GHG: Chapter 127 Part 1

Liu Huai was gone but he had controlled the violent monster Miao Gaojiang, even if it was only for a minute.

Bai Liu was stunned for a moment as he looked at Liu Huai’s corpse. Then he quickly calmed down and grabbed the motionless Liu Jiayi, trying to drag her to the church.

Before this, Miao Feichi also wanted to run but what made him collapse was that his child’s blood was still on Liu Jiayi. However, Liu Jiayi was next to the zombie monster Miao Gaojiang. He simply didn’t dare go up to grab the blood. Miao Feichi hesitated for a bit before running to the church silently. He was going to catch little Miao Gaojiang.

This child was related to him by blood so the blood was still useful! Then he would just be short of a child’s blood. Miao Feichi looked at the large and small Mu Ke behind the baptismal pool and his red eyes moved slightly.

Bai Liu dragged Liu Jiayi but she didn’t react at all. The little girl hugged Liu Huai’s body and knelt down on the spot. The zombie next to him stared at Liu Jiayi with protruding eyes and started to move weakly. However, Liu Jiayi seemed to not see it. She held Liu Huai’s head in a trance and muttered to herself, “Yes, I can resurrect my brother. I can, as long as I have enough points. I can…”

“You can’t revive Liu Huai.” Bai Liu interrupted Liu Jiayi’s words. “His soul is here with me.”

Liu Jiayi paused before jumping at a speed invisible to the naked eye. She jumped up and grabbed Bai Liu’s neck, throwing him to the ground fiercely.

The number one rising star finally revealed her danger. Liu Jiayi’s face was full of tears as her thin hands and feet strangled Bai Liu’s neck. She hoarsely threatened him, “Give me Liu Huai’s soul or I’ll kill you!”

Bai Liu coughed but his expression was still calm. His voice was a bit hoarse as he replied, “…Even if you resurrect him now, would he want to live? He wanted to die for you. I could’ve saved him in my plan.”

Liu Jiayi’s breathing became suffocated as she recalled Liu Huai’s exhausted yet satisfied tone. She couldn’t help letting go of her hand that was holding Bai Liu and Bai Liu quickly grabbed her wrist, dragging her to the church without looking back.

Liu Jiayi was dragged to the church by Bai Liu. Her skills were exhausted and she had no strength to run. She fell to her knees before even taking two steps, so Bai Liu turned and carried her.

Bai Liu coughed while running. He glanced sideways and saw Liu Jiayi’s inability to respond to his rescue. He told her indifferently, “Liu Huai asked me to save you in this game no matter what.”

“It isn’t just this welfare home. It is the entire game. Perhaps by then, he will be willing to be resurrected by you.”

Liu Jiayi’s eyes were sore but she quickly refuted Bai Liu’s words. “I can’t live at all. The alienated monster Miao Gaojiang is a level three S-grade monster with over 10,000 defense. It might be possible if I form a group with the King’s Guild, acting as the healing support while supporting over a dozen A+ players with a high degree of cooperation. How can we fight him now?”

Bai Liu’s tone was very calm. “I have a way.”

The moment Bai Liu finished talking, 1 minute and 15 seconds passed since the zombie was attacked by Liu Huai. He could finally move again.

He opened his two black lips containing long fangs and jumped over to Liu Jiayi’s side.

He didn’t jump fast but his height was extremely high. After several jumps, he arrived in front of the church door but he didn’t attack Bai Liu or Liu Jiayi. Instead, he jumped directly over the heads of the two people and headed for the side door.

Miao Feichi was attached to the side door of the church, ready to go around to commit a sneak attack on Mu Ke. He saw the zombie jumping over and couldn’t hold back his curses. He hurriedly swung his knives to escape. The damage judgment was extremely high and the spinning double knives slashed the zombie’s skin. However, it was like slashing extremely thick leather. No marks were left. Miao Feichi moved away and tried to escape.

As a result, the zombie Miao Gaojiang seemed very familiar with Miao Feichi’s attack methods and escape habits. Miao Feichi didn’t manage to escape and was instead trapped in front of the church by the zombie.

Miao Feichi was sweating as he kept waving the double knives. Finally, he was forced to use the explosive skill Resentful Double Knives. It was just that due to his physical strength limitations, he could only use this skill for one minute.

The resentful souls floated from the double knives wielded by Miao Feichi and a bloody atmosphere filled the space in front of the church. This skill could hurt Miao Gaojiang but Miao Feichi was becoming paler because Miao Gaojiang could also hurt him.

[System notification: The carrion zombie has bitten player Miao Feichi’s shoulder. Player Miao Feichi’s health value has decreased by 2.]

[System notification: Player Miao Feichi has used the personal skill Resentful Double Knives to deal a critical hit once. The carrion zombie’s health has decreased by 3.]

[System notification: …….]

Miao Feichi bared his teeth and wanted to force his way out using force. The one minute duration of his skill was soon approaching. Miao Feichi wanted to use the last critical hit but he had only raised his knives halfway up when a deformed child suddenly jumped onto his back.

It wasn’t known where the monster came from but he hugged Miao Feichi’s neck from behind. Miao Feichi let out a curse and was about to stab the little monster to death. However, the moment he looked back and saw the little monster, Miao Feichi’s pupils shrank.

He knew this face. This was the child he had kidnapped before he entered the game. He had cut off the child’s fingers and eaten them. If Mu Ke were here, he would be surprised to see that it was the deformed child at the elevator who warned him not to go up.

The little monster laughed and shouted. He hugged Miao Feichi’s neck and clapped his hands. “Fingers! Fingers! Uncle likes to eat my fingers!”

He had no fingers on his hands.

The words ‘eat my fingers’ caused the already zombified Miao Gaojiang to pause for a moment. This was once Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang’s secret signal to identify each other in the game where all the investor players looked the same. He turned his turbid eyes to look at Miao Feichi and hoarsely said, “…Feichi likes to eat… fingers.”

He seemed to recognize that the person in front of him was Miao Feichi. Miao Feichi was about to sigh with relief. He thought that Miao Gaojiang had barely recovered his mind but this wasn’t the case. Miao Gaojiang grabbed Miao Feichi’s neck and stared at Miao Feichi held by him. “…You will eat my fingers one day.”

Miao Feichi was held and hung up, his feet struggling in the air. He desperately chopped at Miao Gaojiang with his double knives but Miao Gaojiang didn’t respond at all. He just pinched Miao Feichi’s throat and Miao Feichi soon turned red and he was unable to breathe. He stared at Miao Gaojiang’s dead zombie eyes and finally understood why Miao Gaojiang attacked him first. He realized what his father’s subconscious fear was.

Miao Gaojiang was afraid that Miao Feichi would eat him. Therefore, Miao Gaojiang’s skill status was to not die. He was a rotting zombie.

Miao Gaojiang’s palms tightened and Miao Feichi twitched. His double knives slowly dropped to the ground before disappearing into data light spots. His pupils shrank and his mouth dropped open. His head leaned against Miao Gaojiang’s hand like a child acting cute to his father.

[System prompt (for all players): Player Miao Feichi’s health has reached zero. His death is confirmed and he has exited the game.]

“F*k!” Mu Ke looked at Miao Feichi, who had easily cut everything in this instance, being killed by Miao Gaojiang in a minute. He pushed at the mouth of the tunnel and sweat covered his face. “Why can’t we open the tunnel?”

Bai Liu glanced at the door. “It is blocked.”

The sweaty little Miao Gaojiang had tried his best to reach the tunnel and he blocked the tunnel entrance with the wooden pieces he had obtained from the church. He used every means to keep out the people outside and gulped nervously. The investor had turned into a monster!

He had also used the baptismal pool container and some seats to press down on the exit of the monster children’s passage behind the statue. The baptismal pool container had just been pushed open by Mu Ke. Unexpectedly, there was another layer inside.

Miao Gaojiang killed Miao Feichi and turned to look at Mu Ke and Bai Liu. Mu Ke felt numb as he stood in front of Bai Liu, little Mu Ke and Liu Jiayi. He glanced at his system panel and took a deep breath as he stared at the S-grade carrion zombie.

[System notification: Congratulations to player Mu Ke for obtaining the skill identity ‘Bright and Brave Assassin.’ You have the skill derived weapon, ‘Light and Dark Daggers’.]

[System notification: Does player Mu Ke want to use the skill derived weapons?]

Mu Ke exhaled. [Yes.]

Liu Jiayi’s face was stained with tears as she stared blankly at Bai Liu, who was still struggling. “Give up, there is no way. We will all die…”

She hadn’t finished talking when Mu Ke stepped forward. He stood in front of Liu Jiayi, hands down as a pair of daggers appeared in his hands.

This was a particularly familiar movement for Liu Jiayi. Her breathing was stifled and everything she wanted to say was blocked.

“Liu Huai even gave his skill to someone else to protect you. It isn’t for you to die, Liu Jiayi.” Bai Liu was still pushing the door to compete with little Miao Gaojiang inside. He didn’t look back because he was a bit short of breath from pushing the door. “Do you want to waste your brother’s heart?”

[System notification: Does player Mu Ke want to use the critical hit skill One Hit Flash? Since player Mu Ke has never used this skill, it will seriously consume your physical strength and your body won’t be able to escape from physical exhaustion after use. Do you want to use it?]

Mu Ke glanced at Bai Liu, the stunned Liu Jiayi and little Mu Ke behind him. He gripped the daggers and an unprecedented emotion made his heart beat faster and tears filled his eyes. He gritted his teeth in fear but the more intense feelings and desires made him take a step forward.


Mu Ke sprang up from the ground. In Liu Jiayi’s eyes, his hot image was like burning flames.

The dead assassin seemed to be alive again at this moment. This time, he was no longer cowardly but a brave assassin.

Proofreader: Purichan

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This is too good!!! I can’t…I have work early tomorrow…BUT I CANT STOP!

Quo Xiang
Quo Xiang
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Mu Ke’s character arc is sooo good ㅜㅜ