GHG: Chapter 131

Many guilds were asking around for news about Bai Liu, a phenomenal newcomer. Many guilds even issued conditions on their posts, stating they hoped Bai Liu could join them. He could put forward whatever conditions he wanted and they would train him well.

At this time, the members of the Scavenger Zombies who hadn’t figured out their heart and direction jumped out first to resist the high-level guild players luring Bai Liu. They angrily accused these high-level guilds of digging people and scolded the guilds. ‘Look clearly! This is our new president! He won’t follow you casually!’

The players of the Scavenger Zombies might be apprehensive due to the loss of their president Miao Gaojiang but it was clear that Bai Liu was an excellent potential stock. Before they could feel dissatisfied about the change in presidents, the players of the guild couldn’t stand by and watch Bai Liu, their life-saving straw, be dragged away by other guilds.

For a guild, it was necessary to have advanced players to participate in the league. Now Miao Feichi was dead while Miao Gaojiang’s mind was completely abnormal. He even gave the guild to Bai Liu.

The Scavenger Zombies was a relatively low-level guild. Apart from Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang, most of them could only play in ordinary games. Otherwise, they would’ve had a zero record in the group competition of the league for so many years. After discovering that Miao Gaojiang and his son had an accident, all the players with some ability in the guild ran away from the guild.

There might be many fines for withdrawing from the guild but for these capable players, it was better than staying in the Scavenger Zombies Guild that had little future.

It was a pure rookie president who had only played three games. In the eyes of these veteran players, it was simply nonsense!

There were no contacts with other guilds, no league level players to play in the league and no senior players to help accumulate items in the guild warehouse. The guild would be finished sooner or later. The annual league was very important to all guilds. If a medium to large sized guild like the Scavenger Zombies didn’t have players at the level of the Miao father and son to play in the league then it would immediately break into smaller guilds and many people would run.

The players who didn’t leave the guild were very ordinary and only fooled around in level one games.

They didn’t have the strength to pay fines and other guilds wouldn’t easily accept such incompetent players. They had no path other than to grab the life-saving straw of Bai Liu.

The players of the guild comforted themselves that even if he couldn’t play in the league this year, he had high potential and could participate next year!

Yet no matter how much they comforted themselves, these people were still in a state of panic. They looked at their new president like chicks who lost their mother in the game of ‘Eagle Catching Chicks’.

Strangely, the new president who just obtained a guild didn’t appear to be in a hurry. For other guilds when the president changed, the new president would immediately come out to give a speech or make some commitments to the players to stabilize them and prevent the loss of a large number of people. In short, it was a new official taking office and drawing a large pie for everyone.

Meanwhile, Bai Liu didn’t do this.

He was currently lounging on the edge of the center hall. The small TV in the middle of the hall was the king’s ranking list and it constantly replayed clips of Bai Liu’s game. Bai Liu could see some people in a hurry to find him but he casually leaned against a corner of the central hall and didn’t step forward.

“Aren’t you going to talk to them?” Mu Ke turned his head to look at Bai Liu.

“No, let’s give them the cold shoulder first.” Bai Liu lowered his eyes. “Once all the people who want to leave are gone, the rest of them will be panicked enough for me to make a deal with them. I don’t want to be the president for free. It is essentially no different from going to work.”

Mu Ke shut his mouth.

Yes, when other officials took office, they would make promises to players. Once it was Bai Liu’s turn, it was estimated that these players would have to promise him certain conditions and pay him a salary in order to keep Bai Liu as their president.

He clearly squeezed the guild from top to bottom. This made Mu Ke feel a trace of pity for the people of the guild who had been so arrogant to Bai Liu in the beginning.

How did things develop to this point? They had to give him money for him to lead them? Usually, wasn’t it the leader who gave them money to work? Why was it the opposite way around with Bai Liu? What was wrong with this?

Bai Liu didn’t care about Mu Ke’s complicated expression. He clicked on the system panel and calculated the points and items he got.

In addition to the two items from the monster book, there were the items and points he got from Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang. The total sum was a lot. In addition, Bai Liu received a very special item.

[System notification: You have received the pieced together Murphy’s Theorem Ghost Mirror.]

[The quality of the item is unknown and the specific function is ominous. The only thing known about the item is that staring into the mirror for a long time will lead to the birth of fear toward the mirror. The more you don’t want to see, the more you will see. The more you don’t want it to happen, the more it will happen.]

Bai Liu looked at the explanation of this item for a while and then at his points. Finally, he put away the system panel in a satisfied manner and told Mu Ke, “Quit the game first.”

“You don’t have to follow me. I have some things to do.” Bai Liu waved to Mu Ke. “You worked hard. Go home and have a good rest.”

“Oh, Mu Ke, remember to put together the information on the investors and send it to me.”

Mu Ke was stunned before soon responding, “You want to help your friend investigate the case, right? I will look for professionals to anonymously send it directly to the email of relevant departments so it won’t be tracked. Is that okay?”

Bai Liu smiled at Mu Ke. “I will thank you for my friend, Mu Ke.”

Before he finished speaking, his back flashed with various data chains and he disappeared from in front of Mu Ke.

Bai Liu opened his eyes in his rental house. He touched his phone under his pillow. His phone had a broken screen but it still worked. He opened it and first checked the time. He had gone in yesterday morning and now it was 10 o’clock in the morning.

The time spent in his first two games was also almost a day. It seemed that each game had a flow rate of about a day compared to the real world.

Yet in the game hall, the time and space latitude of each small TV was different.

Once one entered different small TV viewing areas, the flow rate inside was consistent with the flow rate of the game world in the latitude of the small TV. No matter how many viewers, it wouldn’t appear crowded or overflow to the area outside the small TV.

In addition, the game hall was set so that players couldn’t attack each other but Bai Liu had previously used the fishbone whip to cut apart time and space to attack Mu Sicheng.

Bai Liu could basically infer that the game hall was a distorted area of multiple space and time latitudes.

Logically speaking, people in this area couldn’t shuttle between so many different latitudes in a normal form. However, the game could make so many people exist in a space with multiple overlapping spaces and time simultaneously. The space was surprisingly large and the energy required obviously exceeded human common sense.

Bai Liu thought up to here and looked down at the cross hanging around his neck.

Sure enough, the item unlocked on the monster page of the god-level NPC would follow him every time. It also said it was a god.

If it was the type of elusive power from the gods that could never be understood by humans and they would only be fooled by it then it was understandable.

[You are my only believer]—the creature whispered to him like this.

The unemployed believer played with the reverse cross on his pendant before seeing the fish scale that had been cracked by Miao Feichi’s double knives. Part of the fish scale was gray-white as it hung from Bai Liu’s neck.

“I don’t know if this fish scale can be repaired…” Bai Liu muttered to himself as he touched the surface of the fish scale.

Bai Liu got dressed and headed straight to the hospital where the children had previously been hospitalized. Once he arrived at the hospital, he found Lu Yizhan leaning against the stairwell next to Liu Jiayi’s room and smoking.

The morning news was being broadcasted on the TV hanging in the hospital corridor.

The well-dressed male host said, “This morning in a building in our city, a serious knife-wielding incident occurred. The perpetrator Miao is 49 years old. At around 10:01 this morning, he used a kitchen knife to cut off his 28 year old biological son Xiao Miao’s 10 fingers and forced him to eat them…”

“…By the time the police arrived, Xiao Miao unfortunately died due to excessive blood loss. Miao also faced off with the police before committing suicide by cutting his throat. Before his death, he yelled a man’s name crazily. It is said that the man with this name has no intersection with Miao. It is very likely that he unknowingly yelled it due to his condition. Therefore, the man’s name is being kept anonymous…”

“…Currently, the police have announced that this tragedy was caused by a mental disorder. In recent years, in the city and even the whole country, the rate of suicides and crimes has been rising. Not long ago, the suspect in the death of a female high school student, Li Gou, was hacked to death because the prisoners in the same prison had a mental disorder…”

“There are more crimes being committed due to mental disorders and psychological problems. This has become a major social issue that needs attention. It isn’t known if the free community psychological counseling rooms set up all over the country are really playing a role in reducing the intensification of people’s psychological problems. Can we take further strong control methods against these mental patients with a criminal tendency…”

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

I…have a bad premonition

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Reply to  NIAN27

For sure, Bai Liu’s name was the name Miao shouted. I don’t want to think that Yuzhen have heard what Miao has yelled from other officers 🥲🥲🥲

zhan zhan
zhan zhan
8 months ago

lu yizhan ,,, no matter what, liuliu is innocent truly 100% he didn’t cause this one