GHG: Chapter 115 Part 1

Mu Ke watched Bai Liu (6)’s running figure disappear in the morning light and felt his heart stop for a few seconds. He thought of Liu Jiayi’s strange smile and suddenly wanted to hold Bai Liu (6)’s hand and ask him not to go to that classroom. However, Bai Liu (6) ran too quickly. He soon reached the door of the other classroom, calmly unlocked it and entered.

Mu Ke gasped quickly and he remembered that he hadn’t heard anything from that classroom for almost an hour.

“Bai Liu (6)! Come back!” Mu Ke instinctively rushed out to try and call Bai Liu (6) back, anxiously tapping on the door. “There is something wrong with this classroom! Come out! Don’t care about Liu Jiayi! Bai Liu (6), let’s run with just the two of us!”

Yet no matter how much Mu Ke screamed, stomped and howled, the only sound in the empty corridor was his own breathless voice. It wasn’t transmitted to this other handicrafts classroom where the Silence item had been used.

Soon, Mu Ke was exhausted by his emotional venting on the door. He crouched down in front of the classroom where Bai Liu (6) entered and covered his heart. He gasped while his lips turned blue-purple. There was the sound of footsteps from a teacher who heard the movement on their side.

Miao Gaojiang had followed him out. Miao Gaojiang looked a bit complicated as he grabbed Mu Ke’s hand gripping the door and removed it finger by finger.

He dragged the exhausted Mu Ke back to the classroom and whispered to Mu Ke, “Don’t shout, you will bring the teacher here and Bai Liu (6) will be in trouble. Wait 10 minutes like he said. He is much better than us. You have to trust him.”

Mu Ke’s chest moved up and down violently. He looked at Miao Gaojiang and opened his mouth to say something. However, he finally fell silent due to his shortness of breath. He couldn’t overdo it. He looked at the quartz clock in the classroom, silently bit his lip and counted to 10 minutes.


The other handicrafts classroom.

Bai Liu (6) entered and smelled the strong scent of blood. He looked at Liu Jiayi curled up in the corner, hugging herself and sobbing. Liu Jiayi had a lot of blood on her body as well as wounds that seemed like she had been bitten hard.

These tooth prints were indeed like what a child of Miao Feichi’s age would make when biting.

Bai Liu (6) frowned and the balance of doubt in his heart slowly fell to the speculation that Miao Feichi tried to eat people.

Nevertheless, Bai Liu (6) didn’t lean over easily. He maintained a certain distance vigilantly and asked softly, “Liu Jiayi, where is Miao Feichi? Did he attack you?”

Liu Jiayi shrank back in the corner with her cloth box and nodded while crying, “Yes.”

She raised a shaky hand and pointed to another shadowy corner.

Bai Liu (6) turned to look at the corner. There was indeed a tall shadow in the corner. Miao Feichi, who was second only to Bai Liu (6) in height among the children, now stood in the corner hiding behind a mess of discarded craft items. He seemed to be holding something in his hand, ready to sneak attack them.

Miao Feichi seemed to have hidden himself after seeing Bai Liu (6) come in.

“Miao Feichi?” Bai Liu (6) held the candlestick and examined Miao Feichi’s soul banknote as he walked over tentatively.

There was the soul banknote in hand and Bai Liu (6) wasn’t worried about Miao Feichi attacking him. He pushed aside some messy things covered in spider webs and dust and finally saw the frightened Miao Feichi behind them. He might’ve seen many terrible things but the scene in front of him caused Bai Liu (6)’s breathing to stop for a few seconds.

Miao Feichi was tied up from his limbs by infusion tubes, making him look like a stringed puppet. He hung from the ceiling and his face, hands, back and neck were densely pierced by needles. Needles pierced every blood vessel in his body and blood was flowing into the infusion bags.

He had been sucked dry by these blood-sucking bags. His lips were dry and there was a dry, papery texture to his skin. His hands and feet were trembling and his tongue was full of needles, making him breathe slightly in pain. No sound could be heard.

Miao Feichi was suspended by his limbs and he was dizzy. The moment he saw Bai Liu (6), he called out twice and his eyes showed the despair of death. He was holding a rag doll whose head had been pierced by countless needles and who was dressed exactly the same as Miao Feichi.

Liu Jiayi’s crying as she hugged her legs gradually turned to weird laughter. She stood up slowly with her hands behind her back, smiling like a flower as she turned to ‘look’ at Bai Liu (6) who was in front of Miao Feichi. She stuck out her tongue in a playful manner. “I lied to you. A big fool like Miao Feichi can’t hurt me.”

“I forced him to bite me to create these wounds. Well, I might’ve given him a bad first impression of eating human flesh. He cried and begged me to let him go while biting me.” Liu Jiayi casually pointed to the wounds on her body and smiled. “However, I wouldn’t have been able to deceive you without doing this. Bai Liu (6), who is clever, cold-hearted and doesn’t look like a normal good child.”

Bai Liu (6) glanced at Miao Feichi who was still sobbing behind him. He raised the candlestick and made a gesture to attack. “I don’t think you are qualified to say that to me. You deliberately didn’t kill Miao Feichi because you were afraid I would notice something was wrong and not enter this classroom.”

If Bai Liu (6) saw that Miao Feichi was dead from the soul banknote then he never would’ve come over.

“Your skill allows you to see the death status of the people you control, right?” Liu Jiayi stepped forward and walked casually to Bai Liu (6)’s side.

Bai Liu (6) held up the candlestick and kept a watchful distance from her.

Liu Jiayi didn’t care much and still had a sweet smile on her face. “A soul control skill? Your investor or future self has talked about this skill in front of me. It is really a perfect skill. Souls can be exchanged as long as the other side gives consent? It is quite a restricted rule skill but it is good enough for a newcomer like Bai Liu.”

“It is like becoming another system that can kill and seize life.” The smile on Liu Jiayi’s face faded slightly and blurred eyes moved, revealing annoyance and disgust. “The ambitious desire for control is really a disgusting personal skill derived from a filthy adult male’s unique desire.”

[System tip: Player Liu Jiayi’s remarks about soul trading and other related content have been shielded by the system.]

Liu Jiayi approached Bai Liu (6) step by step, her footsteps becoming faster while Bai Liu (6) quickly backed away.

Liu Jiayi bounded around the cluttered craft products with a well-behaved smile on her face. She was like a doll jumping over various boxes as she spoke in a light voice.

“Bai Liu (6), at this age, you have already started to indulge in the pleasure of controlling others? This is very similar to the man who gave birth to me. No wonder why you did such a thing to my brother in the last game. It all has its roots.”

Bai Liu (6) carefully backed up, using various objects to cover himself while backing away. His brain spun quickly as he did so. “You want to save your brother Liu Huai, right? Now you have taken Miao Feichi’s blood. Add in your own and there is a high probability of being able to save your brother Liu Huai. Is there any need to act against me? Liu Huai and my future self are in a cooperative relationship.”

“Cooperative?” Liu Jiayi’s free-spirited laughter rang everywhere as she approached Bai Liu (6). “Is it a type of cooperation that forces my brother to make a choice between me or him with various conditions or words? It is a disgusting cooperation.”

Bai Liu (6) stood in the middle of the classroom, observing every place Liu Jiayi might come from. His tone was still quiet. “Still, you didn’t stop it.”

“You can obviously call your brother on the phone and tell him you don’t need him to save you. This way, he wouldn’t get coerced into cooperating with the other me. Even so, you watched Liu Huai make a painful choice between you and him. Or perhaps you were waiting for him to choose between you and his own life.”

“If this is a disgusting cooperation—” Bai Liu (6)’s eyes were calm. “You are also a participant and promoter of this cooperation, Liu Jiayi.”

“You obviously want to see Liu Huai give up his life for you. You want to see your brother suffer and beg for death in order to save you and protect you. If you hadn’t dragged it to the last moment when you were sure Liu Huai would die for you, you wouldn’t have even exposed yourself, right? Liu Jiayi, when it comes to disgusting things, you are far worse than us.”

Liu Jiayi’s laughter stopped abruptly.

The faint light in the corridor suddenly flashed. Once it turned on again, Bai Liu (6) saw Liu Jiayi holding a doll whose head and limbs were torn apart. There was no expression on her face. She stood very close, her head raised and her eyes not blinking as she looked at Bai Liu (6).

The doll in Liu Jiayi’s hand was wearing a white shirt and suit pants. It had a strange, broken coin hanging around its neck and its head was twisted almost 180 degrees. There was a weird, dull smile on Liu Jiayi’s face as she looked up at Bai Liu (6).

Even if he had never seen the future Bai Liu, he recognized that this crude doll in Liu Jiayi’s arms was his future self based on the description from Bai Liu’s mouth.

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