GHG: Chapter 130 – Game Hall

Bai Liu came out of the game’s exit point.

Mu Ke, who had already cleared the instance and was waiting there tensely, sighed with relief when he saw Bai Liu. “You finally came out.”

Bai Liu nodded before asking, “Has Mu Sicheng cleared the instance?”

“I just went to take a look. His small TV is being settled and he should be logged out soon.”

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Mu Sicheng was helped out by Liu Fu and Xiang Chunhua. He looked very exhausted and he couldn’t stand still like he had a hangover.

Instead, it was Liu Fu and Xiang Chunhua, the two newcomers, who looked good.

The moment Mu Sicheng saw Bai Liu waiting for him at the door, he couldn’t help holding up his upper body and scolding Bai Liu, “F*k, Bai Liu, you know that if you use my skills, I can’t use them, right? I was going to make a big move on my side, only for you to use it and my side became empty. You can use another person’s skills! Why catch me alone!”

Mu Sicheng’s words might be very rude but he didn’t look angry. Instead, he added a bit awkwardly, “…If it wasn’t for Liu Fu and Xiang Chunhua saving me, I would’ve been killed by you sooner or later. Even if you want to train my sense of cooperation, you don’t have to be so extreme?”

Liu Fu and Xiang Chunhua were a bit tired but they were also excited after clearing the instance. They waved their hands with a smile. “It’s fine, it’s fine. It was hard for Xiao Mu to look after us.”

Mu Sicheng felt that he had a bit of understanding of Bai Liu’s style.

Bai Liu was very efficient and cost-effective in his work. He liked to solve things quickly and efficiently. Mu Sicheng was a hidden danger due to the shadow Liu Huai left on him regarding cooperation. He was a fast attack player and if he had this type of heart during team battles, one moment of hesitation could be fatal for both his teammates and himself.

On the one hand, Bai Liu always used Mu Sicheng’s skills to force him into a weak position so he could quickly adapt to his other two teammates. It wasn’t so easy for Mu Sicheng to die in a level one game and he could safely and boldy pit (train) the other person.

On the other hand, it was because Mu Sicheng’s skill was very useful.

“Even if I… have a bit of a shadow about cooperation, you are too cruel…” Mu Sicheng was leaning at the exit point and gasping for breath when his eyes looked around and landed on the pair of daggers in Mu Ke’s hands.

His eyes and words suddenly froze.

Mu Sicheng was very familiar with these daggers and he only needed one look to instantly recognize them.

This pair of daggers had rescued him many times, preventing many disaster monsters from catching up to him. They also almost killed him twice.

Mu Ke had been anxious about Bai Liu since coming out and he hadn’t noticed that he was still holding the pair of daggers after so long.

After being stared at by the motionless Mu Sicheng, Mu Ke lowered his head and saw the daggers in his hands. He remembered the matter between Mu Ke and Liu Huai and didn’t know what to do. He instinctively put away the daggers.

The daggers had disappeared from Mu Ke’s hands but Mu Sicheng’s eyes were frozen and didn’t move at all. There were no fluctuations in his voice as he asked, “Where did these daggers come from?”

“They belong to Liu Huai,” Bai Liu answered.

A strange smile appeared on Mu Sicheng’s face. His eyes were still fixed on Mu Ke’s hands but the corners of his mouth were strangely raised. He seemed as if he had heard a funny message that was unconvincing. “How can it be Liu Huai’s? Skills can only be transferred if people voluntarily sign an agreement before they die. You don’t have to trick me like this to reduce my shadow. If you say it is Liu Huai’s daggers, this means he has…”

Here, Mu Sicheng stopped. Mu Ke looked at Bai Liu somewhat at a loss.

Bai Liu indifferently raised his eyes. “He is dead, Mu Sicheng.”


Mu Sicheng ran through the campus. He ran with all his strength while the words Bai Liu told him before he logged out of the game rang in his ears.

[Liu Huai wanted me to apologize to you but I think it is better for him to tell you in person.]

[If you run fast enough, maybe you can see Liu Huai before he dies. You should know where he is?]

Mu Sicheng heard himself gasping and his lungs were burning as he ran. He did have a guess about where Liu Huai was. If Liu Huai was to die, he would definitely choose to log out from the place where he first logged into the game—a bus stop near the school.

Liu Huai had said goodbye to his sister at the bus stop and asked others to help send back his sister who was crying and unwilling to let him go.

It was this place where Mu Sicheng first met Liu Huai.

This bus stop was the place where new students to the university got off. Liu Huai had no suitcase. He only held a large, mended cloth bag and a bucket. He was incompatible with all the freshmen around him. He sat near the window in simple clothes and there was a nervous uneasiness about him. He looked at the peeling car film of the window and picked at it with his nails.

Mu Sicheng hadn’t expected to be in the same dormitory as this person. He also hadn’t expected to just enter the dormitory to see Liu Huai holding the bucket and crying. His father had just left while swearing dirty words at Liu Huai.

There was an invisible pressure that crushed Liu Huai, who had just gone to university. However, Mu Sicheng couldn’t feel this. He only felt embarrassed.

In order to avoid the embarrassment, Mu Sicheng generously asked the sobbing Liu Huai to have a KFC meal. Liu Huai thanked him with wet eyes and called him Brother Si, saying he hadn’t eaten these things before. Then he started to help Mu Sicheng do everything, such as signing in and cleaning. He even tried to help Mu Sicheng wash his socks and bed sheets but Mu Sicheng had to helplessly refuse.

After being rejected, Liu Huai lowered his head and stood to the side, uneasy like a child who had done something wrong.

Liu Huai was an introverted and shy person. If nothing happened later then Mu Sicheng might’ve never become close to him.

Liu Huai wasn’t a friend who met his standards. It wasn’t due to Liu Huai’s family background. It was that Liu Huai had too many things he didn’t want to say. He was like a fish. Everything he wanted to say was held back in his heart. If he was asked what was wrong, he would just smile at a loss and say, ‘Brother Si, it is nothing. This is my own business.’

Mu Sicheng had always wanted to tell Liu Huai, ‘Between friends, sometimes your business is my business.’

‘If you don’t say it, this matter will also implicate me. It is because human relationships can transmit events. It doesn’t matter if the events are good or bad, it isn’t possible to stop this transmission by not speaking, Liu Huai.’

Mu Sicheng finally reached the station. He touched his knees and gasped for breath as he looked at Liu Huai who was at the platform across the road.

Liu Huai had his head lowered and was looking at something in his arms. It was a yellow bag and seemed to be something to eat.

Mu Sicheng couldn’t help calling out to him. “Liu Huai!”

Liu Huai raised his head abruptly. Once he saw Mu Sicheng, his eyes lit up and he gave a tearful smile. There was no more restlessness and forbearance in his eyes. He was very peaceful as he put away his smile. He took a step forward and waved at the running Mu Sicheng. His voice came from a distance and sounded a bit happy.

“I thought I couldn’t see you, Brother Si.”

“I’m sorry,” Liu Huai shouted loudly from the other side, howling and crying. “I’m really sorry! Brother Si, I was wrong!”

The bus’s shrill warning sound was heard. Then an out-of-control bus suddenly crashed into the platform. Mu Sicheng’s pupils shrank.

The fried chicken rolled to the ground. Liu Huai, carrying the KFC bag, fell in a pool of blood in front of the bus.


The game hall, the Nightmare Rising Star Hall.

Bai Liu’s small TV was being settled. The first time, he rushed into the core area. The second time, it was unimaginable that he would get second place in the nightmare rising stars. Then before the settlement of the third small TV, he rushed to first place on the nightmare rising stars list through a variety of unfortunate coincidences—being chased by the Scavenger Zombies Guild to be killed, encountering Little Witch and other dramatic factors.

This was already a great achievement.

Now the viewers were holding their breaths in front of Bai Liu’s small TV and waiting for the settlement. They were clearly looking forward to the results.

In front of Bai Liu’s small TV, the senior guilds were all lined up except for Killer Sequence. They were waiting for Bai Liu’s settlement.

The static noise flashed on Bai Liu’s TV. This was the image of data being too large to process during the settlement. Wang Shun looked at the static and couldn’t help gulping.

The calculation time of the small TV had surpassed one minute. The amount of data being calculated was quite large.

Then the static slowly dissipated and the TV started to broadcast the settlement result.

Wang Shun held his breath for a long time and none of the members of the senior guilds in front of Bai Liu’s TV made any sound.

All the viewers were shocked by the incredible performance of the newcomer Bai Liu. They watched the shining golden crown and the 3D fireworks that were constantly blooming around the small TV.

[1,600,673 people liked Bai Liu’s small TV, 166,700 people have bookmarked Bai Liu’s small TV, 45,371 people have charged Bai Liu’s small TV and player Bai Liu has obtained 578,010 points.]

[Player Bai Liu has received over 500,000 likes in one minute and over 500,000 points from being charged! You are crazily loved by the audience!]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu for getting the final promotion position and entering the 10th place in the central screen king’s promotion position. The number of page views is rising rapidly…]

[Congratulations to player Bai Liu for unlocking all the main tasks of Love Welfare Institute.]

[System: The player has reached the true ending ‘Escape from the Welfare Home Forever.’ A child has always lived in your body. Seeing them again, will you hate them, help them or stay away from them? They are the prototype and the mirror of your growth. When they suffer while growing up, will you choose to sacrifice your own growth path to give them a new future? Or do you choose to absorb their blood and continue to grow badly in your current form, becoming a superior investor?]

[There is no love in ‘Love Welfare Institute.’ What percentage of the original self are you now?]

[Cleared Love Welfare Institute’s true ending: 30,000 points rewarded.]

[Cleared Love Welfare Institute’s true ending: 100 attribute points rewarded (can upgrade the attributes panel according to the player’s own needs).]

[The Love Welfare Institute Monster Book – Plant Patient page collection reward – Item: Blood ganoderma lucidum (can be used to cure the negative buffs brought about by all diseases).]

[The Love Welfare Institute Monster Book -God page – Item: Reverse Cross Pendant (unknown quality, identity attribute, identity specific attributes unknown).]

[System: Comprehensive evaluation of player Bai Liu’s small TV]

[The comprehensive data of player Bai Liu’s small TV has exceeded three million and the Love Welfare Institute is rated. It should be a crown badge video. Considering the 1:1702 steps to likes ratio, the video won’t be downgraded. Finally, it will be rated as a crown badge video and it is eligible to enter the VIP library. Player Bai Liu’s game video has entered the VIP library.]

[After entering the VIP library, if there are players who want to watch player Bai Liu’s Love Welfare Institute game video then they need to become a VIP member of the system and pay 1,000 points. The points will be divided 5:5 between player Bai Liu and the system.]

[Bai Liu’s small TV has the following achievements this time—]

[10th in the king’s ranking.]

[After Spades, the first player to make it to the king’s ranking in three games.]


In the largest and most central part of the central hall, Bai Liu’s small TV suddenly appeared. There was a glittering crown label on the small TV. Passersby stared at this face that they had become vaguely familiar with recently.

“Isn’t this the newcomer Bai Liu who has been very strong recently? How did he rush to the king’s promotional position?!”

“Aren’t the people of the Scavenger Zombies chasing him?”

“Look at the forum. The forum has blown up. Miao Feichi is dead and Miao Gaojiang has a mental abnormality. Everyone in the Scavenger Zombies has been notified that the president has changed…”

“A dark horse… this person is too fierce. If he plays in the league next year then he will probably look good…”

Proofreader: Purichan

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1 year ago

Bro who is spades.??? i wanna see him interact with bai liu atleast once😩 i want to know more about who spades is

6 months ago

Rest in peace, Lui huai… Bai Lui wasted 1 whole point buying you and my affection for you was wasted after you die like that.

12 days ago
Reply to  Yasha

Not a waste, it wasn’t a waste at all.