GHG: Chapter 124 Part 2

Liu Jiayi finally took the item, Psyche’s Tears that Hearts gave her. She just used it more carefully because using it would obviously hurt Liu Huai. Although this type of damage seemed to narrow the distance between her and Liu Huai every time—it was exactly as Hearts had said.

Nevertheless, Liu Jiayi didn’t want to see Liu Huai’s pained appearance. Liu Jiayi had only seen the dead look on Liu Huai once and it was when he was forced to attack Mu Sicheng.

After Liu Huai came out of the game where he nearly killed Mu Sicheng, there was a type of nothingness in his eyes that made Liu Jiayi feel empty. She felt very strongly that a part of Liu Huai’s emotional world that just blossomed had been permanently torn apart by her suspicions.

Liu Huai would no longer have any friends. Liu Jiayi had destroyed any possibility of him having friends.

Since then, Liu Jiayi controlled the number of times she used this tool and she controlled her suspicion of Liu Huai. She hoped that she wouldn’t have to use this tool again one day.

Yet this time, this time—Liu Jiayi pressed her lips together and a visible struggle appeared on her face. Doubt and fear tormented her, just like the blindfolded Psyche. She wanted to know if Liu Huai waiting in the church was a god who would save her or a beast who put on human skin to tear her to pieces.

Hearts appeared and whispered in her ear with a smile. [Suspicion is your antidote. Jiayi, drink it.]

Her hands trembled as she held the teardrop glass bottle. The tears were cold pressed against her hands and it made her want to shake.

Liu Jiayi didn’t hesitate for a long time. She took a deep breath, wrapped her hands around the glass bottle and lowered her head so her jaw rested against her hand as she whispered, “I will use the tool.”

Her thin and weak back was arched and her lips rested on her thumbs. Her posture was reverent like a girl praying for God’s favor.

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi had confirmed the use of the tool ‘Psyche’s Tears’. The tool is loading…]

The liquid in the bottle started to disappear. She couldn’t help closing her eyes as tears automatically slipped down from them—they were Psyche’s tears.

Once she opened her eyes again, Liu Jiayi had a strange sense of foreboding in her mind. She clicked on her system warehouse and followed her intuition to a vision item she was originally intending to keep until she ran away, Snake Night Vision.

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi has used the tool ‘Snake Night Vision’. You can use thermal imaging technology to view the surrounding creatures. The usage period is 12 hours and it can only be used once.]

A layer covered Liu Jiayi’s eyes like contact lenses. A snake appeared in the dark part of the pupils and it was like the beauty contact lenses.

Using this tool, Liu Jiayi could see the church dozens of meters away. She was just about to go there but the moment she raised her eyes, it felt like a needle had pierced her eyes. Liu Jiayi stood there with her cold-blooded animal eyes wide open.

Psyche took off her blindfold and saw the handsome Cupid.

Liu Jiayi put on the lenses and saw Liu Huai who deceived her.

She could clearly see the thermal images of four people in the church dozens of meters away. This meant that Liu Huai wasn’t alone in the church. In addition to Liu Huai, there were at least three other people. There was no obvious coercion between these individuals. They relied on each other and it seemed to be a cooperative relationship.

Several players were waiting for her but her brother said nothing about this situation.

The cold night wind blew on Liu Jiayi’s face. She felt that her breathing and expression were numb. Her originally hot mind was cooled down by the night wind and Liu Jiayi noticed many previous abnormalities.

Liu Jiayi slowly took out her phone and blinked her dark eyes. She held back the liquid about to spill from her eyes and called Liu Huai’s phone without any emotion on her face. Her frightened tone was completely different from her expression. “Brother, I’m almost at the church but it is too dark and I can’t see… can you come out and pick me up?”

There was a long silence. Then Liu Jiayi saw a person standing up crookedly after her call. This person had no arms and was being supported by someone. Liu Jiayi’s chest moved up and down fiercely. She couldn’t help wanting to run to the church immediately but she gritted her teeth to endure it, nails piercing her palms.

Liu Huai had no arms!!

Liu Jiayi stared at the thermal image that was holding Liu Huai. Bai Liu, this was definitely Bai Liu.

“Brother, are you coming out?” Liu Jiayi was agitated. She stood in front of the church and asked in a low voice.

The breathing sound from the other end of the line was faster before it slowed down again. “I am coming. Jiayi, where are you? I’m looking for you outside.”

Liu Jiayi reported her location. She said there were deformed children chasing her and cried for Liu Huai to come over quickly. Then she hung up the phone.

It was Bai Liu who helped Liu Huai hold the phone. After he put down the phone, Liu Huai turned to look at Bai Liu. Bai Liu thought about it. “Liu Jiayi guessed that something isn’t right about this church. Once she calmed down, she started to doubt you, Liu Huai.”

“I know.” Liu Huai lowered his head and looked at his missing arms. He slightly moved the stumps of his limbs and smiled bitterly. “I don’t know if she will trust me a bit when I come out and she sees me like this.”

Bai Liu didn’t reply to Liu Huai because he felt it was unlikely.

“I’ll go out alone.” Liu Huai was about to leave when Bai Liu stopped him.

Bai Liu looked at Liu Huai. “We’ll go out with you.”

Liu Huai was taken aback and was about to object when Bai Liu explained the reason in a lukewarm manner, “It is now after 9 o’clock and the children playing the flute will soon exit from the statue. These monsters won’t hurt children but they will take away the children.”

His eyes fell on little Mu Ke who was hiding behind a seat and secretly looking at him. “The church is no longer safe for little Mu Ke. They were previously attracted by the investors in the tunnel but now that our phones are all busy and can’t be called to attract the attention of these deformed children, their target will likely be little Mu Ke.”

Little Mu Ke bit his lip and retorted, “Bai Liu (6) is now the same as those deformed children! The children can climb out of the tunnel which means that Bai Liu (6) will come out of the tunnel. I can stay with him!”

“He is already a monster.” Bai Liu lowered his eyes toward little Mu Ke. “You are a normal person. If you stay with a monster for a long time, there is a risk of mental decline and alienation. I also don’t know how he is now. So it is better if you… Stay with us.”

The longer the alienation, the more severe the effect. Bai Liu didn’t know how long it would take his past self to completely become an irrational monster so the safest way was to take Mu Ke directly.

Little Mu Ke was dragged out of the church by big Mu Ke. He wanted to stay in the church but Bai Liu didn’t allow it. So in a situation where he could be suppressed with force, Bai Liu didn’t hesitate to use force.

Bai Liu and the big and small Mu Ke went out through the bushes on the other side of the church’s back door. Bai Liu’s group went around the side of the church and hid behind the side door, where they could see Liu Huai who came out from the front door.

The loss of both arms made Liu Huai’s movements a bit unbalanced. He staggered as he walked out the door into the night. There was the sound of faint laughter from children as well as small footsteps as something moved closer to Liu Huai’s side.

Mu Ke’s hand was covering little Mu Ke who was still struggling to resist. Mu Ke was a bit frightened when he heard this and he approached Bai Liu, speaking in a very low voice, “Bai Liu, I remember that there are deformed children wandering the welfare home at night. Won’t Liu Huai be killed by these deformed children before reaching Liu Jiayi?”

“No,” Bai Liu answered very softly and firmly. “Liu Jiayi won’t let Liu Huai die.”

A deformed child was closely approaching Liu Huai’s back. Mu Ke couldn’t help wanting to call out to get Liu Huai’s attention. Liu Huai was currently in a daze and it seemed he didn’t notice anything was wrong around him as he continued to walk forward.

However, someone called out to Liu Huai faster than him.

A little girl’s voice full of tears and fear came over. “…Brother, is that you?”

“Jiayi! It’s me!” Even if he knew that Liu Jiayi had deceived him, Liu Huai still followed his years of habit after hearing this voice and instinctively turned his head. He responded to Liu Jiayi in a somewhat eager tone as he searched around for Liu Jiayi’s shadow. “Brother is here, Jiayi!”

Liu Jiayi was pressed against a wall. She carefully raised her head and looked over at Liu Huai. The moment Liu Huai had turned his head to answer, the deformed child behind him jumped up and pounced at Liu Huai’s back!

Mu Ke couldn’t help wanting to give a reminder to Liu Huai but Bai Liu calmly stopped him. “Look.”

The moment when Liu Huai was about to be jumped on by the deformed child, Liu Jiayi cried and stumbled toward Liu Huai. She rushed to hold Liu Huai and hugged him tightly. Then her originally fragile and panicked expression disappeared instantly.

She placed her chin on Liu Huai’s shoulder and rubbed it affectionately, her tone soft and obedient as she called out to her brother. It was just that there was no expression on her face as a black medicine bottle appeared out of nowhere in her hand.

Liu Jiayi tilted her wrist in an expressionless manner and poured the potion from the bottle on the deformed child that was about to pounce at Liu Huai.

The little monster opened his mouth wide and melted into a pool of black liquid without even screaming. He silently melted into the ground.

The hiding Mu Ke was dumbfounded. “This child is an A-grade monster and Liu Jiayi killed him so simply. Does she have an S-grade panel?”

“No, I heard Mu Sicheng say that Little Witch’s attributes panel is only A-grade. It isn’t even A+. She is worthy of being first on the rising stars list.” Bai Liu’s lips slightly curved. “Her skills have huge potential. No wonder why the big guilds rushed to grab her.”

After Liu Jiayi killed the child, her eyes moved and Bai Liu saw her looking at him.

She cocked her head and held Liu Huai’s neck tightly while shaking the bottle of poison in her hand, staring at Bai Liu with no emotions in her eyes.

It was a threatening look and the meaning was obvious: The fate of this monster will happen to you next.

Proofreader: Purichan

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