GHG: Chapter 134 – Dangerous Heretics Handling Bureau

Bai Liu’s tongue moved in his mouth and the cold coin moved slowly under the thin mucous member below his tongue. There was an inexplicable emotion in his eyes as he looked calmly out the window while the police officers guarded him with frightened eyes.

Trucks with a heavy metal tailbox sped on the desolate road at night. Trucks followed one after another toward a dome-shaped, stadium-sized white building in the middle of the wilderness.


The interior of the dome building was a smooth and silvery white metal that reflected the light. Each side was like a mirror. A huge light hung in the center like a sun. The cold white light reflected off the wall in a dazzling manner and shot from all directions. The people who came and went were wearing dark goggles.

Those who suddenly arrested Bai Liu in the name of the police skillfully put on goggles before entering the building. Bai Liu, who was tied up with metal chains, had no goggles to wear.

In such a high-brightness light without any goggles, it would take people’s eyes a second or two to lose their normal visual function and only see light spots. Long-term gazing might even cause snow blindness, where the human eyeball was burned by the light and blinded.

Bai Liu originally wanted to take a look at the internal structure of the peculiar building but this type of high-intensity light and building structure obviously prevented people like him who wanted to escape from remembering the route.

In this light, there was no way for people’s eyes to see anything, let alone remember the route.

Bai Liu instantly abandoned this idea. He closed his eyes and was dragged forward by others.

These people finally put Bai Liu into a small, gray metal room with a square structure that wasn’t too high. There was a table and two chairs in the small room. On the table, there was a desk lamp with high brightness. On the wall, there was a small window that was only as big as what Bai Liu saw in the car. Bai Liu could hear the sounds from outside the small window.

“Reporting to the vice-captain of the third team! The team has successfully captured a high risk humanoid heretic with the proposed code of 006!”

“No one went crazy on the mission! No one committed suicide after being bewitched by the heresy! No one was physically crippled by the heresy’s attack! Since Captain Tang presented the heresy as a red high-risk heretic monster, five modified armored vehicles, 17 restricted guns and 33 members of the third team were dispatched to capture the heretic. At present, there is no consumption of personnel and weapons. The task has been completed successfully!”

A gentle male voice said, “I troubled you. I will interrogate the rest of the information from the captured human heretic.”

The voice of the person reporting was a bit anxious. “Vice-captain Su, why are you in such a hurry? You should do it with Captain Tang! He has higher defense and it was also Captain Tang who advocated tonight’s forced arrest of the heretic. Facing such an unknown heretic alone is too dangerous.”

“Where is Captain Tang?”

The gentle voice became subtly cold and the man who was called Vice-captain Su seemed to sigh with disappointment. “He went on a rampage for us to catch the heretic tonight then he went to drink. Now he is drunk and his phone is dead. We have been looking for him.”

“…Captain Tang went drinking again?!” The team member’s voice was incredulous. “How can he do this? For tonight’s mission, he used his captain’s privilege to force us to arrest the heretic without thoroughly investigating it! Didn’t Captain Tang say he was going to do it himself? Why did he get drunk again?!”

“It isn’t the first time he has been in this mood when sending the team to a strange place to catch a monster.” Vice-captain Su smiled bitterly. “When he is drunk, he sees everyone as a monster. However, this is the first time he used his captain’s privilege. Tonight, his information about the human heretic called Bai Liu was very specific and accurate. I thought he really acted after checking. Now seeing this situation, perhaps this person is an innocent, ordinary person…”

“I’ll go in and see the situation.”

Then the metal door of Bai Liu’s small room was pushed open.

It was a man in his 30s in a police uniform. He wore a protective mask and brown leather clothes. He was over 1.8 meters tall and had soft eyes that were a grayish yellow or a light amber color. His hair seemed to have been neglected for a while. It hung down on both sides of the face. He was a bit dark from staying up late but he was clean and tidy. He seemed to be good at maintaining his living conditions despite the high intensity work. At first glance, he seemed to be very friendly and was the type to let people easily let down their guard.

Bai Liu’s eyes fell on the identity card on the man’s right chest pocket: Vice-Captain of the Dangerous Heretics Handling Department’s Third Team – Su Yang.

Su Yang made a sit down gesture to Bai Liu. After Bai Liu sat down, Su Yang noticed Bai Liu’s gaze resting on his identity card. He nodded at his identity card and explained helplessly to Bai Liu, “Maybe you won’t believe it due to my comrade’s violent capture but we really are a formal department of the country.”

Bai Liu looked at Su Yang in a lukewarm manner and didn’t answer.

Su Yang looked even more helpless. “This might sound ridiculous but the thing ordinary people don’t realize is that there are many existences that can’t be explained using scientific common sense in the world. It is like a monster. We call these monsters who come from an unknown place heretics.”

“Some of these heretics will confuse people and make them crazy. Some will eat human flesh and blood. In order to deal with these dangerous heretics that will harm ordinary people, a special department was established. The people who arrested you tonight are members of this department.”

Bai Liu raised his gaze. “What does that have to do with me? Do I look like a heretic?”

Su Yang didn’t directly answer Bai Liu. Instead, he took out a remote control from the table in front of Bai Liu and pointed it at the wall. A white screen slowly descended. A projector appeared on the opposite side and started showing a PPT on the screen.

[Popular Science of the Dangerous Heretics Handling Department]

Su Yang looked at Bai Liu. “I will first explain to you what I just said and then explain your situation in detail. I just said that we are responsible for dealing with the heretics that suddenly appeared in this world. Our department has existed for a long time but until now, we don’t know where these heretics have come from. They just appeared and are all sorts of weird and terrible people, animals or objects.”

Su Yang pressed the remote control and the PPT on the screen switched pages.

He continued, “These heretics have a terrible power to destroy us. Do you remember the Mirror City Bombing?”

The PPT showed a photo of the antique mirror that Bai Liu saw on Exploding Last Train. Around it, several people in uniforms of the same size and color of Su Yang were frowning and seriously surveying and measuring the mirror.

Su Yang said, “This is the mirror involved in the Mirror City Bombing. After the explosion, many people questioned how someone could blatantly take a bomb past the security. Didn’t the security check work? At that time, our public announcement was that the thieves hid the bomb in the shareholder’s mirror and we were scolded for nearly a month. They said we were looking down on their intelligence in order to push the blame. Based on the size and thickness of the mirror, it was impossible to hide a bomb.”

He pressed the remote control again and the photo on the screen changed to another one. The group of people in uniforms were shocked as they pulled a huge black bomb out of the mirror. It completely went against space and common sense.

“Still, that was the truth.” Su Yang turned to Bai Liu. “This mirror broke in the explosion. It took us a lot of work to piece together this mirror from the subway station after the incident. Once we restored it, we did a lot of tests and experiments on the mirror. We found that it was like a folding point in space from which something larger than its size could be taken out. The things put inside it can’t be detected by us using any known rays or devices.”

“Then after our long-term experiments and detection, we found that the mirror doesn’t only store items but also a certain spiritual materialization function. If our experimenters stare at the mirror for a long time, the things in the mirror will change from the bomb to the last thing they want to see.”

“We investigated and found that the reason why the thing in the mirror was a bomb was because the thief brothers didn’t want the mirror they managed to break. They were afraid of anything that could break the expensive mirror and stared at the mirror day and night. Finally, their fear turned into a bomb in the mirror and it eventually exploded on the train.”

The picture on the PPT switched to a description of the picture.

[Name of Heretic Item]: Mirror of Murphy’s Theorem.

[Reference Number]: CEDT-0714

[Report]: Found in a huge explosion. In the process of recovering the debris, it was found that the train was in an unstoppable, one hour loop of the train exploding (the train line wasn’t a loop). It was confirmed that the fear of the people who died in the explosion was projected into the broken mirror fragments. The passengers on the train were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to leave the train that was about to explode so the mirror reflected the unstoppable cyclic explosion…

…After recovering all the fragments, there was no need to repair it. The fragments pieced together to form a normal mirror surface and no traces of fragmentation could be found…

…After testing, gazing for more than 17 minutes can transform objects in the mirror into something the person is afraid of…

[Containment method]: Placed underground at a depth of 17 meters, wrapped with a polyethylene dark cloth and kept away from light. It is only with the permission of three vice-captains or one team captain that the CEDT-0714 can bring it out of the shelter for inspection.

[Danger level]: Light red.

“Of course, after our experiments, the thing in the mirror is no longer a bomb.” Su Yang joked with a smile. “We made one experimental staff who hates spicy food stare at this mirror after eating special spicy hot pot. An hour later, everything stored in this mirror was a devilish spicy hot pot.”

Su Yang continued to play the PPT. “Did you see the welfare home mushroom poisoning incident on TV some time ago?”

Bai Liu raised his eyes to look at the wall. There was a picture of a blood ganoderma lucidum on the screen. It wasn’t a photo but was hand-drawn.

“We took over the case mid-way and looked into the possibility that the investors were involved in this type of thing. It is said to be able to cure all diseases but unfortunately, there were no specific clues.” Su Yang smiled shallowly and glanced at Bai Liu in a meaningful manner. “Yet there was a big coincidence. This morning, someone suddenly exposed a clue. A big gift was given to us and the members of the second team have gone to catch people.”

The images on the PPT continued and became a surveillance video of a hospital room.

In the video, Bai Liu visited the child on the hospital bed. After Bai Liu left, the child quickly recovered. Then he turned to the door and whispered thanks.

Bai Liu saw this scene and gave a small ‘tsk’ in his heart.

He thought he was going to be overturned.

“We used cotton swabs to check the vomit and feces of this little comrade after you left and found a very strange strain of mycelium remaining.” Su Yang took out a thumb-sized glass body with a blood-red mycelium in a fixing solution from his right chest pocket.

He stared straight at Bai Liu. “Comrade Bai Liu, no outsider visited the children that day except for you. Then all the children improved once you came. Can you explain where this mycelium came from?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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