GHG: Chapter 127 Part 2

The moment Mu Ke sprang out, Liu Jiayi suddenly turned to Bai Liu. She lowered her head and ordered in a cold voice, “Get out of the way.”

Bai Liu raised an eyebrow and got out of the way. Liu Jiayi placed her hand on the door of the tunnel and raised her head. Her eyes were red but there were no emotions on her face. [System, use the item ‘Hinge’. The usage location is Miao Gaojiang in the tunnel.]

[System notification: Hinge is in the process of being set up… the set up is complete and it has locked up the player Miao Gaojiang inside.]

Little Miao Gaojiang looked in horror as hinges emerged from nowhere and locked around his ankles and wrists. He couldn’t break free.

Mu Ke had been thrown out by Miao Gaojiang and rolled several times on the ground. He coughed up a big mouthful of blood and could barely get up. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pierce Miao Gaojiang’s rigid zombie body to create the stiffness effect. The daggers in his hands seemed blunt.

[System warning: Player Mu Ke’s health has dropped by 5 points to 1! Warning! Please quickly flee from this dangerous scene!]

Mu Ke lay on the ground and tried to get up. The world in front of him seemed to be shaking. He saw the zombie, who had been stopped by him for less than 10 seconds, jumping in the direction of Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi.

No, this couldn’t happen! It was a safe area for Liu Jiayi if she entered the church but Bai Liu was different!

The moment this zombie got to Bai Liu, he would die! Was there any way to make this zombie not move? Let it die! Let it stop hurting anyone else!

Mu Ke struggled to get up. His eyes fell on Liu Huai’s bruised body outside the church. He looked at the wound on Liu Huai’s chest and was stunned. This was the wound where Liu Huai had stabbed himself to lower his mental value and enter rage mode…

Bai Liu pulled out the whip and calmly faced the jumping zombie, but the zombie unexpectedly jumped over him and attacked Liu Jiayi behind him.

At this time, Liu Jiayi was grasping the hinge and pulling it. Miao Gaojiang was desperately trying to prevent himself from being pulled out. Before she could get in, she heard the sound of the zombie jumping and turned her head. The black nails of the zombie aimed at Liu Jiayi’s forehead and seemed like they could pierce her just by stretching out a bit more.

Bai Liu’s pupils shrank when he saw this scene. It wasn’t allowed to kill children in the church but killing children would give out a punishment. This didn’t mean that children wouldn’t die. Liu Jiayi was their only hope of clearing this game and she absolutely couldn’t die!

Bai Liu flung the whip, wrapping it around Liu Jiayi’s waist and pulling her into his arms.

Liu Jiayi was held in Bai Liu’s arms. Before she could react, Miao Gaojiang jumped to Bai Liu’s side again. The zombie’s nails stretched out very fast. It was already stretched out when he had half jumped through the air. Bai Liu threw out the whip to block it but it was caught by the zombie with one hand. Then Miao Gaojiang fiercely attacked Liu Jiayi in Bai Liu’s arms with the other hand.

Liu Jiayi could smell the strong bloody smell from the zombie nails. There was also Liu Huai’s blood and the signal that death was coming. She closed her eyes slightly as she waited for the same death as her brother.

…I really wanted to try and live, Brother. If you see me coming to you, please don’t blame me.

Bai Liu turned around and didn’t hesitate to press Liu Jiayi’s head into his arms. He released the whip and turned his hand into a monkey’s hand. He solemnly faced the zombie nails while completely protecting Liu Jiayi in his arms. The zombie roared and grabbed at Bai Liu. Liu Jiayi was stunned as she was held in Bai Liu’s arms that smelled of blood and dirt.

Bai Liu’s chest was very thin and his heartbeat was gentle. There was a reassuring strength and temperature that made Liu Jiayi involuntarily open her eyes slightly.

She remembered what Liu Huai had said to her.

‘Sister, you deserve a brother 10,000 times better than me.’ Liu Huai smiled at Liu Jiayi. ‘You will have a better brother than me, Jiayi.’

So don’t give up on yourself. There is a brighter future waiting for you. Psyche had to go through all types of hardships to fly to heaven and bring Cupid back to the earth.

Bai Liu used the monkey hand to face the zombie. He forced the zombie onto his knees and moved back. Blood overflowed from the corners of his mouth. The zombie roared ferociously and attacked Bai Liu again. Bai Liu blocked Liu Jiayi’s face with one hand to prevent her from being caught by the zombie. His eyes focused as he used the other hand to block the zombie.

The zombie raised his head and screamed; his nails slashed down hard. Bai Liu looked seriously at his opponent. If these nails hit him, he would surely die.

[System notification: Player Mu Ke has stabbed himself with the Light and Dark Daggers. His mental value has lowered… his mental value has dropped to 11 and rage mode is turned on!]

[System notification: Player Mu Ke has used the critical hit skill One Hit Flash!]

Mu Ke shot forward from afar like a bolt of lightning. The daggers in his hands shone with a dazzling light and illuminated the long night that seemed like it would never become bright. Mu Ke stood in front of Liu Jiayi and Bai Liu. His body was covered in wounds from where he clumsily stabbed himself with the daggers. This was Mu Ke’s first experience with the drop in mental value and his eyes were cloudy and distracted.

However, his hands held the daggers very strongly as he used them to block the zombie’s nails.

He was like a solid protective umbrella in front of Bai Liu and Liu Jiayi. This young master originally trembled when talking with S-grade players but at this moment, he stood in an unshakable manner in front of an S-grade monster.

Mu Ke held the daggers, his heart beating wildly until it started to tingle and his whole body became numb. He felt like he was going to die. His knees and hands were shaking. It seemed like he would fall to his knees in the next second but he didn’t.

Mu Ke turned his head and glanced at Liu Jiayi and Bai Liu behind him. An unprecedented emotion suppressed his tears that were going to flow out due to the pain and supported the knees that were going to kneel down. It was too painful. Mu Ke always thought that the pain from his heart was very painful whenever he had an attack. He hadn’t expected this to be so painful.

The young master, who had always been treated preciously, who was afraid of pain and liked to cry, became hysterical at the pain that made him feel like his heart was going to burst. He threw his head back and roared through his tears, “Go away! You aren’t allowed to move against them!!!”

Mu Ke viciously stabbed the shining daggers into the zombie’s solid skin.

The zombie raised his head and let out an angry roar. The nails pressing into Mu Ke’s body became harder.

[System notification: The player Mu Ke has used One Hit Flash to cause the carrion zombie to stiffen for one minute. The carrion zombie’s health is reduced to 5!]

Mu Ke was slammed into the ground by the zombie. He knelt in a pale manner on the ground. The ground on which he was kneeling was smashed due to the intensity of the zombie’s hand.

The zombie’s downward pressure finally stopped. Mu Ke blinked slowly. After confirming that the zombie wasn’t moving, he muttered about his success in a low voice.

Then Mu Ke started bleeding from his mouth, eyes and nose.

Mu Ke let go of the daggers and slowly fell to the ground, vomiting blood while his dazed eyes stared at Liu Jiayi and Bai Liu who were protected by himself. Bai Liu was very familiar with this type of gaze.

It was like a child who had done a good job and his proud eyes were looking for his parents’ appreciation. The look on Mu Ke’s face was so soft and faint that it seemed it would disappear at any moment with the drooping eyelids. Even so, he was still happy.

It was because at this time, like Liu Huai and Mu Sicheng, he perfectly completed the offensive task assigned to him by Bai Liu.

“Well done, Mu Ke.” Bai Liu told Mu Ke.

Mu Ke’s mouth was full of blood but he smiled happily from the heart due to Bai Liu’s praise. The corners of his lips curved up proudly but his eyelids kept going down.

He spoke in a cautious tone, his voice weak. “…I seem to be dying. This time… I really tried my best. I made the best effort. Cough… I didn’t… disrupt your plan… right, Bai Liu?”

“I know, Mu Ke.” Bai Liu raised his eyes. “You did a great job. I will allow you to die this time.”

Mu Ke sighed with relief. He slowly exhaled, his mouth full of blood and blood foam. Mu Ke slowly released his grip on the tightly held daggers. It wasn’t known when the pattern on the daggers had changed from ‘blood’ to ‘heart’ because he had engraved this line of letters into his palm too tightly.

The lights on the daggers dimmed. They turned into data spots and disappeared.

[System notification: The health of player Mu Ke’s main identity line has reached zero and death is confirmed.]

Less than a second after confirming Mu Ke’s death, Bai Liu didn’t stop for a moment. He hugged Liu Jiayi and ran to the tunnel. Liu Jiayi was carried by Bai Liu on one side and there was a very strange and incomprehensible expression on her face.

She watched in dismay as the fire that rushed in front of her was extinguished on the ground. It was Mu Ke, the new player who was said to have inherited Liu Huai’s skills.

They were the same weapons and fire as her brother and he also fell to the ground again.

Liu Jiayi’s thin fingers slowly tightened and grasped Bai Liu’s shoulders, her eyes slowly filling with tears. “Why…”

She was just a little bit*h that no one wanted. God gave birth to her in order to prove time and time again in her long, gray life that she was a bit*h.

Her existence was meaningless. She just struggled in the mud, a small fish who didn’t know why she wanted to survive. She was in the pond that drowned her mother and sister and the only place to breathe was through the hand that Liu Huai held out to her.

Liu Jiayi didn’t deserve to be saved. No one should save her.

In order to protect Liu Jiayi, Mu Ke was lying silently on the ground. His eyes hadn’t closed yet. Bai Liu hugged her and ran toward the tunnel. She held Bai Liu’s shoulder and opened her eyes blankly. It felt like she was going to fly.

The passing of time was very strange. She was stunned as she stared at the monster zombie jumping toward her. He had relieved his stiffness and was jumping in mid-air. The ugly monster’s face slowly changed into a real face in her vision that could only see thermal images.

The drunken face of the man who gave birth to her appeared over the face of the zombie. He roared angrily at Liu Jiayi, “Little bit*h! Who told you to be born!”

Then it turned into Liu Huai’s face as he cried and collapsed. “Jiayi, I didn’t mean it. This is the last time. One last time, okay?”

Bai Liu pressed Liu Jiayi’s face into his arms and the distorted faces moved away from her in an instant.

The thin Liu Jiayi shrank against his chest like a wild cat. She gently grasped Bai Liu’s collar. Bai Liu’s breathing was very rapid but his voice wasn’t anxious. “If you are asking why I want to save you—”

“It is because I made a deal. Someone sold me his soul and told me to take you out of here as long as I’m alive.”

“I’m still alive so I will save you,” Bai Liu declared.

Liu Jiayi opened her blind eyes, tears falling down and soaking Bai Liu’s clothes.

Two children who had never believed in God since they were young—at this moment, they stumbled and finally entered the safe zone protected by God.

TL: Just remember, Mu Ke isn’t dead. He will be able to live if his child self passes the task.

Proofreader: Purichan

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