GHG: Chapter 116

Liu Jiayi looked quietly at Bai Liu (6). “You’ve had this experience as well. When a cowardly liar suddenly starts to treat you well, you will repeatedly wonder what his purpose is.”

“He gave you this type of goodness for no reason. It is like the beautiful and poisonous tail of a scorpion, the honey needle of a bee. You swallow it while wondering when the poisonous needle will pierce your heart and chest. Why does he treat you well? Will he betray you?”

“Aren’t you like this to Bai Liu, a liar full of lies? Little Bai Liu (6)? Before he was willing to die for you last night, before you knew he was your other self, did you really believe in what he gave you?”

“Didn’t you test him in the process?”

Bai Liu (6) pursed his lips and didn’t answer Liu Jiayi’s question.

Liu Jiayi sneered. “You and I were born not to believe in anyone. I am constantly repeating the process of testing but I’m not as lucky as you. The other person isn’t myself.”

She paused. Her breathing gradually weakened and her tone was confused. “I will never know what my brother is thinking because I’m not him. He is someone with a blood relationship to that man. He has the same voice as the man who gave birth to me. I can never stop doubting him. Every day I hear his voice and I can’t help hating him. Then he smiles at me and calls me Jiayi. Every time he is kind to me, I can’t help thinking, ‘If only he can live a bit longer and be with me a bit longer.’”

“…Even if he betrayed me to that man, it would be nice if he could be my brother who smiles all the time.” Liu Jiayi’s voice gradually lowered as if she was remembering something.

“He is the only person in the world who is different, the only person who took me away from everything.” Liu Jiayi whispered in a trance. ”Even though I tried a thousand times to believe in him, it doesn’t matter what he promises me. I can’t help doubting him, just like he couldn’t help betraying me.”

“Even if he cried and said this was the last time he would coax me out, the next day when the man who gave birth to me beat him up, he would start to look for me, crying and begging me to come out. Once I finally came out, he would tremble, hold my hand and send me to that man to be beaten… no matter how many times it happened, it was the same.”

Liu Jiayi showed a strange smile, like a little girl’s unique smile that had been trained thousands of times by herself. “We can’t confirm if the other person who is very important to us will betray us, so controlling the other person is the best choice. Look at what you are doing now. Isn’t your choice the same as mine, Bai Liu (6)?”

“No, I’m not like you.” Bai Liu (6) retorted in a flat voice. “I chose to be controlled by him.”

Liu Jiayi was startled.

“Bai Liu, my other self, gave me two guesses about why your health was only 50% before we fled. He let me choose between the two.” Bai Liu (6) was already very close to Liu Jiayi. He had to look down at Liu Jiayi, who was stepping on the back of his feet.

Bai Liu (6) lowered his eyes, his tone very calm. “The first guess is that your health was weakened due to the outside mushroom poisoning. He had more evidence and information to support this guess, but there was a very unreasonable part. This guess can’t explain why Liu Huai’s health was also weakened.”

Liu Jiayi’s expression stiffened. She seemed to realize something. Her grip on the doll weakened but her tone was still generally calm as she looked at Bai Liu (6) and asked, “So? What about the second guess?”

“The second guess is—” Bai Liu (6) spoke lightly. “He guessed that you might be a player who has already entered the game. Your personal skill might be related to health and this forced the system to step in and weaken your presence. He gave me the name of the player he guessed.”

Bai Liu (6) looked down at Liu Jiayi and whispered softly, “I remember it was—Little Witch?”

Liu Jiayi’s breathing stalled for a few seconds.

“Then why did you stop and save me at the time?” Liu Jiayi’s mask of a good child finally broke and there was a type of ferocity on her face as well as a trace of panic. “If you know that I am Little Witch, why did you stop? Why did you come to this classroom tonight? Aren’t you afraid I will kill you?”

“It is because the other me told me to try and save your life.” Bai Liu (6) calmly stared directly at Liu Jiayi. “This was a gambling-like choice. If you really aren’t Little Witch and the poisoning caused you to cough up blood, you would die if I didn’t save you. The other me paid for your life so at the very least, you can’t die in my hands. This is my professional ethics as a wanderer.”

Liu Jiayi’s hands trembled slightly and tears welled up in her eyes as she stared in amazement at Bai Liu (6), who had maintained his composure up to now. “You know… you know… did you come in here tonight to die? Didn’t you guess it? Why did you come in?”

Bai Liu (6)’s voice was soft, “If I die in your hands tonight, it would only show that my judgement at the beginning was a mistake. Then my death was doomed the moment I chose to save you. I am doomed whether I came in tonight or not.”

“However, if you aren’t Little Witch then coming in tonight can save your life.” Bai Liu (6) was calm. “From the perspective of the exchange of interests, it doesn’t matter if you are Little Witch or not. I must come in tonight.”

Liu Jiayi suddenly arched her back, covered her mouth and coughed. Green, mushroom-flavored juice was seeping through her fingers.

She coughed very badly and the color on her face visibly faded. There were physiological tears due to the violent coughing but she persisted in staring at him like a fierce but weak little animal. She held the doll whose head and limbs were torn off and threatened Bai Liu (6).

Bai Liu (6) didn’t seem to see it. He came forward and used one hand to hold up Liu Jiayi, who was still coughing up mushroom juice, and made a lukewarm judgment. “It seems that Bai Liu’s second guess was correct. You were pretending to cough up blood but you really were poisoned at the welfare home. You are indeed Little Witch. What item did you use at that time to pretend to cough up blood?”

“I really will kill you, Bai Liu (6).” Liu Jiayi fiercely swatted away Bai Liu (6)’s hand that came over to help her but she was tearful from coughing. Her fragile cheeks were covered with tears. “Cough, I’ve been talking with you to delay time until the cooldown of my skill is over. Now the cooldown is over. You can’t run away, Bai Liu (6)!”

[System notification: The cooldown of Liu Jiayi’s personal skill ‘Poison and Antidote’ is over and it can be used.]

[System notification: Witch, you have a bottle of poison and a bottle of antidote tonight. Do you want the poison or antidote?]

Bai Liu (6) quietly looked at Liu Jiayi.

There was mist in Liu Jiayi’s eyes. She turned away from Bai Liu (6), tightly pressed her lips together and gritted her teeth. “…I don’t believe that you want to save me! You are all liars! There is no one in this world who will suddenly treat me well for no reason! Even my brother’s kindness was bought by my own beatings!”

She always understood that Liu Huai’s goodness to her was mostly due to guilt. It was the least worth mentioning emotion after betrayal.

Liu Jiayi closed her eyes as tears formed in the corners. “I will use the poison tonight.”

A black, twisted miasma appeared around Liu Jiayi’s body. Black lace cloth appeared on her head and shrouded her from beginning to end. She held a huge, curved neck glass bottle in her hand. The round body of the bottle contained bubbling black liquid. All the black gas rose from the bubbles in the bottle.

The black, sticky, smoky gas soon wrapped around the thin, tiny form of Liu Jiayi like an octopus.

Her gray, tearful eyes looked at Bai Liu (6) through the translucent hollow lace. Black dripped from her body like cursed taboo blood. “Saving me was the worst choice and judgment you have ever made, Bai Liu (6).”

“I’ve never been a good child who knows how to repay kindness. I am a mean girl.” She spoke viciously. “I will never thank you for saving me!”

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi has used her personal skill ‘Witch’s Attack Equipment’.]

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi has entered the personal skill status change ‘Monster Book: Cursed Taboo Witch’.]

“Neither am I.” Bai Liu (6) raised his eyes to Liu Jiayi. He seemed to have accepted the current ending  as he said honestly, “Your skill is quite similar to mine. I am a wanderer and you are a witch. We are both people abandoned by God.”

Liu Jiayi bit her lower lip and retorted sharply, “I don’t believe in the existence of God!”

Bai Liu (6) nodded slightly in understanding. “I don’t believe it either. The people in the welfare home say that children who don’t believe in God will be punished by God and go to hell. So Liu Jiayi, after you kill me, I’ll see you in hell later.”

“However, Liu Jiayi.” Bai Liu (6) was quiet. “Mu Ke doesn’t know anything about you. You don’t have to kill him.”

Liu Jiayi clenched her fists and stared at Bai Liu (6) for a long time, so long that Bai Liu (6) thought the blind girl wouldn’t let go of Mu Ke, who had already perceived that something was wrong.

Liu Jiayi finally opened her mouth and spoke in a dry voice, “Okay, open the classroom door and leave. I will give you 10 minutes to escape.”

Bai Liu (6) closed his eyes. He opened his arms and took a deep breath of the black fog before slowly exhaling it. His head was already dizzy as Bai Liu (6) slowly opened his eyes and looked at Liu Jiayi coming toward him through the poison.

“I still don’t understand you… why save me?” Liu Jiayi crouched down slowly, her head resting on the shoulder of Bai Liu (6) who was sitting on the ground. She frowned and her trembling eyelashes made her seem like an anxious, sensitive little sister. Her voice was a bit hoarse as she asked him this softly.

If it wasn’t for Liu Jiayi holding the bottle of poison that was still releasing black gas, anyone who saw the scene would think that she was the one who was going to be poisoned.

Black blood slowly dripped from the corners of Bai Liu (6)’s mouth. He tried to swallow it down as he answered in a flat voice, “I don’t know why I want to save you.”

“Maybe it is because I have been a bad boy for too long and someone suddenly wanted me to be a good kid.” Bai Liu (6) let out a rare, distressed sigh. “Sure enough, I can’t understand these types of ordinary values. A good person won’t get anything and will have to pay a price.”

Liu Jiayi’s forehead was on Bai Liu (6)’s shoulder. She closed her eyes, her eye sockets a bit red. She gritted her teeth, her breathing a bit interrupted as she tried to hold back tears. “You are clearly a completely bad guy. Don’t do this type of thing anymore. Don’t reach this point in order to save me. I won’t thank you. I will never thank you. I am worse than you…”

Bai Liu (6) looked up at the ceiling.

His consciousness was gradually becoming a bit blurred but he could feel warmth from the place where Liu Jiayi was resting.

Bai Liu (6) was puzzled and he slowly asked her in a weak voice, “Liu Jiayi, didn’t you deceive me? Didn’t you win… didn’t you kill me as you wished? You should be very happy. Why are you crying?”

Liu Jiayi was silent for a long time. She sneered, but her voice was tearful. “It is because you made me cry… stupid Bai Liu (6)!”

[System notification: Player Liu Jiayi has used a bottle of poison on player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line.]

[System warning: Player Bai Liu’s secondary identity line has received the poisoning debuff! Health is falling quickly! Warning!]

Proofreader: Purichan

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