu with drunken eyes before suddenly sneering with disdain. “First meeting? This isn’t the first meeting between you and me. I have met you a lot.”

“The legendary believer of the evil god, Tawil’s loyal running dog, the most hated and wanted criminal of all the Dangerous Heretic Bureaus in the world, the interface of all evil things, the gambler who uses evil objects to swallow money mercilessly… Let me think of what other titles you have as a wicked villain—”

“Oh yes—” Tang Erda slowly turned his stiff neck and stared into Bai Liu’s eyes. “The leader of the famous game team, Wandering Circus. Bai Liu (6), the White King.”

“I don’t remember seeing you, Captain Tang. I don’t understand what you are talking about.” Bai Liu lied without changing his expression.

Tang Erda stood up and pressed down on Bai Liu’s shoulder. He was like a wolf who suddenly attacked and exposed his fangs, his open mouth biting Bai Liu’s neck. He used his index finger to slowly hook up the chain around Bai Liu’s neck. Hanging on the chain was a reverse cross and a gray fish scale.

Bai Liu didn’t hide them. It would be strange for him to put so many things in his mouth. Apart from the coin, the things hanging around his neck looked like ordinary ornaments and items. Losing them wouldn’t prevent him from entering the game.

Meanwhile, the coin couldn’t be lost or he wouldn’t be able to enter the game.

“You have this evil cross around your neck. Are you saying you don’t know that you are the only believer of the evil god?” Tang Erda grasped the cross in his hand and raised Bai Liu’s head with a smile. “Aren’t you afraid of upsetting that evil god? Bai Liu (6), I’ll warn you. You better hide your tail and talk to me again. Let me guess where you hid your game manager?”

He used a fierce force and opened Bai Liu’s mouth with a severe pain that made Bai Liu squint. Tang Erda used the plastic bag to cover his hand with a bit of disgust and roughly reached toward Bai Liu’s tongue. This action made Bai Liu frown slightly and then Tang Erda’s fingers moved.

“There’s nothing?” Tang Erda frowned. This strange captain who had a clear understanding of Bai Liu showed surprise in front of Bai Liu for the first time.

“Every time I caught you in other timelines, it was always hidden under your tongue. How could it not be here?” Tang Erda clicked his tongue. He pulled his hand out of Bai Liu’s mouth and shook it with a very disgusted expression on his face. “Did you swallow it? You never did such things that didn’t fit with your villain’s aesthetics in other timelines.”

Tang Erda threw the plastic bag aside and deliberately put back Bai Liu’s jaw with great force. There was a clear sound that hurt to hear.

However, Bai Liu didn’t show any signs of weakness due to the pain as Tang Erda wanted. Bai Liu just moved his jaw to adapt before calmly looking up at Tang Erda. “Other timelines? Your personal skill is time shuttling? You caught me many times in other timelines?”

“My personal skill isn’t moving between time. That is a high-risk ability or in other words, a god item in the game.” Tang Erda lazily leaned back on the chair. He placed his feet on the table and leaned his head back against the chair, not looking at Bai Liu. “I won the league in a certain timeline and got to make a wish. Then the game rewarded me with an item according to my wish.”

Tang Erda bit an unlit cigarette with his teeth, his eyes looking slightly drunk. “This item allowed me to jump through different parallel timelines. Every time I’m not satisfied with something or have regrets, I can reverse time to change it.”

“I thought I was reversing time but I soon discovered this wasn’t the case. I was in different timelines of parallel time and space. I wasn’t in my original timeline.” Tang Erda lowered his eyes and chewed on the end of the cigarette.

He was silent for a while before he recovered his cynical expression. He turned to look at Bai Liu. “Bai Liu (6), the interesting thing is that in all the timelines I’ve experienced, you will definitely become the biggest enemy of our Heretics Handling Bureau.”

“It is because in all the eternal and continuous timelines, you are destined to be the only believer of the evil god Tawil.” Tang Erda took out the gun hanging from his waist. His eyes looked like he wasn’t awake but his posture of raising the gun was very stable.

He pointed his gun at Bai Liu’s right eye. “Then you, the devil who is desperate for money, used the evil god you believe in to turn the world into a hell full of evil things. I’ve experienced this in every timeline.”

“You used the identity of the only believer of the evil god to create all types of evil things that can be used to collect money. You used the sky high price auction so the mirror can reflect people’s inner fear. This way, unscrupulous people will steal it and sell it again and again at high prices, circulating it through the market. You put the siren’s fishbone on display in an exclusive museum, so that viewers go crazy about the rotten, beautiful merman. You sold the most expensive life-saving medicine, the blood ganoderma lucidum, to the rich. You smile and receive the rewards of those dogs who survive by sucking the blood of children.”

“In addition, this Rose Dry Leaf gas that makes everyone crazy.” Tang Erda looked down at the small glass bottle of perfume on the table. “You let it flood out and constantly raised its price, so that the poor who can’t afford it will feel despair and wither on the roadside, scattering the aroma of roses. Meanwhile, roses will bloom in the eyes of the rich who can afford it in the hall of glory.”

Tang Erda used his thumb to open the safety while his index finger was on the trigger. He stared straight into Bai Liu’s eyes with a sharp and piercing look. “You are the same in the game. You are a madman who buys human souls and dumps evil things into the world for your own interests.”

“Meanwhile, my destiny is to kill you.”


TL: So we’re finally getting a bit into the main plotline of the novel. It can be a bit confusing so I hope I do justice to it. This is also the point where our ML starts showing up more than once or twice in an arc, although it still isn’t as much as MLs in other novels haha.

One last note, Tang Erda is a character that many Chinese readers hated and they almost dropped the novel because of him. Still, he is an important character to the story so I hope you can put up with it for a bit.

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Woah i truly did not expect this novel to progress this way. 😂
Also woahh Wandering Circus group what a good name for his funny little team!!

1 year ago

Umm…hello to officer Tang then :0

If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
1 year ago

Well the Bai Liu in this parallel time and space is def innocent.. who knows, if TED was able to shuttle through different parallel time and space using the an item, then maybe there’s also someone out there who’s using a similar item and is now making trouble in this parallel world while dumping all the blame on Bai Liu name 🧐

Thank you for the chapter!~🥰

1 year ago

i aint readin all dat
But WE UP 🆙🗣️‼️⁉️🔥💯

1 year ago

I definitely dislike him, he spoiled my fun

1 year ago
Reply to  Golex9000k


10 months ago

I’m guessing those timelines didn’t have lu yizhan, so no one to point him in right direction..
He was the main reason bai liu didn’t go evil…can you guys see that its mentiones (6) when talking about other timeline? Yizhang isn’t there to change his name to sunshine willow…

zhan zhan
zhan zhan
6 months ago

idk what you’re on about, captain tang !! liuliu is always innocent no matter which timeline !! even if he’s wrong, he isn’t! 😌

4 months ago

I guess lu yizhan is dead in those timeline. Sorry tang dude, you’re talking to the wrong person, this is Bai Lui, not Bai Lui(6). Who would’ve thought lu yizhan was right? Changing his name, not only change his luck but also his fate

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I always got the thought that Yi Zhan is Tawil LOLLLLL