GHG: Chapter 118

Mu Ke hugged Bai Liu (6)’s head and cried, but he only cried briefly before wiping away his tears. Mu Ke stood up and stared at Miao Gaojiang who wanted to secretly leave with a fierce and murderous spirit. “Where are you going? Bai Liu (6) is dead but I am still alive. He gave me the item that can control you. You had better be obedient!”

Miao Gaojiang’s back stiffened as he tried to run away. He slowly turned his head and saw the tearful Mu Ke staring at him in an expressionless manner. This expression made Miao Gaojiang get goosebumps.

Mu Ke gritted his teeth. “If you dare to disobey me, I will kill you. I’m not as kind as Bai Liu (6) to keep you alive. Now come over here and carry Bai Liu (6).”

Mu Ke looked at the quiet Bai Liu (6) lying on the ground without any color. Mu Ke’s eyes were a bit red but he held back his tears as he continued to choke out, “Put him on your back. Never leave him behind. If you leave him behind then I will kill you.”

Mu Ke took a deep breath and looked up at the baptismal pool under the statue. Below was the passage that Bai Liu (6) told him he could escape through. There were tears in Mu Ke’s eyes but he was more determined than ever. “We will drain his blood and take it to save his investor.”

“Move faster.” Mu Ke couldn’t help crying but he eventually didn’t shed any more tears. He just spoke in a hard and calm voice, “Put Bai Liu (6)’s body into the baptismal pool. I will find something to heat the water in the pool. Don’t let his blood… it isn’t easy to draw if his blood is cold.”


Wednesday, Ward 501, 6:15 a.m.

Bai Liu stared at his silent phone for a moment before putting it away. He calmly announced, “There is no call yet. My child should be dead.”

Mu Ke’s face was pale as he stared at Bai Liu who only had 0.5 health left. “Then what will you do?”

“There is a way. I expected this to happen. It might be a really bad situation but I’ve prepared a backup plan. It is just a bit dangerous.” Bai Liu was very calm as he moved his gaze to Liu Huai, who was sitting on the edge of the hospital bed and hadn’t yet recovered. “The key to clearing this game lies in Liu Huai’s body.”

Liu Huai had lost his mind and raised his eyes without any focus. “Me?”

Liu Huai had suffered all types of turmoil all night. There were the after-effects of his health’s sharp decline and his mental value falling below 10. Combined with the stimulation of the huge amount of information from Bai Liu and it made Liu Huai’s current mental state unstable.

Liu Jiayi’s voice was floating around his ears as if she was calling him. She laughed sweetly and the scenery in front of him swayed and spun. The air seemed to turn to mud with lots of fish moving through it that couldn’t reach the shore. A dirty girl hid in the mud, standing behind Bai Liu and holding onto Bai Liu’s shoulder as she looked at him with a bright smile.

Liu Huai understood that he was experiencing the side-effects from a sharp drop in mental value, making it difficult for him to understand Bai Liu’s words.

“The key to clearing the game… why is it with me?” Liu Huai stared blankly at himself, who was covered in blood and had no arms. “Aren’t I dying?”

Bai Liu’s voice was very light. “Yes, you do look like you’re going to die but Liu Jiayi will never let you die easily. You are indeed the key to us clearing the instance.”

Liu Huai heard Liu Jiayi’s name and his expression froze.

Bai Liu continued to speak indifferently like he didn’t see Liu Huai’s expression. “From this point of view, the game isn’t safe for Liu Huai at all. After all, there are Miao Feichi and Miao Gaojiang present here. In order to save you, she will draw her own blood for you.”

“She might be able to recover her health but her healing skill has been weakened by the system. She is still in danger, even more danger than us. We have to take advantage of this gap to hold her and force her to restore our health.”

“However, her vigilance is no less than mine.” Bai Liu’s gaze slowly fell on Liu Huai’s stunned face. “Of course, Liu Huai, you are the exception. Liu Huai, I want you to control Liu Jiayi when she is drawing her blood to heal you. I won’t kill her or hurt her. I will take her through the instance with us while making simple and small use of her.”

Bai Liu’s eyes lowered and he stared at the phone that hadn’t rung all morning. “After all, she took advantage of one thing I’ve rarely seen, something kind—she must’ve used it to kill my child.”

Liu Huai was silent for a long time. Finally, he lowered his head and took a deep breath. “As long as you don’t hurt her, I will cooperate with you.”

Liu Huai had just finished speaking when Mu Ke’s phone rang. He picked it up with surprise and little Mu Ke’s gasping voice was heard on the other side. He was running. “Can I ask if Bai Liu (6)’s investor is nearby? Can you let him answer the phone?”

Bai Liu and Mu Ke glanced at each other and Bai Liu quickly answered Mu Ke’s call. Little Mu Ke was sobbing and gasping for air. “Bai Liu (6), Bai Liu (6) he—”

“He is dead?” Bai Liu added calmly.

His words seemed to touch the switch of Mu Ke’s tear glances. He burst out into tears. “Yes! I don’t know what Liu Jiayi did but she killed him!”

The little boy with a heart disease was crying. It was hard for him to breathe but he gasped intermittently as he explained the story.

Once he mentioned that he had Miao Gaojiang run while carrying Bai Liu (6)’s corpse, Bai Liu’s voice suddenly became cold. “What about yourself? Mu Ke, I remember that you have a heart disease and you can’t do any strenuous exercise. If you let Miao Gaojiang carry Bai Liu (6)’s corpse then you will soon have an accident if you keep running. The passage from the welfare home to the private hospital isn’t short. There will be problems if you run like this.”

It was true that Mu Ke’s breathing was now very rapid. He first followed Bai Liu (6) from the handicrafts classroom to the church. Then he was busy drawing Bai Liu (6)’s blood and now he was running through the passage to the hospital.

Little Mu Ke was currently running through a tunnel under the statue of the god where the air was scarce. He held the blood he had drawn from Bai Liu (6)’s body but his blood also wasn’t warm. His lips were a bit black and purple and he gritted his teeth as he held the phone and ran forward.

“Throw down Bai Liu (6)’s corpse and let Miao Gaojiang run while carrying you.” Bai Liu calmly gave an order to Mu Ke. “Bai Liu (6)’s corpse has no use and it will only affect you. Throw him away.”

Mu Ke took a breath. His voice seemed shocked and his chest moved violently up and down. “Bai Liu (6) gave his life to save you but you want me to casually leave his body in this tunnel? Leave it to the monsters who eat children and drain their blood?!”

“Yes.” Bai Liu replied lightly. “It is because he has no value.”

Mu Ke took a deep breath. He tried not to cry but he eventually roared hysterically, “I don’t want to leave him here!”

The child cried and screamed in a childish voice, insulting Bai Liu with all the dirty words he knew. “You are a dog! You have been using Bai Liu (6) from beginning to end! You lied to him! You made him think you are a good person! However, you aren’t a good person at all! He died for you!”

His voice choked up. “Even so, he knew you were using him and willingly died for you! Every drop of blood was drained for you! I drew it myself!”

Little Mu Ke shouted, tears and snot flowing together, “You aren’t worthy. You can’t do this to him! Even if he is dead!”

After his roar, he forced himself to take deep breaths and his breathing started to calm down.

The phone was silent for a long time. Bai Liu could only hear little Mu Ke crying. He seemed to be covering his face and wiping at his tears as he cried in a very embarrassing manner.

Then he finally opened his mouth. He was sobbing and gritting his teeth hard as he almost pulled his words out of his throat. His voice was extremely unwilling and low, as if he didn’t want anyone to hear it. “Bai Liu (6) is valuable even when dead. He has a coin in his body that can control Miao Gaojiang. This coin is what he wants to give to you. I can’t tell anyone where it is hidden and I can’t leave him.”

Mu Ke was trying to convince Bai Liu but he sounded like he was trying to convince himself.

Bai Liu’s voice remained unmoved. “Place him in the tunnel and I will go get it. I know where he hid it. I believe that his intention wasn’t to have you run with his body but to have you tell me where you hid him for me to take it. You are just pointlessly consuming your physical strength.”

Bai Liu spoke slowly. Even though little Mu Ke scolded him like this, he still analyzed it objectively without any mood swings. This analysis made Mu Ke calm down a bit.

Bai Liu (6) did want him to throw the corpse on the way and hide it before telling his investor to go pick it up on the road. This was the safest option under the balance of all parties. Currently, only he and Miao Gaojiang knew about this tunnel. However, he was with Miao Gaojiang and Bai Liu (6)’s body wouldn’t be easily found.

But—Mu Ke bit his lower lip. He didn’t want to leave Bai Liu (6).

“You can control Miao Gaojiang without that coin. After all, he is on the run and is definitely in the same camp as you. I know you don’t want to leave Bai Liu (6) but he has become a burden to you.”

“I am willing to die for Bai Liu (6) but he died not only to save me, but to save you and all of us.” Bai Liu’s voice was calm. “You taking his body with you will just waste everything he has done for you. It will waste his final sacrifice to pave the way for you. If you have a heart attack due to running, everything that Bai Liu (6) has done to save us will be in vain.”

“Do you want to waste his intentions?” Bai Liu asked calmly.

There was only the sound of rapid breathing. After around half a minute of silence, Mu Ke finally gritted his teeth and ordered in a tearful voice, “Miao Gaojiang, put Bai Liu (6)… aside and carry me on your back.”

“You aren’t worthy of Bai Liu (6) saving you.” Mu Ke seemed to be carried. He gasped as he spoke viciously into the phone, “You should die of illness, you rubbish man! I hate you!”

Bai Liu didn’t speak. He just quietly waited for little Mu Ke to let everything out and calm down.

After a while, Mu Ke gritted his teeth and spoke in a very depressed manner, “You wait obediently in the hospital, garbage investor. I will bring his blood to save you.”

There was the sound of the phone being hung up fiercely, as if he didn’t want to say another word to the garbage Bai Liu.

Bai Liu, “……”

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Hehe i love little Mu Ke, such a fierce friend 🥺

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little bai liu was a good boy
better than bai liu, he is bad

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All these children are winning my heart, I LOVE MU KE SO MUCH!!

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He’s such a good boi. He deserves his own story

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