GHG: Chapter 121

Little Bai Liu (6) stared down at them while he used one hand to place something in Bai Liu’s pocket. At the same time, he pulled out the whip with his other hand and quickly and mercilessly threw it.

The whip swayed like waves in the wind, pushing through the circle of deformed children like a raging wave.

In the midst of the sharp cries and growls from the deformed children, Bai Liu (6) stood on a pile of children’s corpses and looked down expressionlessly. “It is noisy.”

His wrist flicked and the whip was thrown out again. The children scattered in an instant, their cries becoming more miserable.

[System notification: Abnormal behavior is detected. Core data is being analyzed… analysis is complete—player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line has a mental value of 0 and alienation is completed. He should become a monster that attacks the game players. Abnormal behavior of protecting a player is detected… detected data is being summarized and reported…]

[System notification: Player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line (dead monster) has violated the guidelines of the monster book. Starting the monster compulsory mental value calibration program—the mental value of the monster is 0. He has completely become a monster and no calibration is required.]

[System warning: There is no explanation for the monster’s behavior. The monster has a mental value of 0 but he is still rational. He can make some reasonable behaviors. The attack and defense data are unknown. Due to mental value being 0, the monster is likely to experience a crazy increase in combat power!]

[System warning: Players, please play carefully and stay away from this unusual monster. Clear the instance as soon as possible! After that, the system will reset the game to eliminate the abnormal data!]

Bai Liu (6) moved extremely quickly. It was almost the same as Bai Liu who had used Mu Sicheng’s skill. Bai Liu (6) moved forward rapidly and jumped in the corridor. Within a few breaths, he had reached the rear of Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang. Bai Liu (6) stepped barefoot on the wall, jumped several times, moved his hands as he spun around and neatly threw out the whip.

Miao Feichi turned back after hearing the sound and in his vision, he could see a strange, pale monster child holding Bai Liu’s whip and aiming it at him.

If it was the usual Miao Feichi, he wouldn’t care because he had previously used Bai Liu’s fish bone whip. It was a strange whip that he judged to be harmless. If hit, he would just stagger at most.

However, the moment Bai Liu (6)’s whip fell toward him, Miao Feichi didn’t know if it was because he was more vigilant due to being close to the death prediction threshold or if his intuition from playing countless games gave him a warning.

Miao Feichi was clearly aware that he might die if he received Bai Liu (6)’s whip.

Miao Feichi dodged the whip. The fish bones were like wheels rubbing at Miao Feichi’s face. The bone spines on both ends slightly scratched Miao Feichi’s face and caused bloody marks.

The fish bones hit the ground with an unstoppable momentum. Rubble splashed along the trajectory of the whip and the tunnel shook for a few seconds. As the cries of the deformed children became sharp, Bai Liu (6) dragged back the whip from the deep pit in the ground without any emotions on his face.

Miao Feichi raised a hand to touch the wound on his face. He looked stunned as he felt the blood flowing from the wound. It was the kiss mark left on his face by his brush with death.

The fish bone whip became a completely different thing in Bai Liu (6)’s hand. It was like a peerless demon knife in the hands of the most suitable owner. Bai Liu (6) held the whip and raised his eyes to look at Miao Feichi. This made Miao Feichi think of another player who gave him such a strong sense of oppression with a whip.

It was Spades and the lizard bone whip.

Miao Feichi’s Scavenger Zombies and Spades’ Killer Sequence team played a group battle, which was their best result. Spades had fought against the five of them and ended the game within a minute. Miao Feichi had been in a daze when he was protected by his death-free gold medal and logged out. He hadn’t even had time to pull out his double knives.

When the game was over, Spades held the bloody whip, stepped on Miao Feichi’s head and looked down at him with this type of eyes. It was like he was looking at meaningless data, an ant that didn’t deserve his attention as he trampled on it.

“Father!” Miao Feichi yelled as he turned around and ran wildly. “Open your defense and run! Don’t look back! Run outside! Be sure to avoid the whip! The damage of that whip is very high!”

Miao Feichi ran crazily at full speed. Miao Gaojiang gritted his teeth and opened his defense. Bai Liu (6) retracted his whip in an unmoved manner and moved his upper arm to once again wave the whip.

The whip flashed white during the extremely quick movement. It swung like a bolt of lightning in the tunnel and smashed the stones. Miao Feichi was directly buried by the rocks that fell and hit him while Miao Gaojiang, who was targeted by Bai Liu (6), barely rolled at the last moment to avoid it. Even so, his ankle was hit by the whip.

[System warning: Player Miao Gaojiang’s health has dropped by 7. The remaining health value is 16. Please leave the dangerous scene as soon as possible!]

[System warning: Player Miao Feichi’s health has dropped by 1. The remaining health value is 9. Please leave the dangerous scene as soon as possible!]

The light of dawn from the other exit shone on Miao Gaojiang, who was walking shakily and limping due to the wound on his ankle. His hand was holding the little Miao Gaojiang who was unconscious and his life or death unknown. Miao Gaojiang’s ankle was oozing blood and he left bloody footprints with every step he took. There was no sympathy or pity on Bai Liu (6)’s face as he stared at Miao Gaojiang and prepared to fling the whip again.

Bai Liu (6)’s purpose in doing things was very clear. His accuracy with the whip was average and he couldn’t easily hit Miao Feichi who moved quickly. Then he would first target the relatively slow Miao Gaojiang.

Kill one first and lower the burden on Bai Liu.

Miao Feichi drew his double knives and coughed as he dug himself out of the stones. Before he could stand properly, he saw that Bai Liu (6) was about to swing the whip at Miao Gaojiang. Miao Feichi gritted his teeth and threw the double knives. They turned into two boomerangs in the air and headed straight toward Bai Liu (6). He seemed to want to rely on these knives to interrupt Bai Liu (6)’s whip swinging process.

[System notification: Player Miao Feichi has used the remote attack personal skill ‘Locking Whirlwind Knives’.]

Bai Liu (6) bent over to avoid the whirling knives. At the same time, his eyes turned cold. The whip was still aimed at Miao Gaojiang but before he could wave it, Miao Feichi shouted, “Look back! I am going to kill the investor behind you!”

The whirling knives had really gone over Bai Liu (6) and headed behind him. Bai Liu (6)’s eyes froze. Without hesitation, he turned and used the whip to catch one. However, the other one was still spinning toward Bai Liu.

Bai Liu calmly reached out his monkey hand to catch it.

However, the Thief’s Monkey Hand only had a 50% chance of blocking Miao Feichi’s attack. Bai Liu would die as long as he was hit by the attack. Bai Liu (6) couldn’t bet on this 50%.

Bai Liu (6) immediately gave up on continuing to chase Miao Gaojiang. He gritted his teeth as he ran to grab the knife flying toward Bai Liu. Just as the tip of the knife was about to reach Bai Liu’s eyes and Bai Liu reached out to grab the knife, the handle was held by Bai Liu (6)’s hand. Bai Liu (6)’s chest fluctuated violently. He might be dead but the time of death wasn’t long. If Bai Liu (6)’s emotions fluctuated violently then he instinctively imitated his actions from when he was still alive.

For example, if he had a heartbeat right now then his heartbeat would be very violent.

Miao Feichi took advantage of this time to quickly drag Miao Gaojiang and little Miao Gaojiang through the exit on the church side. Bai Liu (6)’s ‘breathing’ became a bit rapid. Meanwhile, the knives he held gradually became transparent and disappeared. They must’ve been called back by Miao Feichi. This was why skill items couldn’t be confiscated after disarming.

Personal skill items were bound to the player. They could be recalled at any time and wouldn’t drop easily. They could only be transferred through a death agreement like Liu Huai’s. Thus, the general method of disarming was to cut off a player’s arms.

Bai Liu (6) glanced at the exit of the tunnel and muttered, “I didn’t kill any of them but you gave me the high price of 100,000 for killing Miao Feichi and 200,000 for Miao Gaojiang.”

Once he finished, he covered his mouth as he leaned against the tunnel wall with a frown.

Bai Liu (6) was as white as porcelain and something strange flowed between his fingers. It was like black viscous liquid after the internal organs rotted and some internal organ fragments were mixed in.

Bai Liu crouched down and patted Bai Liu (6)’s shoulders. “Even if Miao Feichi hadn’t attacked me at the end, your body wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer.”

Bai Liu wiped Bai Liu (6)’s mouth with the sleeve of his hospital gown. Something like blood kept flowing but Bai Liu (6) didn’t have any more blood. It had all been drained.

Bai Liu spoke in a tone that seemed to be both a sigh and filled with praise. “The state of forced attacking after your mental value is reduced to 0 has taken too large a toll on your body. The last time you swung the whip, I could feel that your condition had seriously declined. You were already very aggressive. You did a good job and I will give you the money.”

Bai Liu (6) looked at Bai Liu with black eyes, his mouth still oozing ‘blood.’ He spoke a bit intermittently due to coughing. “…I might be dead, but I want real money, not the false paper money burned as an offering to the dead!”

Bai Liu, “……”

His focus was on something strange.

Behind him, the big and small Mu Ke came over while supporting the dazed Liu Huai.

Little Mu Ke saw Bai Liu (6) and immediately pushed aside the annoying investor. He knelt down in front of Bai Liu (6), tears flowing faster than Bai Liu (6)’s blood. He seemed to want to touch Bai Liu (6) but the moment he felt Bai Liu (6)’s cold body temperature, little Mu Ke quickly withdrew his hand like he was burned by this cold temperature.

His tears fell faster and snot ran from his nose. “Wooo, Bai Liu (6), how are you?”

“Cough cough, I’m fine. Death wasn’t painful. Liu Jiayi gave me a good time.” Bai Liu (6) answered lightly.

After hearing Liu Jiayi’s name, Liu Huai raised his head and muttered a few sentences with Liu Jiayi’s name. Then a few seconds later, the focus disappeared from his eyes and he lowered his head again.

Bai Liu (6)’s gaze shifted to him. “This is the brother that Liu Jiayi wants to save? You have made him like this? Based on her vengeful heart, she will definitely kill you.”

“It’s not that we want to make him like this. It is the side-effect from a sharp drop in health and mental spirit. We have been feeding him mental bleach to maintain his state.” Mu Ke explained and smiled a bit helplessly. “There is no other way.”

“I think it isn’t just us who are responsible.” Bai Liu stared at Bai Liu (6) as he spoke calmly. “Isn’t this what Liu Jiayi wants to see? Her brother finally gave everything for her as she wanted. She should think more about saving Liu Huai’s life than killing us?”

Bai Liu (6) watched Bai Liu and suddenly sneered. “Is this why you gave me the coin in the first place? To let Liu Jiayi see that you gave me the most important game manager and make her think that you really gave up on the investor method of clearing the instance. Then let her think that she got what she wants—that is, Liu Huai who loves her so much that he would completely give up his life for her. Then she would show her feet when running away?”

Bai Liu took out the coin from his pocket and leisurely put it on. This was what Bai Liu (6) had returned just before he chased after Miao Gaojiang.

Bai Liu (6) looked at the coin hanging around Bai Liu’s neck and his gaze shifted back to Bai Liu’s face. He calmly asked, “Have you ever said a single word without another purpose after meeting me, Bai Liu?”

“You mean a lot to me.” Bai Liu said with a smile.

Proofreader: Purichan

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11 months ago

bai liu is so cold and scheming, he does not soften even for himself
little bai liu is so pitiful, he kind of wishes to receive kindness

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