GHG: Chapter 113 Part 2

“Little Witch has very precise ideas and a high level of gameplay. She uses simple and efficient attacks and is extremely fierce. Her psychological quality doesn’t lose to many players who have participated in the league several times. It is unimaginable that she is…”

The person reporting looked at the content on the system panel in a complicated manner.

Queen of Hearts smiled in a vague manner and continued his words. “It is hard to imagine that she is only an 8 year old girl who can’t see?”

The reporter sighed. “Yes. Little Witch was only 7 years old when she entered the game but she was able to get first place among her group of newcomers. She is very clever and quickly adapted to her skill.”

“Little Witch’s skill is very special and rare. At that time, many guilds wanted to control her and threatened her to join their guild. Rather than being controlled and threatened by the various tactics used by these guilds, she realized her uniqueness and quickly turned on the bidding auction. She said that the guild who charged her the most would be the guild she joined.”

“Yes, she is a pretty clever girl.” Hearts recalled with fondness. “At that time, all the guilds in the top 10 participated in the bidding. It was a very crazy auction.”

“She relied on these charged bids to rush to the top of the rising stars list in just seven games. During this time, she kept moving between various guilds and cooperating with different guilds. This made all the guilds further realize her value. They were reluctant to act against her and could only choose to charge her points to attract her. This way, the charging and pursuit of her became crazier. I remember that her games could reach up to 300,000 points charged?”

“Yes.” The reporter felt a lingering horror and patted his chest in pain. “It is an astronomical number for a new player. Our guild charged at least six or seven hundred thousand points to Little Witch’s small TV before winning the bidding.”

Hearts casually looked through the information on the system panel before stopping on Liu Huai’s face.

She looked at Liu Huai’s helpless face and laughed. She tilted her head, her long hair falling down her shoulders as her smile deepened. “Even with so many points, this clever Little Witch might not have chosen to join our King’s Guild if it wasn’t for Wang Shun successfully finding out her weakness i.e. her brother Liu Huai and her brother happened to enter the game at that time.”

“Queen, there is something strange.” The reporter rummaged through the system panel and asked in a somewhat bewildered manner, “After Little Witch joined the King’s Guild, why didn’t she directly pull Liu Huai to join our guild instead of using a tortuous way like controlling him through Puppet Zhang? Even after Liu Huai joined, Little Witch didn’t let him know that she was the ace newcomer of the King’s Guild. Puppet Zhang tortured Liu Huai like that and she didn’t say anything to stop it.”

The reporter frowned suspiciously. He looked at the information of Little Witch and Liu Huai in a mixed manner. “It gives me the feeling that Little Witch’s weakness is her brother but the way she treats Liu Huai is a bit distrustful and even cruel…”

“Now that the season is approaching, why is Little Witch still unwilling to accept the item provided by us to completely restore her eyesight? Why does she always use some intermittent items to restore her vision in the game and maintain a semi-blind state? You also choose to indulge Little Witch, which I can’t understand. Little Witch with her vision can help us even more.”

The person reporting was full of doubts as he looked at Queen of Hearts.

Hearts’ feet turned up and her high heels soon fell off her feet. She didn’t care and just glanced at the person reporting opposite her. “You haven’t carefully read the information about Little Witch that was found by Wang Shun? You should go and see the core of her desire to enter the game.”

The reporter was stunned. He quickly opened the personal data of Little Witch that was comprehensively analyzed by Wang Shun.

Wang Shun had written the core desire behind Little Witch entering the game; I hope to get my brother’s love, I hope to be with my brother forever, I hope my brother will love me forever.

Such a childlike desire was indeed like what an innocent eight year old girl could wish for.

However, the reporter knew very well that Little Witch who danced on the palms of everyone wasn’t such a child. She was bloody, cruel and indifferent with the wisdom of an adult and the natural bad feelings of a minor.

Such a ‘core desire’ seemed like she was throwing things out at random to deceive people.

The reporter’s brow tightened even more as he looked at the core desire. “Queen, I still don’t understand…”

“You really don’t understand women.” Queen of Hearts’ bare feet touched the ground. Her body leaned forward and her smooth hair slipped from her collarbone to her white chest. The reporter turned a bit red at the sight.

Queen of Hearts continued to lean forward with a smile, not caring about her body at all. “Aren’t you curious why Little Witch’s desire is to get her brother’s love? It is naturally because she feels she hasn’t gotten it yet.”

The reporter was stunned.

Queen of Hearts lazily laid her head on the back of her hand and smiled charmingly. “This is what a smart woman is like. Little Witch’s growth environment made her completely distrust men. She has a pure natural aversion to men, especially for Liu Huai who was partly responsible for her harsh growth environment. However, she can’t make herself not care about Liu Huai. This is very similar to me. I don’t trust men either but this doesn’t contradict the fact that I want their love.”

“Of course, we all know that Liu Huai’s core desire is to save his sister but in order to recruit this suspicious, smart little girl, I chose to conceal the information of Liu Huai that we had found.” Queen of Hearts shrugged, revealing her white shoulders. She leaned back in her chair as if she had no bones and the smile on her face didn’t fade. “I taught her a more reliable way to get the love she wants.”

The reporter paused for a moment. “You were the one who personally recruited Little Witch and we don’t know the specific procedure. I remember you taking a secret item from the guild’s warehouse and giving it to her. Then she agreed to join us. What exactly was it?”

“We are about to play the league so it is okay to tell you what the item is. The item I took from the warehouse is called Psyche’s Tears. It is a type of ideological item in a nice glass bottle.” Queen of Hearts smiled lazily. “It is also an item very suitable for Little Witch. The description of the item is that after drinking, she can be with the person she wants forever but the medicine will guide her to make some interesting actions. I’ve drunk it as well.”

The smile on Hearts’ face was like the big sister next door who gave advice in a gentle, bewitching whisper. “Little Witch is very hostile and vigilant toward men but she has a natural trust and favor toward women, especially an adult woman like me who has a similar experience and great expectations for her. Finally, with my advice, she drank the magic potion.”

Queen of Hearts’ long eyelashes hung down and cast light shadows over her eyes. “Then under the influence of the medicine, she started to control her brother step by step. She eliminated all the dangers and possibilities of him sharing his thoughts with others and finally turned him into a puppet.”

The reporter couldn’t help shivering.

Hearts smiled. “Then Little Witch soon regretted it. She didn’t want a soulless, puppet brother. She was full of doubts over whether the love she got from the item was true or false. In addition, she was full of guilt because she hurt Liu Huai in the process.”

“Therefore, she became more and more afraid to leave Liu Huai. She wasn’t satisfied and couldn’t trust it completely. She was at a loss about what to do and terrified of the possibility that they couldn’t be together forever. Finally, under my suggestion and to continue ensuring the possibility of ‘being together’, she had to continue asking me for more Psyche’s Tears. After all, the item given by the system won’t deceive people.”

The reporter looked at the still gentle smile on Hearts’ face and couldn’t help a chill going down his spine. Such a clever Little Witch was completely at the mercy of the Queen of Hearts.

No wonder why so many men who were hurt by the queen would say that Hearts was a woman that no one could resist. Even if they were used to that point, the men didn’t say a bad word about Hearts and cried out for a reunion.

Little Witch was also trapped by Hearts and was sinking deeper and deeper.

“The end result is that she started to test the possibility of loving her by torturing herself and the other person.” Hearts looked at Liu Huai’s face on the panel and reached out a finger as if pitying Liu Huai. “It is a really poor pair of brothers and sisters. The brother is clearly determined to give up his life for his sister while his sister is still doubting him.”

“In addition, the sister joined the league to earn a huge amount of points to ensure her brother’s safety and love for herself.”

“Usually, us women call Liu Huai’s experience—” Queen of Hearts looked up at the reporter and winked, shaking her finger with a girlish playfulness. “A test of sincerity. Of course, most men in the world can’t pass the sincerity test of me and Little Witch.”

The reporter thought of Liu Huai being forced to lose his best friend after being controlled by Puppet Zhang and the so-called tests and torture Liu Huai suffered under Puppet Zhang and he quickly woke up from Hearts’ beauty. He looked at Hearts’ beautiful face and couldn’t help shaking. “Still, what does this have to do with Little Witch’s unwillingness to completely restore her vision?”

Queen of Hearts laughed. “Would you love a woman who tested you like this?”

The reporter shook his head frantically.

Hearts raised her eyes and she whispered, “Then what if she is blind? What if you didn’t know she had tested you and thought she was an eight year old girl who was helpless, poor and couldn’t live without you? Will you still pity her and love her forever despite her torturing you so much?”

The reporter was stunned for a long time. He couldn’t answer this question. Then he opened his mouth with mixed emotions. “Liu Huai, I feel sorry for him… he was tricked into loving such a sister.”

“I don’t think he is pitiful. The pitiful one is Little Witch.” Queen of Hearts’ eyes were clear. “If Liu Huai one day discovers that he has been tricked and doesn’t love her, she will go crazy.”

“So Little Witch is signing up for the league after clearing enough instances…” The reporter asked tentatively, “Queen, do you think it is okay?”

Hearts nodded casually. Then as the reporter sighed with relief, she gave him a reminder. “Be careful to protect her true information. Don’t leak it to other teams and don’t let Liu Huai himself know. Otherwise, you and I will both suffer.”

The reporter, who was already frightened, smiled bitterly when he heard this. “That’s for certain.”

“Oh yes, Little Witch should be clearing an instance right now. Which one did she go to?” Hearts seemed to suddenly remember.  “When she comes out, inform her that she can start team training. If it is a level 2 game where health is important, the health value of her and her bound teammates will be greatly weakened. I wanted to bind her with a control player like Puppet Zhang to reduce the weakening of the system on her HP through multi-player control but Puppet Zhang died before any obvious results could be achieved. We need her to adapt to the new team and new scheme.”

The reporter started to have a headache. “However, we don’t know where Little Witch is now. We checked all the small TVs that are open and didn’t find Little Witch’s TV.”

Hearts’ eyes suddenly narrowed and she reacted very quickly. “Have Wang Shun go and check if there are any instances with a small TV turned off. She is a top 100 player and can turn off the TV.”

The moment she finished, she sat up straight and gave orders with a calm expression. “Forget it. Go directly to check Liu Huai’s small TV and see if there are any strange players in disguise in his instance.”

“Liu Jiayi is a person with a lot of plans. She won’t do anything beyond her plan unless it has something to do with Liu Huai.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on her door. The moment she nodded, the sweaty Wang Shun came in. He stared at Hearts. “Queen! Liu Huai has learned that Liu Jiayi is Little Witch!”

“Who told him?!” Hearts’ tone sank as she rose from her chair.

Wang Shun had run over and he gasped for breath before hurriedly saying, “Bai Liu! He reasoned out the game mechanism! Little Witch successfully deceived others but she failed to deceive Bai Liu. Now many players are flocking to Bai Liu’s small TV! At present, the audience of his small TV has exceeded 200,000! He is rushing to the top of the new stars list. After he reasoned out that Liu Jiayi was Little Witch, all the fans of Little Witch crazily ran to his small TV. What should we do?”

Hearts’ eyes sank. “Bai Liu? Is it that newcomer again?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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