GHG: Chapter 127 Part 3

The monster attacked from behind with his mouth wide open. Bai Liu tore open the hinge outside the tunnel entrance, pulled little Miao Gaojiang from the tunnel and threw the screaming child toward the zombie monster chasing after them. Then Bai Liu frowned as blood slowly flowed from the corners of his mouth. Bai Liu coughed and knelt down on the ground, putting Liu Jiayi down.

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s protection item, the Cynic Wrist Guard will expire in 15 minutes. In the process, the damage that the player has received will be successively overlapped on the body of player Bai Liu! The health of player Bai Liu’s main identity line is about to be cleared to zero!]

Liu Jiayi panicked as she saw the fire that was about to go out in front of her. Tears fell from her eyes. “Bai Liu! Hey! Bai Liu!”

Bai Liu slowly fell to the ground.

He loosened the hand holding the whip as more blood poured from his mouth. It was as if he was receiving backlash for all his injuries in this moment. Bai Liu spoke with difficulty to Liu Jiayi. “Run… passage…”

“Don’t die!” Liu Jiayi touched Bai Liu’s face like a panicked, normal 8 year old girl. She bent over and pressed her face to Bai Liu’s chest, feeling his gradually faint breathing sound as she cried helplessly. “Please don’t die! Aren’t you trying to save me? Didn’t you promise to take me out of the game? Don’t die like this!”

“Don’t lie to me. Don’t leave me alone…” The dirty little girl raised her eyes. She knelt in front of the pure statue with her dim gray eyes, letting out heartbreaking cries as blood oozed from the corners of her mouth and nose. “Don’t let me hide alone!”

She hid forever in the darkness, like a deep sea fish that couldn’t see the light. She had a strange blood and appearance as well as a pair of blind eyes. She grew in betrayal, survived in doubt and used her cursed ability to live in a game she couldn’t tell anyone about.

‘Who will be with me?’ The invisible little fish whispered. ‘I can save you and poison you but if you approach me with love, I will give you my warmest belly. As long as you stay with me forever and don’t throw me in the mud pool after becoming afraid of my monster-like appearance.’

Little Miao Gaojiang screamed and cried. He was grabbed by his adult self who had become a monster. The zombie was going to bite little Miao Gaojiang’s neck when the eyes of the god on the statue moved.

[System warning: A monster has been detected attacking children in the safe zone!]

[System warning: God’s punishment will descend!]

Dense thorns spread from the feet of the statue and wrapped around the carrion zombie who had entered the church. The zombie monster was tightly wrapped in the black thorns. It attacked everything and easily penetrated the thick blue and purple skin that was like leather. It wrapped around the thick neck as the zombie roared, trying to break out of the thorns.

However, more and more thorns wrapped around him. The zombie was surrounded by a cocoon made of thorns.

The thorns pierced deeper and deeper and the roars of the zombie gradually subsided. Finally, it became weak and inaudible as the thorns shrank and tightened, as if to swallow the monster.

Little Miao Gaojiang watched the lush thorns that were as tall as the church and moving like a hill. He took a scared step back and found that the thorns were spreading throughout the entire church as they all linked to the cocoon made of thorns in the middle.

The thorny bush slowly gathered together in little Miao Gaojiang’s vision. The black spines of the thorns dripped with a bloody and rotten liquid.

[System warning: The god-level NPC has attacked the carrion zombie (alienated monster)… the carrion zombie’s health is cleared to 0.]

[System notification: The health of player Miao Gaojiang’s main identity line has reached zero and death is confirmed.]

Liu Jiayi strongly smelled the stench of a corpse. She heard the hissing sound of thorns withdrawing across the ground, followed by the dull thump of something falling and her rapid breathing. It was just that these sounds couldn’t be compared to the gradually fading light in Bai Liu’s eyes that attracted her attention.

She didn’t care about the dead Miao Gaojiang and quickly turned to the system panel.

[System notification: I’m sorry to tell you that there is another 1 hour and 30 minutes left on the cooldown of your personal skill ‘Antidote.’ It can’t be used now.]

Liu Jiayi closed her eyes and breathed deeply. ‘Calm down, Liu Jiayi, calm down. There must be some way to save Bai Liu.’

Her healing skill couldn’t be used but she still had something that could directly save Bai Liu. It was her blood. Her blood could directly form a blood ganoderma lucidum that could save anyone. It could cure Bai Liu, an investor with a terminal illness. It was just that she needed a straw bed to grow the blood ganoderma lucidum.

Bai Liu couldn’t wait until he returned to the hospital to use a straw bed. It also needed to be grabbed from an investor monster. Even if she had the ability to grab it, Bai Liu didn’t have time to wait for her to grab it.

Liu Jiayi’s gaze slowly moved toward the place where she heard the thorns gathering. It was the statue of a god with thorns entangled around his body. The god had his eyes open and was looking at Liu Jiayi. However, his body temperature was so cold that he was like a dead object.

Before Tawil had time to speak, he saw the blind girl staggering toward the statue. Then with a fierce force, she started to pull the thorns from his body like they were wool.

The slightly confused Tawil who had just woken up, “…?”

The humans who saw him after he awakened all went crazy. Bai Liu was the exception. He hadn’t expected this girl to be sane enough to collect his thorns but the moment he saw Liu Jiayi’s face, Tawil understood why Liu Jiayi was okay.

It was because this little girl couldn’t see.

The moment Liu Jiayi touched Tawil, she inspired the god-level NPC. However, this was her safe area and she didn’t feel fear. She wildly pulled with the momentum of stripping Tawil naked.

Tawil who silently watched as Liu Jiayi picked the thorns on his body, “……”

He glanced at Bai Liu lying on the ground before slowly wrapping his thorns gently around Bai Liu. These thorns could easily crush a monster with a defense of over 10,000 but facing the weakly breathing Bai Liu, it didn’t cause any loss of health. Rather, it safely placed Bai Liu in the baptismal pool behind him.

Liu Jiayi heard the sound and looked at Tawil in shock. Just as she was ready to snatch Bai Liu from his thorns, Tawil silently placed his thorns in Liu Jiayi’s hand.

Liu Jiayi was startled.

“Are you going to use my thorns to build a place to nourish the blood ganoderma lucidum?” Tawil spoke peacefully. “I will pile them up for you.”

The thorns slowly stacked and weaved together at the bottom of the baptismal pool, turning into a sturdy-looking, black thorn rattan bed. A pale, bloodless Bai Liu was lying on top of it with his eyes closed.

Liu Jiayi stood in front of the baptismal pool and looked down at the person who had been saving her since the beginning of the game, even though she originally hated him.

“How did you know that using my thorns can nourish the blood ganoderma lucidum?” Tawil looked down at Liu Jiayi. “Or should I say, how did you know that the blood ganoderma lucidum is a product of my thorns?”

Liu Jiayi lowered her head. She seemed to still be looking at Bai Liu. Then she didn’t hesitate to cut her wrist with a knife. Blood flowed down her arm and dripped into the water of the baptismal pool onto the bed of thorns. In the clean water for children to wash away their sins, the taboo and dirty blood in her body stained it and created flower-like patterns in the water.

The thorns in the water started to stretch out their branches. The places where the branches crossed flashed with red spots like fireflies and mushroom spores rose from the thorns.

Brightly colored blood dripped from Liu Jiayi’s thin, white wrist. Her trembling eyelashes lowered and there was no emotion in her voice. “All the monsters in this instance suck blood. You are also a monster. How can you not suck blood?”

“From the setting of the safety zone, you seem to be a god who protects children.” Liu Jiayi continued. “Yet if you are really so good to children, why are the investors so enthusiastic about serving you and cling to baptizing us in front of you? Every instance has a core evil. These evil things fall into the world and are mixed with disgusting human desires to form a game instance. The core evil in this instance is the blood ganoderma lucidum. Everything started with the emergence of the blood ganoderma lucidum.”

“You are the most important monster in this monster book and your presence will definitely have something to do with the core evil.”

Liu Jiayi raised her gray eyes, her hand still dripping with blood. “You aren’t a good god at all. You are an evil god and the investors worship you because the secret recipe of the blood ganoderma lucidum came from you, right? You are the god who gave them these things. That is why they serve you so enthusiastically.”

Tawil blinked slowly as he watched Liu Jiayi who looked up at him without a problem. “Your words aren’t right. The blood ganoderma lucidum did indeed start from me.”

“However, I am also just a fallen, immortal evil thing. I am no longer a god.” The thorns quickly climbed back on Tawil’s body as he spoke casually. “I am just the first nourishment of the blood ganoderma lucidum.”

“I am the first child to be discovered by an investor that my blood could be used to grow the blood ganoderma lucidum. After discovering that I didn’t die, he tied me to a cross with thorns and prayed that every child they baptized could nourish a blood ganoderma lucidum like me. If these prayers could make me a god then I am indeed an evil god.”

Liu Jiayi looked at Tawil and her breathing suffocated. The original lifeless thorns in her vision suddenly became red and hot. They climbed the surface of the statue, pulsing and twisting like blood vessels.

The thorns burrowed into every blood vessel of the statue, piercing the walls of Tawil’s blood vessels with sharp thorns and greedily sucking the blood and nutrients from the statue’s body. These thorns drilled along the blood vessels into the viscera of the statue, twisting and entangling in the filth. They constantly took nutrients from the body like living things and secreted spore-like things at the intersections of the vines.

These blood-red vines were blood-sucking mycelium. The spikes on them were covered with spores that hadn’t grown yet.

Tawil’s eyelashes hug down. “I am the eternal nourishment of the blood ganoderma lucidum. Every cell in the straw beds in the investor’s hospital were grown from the thorns that had drawn my blood and grew on me.”

“I am the symbiote of the blood ganoderma lucidum.”

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