GHG: Chapter 129

They exited from the entrance of the hospital. He relied on Liu Jiayi to handle the monsters while Bai Liu touched a car outside the hospital. He used the item Passenger’s Blessing and pulled the three children on board.

Bai Liu drove the car into the night, surrounded by slender and fierce faces. The effect of Passenger’s Blessing meant they couldn’t touch him. He drove in one direction until he saw the morning light on the horizon. The wandering investor monsters decreased by a lot and Liu Jiayi suddenly said, “I have completed the task of escaping the welfare home.”

Little Mu Ke was confused as he held the game manager on his chest. “This thing just told me that I completed the task. What task?”

Little Miao Gaojiang was in the backseat of the car. He was unconscious and still hadn’t woken up, but Bai Liu received the notification that his and Miao Gaojiang’s soul transaction was completed.

Bai Liu lazily leaned against the driver’s seat. “Go to the exit point. Let’s talk after going out. I still have to deal with a matter.”

“What is the exit point…” Little Mu Ke was confused. Before he could finish his words, he disappeared.

Liu Jiayi glanced at little Miao Gaojiang in the backseat and understood that Bai Liu had to talk to little Miao Gaojiang alone. She pursed her lips and quit.

Now there was only Miao Gaojiang left in the car. Little Bai Liu (6) was placed in the front passenger’s seat by Bai Liu. Bai Liu’s hand casually held the steering wheel while his other hand held a hanging chain. This was the game manager that he had pulled from the Miao Gaojiang zombie body.

“Wake up, child Miao Gaojiang. Do you want to keep pretending to be asleep?” Bai Liu spoke slightly. “Are you wondering why they can disappear out of the game and you can’t? It is because your game manager is here with me.”

“Your soul is with me.”

Little Miao Gaojiang’s trembling eyes finally opened. He looked like he saw a demon as he watched the blood-stained Bai Liu sitting casually in the driver’s seat. His shoulders couldn’t help trembling. “What are you going to do to me?”

It was difficult to associate this little child who was so afraid of Bai Liu he would pretend to be asleep to the one Bai Liu fought and who killed everyone, including his own biological son.

The growth trajectory of human beings was a really miraculous thing. It was difficult for the Bai Liu of 10 years ago to think he would grow up to his current law-abiding appearance.

Now this Bai Liu hadn’t even spoken and Miao Gaojiang was already so scared that tears and snot were flowing. It was hard to believe he would become an old villain who would act so arrogantly in horror games, doing whatever he wanted and casually deciding to take Bai Liu’s life as a flag sacrifice.

“I don’t want to do anything to you. I can even let you leave this place.” Bai Liu said. “However, I want to get something from you.”

Miao Gaojiang cried out in front, “W-What? My blood?”

Bai Liu’s lips curled up. “No, your guild.”

Before entering the game, Bai Liu had asked Mu Sicheng what he needed to do to get the guild from Miao Gaojiang’s hands. Mu Sicheng was very speechless and thought that Bai Liu was talking nonsense but he still truthfully told Bai Liu what to do.

First, kill Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang. They were the real power in the guild and ruled through absolute violence and power.

Second, the transfer agreement. Have Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang sign the transfer agreement.

Regardless of whether it was the first or second method, they were both extremely difficult because the guild was just as important to Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang as their lives.

According to Mu Sicheng, even if Bai Liu used tricks to control their souls, the two men definitely wouldn’t let Bai Liu get the rights to the guild. It was because this directly involved their supply of resources in the league and could save lives.

Comparing their lives with their souls, life was more important. It would be difficult for them to sign the agreement and Bai Liu hadn’t reached the absolute level of strength and violence to directly take power of the guild. Even if Miao Gaojiang was dead, it was estimated that the other larger guilds would divide up the Scavenger Zombies Guild.

Bai Liu tried to sign the agreement by manipulating Miao Gaojiang’s panel after getting Miao Gaojiang’s soul but when he tried to sign the transfer agreement, the warning had popped up.

[System warning: The guild management transfer authority belongs to an advanced authority. It exceeds the permission level of player Bai Liu. Player Bai Liu only has a partial soul debt permission and doesn’t have the right to invoke the highest soul debt authority. This authority belongs to the system. Please exit quickly!]

A Miao Gaojiang who knew the importance of a guild wouldn’t sign the agreement easily but a Miao Gaojiang who didn’t know the importance was different.

Little Miao Gaojiang called out the transfer agreement in a trembling manner under Bai Liu’s instructions. After signing it, he glanced at the smiling Bai Liu with fear. “Is this okay?”

Bai Liu casually signed the agreement and nodded. “Yes, you can quit the game.”

[System notification: Player Miao Gaojiang and player Bai Liu have signed the ‘35 Regulations on the Transfer of the Scavenger Zombies Guild’ agreement.]

[There is no third-party witness. The only guarantee is the system that guarantees utility. It will be effective immediately after signing.]

[System notification: Congratulations to player Bai Liu for becoming the new president of the Scavenger Zombies Guild. After signing the agreement, all members of the Scavenger Zombies Guild have been notified of the change in guild president.]

Little Miao Gaojiang felt that he seemed to have lost something important but currently, he only had the emotion of escaping from Bai Liu. He didn’t have time to think too much. Little Miao Gaojiang sighed with relief and quit the game.

Only Bai Liu was left in the car. The reason wasn’t known but he didn’t quit the game. He drove the car in one direction until the sky lit up and the landscape around him became deserted and lush.

Bai Liu took little Bai Liu (6) out of the car. He bought a shovel and a gravestone from the system. Then he dug a hole in this place and put Bai Liu (6) inside. He put the gravestone casually on the pit and wrote with a marker pen that was taken from the hospital: This is the grave of Bai Liu.

Then he wrote the epitaph below: The future you has buried you but your future isn’t buried. Be happy, child. Your luck will be better.

Bai Liu solemnly drew a small little Bai Liu (6) on the gravestone with the marker. The thin boy in the drawing had bright eyes and a coin with a hollowed-out center around his neck. Bai Liu jokingly drew a cartoon mushroom above Bai Liu (6)’s head.

This was a very shabby grave.

Still, Bai Liu felt that Bai Liu (6) wouldn’t mind. After all, they didn’t like to spend extra money on useless things.

“I brought you out of the place you hate the most and buried you in an unknown place.” Bai Liu stood in front of the gravestone, the sunlight slowly rising from his ankles until his cheeks were lit. He smiled and said, “Still, I really like this place and I think you will as well.”

“Goodbye, 14 year old Bai Liu (6).”

Little Bai Liu (6) was also buried with 550,000 yuan that Bai Liu had just exchanged using points. This was what he owed to the child and he spread it evenly around Bai Liu (6). For this reason, Bai Liu thought that little Bai Liu (6) wouldn’t hate this grave.

He always followed the deal, even if it was a deal with the dead.

Bai Liu turned and left in the sunrise while waving his hand. It wasn’t known who he was saying goodbye to. There was only a gravestone behind him.

A breeze came from out of nowhere and the child’s nursery song faintly sounded in the shadow of Bai Liu’s departure.

“Born on a Monday,

Christened on a Tuesday,

Married on Wednesday,

Took ill on Thursday,

Grew worse on Friday,

Died on Saturday,

Buried on Sunday.

This is the end of Bai Liu.”

The gravestone was bright in daylight and Bai Liu’s back glowed with a dazzling halo like sunlight before he disappeared.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has exited the game.]

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1 year ago

Wow this arc was so long. And such a ride!! The last like ten or so chapters have emotionally ruined me. 😭 Also we got to see Tawil twice!! As a treat!! 😂 Thank you so much for translating! 💕

1 year ago

this was a really really long arc
however, i don´t feel like it was that long
it was long but not

i´m happy we got a happy ending for little bai liu, that´s nice

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Man…what a journey that was

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This was a roller coaster. So many plot twists! And they have to do this almost everyday for 2 months!?

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It was long arc but the best thing about this arc us little Bai.

You will be missed. ❤❤❤

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i cried😭 idk why but seeing bai liu burrying his little self seemed really sweet of him

zhan zhan
zhan zhan
4 months ago

this arc scared me half to death so many times bc bai liu is crazy but this ending ))::::: i feel a bit sad about little 6

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I hope your future would shine the brightest little Bai Lui.

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That was certainly quite long arc but it was definitely worth the read