GHG: Chapter 128

The god who drained every drop of blood for his believer closed his eyes wearily, sleeping beside the believer who was reborn and healed.

The withered vines turned black like a quilt on top of him. The god who gained his first believer had a very faint and imperceptible smile on his face, like a child dreaming after getting his favorite toy.

It was like the magic of a fairy godmother—because the midnight bell had just rung.


Liu Jiayi woke up coughing from the smell of mental bleach. She had lost so much blood that her face was almost transparent. Even if she just woke up, the little girl instantly regained her vigilance. She took out the poison and aimed it in the direction of the noise she heard.

The usage time of the visual item had run out so Liu Jiayi couldn’t see anything now.

“It is me, Bai Liu.” Bai Liu was very calm despite being threatened with the poison. He opened his hands to show he was harmless. “Your blood is still flowing so I wanted to treat it for you.”

Liu Jiayi took back the poison in a slightly stunned manner. It seemed she hadn’t recovered from the news that Bai Liu had survived.

At that time, she was already planning to break the jar and just wanted to fight once. She didn’t expect to really save Bai Liu. Then she touched the bandage wrapped around the wound on her arm. She slightly tightened her hand and felt the still stinging cuts on her arm.

Bai Liu asked, “Your health value should be very low. Why don’t you heal yourself?”

Liu Jiayi pressed her lips together tightly and said nothing. The cooldown of her healing skill had indeed ended and Bai Liu was right. Due to her desperate bloodletting to save Bai Liu, her health was very low. It was currently only 5 points. Right now, she sat on the ground and there was a type of chill she wanted to shake out of her body.

Liu Jiayi didn’t answer him and Bai Liu didn’t care about Liu Jiayi. He turned his head to bandage little Mu Ke who was still sleeping. Just after he finished the bandaging, Liu Jiayi’s hand suddenly grasped the corner of his clothes. Bai Liu turned his head in surprise. Liu Jiayi had her eyes closed and her trembling eyelashes were covered with water. Her face was covered with dirty blood stains but her body suddenly emitted a very sacred and white halo that spread to Bai Liu and Mu Ke’s bodies.

The halo was warm and pure white. It made people relax their tight muscles and nerves. The little girl in the middle of the halo carried a bottle of sparkling liquid like mercury that was as long as Bai Liu’s palm.

Liu Jiayi placed the bottle of liquid in Bai Liu’s hand and her voice was hoarse. “You drink this antidote with Mu Ke. Don’t leave any for me and fill up your health.”

Bai Liu wanted to ask why she gave this to them but Liu Jiayi seemed to feel cold. She curled up and hugged her knees, burying her head in her knees.

Her voice was muffled. “Both you and Mu Ke don’t have panels as high as mine. For my antidote healing skill, the lower the individual panel, the better the healing effect. It is better if you drink than me. In addition, the health of the two of you is almost empty. I have health left and more skills. I am more durable than you in this game.”

“Why give it to us?” Bai Liu still asked.

“Return it to you.” Liu Jiayi still had her head buried in her knees and didn’t look up as she said such a sentence.

Bai Liu understood.

Little Bai Liu (6) saved her, Mu Ke saved her and he saved her. She remembered it and might doubt it, feel puzzled or not believe it.

Still, she remembered everything.

“I thought you would hate me. You guessed outside the church that I used Liu Huai to catch you, right?” Bai Liu asked thoughtfully.

Liu Jiayi still didn’t look up as she made a nasal sound of agreement.

Bai Liu looked at Liu Jiayi’s dry hair. “Then you obviously know that I lied to you and I’m using you. Why risk your life and bleed to save me?”

Liu Jiayi asked back, “What about you? Why risk your life to save me?”

Bai Liu put it simply. “Trading.”

Liu Jiayi finally raised her head, her eyes red. “Because you saved me.”

Bai Liu and the tearful Liu Jiayi silently stared at each other for a long time.

The little girl had a pair of gray eyes that couldn’t see the world. When she raised her head to ‘look’ at people, she had a stubborn sense of loneliness and fragility, like a fish in muddy water peeping at the birds on the shore. It was a fish that no one looked at but once someone pushed aside the mud and stared directly at the little fish, they would find that the little girl’s eyes could speak. She was saying, ‘Whoever saves me, I will give it back to them. I don’t owe them.’

She wanted to settle the score with everyone in the world and see where she went wrong.

Let’s see how long this little girl could struggle to survive.

Bai Liu handed the antidote bottle back, his expression and tone very calm. “I have received the blood ganoderma lucidum and cleared the instance. I don’t need to restore my health. You don’t have to give me anything because someone else has paid for you. You can leave a bit of the antidote left for little Mu Ke.”

“As for the rest, I think you need it more.” Bai Liu stretched out the antidote bottle in front of Liu Jiayi. “Your health is very low. Drink it with peace of mind. I can’t let anything happen to you since I promised Liu Huai to take you out.”

Liu Jiayi’s dry and cracked lips slightly opened. Her chin rested on her knees that were curled up and her head lifted with vigilant suspicion. She blinked and resisted the emotions that rose up inside her. She pursed her mouth and reached out to grab the antidote bottle. However, her hands were hurt. They trembled when she took it and dropped it.

“You have a hand injury.” Bai Liu steadily caught the falling bottle and held it to Liu Jiayi’s mouth. “I’ll feed it to you.”

Liu Jiayi gently inhaled and exhaled. She opened her mouth but before she could drink, a drop of liquid fell into the bottle.

One drop, two drops… tears fell into the antidote. Liu Jiayi didn’t know who she heard it from but tears seemed to be the poison of human emotions. She didn’t know if the antidote would be ineffective after the tears fell inside.

Liu Jiayi held the bottle with her mouth and tears flowed freely. She choked up as she drank the antidote that cured her, sobbing quietly. “It is a shame to drink… like a…”

“A stray dog, right?” Bai Liu’s lips curled up in a smile. “Why are you the same as your brother? Stray dogs are also very good. Why do you all dislike stray dogs so much?”

Liu Jiayi cried even more when thinking of Liu Huai. Tears and snot flowed together as she cried out, “How is a stray dog good?! They are dirty and rejected! Everyone shouts at them! Everyone hates stray dogs!”

Bai Liu touched Liu Jiayi’s head. He seemed a bit amused that Liu Jiayi was crying so miserably at this point.

He said, “Wanderers don’t hate stray dogs.”

Liu Jiayi raised her head with tears in her eyes.

“Wait until the entire game is over and take your brother away from me, a wanderer.” Bai Liu lowered his eyes and spoke softly. “Once the game is over, neither you nor he will have to wander any longer.”


Little Mu Ke woke up and also drank the antidote. Liu Jiayi hadn’t drank much of it. This little girl was very stubborn and had to leave some to Bai Liu. Bai Liu really wasn’t safe with 3 points of health so he drank it along with Liu Jiayi. Now he and little Mu Ke were full of health. It wasn’t known how much health Liu Jiayi had because she didn’t answer when asked. She just said that it wasn’t easy for her to die with her current health and to not worry about her.

In the darkness, Bai Liu moved the baptismal pool and revealed the tunnel. He clapped his hands and exhaled. “At this point, the deformed children can’t go out from the exit of the church. They will go out of the hospital entrance. The number of deformed children in the tunnel shouldn’t be too much…”

“It doesn’t matter how many there are.” Liu Jiayi held the poison bottle and stood in front of Bai Liu, her voice still hoarse. “I’ll open up the way.”

Bai Liu slightly raised an eyebrow. “Okay, I’ll bring little Miao Gaojiang.”

There was still a soul agreement with little Miao Gaojiang. The big one was dead so Bai Liu only needed to fulfill this agreement to get Miao Gaojiang’s soul banknote. This was why Bai Liu saved little Miao Gaojiang’s life. He gave little Miao Gaojiang some antidote to keep his health.

Liu Jiayi could guess this and she showed no reaction when Bai Liu carried Miao Gaojiang.

Mu Ke wasn’t as calm as her. His eyes were red and his hands shook as he pointed at Bai Liu. “Why are you still saving him? Are you stupid? He is the one who closed the church door and let everyone else die!”

“He would’ve died if he didn’t close it.” Bai Liu glanced at little Mu Ke casually. “The church has no protection for adults and we would’ve been killed even if we entered.”

Mu Ke was still angry but Liu Jiayi had already jumped into the tunnel. Little Mu Ke was startled and Bai Liu told him, “Follow her in.”

The passage was still dark, stuffy and damp. Occasionally, something rustled but before they could get close to Bai Liu’s group, they were eliminated by Liu Jiayi who heard the sound first. Bai Liu followed Liu Jiayi and squinted at the little girl. Liu Jiayi’s natural blindness gave her an advantage in the darkness. She relied on her hearing to find the attackers and was even faster than a monster.

They arrived at a certain point and heard the sound of fingers squeezing the soil. Liu Jiayi wanted to attack but little Mu Ke suddenly screamed, “Wait!”

Both Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi looked over.

Little Mu Ke stared at Bai Liu’s face, his breathing quick in the passage. “Bai Liu (6)… Bai Liu (6) lay here before sending us up. You promised to take him out of here.”

They removed the already limp and motionless Bai Liu (6) from under the mushroom bushes. The consumption during the battle was too much. The child had completely lost the ability to move and his alienation was accelerated. Bai Liu touched him and there was a slimy texture all over his body. Bai Liu was decaying rapidly.

The 14 year old Bai Liu (6) was like the other deformed children who had turned into monsters. They were rapidly decomposing, turning into a puddle of mud in the hidden tunnel under the welfare home.

Little Mu Ke nervously looked at Bai Liu. Bai Liu was carrying Miao Gaojiang on his back and it would be a bit cumbersome to bring the dead Bai Liu (6). According to this person’s theory of usefulness, little Mu Ke was a bit nervous and afraid that he would leave Bai Liu (6) here. He warned, “You promised to take him out of here. You can’t leave him here.”

Bai Liu turned his head slightly and he looked down at Mu Ke with no expression.

Mu Ke became even more nervous and his back stiffened. “I know he is just a corpse but you still can’t leave him here. You promised him!”

Bai Liu suddenly laughed softly. He used a bandage to tie Miao Gaojiang to him before bending down to look at Bai Liu (6).

There were corpse marks on Bai Liu (6)’s face and he was like a child who wasn’t sleeping peacefully. His brow was furrowed the moment he died but there was a small smile on his face. It was a strange expression.

“Look, you have friends too, Bai Liu (6).” Bai Liu’s tone was so soft that it wasn’t known who he was talking to. “It isn’t a liar with a purpose like me. Bai Liu (6), it is a real friend.”

“Your luck will be better.”

Little Bai Liu (6) didn’t open his eyes. His chest was calm with no ups and downs and corpse spots grew from his heart.

Little Mu Ke had a strange expression as Bai Liu talked to himself. Then Bai Liu picked up Bai Liu (6)’s body. He was carrying two children, one in front and one in back, so he was a bit shaky when he stood up. Still, he managed to stand up. Bai Liu (6)’s limbs unconsciously rolled and his head rolled out from Bai Liu’s shoulder. Bai Liu held it back with one hand and stuck this corpse in his arms like a sleeping baby.

Bai Liu carried his 14 year old body and walked out of the welfare home step by step.

Proofreader: Purichan

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