GHG: Chapter 117

10 minutes later, Mu Ke jumped up like a cat whose butt was pierced by a needle. He opened the door and looked out. After making sure that the teacher hadn’t come, Mu Ke started to knock on the door of the other handicrafts classroom.”

“Bai Liu (6)!” There were anxious tears in Mu Ke’s eyes. “Bai Liu (6)! I listened to you and waited for 10 minutes. Now it is 10 minutes! Come out! I don’t want to run away alone!”

Miao Gaojiang picked up Mu Ke who was still pounding on the door. “The teacher is coming soon! Let’s go first. Bai Liu (6) will catch up with us. You run even slower than him!”

“No!” Mu Ke screamed while crying. “I don’t want to leave him alone! I want to run away together! He has never left me behind!”

Miao Gaojiang was stunned. Mu Ke took advantage of this to slip off his shoulder.

Mu Ke held back his cries and wiped his tears with his arm. He looked at the corridor to check if any teachers were coming and then crazily knocked on the door. “Bai Liu (6)! You open it! I beg you! Open it!”

The door opened abruptly. Bai Liu (6) stood at the door intact but with a pale face.

He glanced expressionlessly at the crying Mu Ke. “Didn’t I tell you to go?”

Mu Ke sobbed and shook his head. Tears welled up. Like a kitten that no one wanted, he threw himself on Bai Liu (6). “You scared me to death! Sob. Why didn’t you open the door?”

“Liu Jiayi isn’t leaving.” Bai Liu (6) avoided Mu Ke. His pale face shook a bit but he finally maintained his calm expression. It didn’t fall but a bit of blood seeped out from the corners of his mouth. He looked down at Mu Ke, who was holding his hand and crying bitterly, showing a somewhat confused and helpless expression.

He had never received such strange and warm tears. This made him a bit tired and he didn’t know how to deal with it.

Finally, Bai Liu (6) patted Mu Ke on the shoulder and pushed away Mu Ke who was still wiping his tears. Bai Liu (6) lightly retracted his hand. “She wanted to stay here and let me draw a picture for her brother. I just drew it for her. Perhaps I was so focused that I didn’t hear you calling me. In any case, I’m done drawing and the teacher is coming over. Let’s go quickly.”

Bai Liu (6) ignored the corrosion of his internal organs as he walked behind Mu Ke calmly. Before he left, he looked back at Liu Jiayi who was sitting on the window sill.

Liu Jiayi raised her head and closed her eyes, bathing in the rising sun. Her messy and withered hair looked like golden threads wrapped around her. The sunlight enveloped her cheeks and head like a divine halo as she leaned quietly against the window, eyelashes also painted a brilliant gold color.

In the golden, hopeful morning light, Liu Jiayi slowly opened her eyes and looked back at Bai Liu (6).

Liu Jiayi turned against the light and her eyes were a pure and hazy white. This thin, weak little girl was as pure as an angel and she held the simple picture that Bai Liu (6) had just drawn for her. In the picture, Liu Jiayi sat on the hospital bed. She hugged her head and curled up against her knees like a baby bird afraid of everything. She wore an oversized hospital gown and held a Bai Liu-style doll with the head twisted 180 degrees.

[Why do you want to save me in the future?]

[I don’t know.]

[Then why are you saving me now?]

[I don’t know that either.]

[That… what do I look like in your eyes?]

[Hmm… it is probably like this. Can you see it?]

[My vision item is in cooldown and I can’t see it now.]

[Then wait, wait until you can see again. There will always be such a day, Liu Jiayi.]

The poisoner and the poisoned person talked peacefully. Doing bad things was something that ran through their blood. They were born bad children and had no extreme awareness of bad things. They were born in bad things, suffered in bad things and were numb and accustomed to bad things.

However, some people were willing to do good things for them unconditionally. These people suffered to give them unseen sunlight, temperature and rain. They were buds that would eventually grow toward the light.

Bai Liu (6) turned and left. He followed Mu Ke, his eyes gradually lowering. No matter how much he endured it, blood started to flow from the corners of his mouth and wet his clothes. He frowned and covered his mouth. Even so, Mu Ke soon found Bai Liu (6)’s abnormality and screamed, “Bai Liu (6)! Why are you coughing up blood?!”

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line has received the poisoning debuff! Health is continuing to fall! Currently at 27…]

Bai Liu (6) covered his mouth and knelt on the ground. His brow was furrowed tightly and he gritted his teeth.

“Miao Gaojiang, come and carry me. Run to the church within 10 minutes and hide in the blind spot under the pew to the right. Children can’t be killed in the church. Otherwise, we will all die when Liu Jiayi catches up with us.” Bai Liu (6) calmly and weakly gave an order. “Run!”

The moment Bai Liu (6) gave this order, he fell unconscious. Miao Gaojiang hurriedly picked up Bai Liu (6) and started to run to the church.

Bai Liu (6) leaned against Miao Gaojiang’s back. His eyelids gradually lowered and his limbs completely lost strength.

His breathing was becoming weaker and blood constantly flowed from his nose and mouth, dripping down his jaw onto the back of his loose hand and then the grass in the forest. The blood flowing from his respiratory tract choked from time to time. He was about to slide down Miao Gaojiang’s back. Mu Ke, who was doing his best to run, pushed up Bai Liu (6) with all his strength and barely maintained Bai Liu (6)’s position on Miao Gaojiang’s back.

Mu Ke ran behind Miao Gaojiang. His heart had never been so pained due to the intense exercise and emotional panic. Mu Ke stared at the person who was dying on Miao Gaojiang’s back and his eyes were full of tears. “How could this happen…”

Miao Gaojiang ran to the church, sweating profusely. Then he put Bai Liu (6) down on the ground of the church.

Bai Liu (6) laboriously moved his position and leaned against the wall. His eyes had lost focus and his eyelids were half-closed. There was no light in his eyes while his hands were placed casually on the ground like they were made of mud. He tried very hard to move his vocal cords with the air from his lungs. He lifted his eyelids toward Mu Ke and let out a short tone. “Mu Ke…”

Mu Ke hurriedly leaned over. He leaned against Bai Liu (6)’s shoulder toward Bai Liu (6)’s mouth. Bai Liu (6)’s voice was really too small for him to hear.

“I’m here.” Mu Ke gasped while choking. “I’m here, Bai Liu (6).”

“You are relatively safe, in the church. No one will harm you. Next… uh…. I have three things to explain to you. I don’t think I can call him at 6 o’clock.” Bai Liu (6)’s voice was intermittent. He was tortured by the poison and had a lot of difficulty making sounds. His voice was very dry. “First, bring over an infusion bag and… drain my blood and store it. The game isn’t over yet. You must… bring my blood to my investor…”

Bai Liu (6) gritted his teeth and spoke word for word. “You must save him, you know?”

The tearful Mu Ke nodded crazily. “Yes, I know!”

He finally knew why Bai Liu (6) kept covering his mouth just now to prevent the blood from flowing. This was blood for his investor.

“The second… uh.” Bai Liu (6)’s face became paler. His chest moved up and down violently as he opened his mouth. He seemed to be suffering from something very painful but his expression was calm. It was a type of near-death calm. “…I have a coin around my neck. This is a precious thing he gave me… Miao Gaojiang’s soul banknote is also in it. This thing is very important. You absolutely must not let it fall out when I die or you will be in danger, Mu Ke.”

“So wait..” Bai Liu (6) swallowed the blood in his mouth and the period of time when his breathing was stagnant became longer. He moved his throat, his voice becoming lower and weaker. “I will stuff it in my body. Apart from my investor, don’t tell anyone where this coin is. Do you understand, Mu Ke?”

Mu Ke knelt in front of Bai Liu (6), nodding frantically. HIs tears flowed wildly.

Bai Liu (6) saw Mu Ke this way and couldn’t help chuckling. He coughed while laughing. “Cough, there is one last thing. Tell my investor—”

“He is a liar.” Bai Liu (6) looked at the sunrise outside the church. He laughed and his eyes reflected the outside sunlight. There seemed to be water shining in his eyes. “He said that my luck would improve after I changed my name. I called myself Bai Liu but my luck seems to be very bad. If you have time, please persuade him, cough, to change it to something else.”

Bai Liu (6) coughed. He used Mu Ke as a cover to swallow the coin, forcing it down his throat. Mu Ke watched uncomfortably before finally breaking down and crying fiercely. However, Bai Liu (6)’s face was calm. Only blood kept spilling from the corners of his mouth.

His breath disappeared completely. Bai Liu (6), or Bai Liu, slowly closed his eyes and died with a smile in the first rays of morning light at 6 a.m. His hands held the child’s mobile phone but unfortunately, he didn’t have time to call his hateful self from the future, the investor who relied on his understanding of everything to manipulate Bai Liu (6)—

That big liar. You are a bad guy who never told me the truth since meeting me, a bast*rd who owed me a lot of points. In fact, there wasn’t a single point in the game panel that was given to me.

Still, I am willing to do everything you want for free.

It is because you are the other me. You lied to me about everything but I can be sure that your choice for me must be for our common interests.

So, I unconditionally trusted you, unconditionally chose the option that is beneficial for you—the only friend in my short virtual life, the other Bai Liu.

Bai Liu (6)’s eyes closed completely and his hand slipped to the ground without any strength.

[System warning: The health of player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line is rapidly decreasing—health has been cleared to 0.]

[System notification: Player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line has died.]

[System notification: Player Bai Liu’s game manager will return to the main identity line.]

[System notification: The deaths of player Miao Feichi and player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line have been confirmed. The transaction between the two is invalid and the transaction money is refunded. At the same time, player Miao Feichi’s secondary identity line’s soul banknote is invalidated. Player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line is turned into a soul banknote as punishment and locked in the old wallet due to the unsuccessful completion of the transaction content.]

[System notification: The transaction of player Miao Gaojiang’s secondary identity line has been temporarily stored and is handed over to player Bai Liu’s main identity line for processing.]

Proofreader: Purichan

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strange, then bai liu has a soul of his young own self in his wallet

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I was so sad but then my boi can be saved somehow

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Still, I am willing to do everything you want for free.

I never knew I would burst out crying at this sentence, for free! Bai Lui, FREE!

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Crying and chocking rn.
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