GHG: Chapter 125

Liu Jiayi recognized that these voices belonged to Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang. She wasn’t a main attacker and her healing skill was restricted. Now it would be a one against two fight against Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang, who had opened the S-section of the league players.

Liu Jiayi’s usual style was to use items to flash around. But now—she glanced at Liu Huai who had lost his arms behind her.

She didn’t know who told Liu Huai that she was Little Witch but based on Liu Huai’s appearance and expression, it was impossible for him to go with her. She could only go forward hard.

Liu Jiayi couldn’t help cursing their father before she took a deep breath and stood in front of Liu Huai.

“Hide behind me and don’t come out!” Liu Jiayi snapped as she placed one arm in front of Liu Huai.

She flicked her hand and a bottle of black potion exuding a pungent and strong gas appeared in her hand. A pure black robe wrapped her from head to slender ankle. The weak-looking Liu Jiayi changed to the rumored Little Witch who got a bid of 370,000 points and who the major guilds fought over.

Miao Feichi saw Liu Jiayi’s costume and was startled. His knives slashing down became a bit slow. “Little Witch?”

Miao Gaojiang also narrowed his eyes. The Scavengers Guild also participated in the small TV bidding of the number one newcomer but they were soon surpassed by other big guilds.

He finally remembered why he was familiar with the doll. Miao Gaojiang looked at the ugly doll hanging from Liu Jiayi’s waist. This was something that Little Witch would take with her in every game.

Liu Huai saw this scene and was quiet.

Liu Jiayi froze after knowing she was completely exposed but she tried her best to calm down. She turned her head and told Liu Huai, “Wait until later in the fight and find a chance to run.”

She originally wanted to say, ‘Brother, run away and don’t worry about my life or death.’ Liu Jiayi opened her mouth but she couldn’t say these words. Instead, she turned and rushed toward Miao Feichi without hesitation.

Liu Jiayi’s expression hidden under the veil was extremely calm. Her thin fingers gripping the poison bottle were white due to the strength she used. Under the black veil, the poisonous fog dissipated and the black twisting gas was like an anaconda with a huge mouth. It twisted and swallowed Liu Jiayi from top to bottom, eventually spreading out onto the ground in a sticky black mass that made it hard to breathe while hiding Liu Jiayi inside it.

[System warning: Player Liu Jiayi, do you want to use the explosive personal skill ‘Poison Fountain’ to cause indiscriminate slow-release damage to all players within range? After using this skill, player Liu Jiayi’s physical strength gauge will be exhausted. Due to player Liu Jiayi’s young age, the aftereffects of the physical strength exhaustion will be very serious. It will lead to serious body stiffness effects such as the inability to move. Is player Liu Jiayi sure to use it?]

[I am sure.]

The chilling poisonous smoke spread out in an instant. Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang instinctively covered their mouths and noses with their arms. There was thick black smoke all around them and they couldn’t see the players hidden inside.

“Little Witch, we will give you face and not act against you.” Miao Feichi gritted his teeth. “However, it is the support season and Liu Huai has done so much. The fans won’t accept it if we don’t kill him. Let’s understand each other.”

“Moving against him is moving against me.” Liu Jiayi’s voice came coldly from every direction. “Don’t push me, child-eater. Take your father and run if you can.”

“I hate it when someone brings their father to fight me. Let’s see if it is your father who dies first or you if you touch a hair on my brother’s body.”

The smoke shrank and enveloped the Miao father and son and Liu Jiayi. Outside the smoke, Liu Huai stared at the smoke. He had been pushed out by something unknown in the smoke. Then Liu Jiayi put something in his arms and told him in a voice with no emotions, “Take this item and the blood I am giving you to the hospital! Don’t look back!”

In Liu Huai’s arms were two warm blood bags and a rotating magic cube with the explanation ‘Extraordinary-grade item Magic Space’ floating next to it. She seemed afraid that Liu Huai would make a mistake so she also wrote names on the blood bags.

One was Miao Feichi and the other was Liu Jiayi.

In the black fog, Liu Jiayi covered her right arm with one hand. It was covered with pinpricks. She looked around vigilantly, her face pale and weak but her expression cold and full of hostility.

Liu Jiayi was poisoned by the mushrooms in the afternoon. Then after hearing that Liu Huai only had 1 health left, she forcibly drew a lot of blood from her body for Liu Huai. She might’ve used the healing skill to stabilize her health but she immediately had to fight against this pair of league players. Even Liu Jiayi felt a strong sense of powerlessness.

She was used to Liu Huai’s betrayal. She quickly digested the fact that Liu Huai was suspicious of her and stood up to fight for Liu Huai again.

Still, just like she was accustomed to Liu Huai’s betrayal, she was also accustomed to encountering violent danger in her long childhood. Her first reaction was to stand in front of Liu Huai and protect him.

Her older brother had been sheltered by her since childhood. It seemed that he would die in a cowardly manner as long as she didn’t pay much attention to watching over him. He was easily deceived and stupid. It seemed he didn’t have the ability to protect himself at all.

Liu Jiayi was forced to mature prematurely due to Liu Huai’s cowardice. Before she knew that an older brother should protect his younger sister, she was completely used to taking on all the problems for her older brother.

Liu Jiayi put down her hand covering the wounds. Her eyes were fierce as she walked inside the black fog, which condensed more and more as she walked.

Miao Gaojiang stood in the center of the black fog. Due to inhaling too much of the black fog, his blue veins were bulging in an extreme manner on his forehead. He couldn’t bear it and stretched out his fist. “Little Witch, I didn’t expect you to come and die in such an ignorant manner. Feichi, go!”

Miao Feichi circled around in Liu Jiayi’s black fog and used the double knives to search for her. The gleam of his blades flickered in the black fog. He laughed and raised his double knives high in the air, slashing down viciously. “I found you, Little Witch.”

Liu Jiayi’s face was as white as paper. She held the glass bottle filled with poison against Miao Feichi, gritting her teeth as poison spilled over. At the same time, she seemed to notice that Miao Gaojiang was going to rush out of the black fog. Liu Jiayi ran across the ground, lowering her body and stopping Miao Gaojiang one second before he stepped out of the black fog.

“Stay here!” Liu Jiayi gritted her teeth and shouted. “You aren’t allowed to step out of this place and chase him!”

The corrosive poison became a more ferocious black snake smoke on the ground. Liu Jiayi’s chest was fluctuating violently while a bit of blood appeared at the corner of her mouth, soaking the black gauze.

Mu Ke stepped forward and pulled the stunned Liu Huai, roaring, “What are you doing? Liu Jiayi is helping us hold the Miao Feichi duo. Hurry to open the church door and run into the tunnel!”

Bai Liu also came to help open the door. However, little Miao Gaojiang inside hadn’t only locked the door. He also placed the seats and bench in front of the door to block it. Even if Bai Liu opened the lock, the door inside was blocked. Mu Ke was so anxious that his eyes were red. He tried to push open the door with all his strength but little Miao Gaojiang inside had almost emptied the church to block it.

“I can’t push it open!” Mu Ke stared at Bai Liu desperately. “I’ve checked the side door but it is also blocked from the inside.”

The black fog was constantly coming from behind them, making them tense. There was the sound of knives scraping against something and Mu Ke saw Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang’s feet stepping out of the black fog several times, only for them to be forcibly pulled away by Liu Jiayi.

However, it was one against two and it could be seen that Liu Jiayi couldn’t hold on for long. There was no time for them to slowly push open the door.

“Bai Liu, what do we do?” Mu Ke’s tone was tense.

“Liu Jiayi gave you this in addition to the blood?” Bai Liu’s eyes fell on the rotating cube between the two bags of blood. “Based on her desire to protect you, she must’ve arranged all the later paths. Can you let me try and see if this thing can open the door?”

Liu Huai’s eyes were a bit dazed and he nodded silently.

Bai Liu took the cube.

[System notification: An extraordinary-grade item, Magic Space. You can manipulate any space.]

Bai Liu raised it to the door of the church. He was just about to open it when a knife flew out of the black fog to cut Bai Liu’s neck. Bai Liu was pushed away by the panicked Mu Ke and the knife only cut off a few strands of his hair. Bai Liu looked back.

The black fog had dissipated. Liu Jiayi, who was covered in blood, was stepped on by Miao Feichi. Her curled up hand was holding an empty poison bottle and her breathing was almost non-existent.

The smile on Miao Feichi’s face was twisted and complacent as he slashed down. “I haven’t started the killing in this instance yet. Let’s see who can run away!”

Bai Liu didn’t hesitate to open the door with the cube. The door of the church slowly opened and Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang’s expressions changed. Bai Liu was going to enter the church to escape!

The two men raised their feet in order to chase Bai Liu.

Yet they were stopped just after taking a step. The dying Liu Jiayi opened her gray eyes and bit Miao Feichi’s leg without letting go. Her dirty hands stretched forward as she grabbed the poison bottle and black fog once again poured from the bottle, wrapping around Miao Gaojiang and Miao Feichi.

[System warning: Player Liu Jiayi has used an item to lower her mental value below 20. Her panel has entered the rage state. The skill duration of Poison Fountain is extended!]

“F*k!” Miao Feichi was angry when he saw Mu Ke pulling Liu Huai to run away. He had wanted to leave Liu Jiayi alive to get her blood. Unexpectedly, Liu Jiayi refused to stay still. He stabbed his knife into Liu Jiayi’s hand. Liu Jiayi cried out in pain and released her mouth that was biting Miao Feichi’s leg.

“I will kill you now!” Miao Feichi shouted angrily as he slashed his knives down viciously.

In Liu Jiayi’s memory, Miao Feichi’s twisted face overlapped with the man who liked to slap her and call her a little slut. She blinked slowly, blood dripping down her eyelashes onto her dirty face. She would always be this unseemly fish in the mud.

Her birth was like this and she was like this just before death.

Liu Jiayi watched the light with both arms missing run into the church. This was Liu Huai. Liu Huai had left.

Suddenly, she felt a vague sense of stability. Her brother had once again run away from the bad people who were going to beat them up.

She was abandoned in this way again but she had nothing to be sad about. This was her brother and she had accepted him a long time ago. She was just afraid of losing him too early so she did many things that weren’t right.

Liu Jiayi’s eyes slowly closed and tears slipped down.

I really wanted to continue being your sister, Brother.

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi’s god-level item, ‘Psyche’s Tears’ is in effect. The gods have guided fate to this moment. Devout faith leads the faithful to the happiness she desires. Psyche’s tears will extinguish the flames of doubt.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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