GHG: Chapter 127 Part 4

After driving the vines to kill the monster, these vines or mycelium expanded even more and sucked the blood from Tawil’s body. They wrapped tighter together, the thorns moving through Tawil’s blood vessels and heart. Tawil’s expression became obviously tired. This was why he wanted to sleep every time he used the vines to save Bai Liu.

After he directed the mycelium to save Bai Liu, the mycelium would take blood and nutrients from him.

Tawil slowly lowered his eyes and stared intently at the unconscious Bai Liu lying in front of him.

The first time he saw Bai Liu, he was a rotting merman fished from the water by humans. He was placed in a display as an exhibit to attract tourists to slaughter. Eventually, all the townspeople were changed to become ghostly fishman monsters.

The second time he saw Bai Liu, he was a ghost mirror stolen from a collector’s house by thieves. He hid the fear that all humans didn’t dare to face. Day and night, the thieves were afraid he would break or that someone would come and steal him. They placed bombs in his body and eventually buried a whole carriage of passengers in a sea of fire.

This was the third time he had seen Bai Liu—Tawil lowered his eyes.

He was a child who fed the supply of the blood ganoderma lucidum. He wouldn’t die or stop production of blood, only sleep. His special blood drove all investors with terminal illnesses crazy and finally turned the two places that should do good deeds, the hospital and welfare home, into a farm-like human hell.

Thus, he was exiled by the gods.

[Tawil, you are naturally born evil. You can only sleep at the bottom of the sea, in the broken lenses that are untouchable due to human fear, in the darkness of the universe that is 13.7 billion light years away.]

[The moment that human desires touch you, it will lead to endless bitter fruits and hell. You are a god. You enjoy human faith so you should be responsible for the human tragedies derived from your evil.]

The high gods had proclaimed in this way. [Tawil, there is no human who can maintain their sense of reason and not go crazy after seeing your true face. It is because you are so evil. From your appearance to your soul, you bewitch people to the abyss and extreme evil. From all the cut latitudes of time and space, you can corrupt even the purest and most innocent child.]

[If a human can keep their sanity when they see you, they will surely become—]

[—The next devil.]

The next devil slept on in the white baptismal pool soaked with the blood of the taboo witch. He was awakened by God from his dream of the blood-colored fireflies and Bai Liu’s eyes slowly opened.

Bai Liu’s face was pale. His head was tilted back and the thinner parts of his hands and feet had crimson vines wrapped around them, moving upward inch by inch. The branches of the plant that healed the terminally ill person shook and spread out on the surface of the terminally ill person—this was a very fragile posture, like a sacrificial offering.

Sacrifices, devils and the faces of dead patients hid under the vines, hid under the flowers of evil watered by human desires. He calmly looked at the fallen evil god bound by the derivatives of human desires and the awakened evil god looked back at him quietly.

“Are you going to become crazy after seeing me?” His voice echoed in all directions in the church swallowed up by the vines. It was as if a thousand believers were throwing themselves into the net at the same time.

“Never.” The demonic believer answered with a smile.

The spikes on all the vines that grew from the god burst. Blood-red spores floated like shapes of shattered planets. The light from the red candles floated in the air and danced wildly. The spikes bursting from the top were like a red Clematis with four petals and a strange color. They wrapped around Tawil’s cheeks tightly, revealing only the statue’s eyes that had no emotional fluctuations.

The air was full of the spores of the blood ganoderma lucidum and there was a weird bloody aroma. The moment when the spores blossomed, Liu Jiayi collapsed on the edge of the baptismal pool due to a drop in mental value and excessive blood loss.

She placed her wrists upward on the edge of the pool so blood was still flowing continuously toward the pool. There were several new knife cuts and an old knife cut that had slightly solidified.

“Her blood has been drained and it isn’t enough to grow a blood ganoderma lucidum.” Tawil whispered from where his face was hidden under the thorns. “The mother blood ganoderma lucidum needs more blood.”

This was why investors didn’t use the mother blood ganoderma lucidum directly. The mother blood ganoderma lucidum needed more blood to raise a mature blood ganoderma lucidum. Tawil’s blood recovery speed was only enough to maintain the supply of child bacteria. Thus, they picked the child bacteria from Tawil and cultured them separately in a more efficient and exclusive manner.

“How much more, do you know?” A weak voice came from the door of the church. Little Mu Ke was holding the door of the church with one hand, his other hand clenched tightly by his side as he looked at the statue. “If there is the blood of me and little Bai Liu (6), as well as the blood packs of Miao Feichi and Liu Jiayi that I just took from Liu Huai, will it be enough to grow a blood ganoderma lucidum to save him?”

“Perhaps it is not enough.” Tawil looked calmly at the unconscious little Miao Gaojiang on the ground. “However, if we use the blood of this child and the rest of my blood then it is enough.”

Little Mu Ke knelt by the pool. He rolled up his sleeves and cut his thin arm with the knife that had fallen beside Liu Jiayi. Then he took out little Bai Liu (6)’s blood bag. The blood had solidified and there were slight layers. It was completely cold. The moment little Mu Ke saw the blood, his eyes turned red. He tore open the three blood bags and soaked them in the baptismal pool under Bai Liu, who was too weak to move. Then he cut his other arm and soaked both his arms inside.

Little Miao Gaojiang was dragged over and cut so he was bleeding by little Mu Ke, who gritted his teeth. If it wasn’t for this basta*d, so many of them wouldn’t have died!

“Cough cough.” Bai Liu coughed twice as he looked sideways at little Mu Ke, whose arms were soaked in the water. Bai Liu suddenly smiled, seemingly not very concerned that his life was hanging by a thread. He joked casually with little Mu Ke, “Don’t you hate me? Why do you want to save me?”

Little Mu Ke lowered his head and answered in a very low voice, “…Bai Liu (6) wanted to save you and you saved me. Thus, I will save you.”

Liu Jiayi’s hand extended through the gap in the vines and soaked in the cold water of the baptismal pool. Her sleepy face leaned against the edge of the pool while her other hand gently grabbed the corner of Bai Liu’s clothes.

Her fragile face was covered with tears and her thin arm was covered with shocking knife marks. This little girl had cut herself in a deadly manner. She knew that her mental value and consciousness wouldn’t last long. She was afraid she would faint so she cut deep enough to prevent blood clotting.

Bai Liu turned his head and stared up at the ceiling of the church. He seemed to be answering Little Mu Ke but also not. “It is really the logic of a child.”

A child’s logic seemed so simple, simple and easy to deceive. You saved me so I want to save you. You paid for me so I have to pay for you.

Liu Jiayi was like this and Mu Ke was like this.

The same was true for Bai Liu (6). Bai Liu didn’t want to admit it but he hadn’t grown up much since he was a child. He still had this set of logic now. This logic was a very pure, trading logic.

“So why are you saving me, Tawil?” Bai Liu whispered. “I don’t remember making a deal with you that would cost you all your blood.”

Tawil’s face was completely covered with thorns but his voice wasn’t. “Your existence itself is worthy of everything.”

“Bai Liu.” Tawil’s voice was flat, as if he was declaring something sacred and unknowable in the church. It was cold and solemn, like a once-in-a-lifetime vow. “You are my only believer.”

[Tawil, if such a human exists, you will have a believer again.]

[A demonic believer of the evil god.]

“God has to unconditionally fulfill all the requests of his believers,” Tawil said.

Little Mu Ke had lost too much blood. He also felt a wave of unspeakable fear and dizziness when looking at the statue’s face so he fainted.

The vines on the statue’s body creeped up and the thorns traveled through the body. At a speed that made people feel pain with one glance, they quickly climbed all over the church.

The holy church was turned dark red in an instant and the leaping vines created a satisfactory habitat. The red spores, or daughter bacteria, seemed to have a heartbeat. They beat regularly and grew rapidly like they were swallowing some incredible nutrients. They grew heart-like mushrooms in an instant.

Tawil’s heart was also beating at the same frequency as them.

Bang, bang. It was like Tawil’s heartbeat was magnified by the vines as it echoed through the church.

Bai Liu looked at the vines covering the ceiling and the thumping ‘hearts’. Then his gaze finally fell on the unseen statue that was covered in dark red vines.

“If I really am your only believer—” Bai Liu joked in a casual tone. “Then please save me, Tawil, my god.”

The thousands of beating hearts stopped for a moment.

Then they started to beat even more frantically and intensely.

The vines started to shrink and a rose-like, bright red blood ganoderma lucidum grew on each vine. Thousands of gleaming red blood ganoderma lucidum grew from the withered black veins, just like a rose field at night in the flowering season. It blossomed decadently and wantonly before withering.

The vines on the statue withered and slipped down. Tawil leaned down from the statue and supported himself using both edges of the baptismal pool. The ever-cold god lowered his eyes. His lips now had a temperature that was like blood. He lightly kissed Bai Liu’s forehead and whispered, “God has baptized you for your new life, my only believer.”

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has obtained a hidden identity, ‘the only believer of the evil god.’]

[System notification: Congratulations to player Bai Liu for obtaining the clearance item, the blood ganoderma lucidum and completing the main mission to successfully cure your terminal illness. You have cleared the instance and can leave the instance.]

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s health has been restored to 3 due to curing your terminal illness. Your health value is low. Do you want to stay in the game after clearing it?]

[System warning: Player Bai Liu has chosen to stay in the game. During his stay, player Bai Liu will bear the consequences of all actions and the system won’t give any warnings or notifications.]

[Note: The small TV can be turned off during the stay. Once the small TV enters the data settlement, the data of the stay isn’t included in it. During the stay, the player can choose to exit the game at any time.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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wooow, so bai liu will become the next devil
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Mhm, I’d say he’s already the Devil, Tawil

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Devil husbands <3

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If our ML is evil then there is no goodness in this world 😭

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zhan zhan
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he’s evil too ???? match made in heaven hahahahaha