GHG: Chapter 124 Part 3

“Can she see us?” Mu Ke was surprised. “Didn’t Liu Huai say that Liu Jiayi really is blind? Normal actions are a problem for her.”

“It is a visualization item. Bai Liu (6) mentioned it to me before. Even so, she shouldn’t be able to see our hiding place so clearly in the night. It shouldn’t be a conventional item to restore vision.” Bai Liu’s tone was still very calm. “Then I can understand why she suddenly called out Liu Huai. She saw more than one person in the church.”

Mu Ke reacted quickly and looked at Bai Liu anxiously. “What should we do? She knows that Liu Huai was lying to her. How can we coax her to heal you?”

Bai Liu’s eyes narrowed. “I’m afraid it will be difficult. This Little Witch should want to kill me with poison more than using the antidote to save me.”

Liu Jiayi hugged Liu Huai like he was a doll. It was very possessive and controlling. Her eyes swept over the red patches that represented living people in the distance and finally fell on Liu Huai’s empty shoulder. She touched the place where Liu Huai’s arms were cut off and Liu Huai hissed in pain.

This sound made Liu Jiayi’s expression slightly distorted for a moment.

Liu Jiayi buried her head in Liu Huai’s shoulder and took a deep breath. She tried her best to suppress the uncontrollable emotions in her voice. “Brother, how did your arms turn out like this?”

“Brother was trying to save you.” Liu Huai comforted Liu Jiayi in a low voice as usual.

Liu Jiayi couldn’t see Liu Huai’s empty expression and Liu Huai couldn’t see Liu Jiayi’s struggling expression. They hugged each other so closely and their heartbeats became tense and quick due to the other person’s proximity. They kept near each other while saying words that pierced the layer of warmth that didn’t exist.

“Brother, you just wanted to ambush me in the church, right? Are you trying to draw my blood?” Liu Jiayi asked.

“Jiayi, are you Little Witch?” Liu Huai asked.

Liu Jiayi’s pupils shrank while Liu Huai fell into a strange silence. Liu Jiayi’s breathing was so rapid that it was like she was suffering from asthma. She stepped back several times like she had stepped on thorns and looked up at Liu Huai with disbelief.

Meanwhile, Liu Huai half-kneeled on the ground. He looked at Liu Jiayi with a sad silence as if he had accepted everything.

“Jiayi, when did you become a witch?”

Liu Huai’s voice was soft. “I underestimated you, Jiayi.”

Liu Jiayi shook her head frantically, tears slipping down from her eyes as she staggered back in horror. Liu Huai’s disappointed tone as he knelt in front of her almost made Liu Jiayi go crazy.

The current Liu Huai was like a wild animal that made her afraid, even though she had just snuggled up in Liu Huai’s arms to keep warm.

“I’m not, Brother.” Liu Jiayi retorted reluctantly. “I don’t know who Little Witch is. Who told you that?!”

“Don’t call me Brother, Jiayi. I don’t deserve to be your brother.” Liu Huai swayed as he stood up. He shook his head lightly and smiled in a trance. “You are smarter than me when I was young. Everyone said that you were born to be a university student. It would be good if you weren’t blind. I always felt so.”

“You are indeed very powerful and excellent. I didn’t notice at all when you played me.” Liu Huai kept shaking his head while looking at Liu Jiayi like he was seeing through her. His tone was so light that he seemed to be talking to himself. “It would be good if you weren’t my sister.”

“It would be good if you were someone else’s sister.”

Liu Jiayi froze in place. The words she heard from Liu Huai made her ears ring and she became unsteady on her feet.

The night wind blew on Liu Huai’s face and he felt very cold. His eyes and expression were cold and desperate but in Liu Jiayi’s eyes, they were hot and red.

Then the red color gradually turned blue in Liu Jiayi’s eyes. It was a sign that Liu Huai’s temperature was slowly falling.

This meant that Liu Huai might be dying.

Liu Jiayi squeezed out a smile. She reached out to grab Liu Huai’s clothes but halfway through her action, her keen senses caused her to turn her head. “Who is over there? Come out!”

There were two looming red shadows walking in the distance while dragging a child’s red shadow. One of them was dragging something in his hands and there was the sound of knives rubbing against the cement ground.

Bai Liu followed Liu Jiayi’s gaze and his eyes narrowed. “It is Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang.”

“Why did they come to the church?” Mu Ke’s expression faintly collapsed. “We haven’t tricked Liu Jiayi to our side yet! If they come then we can’t resist at all! All of us have single digit points of health!”

“I originally expected to rely on the deterrence of Bai Liu (6) to prevent them from easily coming to the church. After all, there is a hidden side to counter their attacks.” Bai Liu stood behind the side door and watched the constantly approaching Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang. “They really didn’t come to the church during the day. It should be for this reason. I just don’t know why they changed their minds.”

Bai Liu’s eyes were fixed on Miao Gaojiang’s face. Once Miao Gaojiang got closer, Bai Liu’s eyes narrowed. “Miao Gaojiang’s state isn’t right. He and Miao Feichi are far apart.”

The closer they got, the more he found that Miao Gaojiang’s state wasn’t right. It was past 9 o’clock and Miao Gaojiang’s physical strength had been restored. However, he was walking with the highest level of defense skill despite only Miao Feichi being around him. His eyes were also a bit scattered and trembling. He seemed to be afraid of his teammate who had been cooperating with him all this time, his only son Miao Feichi.

Bai Liu was very familiar with Miao Gaojiang’s state. It was because not long ago, Liu Huai also experienced this.

“The aftereffect of a sharp drop in mental value can make people immersed in their subconscious fear.” Bai Liu spoke with no emotion. “Liu Huai was controlled by this subconscious fear before. This aftereffect has only two outcomes—suicide or homicide.”

Liu Huai was obviously the first type while Miao Gaojiang—Bai Liu’s eyes fell on his clenched fists.

It seemed that Miao Gaojiang was the second type.

A Miao Gaojiang with full defense and the crazy tendency to hurt people… Bai Liu frowned when he recalled what Puppet Zhang had said to him in the last game.

[Players who hurt people due to abnormal mental value have a name. They are called border monsters. They are already reserve monsters. Due to their emotional madness, their attack power is even crazier and more powerful than monsters.]

Miao Gaojiang’s eyes stared straight forward and were filled with a disturbing redness. Miao Feichi had noticed that Miao Gaojiang’s state was wrong but Miao Gaojiang was unwilling to tell him what was going on. Miao Gaojiang’s mental value had decreased in the explosion last night but Miao Feichi had been knocked out at the time. He didn’t know that his father was in a very dangerous state.

Miao Feichi gritted his teeth and tried to stop Miao Gaojiang. “Father, didn’t you say we can wait until after midnight for Bai Liu to die before going to the church to get rid of the others?”

“Why are we going to the church when it is only 9 o’clock? What if little Bai Liu (6) is still there?”

Miao Gaojiang looked at Miao Feichi’s face that shifted between a man and a woman non-stop. His eyes became redder and his breathing was short. “No matter how strong, we have to fight! Feichi, I can’t wait that long!”

If he didn’t pass the level soon, he would eventually attack Miao Feichi. The mental outbreak was becoming more serious and his mental value was currently fluctuating between high and low.

They had searched everywhere else in the welfare home and couldn’t find Liu Jiayi. She was most likely in the child safety area of the church. He needed to get Liu Jiayi’s blood as soon as possible so he could clear the instance with Miao Feichi. Then he would go to the guild’s warehouse to find any items to alleviate the aftereffects.

Miao Feichi still wanted to dissuade his father because he felt that this plan was very impulsive. However, Miao Gaojiang sent him a terrible look and the blue veins on Miao Gaojiang’s forehead bulged.

Miao Feichi became numb and he closed his mouth.

Miao Gaojiang generally followed his decisions but if Miao Gaojiang was determined to do something, Miao Feichi had no choice but to follow, no matter how unreasonable.

Seeing the red-faced Miao Gaojiang’s mechanical approach that was getting faster, Bai Liu quickly gave an order to Mu Ke. “Take little Mu Ke back to the church and go to the tunnel to find Bai Liu (6). If his state is okay then take him out. If he isn’t okay, go back to the church to hide.”

Currently, Bai Liu hadn’t received Bai Liu (6)’s call. This child was usually very punctual. It was past 9 o’clock and Bai Liu (6) hadn’t called for so long. This could only indicate that Bai Liu (6)’s state…

Bai Liu’s expression sank but he had no better way.

He needed a core attack power to break through Miao Gaojiang’s defense. They couldn’t hold this Miao Gaojiang at all. Even Liu Jiayi couldn’t hold out against him. Add the top combat power of Miao Feichi and they would be wiped out.

Mu Ke gritted his teeth and took little Mu Ke’s hand to return to the church. He approached Bai Liu and said in a low voice, “Don’t act recklessly before we deceive Liu Jiayi’s healing skill from her. Wait until I find Bai Liu (6).”

Bai Liu nodded in a noncommittal manner.

As a result, Mu Ke had just walked around the side door toward the front door when little Miao Gaojiang took advantage of Miao Gaojiang’s wrong state and Miao Feichi’s focus on the surrounding environment to break away from Miao Feichi in a panic. He ran frantically toward the church.

Little Miao Gaojiang’s running speed broke out to its limits. Before anyone could respond, he had reached the church. He gasped and locked the church door from the inside, blocking little Mu Ke who had just reached the door.

Once he had done all of this, he collapsed and knelt on the ground with trembling hands. The zombie investor was so terrible.

After seeing that a safe area like the church was close at hand, little Miao Gaojiang’s desire to survive drove him to run in and lock the door, although he didn’t know how long it could last.

Mu Ke looked at the locked door of the church and knocked twice. He was locked out of the church by little Miao Gaojiang!

Miao Feichi chased after the fleeing little Miao Gaojiang. He saw the locked door and wanted to curse. He was about to violently break down the door using the two knives. As a result, he found that Liu Huai, the two Mu Kes and Liu Jiayi were all in front of the church.

He raised his double knives vigilantly and looked around. Then he raised an eyebrow with disbelief and whispered to Miao Gaojiang, “Father, the little monster isn’t here!”

Mu Ke alertly pulled little Mu Ke behind him and confronted Miao Feichi in a protective posture. Even so, his eyes couldn’t help drifting to Bai Liu’s hiding place and his heart beat so fast that it was like he couldn’t breathe.

In a time where there was no core power to fight, Bai Liu couldn’t come out! His 0.5 health meant one cut would kill him!

“We’ve been tricked. That little monster can’t leave the church at all.” Miao Gaojiang stared at the closed church with a gloomy and distorted expression. “Still, it seems like we’ve come at the right time. Everyone is here. It is just right for us to catch them all.”

Miao Gaojiang looked very aggressively at little Mu Ke hidden behind Mu Ke and Liu Jiayi standing in front of Liu Huai with a solemn expression. He smiled like a normal, middle-aged man but his smile was creepy. “Everyone is here.”

“Feichi, open your S-grade skill.” Miao Gaojiang commanded without any emotion on his face. “Quickly fight and catch the children.”

Proofreader: Purichan

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