GHG: Chapter 133

“I asked my father to find someone to do it. They are professionals and used overseas addresses. They shouldn’t be traced so easily, although my father said there is a way to be traced.” Mu Ke spoke to Bai Liu on the phone and coughed slightly guiltily. “There is someone involved who has a commercial competition relationship with my father. Thus, he cut out some of the less credible facts, such as the blood ganoderma lucidum. He only vaguely exposed that these investors are doing experimental treatment on children. Do you mind?”

Bai Liu used his computer to look for the hot search.

#□□ Entrepreneur Group#

#Shocking inside story of the poisoning incident in the welfare home#


“I don’t mind.” Bai Liu belonged to the type that didn’t care much about the process as long as it achieved results. He leaned lazily against the chair. “Now there should be a crazy spending of money to remove the hot search?”

“Yes, but it won’t be easy for them to withdraw it. We used money to maintain the hot searches and the police have become involved. It won’t be easy for them to withdraw it.” Mu Ke said.

“I troubled you, Mu Ke,” Bai Liu said. “Take a break and recover. We will go back into the game tonight at midnight. I have to deal with something in the afternoon.”

“Okay, Bai Liu.”


At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Bai Liu brought a couple to the hospital again.

Liu Jiayi sat down opposite the couple. They rubbed their knees a bit nervously. They were expectant as they looked at the little girl sitting on the hospital bed. Soon, their eyes were wet. They looked at Bai Liu standing beside them with disbelief, their voices quivering, “Bai Liu, can we really adopt her?”

“…Are we qualified to adopt her?”

Bai Liu leaned against the door and glanced at Liu Fu and Xiang Chunhua, “You meet the requirements for adoption.”

Their only daughter died miserably. They had a good family background and loved children. Moreover, the two of them had reached the age where they didn’t intend to have more children. This was fully in line with the adoption conditions. It was said that Liu Fu and Xiang Chunhua had the best conditions to adopt a family and were much better than Lu Yizhan, who had the precarious condition of being a small policeman.

If Liu Fu and Xiang Chunhua wanted to adopt someone, the children in the welfare home would probably try to grab their attention. This was the best way and choice for them.

Liu Jiayi also knew this. She supported herself using the railing of the hospital bed and said, “Bai Liu, I told you I could be alone. You don’t have to find me a good adoption family. I won’t be grateful to you. I also don’t want to continue acting in front of others. You know that I am a game player. If they stay with me then perhaps…”

“They are also game players.” Bai Liu interrupted Liu Jiayi’s words.

Liu Jiayi fell silent and her expression looked very startled.

Bai Liu directly pulled out a chair and sat down, intercepting what Liu Jiayi wanted to say. “They know you are Little Witch. I let them buy and watch all the videos of your game. They know what type of child you are and you can enter the game without pretending in front of them.”

“I was previously going to sell you to Lu Yizhan because he likes you very much. Another reason was that your brother really hoped that Lu Yizhan would adopt you. He also thought that Lu Yizhan is a good person and will give you a perfect family.” Bai Liu raised his eyes to look at Liu Jiayi. “However, you don’t want this so I will make other arrangements. This way, your activities will be more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about future troubles.”

Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu were still a bit nervous.

Xiang Chunhua had been rubbing her eyes as she stared at the blind little girl. “My family also had a child but… something happened. Old Liu and I are really not good. We aren’t good in the game or outside the game, otherwise Guo Guo wouldn’t have…”

She paused and lowered her head, wiping her eyes with her hands. “Jiayi, I know that you are an amazing little girl and we can’t help you much. However, Bai Liu said that you need a place to stay outside the game that is legal and reasonable. It is just that you are a child and you have no good place to go.”

“We can help a bit with this.” Liu Fu continued Xiang Chunhua’s words. He leaned forward, stuttering with a bit of nervousness. “A-An adoption relationship is just a stopgap measure. If you dislike us and don’t want us to be your nominal parents, the relationship can be dissolved after the game ends.”

“If you need anything, you can always tell us. We will do everything we can. Do you think that is okay?”

Xiang Chunhua couldn’t help saying, “Look at how thin you are. Stay with us. At the very least, you can have a hot meal outside the game. I can’t compare to you in strength but I am good at cooking!”

“I also make soup very well.” Liu Fu said with a bit of embarrassment.

They were clearly two middle-aged people who were almost 100 years old when combined together yet when they talked to an 8 year old child, they were cautious like they were afraid they would scare her away. They seemed to feel they had nothing to offer and couldn’t keep her.

Liu Jiayi sat with her head lowered for a long time, silent and motionless. Only her thin fingers slowly grasped the quilt and her toes curled up in the air.

“Games, shelter, help, a safe place to rest and recover. They are also my people. I promise they won’t harm you and will help take care of you. After all, you are still a minor and many things are inconvenient. Two adults working for you will be more comfortable. Do you have any other questions?” Bai Liu spoke. “If you bring it up then I will find a way for you.”

All the problems said by Liu Jiayi were solved by Bai Liu. She had always been dodging and hiding. She was completely used to solving all problems by herself. No one had ever told her, ‘Put forward the problems and I’ll help you solve them.’

Liu Jiayi finally raised her head. Her eyes were a bit red but her words were cold. “Yes. How can I repay some of your things?”

Xiang Chunhua was confused. “Repay… what?”

“The shelter, hot food and soup you mentioned.” Liu Jiayi felt that a debt repayment was natural. “How do you want me to pay it back? Money or points?”

Xiang Chunhua’s eyes were red. She wanted to say that Liu Jiayi didn’t have to repay these things but Bai Liu opened his mouth first. “I will let them list the money they spend on you every day. Once you completely exit the game, it will be settled all at once. Are there any other questions?”

Liu Jiayi shook her head slowly. She felt like she still owed something.

However, she didn’t know what these things were or what she could use to return them.

Xiang Chunhua looked at Liu Jiayi with emotional eyes like she wanted to hug Liu Jiayi. She hesitated for a long time before the middle-aged woman with a face full of vicissitudes reached out to gently touch Liu Jiayi’s face, her tone choked up, “Why are you so small? When Guo Guo was 8 years old, she was twice as big as you…”

Liu Fu’s eyes were also red and his voice hoarse. “We will go back and feed you well. If we feed you more red meat and bone soup, you will soon grow up.”

“Eat as much as Guo Guo and grow quickly. You will be a big girl.”

Liu Jiayi didn’t know what to say so she was silent.

Bai Liu glanced at her. “I found you the most suitable place to live.  You don’t have to think too much. I’ll enter the game tonight. If you want to enter then follow. It’s fine if you don’t want to enter. Things will be much more convenient for you after Liu Fu and Xiang Chunhua adopt you. You don’t have to hide everything like before.”

There was a long silence before Liu Jiayi whispered, “Hmm.” It meant that she knew.


After walking out the hospital door, Liu Fu didn’t know what to say and he squeezed Bai Liu’s arm hard. Bai Liu looked over and saw Xiang Chunhua and Liu Fu looking at him with tearful eyes.

“Thank you Bai Liu, thank you very much.” Liu Fu blew his nose. He didn’t know what to say so he could only talk about business matters. “You are entering the game at night, right? Shall we go too?”

They had been ready to die. They never thought they would get another little girl as their daughter before they died. It wasn’t that they didn’t have this idea when they were in the most pain. It was just that after entering the game, they didn’t dare have this idea. They were very careful when contacting people for fear of influencing them to enter the game.

“Yes, you enter and I’ll have Mu Sicheng continue to bring you. It might be a level two game. Will that be fine with you?”

Liu Fu and Xiang Chunhua nodded decisively. “There is no problem.”


After dealing with Liu Jiayi, Bai Liu went back to his small rental house.

Seeing that it was still early and his mental state was tired, Bai Liu prepared to take a break before entering the game. He adjusted the alarm clock, put on pajamas, lay down on the bed and closed his eyes.

Bai Liu was a person who slept well and rarely dreamed.

It wasn’t known if it was because of too much consumption or being exhausted but this time, Bai Liu had a very strange dream. He felt like his body was covered with a layer of white frost from his fingertips. He couldn’t resist being frozen. A cold body lay heavily on his chest and Bai Liu felt like he was dreaming about a ghost pressing him down on the bed.

It was a ghost that looked pretty good.

Tawil propped himself up and looked down at Bai Liu. There was no human emotion in his light-colored pupils. “Your bad luck is coming.”

Bai Liu could feel Tawil’s arm beside his ear. It was a very cold touch.

He looked up at Tawil, half dreaming and half awake. He wanted to say that he never had good luck and was used to bad luck.

However, Bai Liu’s mouth seemed like it was glued together. He couldn’t make a word and could only make strange sounds… Bai Liu stopped trying to speak and motioned for Tawil to continue with his eyes.

Tawil leaned toward Bai Liu’s neck and hooked up the cross on Bai Liu’s chest with his finger. He lowered his head and kissed the cross before placing it between Bai Liu’s eyebrows, tapping it gently with his index finger.

“Once the clock on the wall reaches 9 o’clock, the avenger wrapped in hatred from another timeline will come to you with the fate of death. Thus, God will appear here to reveal to you, bless you and protect you.”

Tawil looked down at Bai Liu, who was frowning in the nightmare, with an indescribable tone of indifference and solemnity.

He said, “My evil believer, remember to avoid the hunter’s suicide bullet. Don’t use your right eye to release desire. Before the real death comes, the time on you is unique and irreversible.”

Tawil covered Bai Liu’s eyes with his hand and bent down to kiss the reverse cross on Bai Liu’s forehead. Then he spoke in a cold and sacred tone like the cross. “The key to everything is in the witch’s hands. Poison or antidote is the key to your choice.”

“God is forever, the soul is forever.”

Tawil tucked the cross back in Bai Liu’s clothes. He stared at Bai Liu but his pupils reflected a light pink rose whose branches and leaves were gradually spreading and blossoming. “Be careful of the roses.”

The moment he finished speaking, he turned into a pile of gorgeous rose petals that scattered over Bai Liu’s body. There was a strong, stimulating rose fragrance that made Bai Liu uncomfortable. He rolled out from the rose petals before the petals burst into light pink smoke. The smoke hovered over Bai Liu’s quilt before finally falling as burning ashes under his bed. It was blown by the wind and disappeared.

Bai Liu abruptly opened his eyes.

There were no roses, petals or Tawil. He was sleeping on an old bed with springs popping out in a rented house that was less than three meters high. Bai Liu sat up and pulled out the cross.

The cross had a strangely cold touch. Bai Liu put the cross close to his nose and sniffed it.

There was a rose fragrance on the cross that made him uncomfortable.

“Bad luck and death are coming to me…” Bai Liu held the cross and squinted. “…Beware the hunter and the roses.”

Tawil was God since the identity Bai Liu had acquired with the cross was Tawil’s believer. The suggestive message he received from Tawil was, in layman’s terms, ‘an oracle.’

Since ancient times, oracles have been vague. This included the one that Tawil gave him.

If this vague oracle was interpreted using the previous knowledge of Bai Liu’s view of the world, Bai Liu would say that since gods didn’t exist, the oracles were made up by the believers. They would say vague words so there would be a larger error tolerance rate in their predictions.

However, Tawil’s oracle gave him a familiar feeling.

“It is the feeling that my words will be blocked because some things can’t be directly said. Therefore, I have to use other words to express the same meaning.” Bai Liu was thoughtful. “So it is possible that Tawil is being blocked by a higher level of existence. He can’t tell me directly what to avoid so he can only hint at me implicitly to make me vigilant.”

The witch was easy to guess. It was referring to Liu Jiayi.

Then what did the rose and hunter imply?

Bai Liu held the rose-scented cross and stared at the time on the old wall clock.

It was exactly 9 o’clock now.

Bai Liu heard the sound of footsteps coming from the corridor outside his place. The soundproofing of the rental house was bad so it allowed Bai Liu to hear the continuous footsteps outside. They weren’t dense and they all walked directly past. They seemed to be normal occupants of the building.

Yet when the fourth sound of footsteps reappeared regularly, Bai Liu let out a breath and got up from the bed to put on clothes and shoes. He opened the window and took a look outside to make a reasonable assessment. If he jumped from the fifth floor, he only had the possibility of surviving for a few minutes. He finally chose to give up on this idea.

The building he lived in was low-cost rented houses from top to bottom. Bai Liu lived on the fifth floor and there were only four tenants on the fifth floor. This showed that some of the people in the building weren’t normal residents. Bai Liu was also very familiar with the well-trained footsteps. He had only heard it from one person.

—It was Lu Yizhan.

The footsteps finally stopped in front of Bai Liu’s door. The door behind Bai Liu was kicked open and a group of people shouted sternly at him with guns in their hands, “Police! Don’t move! Raise your hands!”

Bai Liu quickly lowered his head. He took the coin from around his neck, put it in his mouth and pressed it under his tongue.

As the night wind blew through the window, Bai Liu slowly turned around and raised his hands in an unhurried manner.

The wind blew the hair on his forehead. Although Bai Liu did nothing, there was a sense of calm like he had long expected to be caught. He obediently let the policemen handcuff him. He didn’t ask anything and he didn’t seem to be very scared.

Bai Liu hadn’t figured out why he was arrested but these policemen were very afraid of him. All the policemen who broke into his room were heavily armed and wore leather gloves and protective clothing. Bai Liu visually inspected it and estimated it might be 2-3 cm thick. He didn’t know what metal it was made of but it seemed to be very strong shielding.

The equipment made the police officers look like explosives experts who were about to dismantle a powerful bomb.

Bai Liu, who had the threat of a bomb, sat dozing off in a car.

The car Bai Liu was sitting in looked unique. The front and back were separated by a thick metal plate, leaving only a small 15 cm by 15 cm window. Through the window, he could see the nervous policeman. The policeman gulped and pointed his gun at Bai Liu, seemingly afraid that this young man with hands and feet bound would suddenly become violent.

The lights of the streetlights shone through the small window in the back compartment of the car where Bai Liu was sitting. There was a red triangle symbol on the wall showing an octopus wriggling its tentacles. Next to it was a simple stick figure man with scattered limbs and blood flowing all over, as well as a big red fork on top of the octopus.

The sign read:

[This is unknown supernatural dangerous goods. It has the tendency to hurt people! Keep alert and maintain a distance!]

The striped lights flashed over Bai Liu’s blank face, scaring the policeman who was watching him from the small window. The policeman almost couldn’t hold the gun and the one driving was taken aback by the movement. “What’s wrong? Has it changed?”

The small policeman cried out, “I-It is breathing!”

“Calm down!” The driving policeman took two deep breaths. “This is the first human-shaped heresy monster captured by our sub-bureau. It is normal for it to breathe so don’t be surprised.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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