GHG: Chapter 120 Part 3

Little Mu Ke stopped running. As a result, he was pulled by a person hiding in the mushroom. He almost screamed with fright but the other person covered his mouth.

The other person lowered his voice while looking little Mu Ke up and down strangely. “…What are you running back for? To give your head? Don’t mess with him!”

Little Mu Ke’s face was full of tears. He hugged the blood bag in his arms and sobbed as he looked at the man. “However, I don’t want to see him die for me. I promised Bai Liu (6) to save him.”

Mu Ke breathed quietly and was silent for a moment. Then he said, “I also don’t want to see him die but he promised me. He won’t die so we have to believe in him and wait.”

Mu Ke and Liu Huai were hiding in a corner of the tunnel. Neither of them had any significant combat power so Bai Liu asked them to hide while he went out alone to meet the enemy. Mu Ke fiercely opposed it at first. He said that Bai Liu only had 0.5 health. Could his fighting ability be better than them? This might be the first time Mu Ke refuted Bai Liu but he soon stopped under Bai Liu’s eyes. Even so, he didn’t apologize.

Soon, Bai Liu proposed a plan that could temporarily control Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang. This plan barely convinced Mu Ke.

“This tunnel is where the deformed children monsters live during the day.” Bai Liu said. “Once it is 9 o’clock, they will come back. If those monsters come across us then they will definitely attack us. However, if they find people by phone, we—”

Mu Ke exclaimed, “We have two phones that can avoid being located! We grabbed them from the deformed children. As long as our phones stay on, they won’t find us and will attack the Miao Feichi duo.”

Bai Liu nodded. “This attack might not be able to hold them for long but it will allow us to escape with little Mu Ke. We can’t go to the hospital side. After 9 ‘clock, the investors and nurses will start to move. It isn’t safe. We can only go to the church side. That side has the children’s safety zone.”

Mu Ke took a deep breath and looked at Bai Liu. His body leaned forward and his tone was even a bit aggressive. “Bai Liu, your plan seems to have no problems but I have a question for you. We only have two phones from the deformed children while we have three people on this side. In other words, there is no way for one person’s phone to constantly be busy. This person will be attacked like Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang. Who are you going to let be attacked?”

Bai Liu looked indifferently into Mu Ke’s eyes before looking down. “Once little Mu Ke is there, we will have a third phone that can call my phone. Otherwise, we can pick up a phone from a dead child or I can steal one.”

“Don’t try to fool me.” Mu Ke’s chest was slightly heaving as he calmly refuted Bai Liu’s words. “The child’s phone can’t call after 9 o’clock and the dead children’s phones can’t be used. You are going to steal a phone. This method—”

Mu Ke’s eyes fell on the broken arm and his breathing and tone became urgent. “You only have one arm to use. If you are trying to steal then you won’t be able to resist the attack. We don’t have anyone to cooperate with your stealing. Liu Huai is out of his mind and I have no attack power. The method you mentioned can’t be used at all. In the end, we only have two children’s phones that can be used.”

“This means that one person out of three must have their phone ringing.” Mu Ke stared straight at Bai Liu. “Bai Liu, who is this person?”

Bai Liu quietly watched Mu Ke, his eyes calm and clear like a lake.

“Haven’t you already guessed? That person is me.”

Mu Ke let out a mouthful of turbid gas. He twisted his hands together and tried his best to say this sentence peacefully. “Bai Liu, I don’t agree. Your health is only 0.5. Liu Huai and I don’t have any attack power. We have no way to protect you when the phone rings in the chaos.”

“No one can protect you. You really will die.” Mu Ke paused. He saw Bai Liu’s unmoved expression and his voice became begging. “…Don’t do this. Please, Bai Liu?”

Bai Liu paused before suddenly chuckling. “Who said that no one will protect me?”

Mu Ke was startled. “Who else can protect you?”

Bai Liu spread open his hands. He shrugged and smiled indifferently. “I can protect myself.”

In the end, Bai Liu convinced Mu Ke with a very risky, risky plan.

Mu Ke closed his eyes and ended the memory. He looked down at his wrist. He had picked up a watch from the ruins of the explosion last night. The second hand moved slightly and finally reached 0.

It was 9 o’clock.

Mu Ke’s breathing slowed down and he quickly became anxious. He took out his phone and called Liu Huai’s phone to make sure that Liu Huai’s phone was busy. This way, he wouldn’t be found by a deformed child returning to the nest.

Then Mu Ke held the only remaining child’s phone and didn’t move. He raised his head to look at Bai Liu who was still struggling with Miao Feichi. He gripped the phone in his hand and hesitated a few times to press a phone number. Finally, he leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. His fingers trembled as he pressed a phone number.

Mu Ke’s phone rang and was picked up by him. Now both phones were useless. Mu Ke leaned against the wall, gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, not daring to look at the situation behind him.

If things didn’t go as Bai Liu expected then Bai Liu would die.

There was a rustling sound at the end of the passage on both sides, like the sound of mice running on the ground. The sound came from all directions like mice smelling food. There was a richer smell of blood and decay in Mu Ke’s nose that was getting closer to Mu Ke. Strangely, he didn’t see anything coming but the sound passed by him.

Little Mu Ke in his arms pulled his sleeve and pointed up.

Mu Ke looked up at the tunnel and couldn’t help holding his breath. There were many strange deformed children with sharp heads, small deformed limbs, bulging bones, abnormally white skin, unusually large mouths, eyes at the temples and crippled limbs. These deformed children were covered with all types of infusion bags, hanging on the ceiling of the tunnel like bats at night. They moved forward, their eyes reflecting a green light like a variant of a blood-sucking bat.

The light in the tunnel was extremely dim. In addition, these children were moving around the mushrooms. They were covered with colorful bags that were the same background color as the mushrooms. For a moment, Mu Ke hadn’t realized that this group of children ‘came over’ from above.

“Feichi, it is 9 o’clock. I hear sounds coming over. The deformed children are back!” Miao Gaojiang lowered his voice. “Don’t care about Bai Liu! It is no use killing him! Catch the children! Be careful not to disturb the monster children. It will cost us a lot of health to kill them…”

Before Miao Gaojiang’s voice finished, Bai Liu didn’t hesitate to pull out a white fluorescent whip and swing it.

The fishbone whip wasn’t strong enough to damage the monster children but his weapon was very powerful. It instantly attracted the aggro of the monsters. The deformed children all stopped, their green eyes wide open as they stared at the investor.

[System notification: Player Bai Liu has angered the deformed children who went back to sleep in the tunnel. They have decided to severely punish this bad guy!]

“Damn! Bai Liu, are you crazy?! These deformed children will attack you!” Miao Feichi looked up to see many monster children and his expression changed. “How can there be so many monsters? How many children did this hospital kill?”

The children looked up and screamed sharply. They wriggled along the wall and spread out their sharp nails like disturbed bats. They crawled down the wall and approached Miao Feichi and Bai Liu.

However, in such a dark tunnel, it was impossible to accurately locate the target they wanted to attack with their eyes. Just like bats that relied on ultrasound, these deformed children who lived in the tunnel for a long time were like bats. Their eyes and vision had deteriorated and they located things by sound.

Miao Feichi, Miao Gaojiang and Bai Liu’s phones rang. These children were like bats smelling something fishy. They immediately raised their syringes and rushed to where the phones rang. They laughed and smiled innocently as they rushed forward. There were overly naive expressions on their faces but they held huge syringes that seemed like they were going to pierce a person’s head. They kept waving the syringe to attack and their strength wasn’t small.

Bai Liu put the phone between his shoulder and chin. He didn’t hesitate to press the connect button to answer the first call. The person on the opposite side responded with a sharp smile. “Mr Investor, I found you!”

A child suddenly sprang out from the pile of deformed children. He smiled darkly and fiercely as he leaped toward Bai Liu with a huge needle, only to be whipped away by Bai Liu. From then on, the child stuck to Bai Liu and moved around Bai Liu like a child coveting candy. He was ready to rush up and stick the needle into Bai Liu’s neck to get a full meal.

At the same time, Bai Liu’s phone rang again. He picked it up without changing his expression. There was another laugh from a deformed child. “I found you! Blood! I want blood, Mr Investor!”

A child rushed from a wall full of mucus and was about to bite Bai Liu’s shoulder. After being caught by Bai Liu’s monkey hand, he was thrown away by the whip. Bai Liu’s face was pale as he bit and sucked empty a physical strength recovery agent. He quickly answered the third call while dealing with these two monster children.


“Give me blood!”

“Kill you!!!”

The deformed children roared wildly while laughing. They raised their heads and screamed at Bai Liu. There were more and more monsters around Bai Liu. His face was so white that there was no color. He wasn’t injured but he was obviously struggling more to deal with it. He could block it with the strong judgment of the fishbone whip but as he answered more calls, it was only a matter of time before Bai Liu would be unable to hold on.

Even Miao Feichi was surprised by Bai Liu’s self-destructive behavior. “Is Bai Liu crazy? Why does he keep answering the phone? As long as he picks up, the deformed child will lock onto him completely and he can’t run away!”

Miao Gaojiang had a very strange feeling as he saw Bai Liu being overwhelmed by the monster children who were attracted by him answering the phone.

This method of answering the phone could effectively reduce the efficiency of the group attack but the drawback was that he would be entangled by the children all the time. Therefore, Miao Gaojiang would never use this method. His game experience told him that it was very troublesome to be entangled by monsters all the time.

Miao Gaojiang could withstand it with his high defense but Miao Feichi’s health was already being consumed by the children’s group attack! Miao Gaojiang didn’t want to waste his time dealing with Bai Liu.

“I caught my child. The child who ran away is Mu Ke.” Miao Gaojiang gripped the young Miao Gaojiang’s hand and roared, “Feichi, let’s break out first. Don’t care about that child and Bai Liu!”

Miao Feichi reluctantly looked back but he couldn’t help sneering when he saw the stubbornly resisting Bai Liu. “Forget it. In any case, you will die in this tunnel. The difference is that I’m not the one killing you.” He raised his two knives to cut the children besieging him and chased after Miao Gaojiang.

Behind him, Bai Liu was covered by the children gradually pouring over. Just as Miao Feichi thought they would leave the tunnel like this, Bai Liu suddenly laughed.

He answered the phone and his face finally showed a relaxed smile of relief. “You’ve finally called.”

The voice on the other end of the phone was hoarse but still calm. “It’s me.”

Something was moving fast from the church end. This thing stepped on the bodies of the deformed children piled up like hills and stepped on them like it was flat ground.

It was like a breeze blowing from the entrance of the church like the wind that God used to save the world. It steadily swept away the children who were attacking Bai Liu before landing lightly but steadily. The swift wind blew his blood-stained clothes up before they fell down again.

It seemed wrong to call him a person. This was a little monster falling from the sky.

He fell into the circle around Bai Liu like falling willow leaves, standing in front of Bai Liu like a protector.

The sound of Bai Liu’s phone stopped. The children who lost their prey started to back away at a loss, as if they were shocked by this sudden appearance.

Little Mu Ke, who was hiding in the darkness, looked at the monster who suddenly appeared. He forgot to breathe as he blinked, concentrating only on the child in front of Bai Liu. His expression was so serious and stiff that he seemed ready to cry in the next second.

Bai Liu seemed to be familiar and had a tacit understanding with this person. He threw his fishbone whip over and stood back to back with his monkey hand stretching out.

The child who was only Bai Liu’s shoulder height was pale, blood-stained and his face was wet. The back of his hands and feet were covered with pinpricks. These were the traces left by having his blood drawn. His lips were dry and cracked while the clothes in front of him were black from vomited blood. The ends of his hair were stained with water from the baptismal pool and hung over his thin shoulders.

Little Bai Liu (6) was holding the phone and Bai Liu also raised his phone. He could hear little Bai Liu (6)’s voice passing through the phone and the air, falling in his ears like a beautiful duet.

He heard little Bai Liu (6) say to him, “Good morning, Mr Investor. I don’t seem to be late.”

Little Bai Liu (6) waved his bone whip. He didn’t breathe and had no heartbeat. Even his voice was strangely quiet and hoarse. “You are letting me take care of these things after death. Mr Investor, I want to double the money. It is 200 yuan a minute.”

Bai Liu laughed lazily. “Yes, you can add whatever you want. All my money is yours.”

[System notification: Player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line has died due to blood being drawn. The corpse was thrown in the tunnel, causing the body to be alienated. The alienation has finally been completed.]

[The player’s secondary identity has become a deformed child in the monster book.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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